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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/ Aton

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Mar. 20. 2017





FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1989   7:30 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 086


Hatonn is present with greetings in the Light of the Radiant One.  Let there ever be peace between us for we have much to do and learn one from the other.


I petition you to watch very closely the events as they unwind in Berlin, please.  Do not misinterpret that which is happening.  The communists are not being such nice brothers and parents, they are in economic disaster.  From your contributions to sta­bilize these foundering countries coming into self government and freedom of movement you will be further distressed as a na­tion who, too, is in economic devastation without additional load.  IT IS PLANNED TO THE LAST DETAIL AND YOU ARE BLUNDERING RIGHT INTO THE TRAP.  YOU DO NOT WITNESS YOUR PRESI­DENT IN GRAND SPECTACLE OF EXCITED MERRIMENT OVER A WALL WHICH HAS COME DOWN.  YOU ARE GOING TO NOW WATCH YOUR PRESI­DENT BECOME A MOST CALCU­LATING AND EFFICIENT WORKER.  YOU MUST HAVE ATTENTION DRAWN FROM THE FAILURES OF YOUR DRUG WAR, WAR ON CRIME AND CENTRAL AMER­ICA’S PLIGHT.  WATCH MOST CAREFULLY FOR THAT WHICH IS HIDDEN IN THE UPCOMING MEETING WITH SHAMIER OF ISRAEL; MOST CAREFULLY IN­DEED.


Yes, Dharma, the Anti-Christ “leader” is soon to make a move—he is presently in your state of Egypt; he is quite unknown but be­ing tu­tored most diligently for his task ahead.  He is not of Egypt.  Watch most closely that place I have spoken of so many times be­fore, Syria.  Of course I shall not tell you who—you ones don’t seem to ever understand the danger in up-front infor­mation.  Keep your eyes open and minds alert and you will find your own answers popping forth.


You ones are simply “curious” and want inside information for salv­ing that curiosity.  You continually forget this computer is hooked directly to CIA surveillance systems and this house is electroni­cally “bugged”.  Do not ask me questions which I must refuse to an­swer and please do not push me for an­swers and dis­cussions if I have declined to respond.  I do not mind that you ask, just please understand if I must refuse to respond.


I must caution you regarding your cattle mutilation thrillers and your abduc­tions, etc.  Your government does not hesitate a minute to destroy and mur­der.


Yes, there have been animals taken by our brothers in this mis­sion.  But they are taken and placed in various locations for stocking purposes of mother ships and other placements for you ones at mas­sive relocation time.  Yes, we have inspected many of your cattle and sheep because your government has introduced cattle bovine leukemia viruses and sheep visna viruses into your sheep herds.  These are the causative mutant factors which when combined with your vaccines such as smallpox, measles, etc., produce the AIDS virus in human culture.  No, we do not muti­late, drain blood nor utilize ritualistic “parts” of carcasses.


Most of the mutilations are not done by your Satanic brothers, ei­ther, except that many are utilized in that manner but mostly in your neighborhood loca­tions.  The major findings of stock mutila­tions are perpetrated by your gov­ernment in a most inten­tional man­ner.  Most are staged in locations where they are sure to be found and made public.

Further, many incidents from your mid to late 60’s and 70’s were in areas where dual discounting could be effective.  One prime lo­cation is in the mountains of Utah and Colorado where known U.F.O. bases are in place.  Further, around your city of Salt Lake, a ma­jor effort was, and is, thrust forth to discredit the Mormon church.  I make no comment, mind you, on the Church of Latter Day Saints—I simply tell you there is an all-out thrust to pull the church down.


How many of you are aware that “Morman” means devil or “top head demon” in many places of your world?  In Japan, for in­stance, the Morman church must use another label and avoid the term Morman for that is exactly what it means—Satan.


It requires most primitive equipment to go and find a rather iso­lated place and butcher a few cows.  You further have all manner of pumps for extract­ing blood (you have had that avail­ability for years and years in your mortu­aries).  Further, it is most simple to tranquilize an animal, take it aboard an aircraft and replace it with no disturbance whatsoever to the flora.  It is equally as easy to plant U.F.O. landing patterns on the ground itself.  Moreso, it is quite easy to have hovercraft which are literal “flying saucers” (you have them, dear ones) and have sightings and “proof” of alien presence.  It is well planned and most effective—most effective indeed.


Yes, a great deal of the information came to your military from aliens but most of your “happenings” are the actions of  your own earth humans.


In areas where these happenings are prevalent, we patrol most openly.  Aus­tralia is a prime location.  Further, we utilize the ley lines.  We also must monitor your tectonic plate movements and your earth upheavals—Australia is a hotbed of activity.  Further, your U.S. government has a major under­ground installa­tion in Aus­tralia with most secret and clandestined activities taking place.  WE DO NOT PLAY STUPID GAMES—WE HAVE NO NEED OF SUCH.


There is another thing you must remember from our past lessons, we, too, have the use of androids who are most delicate and most sophis­ticated.  There are many reports which claim apprehension in “abductions” which re­sult in the introduction of location or beings of higher form and larger stature.  In a deliberate at­tempt to dam­age none of our own you are cared for most carefully and gra­ciously.  We do not harm and we do not mutilate—if you find a mu­tilated or burned body laying about—it is not your lighted broth­erhood of space.  WE HAVE NO SUCH PRIMITIVE NEED AND OUR ENTIRE THRUST IS TO KEEP YOU CALM AND IN EAGER­NESS FOR OUR PHYSICAL ARRIVAL—NOT PANIC AND BREED FEAR OF OUR PRESENCE.


Yes, you have all shapes and forms of aliens who are suited to var­ious life conditions.  Further, there are species who will take your planet after your species can no longer physically survive.  There are ones who have come—at your governments re­quest—to help you in a growing atmosphere of carbon dioxide, and you captured them, made hostile public statements about them and incinerated them.  You are overfilled with evil energies for you are the dwelling place of the cast-out energies.


Let us speak for a moment of one such as a Charles Manson who is a com­pletely absorbed satanic energy.  What happens if you give him a death sen­tence and do in fact kill him?  Oh, what a mistake you per­petrate—his energy cycles back immediately and you birth a Ramirez or a Hitler or—or!  These energies can always find reentry instantly for they have “breeders” upon your place which have bod­ies in preparation at all times and of all ages.  Bad backgrounds?  Of course, for preparations are most carefully made far in ad­vance.  ’Tis nothing but the blink of an eye in higher dimensions but ’tis a ne­cessity of “growing” time on your dense placement.  Just as you ones all have needed to be birthed, grown, learned and arrived at today—so needs the dark energies.




The game is usually pretty fair in the beginning for you are of soul God cre­ation in purity and goodness.  Then the impact of expe­riences hit you and your experience can go any way it chooses.  There are, what I think you might call—”bad seeds”,  which is a truly foolish identification but will suffice here, whereby an en­ergy is recycled into an infant.  It will always come from the lower levels of experience whereby the forming in­fant—at your di­mension—is attacked and the higher energy first claiming the phys­ical body in formation is removed for some rea­son.  Many babes who would be stillborn are taken by these ener­gies.  Many babes who are malformed physically and would not or­dinarily be birthed in living manner are accepted as vehicles for particular energies needing particular growth experience—from the higher levels.  Most mal­formed persons are grossly “good” and pure of intent—childlike.  Most handicapped persons who overcome the handicap at great odds, are won­drously “good” and God-like.


Evil attacks the beauteous and “perfect” shells if they can at all arrange it for those ones pull the most followers—either to the physical being or to the projections of thought and intent from the evil mind.  You see, anyone can be made to believe any­thing if the circumstance is proper.


Let me example here a moment.  Say Billy Meier is most credible—for a while.  Then the intent becomes aimed at the discrediting of this contact.  Someone will ask to assist him to mock-up a flight craft and/or any number of other things—then wham, in­stant dis­credit—allow the model to be found in his barn—make a public statement that Asket looks exactly like the local model in Munich and there you have it.


Let us look closer to home—right in this dwelling.  The house is filled with books on U.F.O.’s because Colonel Steven’s daugh­ter sent all the books Wendelle has written and others provide an endless supply of information pertinent to the facts under discussion.  I do not wish to injure any feelings but practi­cally none of the U.F.O. books have even been opened and NEVER before the writings at this computer.  WE do give her as much good confirmation as soon as possible from some public resource to allow comfort in security.  Please continue to share all you acquire with these ones for she is guided to those which are correct and given information regarding those that are incor­rect.


For instance, there are exchange training programs with higher cos­mic loca­tions set up in various places of your continents.  In Africa, there is a most acceptable, to your human citizens, instal­lation and experience program in operation with Koldasians.  These ones play no major role in transition—they come for the experience and observation of a species in great trouble.  Pleiades has sev­eral major installations (bases, if you will) around the areas of the Andes, Belize, and other places which must remain unnamed.  It is no secret that there are major installations within areas of the Tetons, Mt. Shasta (although that one has been almost cleared for volcanic rea­sons), the Uintas, etc.  These are centers where cosmic councils and command officers can hold council gatherings.  There are ones in the high Tibetan mountains and thus and so.


This is not the forum for production of this information and I only present it for your interest.  Each nation upon your orb is of dif­ferent purpose of belief and intent.  You cannot deal with all those ones from let us say, India.  Why would you even bother to do so except of curiosity—you are located in the United States of America for a most specific reason and your teaching will be dif­ferent from that of India.  It is much as with physical “business”, if you tend your own instead of that which is none of your business you will flourish; if you effort at tending all, you will fail at all.


At any rate, back to discrediting.  Anyone could walk into this dwelling and simply announce Dharma is nuts, subversive or any num­ber of things—lately—a Satanic worshiper because of the litera­ture about the dwelling.  When dis­crediting is set about—all is utilized to pull credibility from the source.


This is the major reason that so many of these journals have been produced in such a remarkably limited span of time; she would not have been able to read, retain, format nor produce this quantity of valid, provable material in the human physical form.  She is the mother of nine, grandmother to eight with a most special one whom she must walk through the birthing process alongside.  The way is completely burdened with legal hearings, title fights over the dwelling, no income—all things which de­stroy the human psyche; all heaped on at once.  Ah yes, the testing has been cruel and re­lentless.  It has required days without sleep and writing at all hours of your time spans.  We had weeks of writing at 2:30 to 4:00 a.m. until dawn.  She will tell you she does not understand why or how it is done; she has been targeted and liter­ally killed three times within the past year and a half and she sees it not.  It was necessary for truth must come forth and it may not come hap-haz­ardly.  She has been deserted and attacked by ones whom she trusted and revered be­yond all others, she has lost her root physical fam­ily and yet she knows not “why” she is driven to continue.  (I write this here for she and Oberli to see as well as others, for they do not understand what has happened here.)


Look within, you who receive of this information, for you will be touched in a most personal manner—it comes forth as a call­ing tool.  The publisher is compelled to get this into print, just as is the printer of these journals and they cannot tell you “why”.  The testing is horrendous as the emotional ener­gies are in con­flict.  Recognize it and you will more quickly come to balance with what overflows within as you receive of these docu­ments.  The in­tent goes so much farther beyond monetary gain that these ones would spit upon mention of it.  Ones who are close have had to wait and wait and wait in pa­tience (or simply went away) for directions and individual purposes while we trained and made ready the founda­tion.  If this information lights up your imagination and stirs your desire to action—so be it; allow it to flower for you are hear­ing the call—the knock.  THERE IS HOPE FOR THIS BELOVED LAND AND CIVILIZATION IF ONES BUT HEED THE KNOCK AT THE DOOR THAT WE MIGHT WORK TOGETHER.  YOU MUST, HOWEVER, COME INTO TRUTH INSTEAD OF THE LIES THAT YOU HAVE FED UPON FOR EONS OF TIME.


Beloved ones of past experience are at your call now.  Mr. Nos­tradamus is writing just as rapidly as are we.  Mr. Tesla, Mr. Rus­sell—wondrous and powerful beings who have literally walked your path are available to give unto you information in proper sequence.  When I say “proper sequence”, that is exactly that which I mean.  Nothing will be given before it’s time for protec­tion and security—some things will simply not be allowed to come forth through greedy, evil or self-centered persons.  For instance, the total cure of AIDS is being stalled out by no more than a handful of per­sons who literally have the information at their fingertips but are awaiting the windfall of money in­volved.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN IN THAT MANNER!  IT SIM­PLY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COME FORTH IN THAT METHOD.  FURTHER, ONES SHALL RETURN TO THE TEACHINGS OF GOD AND CREATION IF THEY WISH TO FLOURISH—’TIS SIM­PLY THE WAY IT IS.  THE RULES ARE QUITE RE­MARKABLY REASONABLE, SUCCINCT AND QUITE WITHIN LOGIC AND REA­SON.  THERE IS A THING CALLED EMOTIONAL FEELING AND PHYSICAL BEHAVIOR—YOU AS A SPECIES HAVE CONFUSED THE TWO.  SO BE IT.


May I please be excused from this task, Dharma, for I am heavily occupied this morning.  I realize that I have so much more on this subject of craft in your attention and ones who have inter­acted with brethren of the higher realms, etc., but ones must accept that I speak truth and the fantasies must taper off and the truth filter within.  Further, I nor you, have the time to spend longer on the subject until after we finish the informa­tion regarding evil.  This should only require a few more days and we can move on to other subject material.  To speak of the evil energies does in actuality summon them, and we must put these portions behind us, for the im­pact is too great on you ones within this space.  I request that you take a great deal of time in rest today for you cannot depend of gaining rest until after our baby is birthed.  You will be given that which you need.  In love and respect I take my leave; please find interim comfort in this which I have shared and be pa­tient for a bit longer and we shall fully cover these subject matters.  I salute you for both your patience and service.




HATONN TO STAND-BY                  circuits clear, please