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Oct. 26, 2013





by Calvin Burgin    4/17/97


Editor’s note:  Part I of this article was presented on p. 2 of last week’s CONTACT.  Part II, to the end of this article, is pre­sented here.

The “authorities” in nutrition, and the government, say that we should eat a “balanced” diet.  By that they mean we should eat a food from each of four food groups, every day.  The diet “expert” at Harvard even recommends a fifth food group, “recreational” food, such as pizza, hotdogs, tacos, ice cream, etc.

We have to be careful about relying on “authorities” and “experts”.  Sometimes we must use our own common sense.



I have questions for the “experts”.  Why should we eat a food from each of the food groups every day?   Should a cow eat a food from each of the food groups every day, or should it eat the food it was biologically adapted to eat?  Should a wolf eat a food from each food group every day, or should it eat the food to which it is biologically adapted?  Should a bird eat a food from each food group every day, or should it eat the food to which it is biologically adapted?  Should a fish eat a food from each food group every day, or should it eat the food to which it is biologically adapted?  Are humans’ digestive systems differ­ent?  How are they different?  Should we eat a food from each food group every day, or should we instead eat the food to which we are biologically adapted?  I think the answer is rather obvious.  The real reason the government, the American Di­etetic Association, the American Diary Association, the Ameri­can Meat Council, etc., recommend eating from each food group is to keep the people selling these “foods” happy—it is an economic reason, not a health reason. 

I don’t want to go into exactly what you should eat.  We are less-than-perfect beings and live in a less-than-perfect world (civilization).  It is easy enough to figure out that the best foods for us, the foods to which we are biologically adapted, are fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.  However, such foods are sim­ply not available to most of the world most of the time, and when available have been denatured by human greed practices.  So we have to make compromises, compromises which com­promise our health.  Humans were not designed to eat meat (where are the claws, the fangs, the 1,000 times more acidic di­gestive system, etc.), but we live in a meat-eating culture.  It could also be said that humans were not designed to fly (where are our wings), yet we manage pretty well.  Life is a struggle between choices, a struggle for balance, a search for what is balance.

If everybody ate natural, raw foods, think of all the food pro­cessors, can makers, canneries, advertisers, etc., who would go out of business.  And that does not count all the parasites who live off of sick people—hospitals, doctors, nurses, drug compa­nies, etc., all of whom would go out of business.

I would also like to point out that Kraft, General Foods, and several of the other major food companies are owned by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., the cigarette giant.  You can bet the bosses in these companies are not concerned with your health, they are concerned only with profits, so they go to great lengths to create addictions and to finance studies to brainwash people into purchasing their products.  Most of their food products are not much better than the poison cigarettes they push.



I now think I understand why God does not always heal peo­ple who pray for healing.  Suppose a man were to beat his head against a wall, and while doing so he would pray to God:  “God, I have a terrible headache, please heal me!”  Bang, bang, he continues to beat his head against the wall.  Do you think God would answer that prayer?  What if someone eats garbage and gets sick, then prays for God to heal him, without changing any of his bad health habits and bad diet.  Will God heal him?  Yes, sometimes, in His mercy, He will.  More often though, the plain facts are He will not.  What good would it do to heal the person if he continues to bang his head against the wall or otherwise continues in his bad habits?  He would just get sick again, and probably accuse God.  If God always healed people who prayed for healing, then we would live in an unrealistic chaos in which we would be free to live on pizza and ice cream or eat anything we wanted.  God would have to suspend His Own health laws.


Jerome Irving Rodale was the founder of Prevention maga­zine, and he died of a heart attack at age 72 on a TV talk show.  One would think he should have lived longer.

Adelle Davis (Mrs. Frank Sieglinger) died at age 70, I do not know from what cause, but again that is a rather average age for someone who was supposed to be at the forefront of good nutri­tion and long life.

Nathan Pritikin at one time had one of the most popular diets in this country.  His diet was a high-starch diet, allowed no more than 1/4 pound of meat per day, and allowed no avocados or nuts.  He developed cancer and became so depressed that he committed suicide at age 72.

On the other hand, the champions of the raw food diet do in­deed generally live longer.  Norbert Walker, who invented the Nor­walk Juicer (which is the best juicer there is, but it usually costs about $1,200) wrote books in the 1930s and 1940s pro­moting a raw fruit and vegetable diet (with lots of juices, of course).  He died at age 109.  A few days before he died he was seen out working in his garden.

Paul Bragg called himself a “life extension specialist.”  He was a strong advocate of fasting and good foods.  He was physi­cal fitness advisor to people like Douglas Fairbanks, Tom Mix, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino, Ethel Barrymore, Lon Chaney and many more famous people.  He died in his 90s, I believe in his late 90s, but I don’t remember exactly.  When he was 85 years old he wrote about hiring 10 college athletes to hike with him from Furnace Creek Ranch to Stovepipe Wells, a distance of 30 miles, in Death Valley, California.  They started at 8 in the morning in July when the temperature was 105 de­grees.  At 12 noon the temperature was 130 degrees.  The col­lege boys drank quarts of cool water and took salt tablets.  For lunch they ate ham and cheese sandwiches and drank cola drinks.  Soon three of them got sick and threw up everything and collapsed and had to be driven back.  Later 5 more got sick with cramps and had to be driven back, then at 4 PM the last two collapsed and had to be driven back.  Bragg finished the 30 mile hike in 10 1/2 hours, camped out overnight and then walked back the next day.  He drank only warm water and fasted the whole time.  When he got back the doctors examined him and he was in perfect health.  This great-grandfather was in much better shape than the college athletes.

Dr. Herbert Shelton died at age 90, just after he lost a lawsuit that bankrupted him, which may have contributed to his death.  He taught all his life that you should never use medicines, yet they accused him of practicing medicine without a license.  He was the leading promoter of Natural Hygiene in this country.  Can you imagine what would happen if most people followed his teachings and became well?  The AVERAGE doctor’s income is over $300,000  per year.  Almost all doctors would have to get jobs waiting tables and driving taxis.  The multi-billion-dollar research industry would go under.  The multi-billion dollar drug industry would disappear.  Hospitals by the thousands would fold.  Most of the millions of nurses and other health leeches would be out of a job (the dictionary says leech is another name for a physician—look it up).  Most insurance companies would go under.  The whole world economy would collapse.  The peo­ple would become healthy and vibrant, and would probably not tolerate a lot of things that are presently being forced on them. The powers that be (the “experts” and “authorities”) will do anything and say any kind of a lie to prevent that from happen­ing.

Of course, many of the medical doctors, etc., are sincere, they are just deluded and brainwashed.  If you can learn the truth, the truth (properly acted upon) can make you free of bad health and their brainwashing.

I enjoyed learning about a doctor in the late 1800s who was curing hundreds of people with a secret pill.  Here was a pill that actually worked!  Other doctors were very envious of his success, and sick people by the score flocked to him and were cured.  People would come to him with all kinds of problems, and he would prescribe these tiny pills, one to be taken with water every 4 hours, and it was very important not to eat any­thing because food would make the pill stop working.  He kept the secret of his miracle-working pill until he retired.  What was the secret drug in his miracle pill?  Bread.  He found that if he tried to tell people to go on a fast, they would not listen to him.  So he tricked them into fasting, “miracle” healings occurred, and business boomed.


Now let’s take a look at one of the main factors of modern health and disease—the virus.  What is a virus?  “Viruses are complex organic substances that have some living and some nonliving characteristics....  They are made of nucleic acids and proteins.  Nucleic acid is the center or core of a virus.  A coat of protein surrounds the core.  Viruses can grow and reproduce only inside living cells.  Yet, crystals of viruses taken from cells can be stored in bottles for many years.  These crystals do not grow and produce more viruses until they are inside living cells again.  Inside a cell, a virus may take control and change the normal activities of the cell.  In effect, the virus becomes the ‘master’ and the cell becomes a ‘slave’” (p. 236, Focus on Life Science, by Charles H. Heimler, Charles E. Merrill Publishing; a standard school textbook).

In plain, simple language, perhaps too simple for the “educated”, viruses are crystals of nucleic acid in a protein coat.  The definition of virus in the glossary of Essentials of Microbi­ology, Jaime S. Colomé & Raúl J. Cano, is: “Virus—Protein-covered nucleic acids that infect all types of cells.”  Wait a minute, I want to know what a virus IS, not what a virus DOES.  A virus IS NUCLEIC ACID.  Period.  Viruses have no repro­ductive system, yet all they do is reproduce.  A virus is a crys­talline chemical, as is table salt.  Is table salt alive?  Are viruses alive?  How can that be?

Viruses (Arnold J. Levine, Scientific American Library, p. 2) says that viruses are like pieces of computer tape that contain part of a computer program, and says “...all viruses can dupli­cate themselves only inside cells, because they require signifi­cant contributions from their hosts.

On page 8, it says the first virus discovered was a crystal from tobacco.  “In truth, the ability to form a crystal simply re­flects the structural uniformity or symmetry of all the viruses in a population.....”  Then the book continues, “Almost all viruses are composed of two parts:  a nucleic-acid core containing the genetic information and, surrounding and protecting this core, a coat built from repeating protein subunits....A virus’s genetic information may be encoded in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), as it is for all non-viral living organisms, or in some viruses it may be encoded in ribonucleic acid (RNA)....All plant viruses are RNA viruses....In the simplest cases, the DNA or RNA of a virus is surrounded by proteins.”  It points out that the simplest viruses consist only of genetic codes (DNA or RNA) enclosed in a protein coat.

Viruses are marvelous little beasties.  They have no repro­ductive systems, yet all they do is reproduce.  They have no metabolic systems (they don’t eat anything).  They are not alive at all, yet they are described as “virulent”, “infectious”, “deadly”, they “inject themselves” into cells, doctors talk about “live-virus vaccine” and “killed-virus vaccine”, yet, when forced to, they admit that viruses have no life.

Science News, Vol. 140, Dec. 14, 1991, said (under the head­ing, “Instant virus:  Just add RNA”):  “Viruses are such primi­tive things that many scientists don’t consider them alive.  They cannot reproduce on their own.”  Funk & Wagnalls’ arti­cle on virus says “Like living organisms, the virus has the power of self-duplication, but reproduction occurs only within susceptible living cells.”  Same as saying, “I can do it all by my­self as long as you help me.”  The article also says “As early as 1935 bio­chemical research established that in the extracellular state the virus is metabolically inert, behaving like a chemical rather than a living may be preserved outside the cell indefi­nitely....”

Look up “life” in the dictionary.  My dictionary says “the con­dition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic ob­jects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to envi­ronment through changes originating internally.”

According to the normal definitions of life taught in most schools, life is the metabolic processes of a living thing.  Viruses are “metabolically inert”.  VIRUSES ARE NOT ALIVE.  Mean little demons, to be so dead, aren’t they?  What are viruses?  They are genetic material, enclosed in a protein coat.  Outside the cell, they dry out and become crystals.  Ency­clopedia Britannica, under “Viruses”, says:  “Viruses are self-reproducing agents, smaller than the microscopically visible bacteria, that multiply only within living susceptible cells and are responsible for a wide range of infectious diseases.”  Think about these dead crystals, with no reproductive systems, that are “self-reproducing”, yet they reproduce “only within liv­ing...cells....”

Later in the article it says, “All the viruses contain their es­sential genetic material in the form of nucleoprotein, which is a combination of nucleic acid and protein.”  And it says a curious thing:  “The essential features are the disappearance of virus as such as soon as infection is initiated...”

Infection is when this dead crystal organized into a genetic code injects itself into a living cell.  And then it disappears!  A little study reveals that it disappears because it is exactly like the cells own genetic material and it is impossible to tell the dif­ference.

This same Britannica article also says: “There are now many in­stances where an apparently normal plant or bacterium can be shown to carry a virus indefinitely.  The multiplication of the virus keeps pace with the multiplication of host cells in so pre­cise a fashion that some form of mutual coordination must be postulated [how does a cell ‘mutually coordinate’ with some­thing dead?].

“It can be argued that this must mean that a virus is essen­tially made of host material, though capable of being set free; or al­ternatively that a free parasitic organism can become so inte­grated with its host that it becomes incorporated into its struc­ture.”

Hmmm, this dead thing is made from its living host cell, and when it magically injects itself into the cell, it disappears by be­coming part of the cell?   Does something sound fishy to you?

Sure enough, farther down in the article, it says:  “Viruses, when they enter a cell, lose all identity except that of the chemi­cal substance, nucleic has proved possible to infect cells by means of nucleic acid alone.... the natural history of a virus is determined by the fundamental requirement that multi­plication can take place only within the living cells of a suscep­tible host.”

The Austin American Statesman, Friday, 13 December 1991:  Polio virus is made in test tube”, by Gina Kolata, New York Times Service.  NEW YORK—Scientists have synthesized polio virus in the test tube, the first time that an entire virus has been created outside of living cells....The feat, accomplished by biol­ogists at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and published today in Science magazine, also underscores the fuzzy border between living things and chemicals....They gently ex­tracted a soup of the proteins from human cells, then dropped into it strands of the genetic material of the polio virus.  After five or more hours, complete, assembled polio viruses appeared in the mixture” (p. A11).  The article states the virus was cre­atedoutside of living cells” by dropping already created polio virus into a “soup of the proteins from human cells”.  Hey, this rock is a dollar bill, trust me.  It doesn’t make sense to me, but then, not much of what they say makes sense to me.

“‘I think it’s fantastically important,’ said Dr. Donald Sum­mers, a molecular virologist at the University of Utah.  ‘This is an amazing finding.  It’s a real first for molecular biology.’  Dr. Vincent Racaniello of Columbia University’s College of Physi­cians and Surgeons said, ‘It’s a seminal discovery, no doubt about it.’”

“Amazing”.  “Fantastic”.  Indeed.  A fantasy is right.

Look at that again, this was the first time that viruses were cre­ated outside of cells, right?  How was this done?  It was done by making a “soup...from human cells.”  How did the viruses get into this cell/no-cell soup?  By dropping “into it strands of the genetic material of polio virus”.  What are viruses?  They are genetic material.  The article makes it plain:  “In the Stony Brook experiment, only human cell components and the virus’ genetic material were used.”  Oh, I see, you create a virus by using a virus to start with, and you do it outside of cells by do­ing it inside of cells.  Can you see that these stories are NUTS?


“The nucleus is the control center of the cell.  It controls both the chemical reactions that occur in the cell and reproduction of the cell.  Briefly, the nucleus contains large quantities of de­oxyribonucleic acid, which we have called genes for many years.  The genes determine the characteristics of the protein enzymes of the cytoplasm, and in this way control cytoplasmic activities.  To control reproduction, the genes first reproduce themselves, and after this is accomplished the cell splits by a special process called mitosis to form two daughter cells, each of which receives one of the two sets of genes” (from pages 15, 16 of Basic Human Physiology:  Normal Function and Mecha­nisms of Disease by Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., W. B. Saunders Company, 1977).

Let’s boil down the bare bones answer from what was just said—genes are nucleic acid.  Period.  Got that?  If you look un­der “genes” in the index, it says “see DNA”.  DO NOT MISS THIS POINT—GENES ARE NUCLEIC ACID.   AND VIRUSES ARE NUCLEIC ACID.


Nucleic acids are molecules of acids arranged around the nu­cleus of the cell, that’s why they are called nucleic acids.  One type of acid is called deoxy-ribo-nucleic acid, abbreviated DNA.  The other is called ribo-nucleic acid, or RNA.  These acids (when dried they become crystals) consist of small parts called nucleotides.  The nucleotides are adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), uracil (U), and thymine (T).  The A, C, G, and T nucleotides are what make up the “steps” or “cross-bars” of the DNA double-helix “ladder” of genes.  In DNA, the strands (“steps”) connect in binary pairs, A to T and G to C.

The T is replaced by U in RNA. In RNA molecules, G - C and A - U are the paired “steps” on the gene ladder. 

The genes of animals and humans are DNA molecules, al­though the  cell also uses RNA to promote chemical reactions and transport of materials.  DNA is found in the nucleus of the cell, RNA is found in the cytoplasm surrounding the nucleus

If you are awake and thinking and following me so far, you will have noticed that viruses are pieces of RNA and DNA.  And the genetic code, the genes, of living things are pieces of RNA and DNA. 

So, how do you tell the difference between a virus and a gene

Ah, Ha!  You can’t.   THEY ARE THE SAME THING, called two different names by the witch doctors.

Think maybe there is something fishy going on here?

It probably has not sunk in yet, so let’s look some more.

“If proteins are the principal stuff of life, the nucleic acids are its blueprints—the molecules on which the Secret of Life, if we may speak of such a thing, is written....There are two kinds of nucleic acid:  DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid, and RNA, ribonucleic acid.  DNA is always found in the nucleus of the cell, RNA mainly in the cytoplasm outside the nucleus” (“Recombinant DNA”, Scientific American, 1957, p. 1).  On page 8, it says “...when a bacterial virus infects a bacterium, it is the virus’s DNA (not its protein) that enters the bacterial cell, and much of this DNA turns up in the progeny virus produced in the cell.  Taking all the evidence together, it is difficult to resist the conclusion that DNA is genetic material.  If that is the case, our problem is to learn how DNA reproduces itself.”  Note that it says DNA is genetic material.

“Viruses consist of a single type of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) within a protein coat called a capsid.  The nucleic acid and the capsid are referred to as the nucleocapsid.  The nucleic acids contain the information for making the proteins found in the vi­ral coat as well as many of the enzymes required to invade the host and to replicate the virus’s nucleic acid.  Some viruses are covered by a membrane, often called the envelope.  The term virion is used to describe the complete viral particle, in­cluding the nucleocapsid and any envelope it may have.  None of the viruses is able to replicate in the absence of host cells.  Thus, all the viruses are obligate parasites of cellular organisms” (p. 254, Essentials of Microbiology by Raúl J. Cano and Jaime S. Colomé).

Don’t let the big words throw you, a virus is a molecule of DNA or RNA.  Period.  Sometimes its coat changes, but that is beside our point.  A gene is a molecule of DNA or RNA.  Pe­riod.  There is no (apparent) difference between a gene and a virus, except if it is a “bad” gene we call it a virus.

A virus is a crystal of acid.  Is it any wonder that it “cannot live outside the cell”?  A virus is DEAD.  It always was, it al­ways is, and forevermore, it is DEAD, by all the rules in the book.  A virus by itself is NEVER ALIVE.  How can an acid be alive?  How can a crystal be alive?  (Don’t jump to conclusions yet, there is more the this story!)  If it is alive, can’t you see that there MUST BE something more going on here? Can it be that the rules of the book are WRONG?

By all the normal rules of what is life, a virus is not and can­not be alive.  It has no metabolism.  It has no digestive system.  It has no reproductive system. It has no system of mobility, it has no intelligence.  It is plainly and simply a crystal of acid.  “Viruses are such primitive things that many scientists don’t consider them alive” (Science News, Vol. 140, December 14, 1991, article “Instant virus: Just add RNA”).  Keep that thought in mind as we continue to look at this subject.

“There are certain entities, in fact, such as the viruses, about which biologists have had recurrent doubts as to whether they should be admitted into the category of truly ‘living’ organisms” (The Explosion of ScienceFrom Molecules To Man, edited by J. Z. Young and Tom Margerison, p. 34).

“One class of entities which are less structurally complex than the cell is the viruses.  Whether, however, they are ‘living’, and thus qualify as the ‘simplest’ of all living things, is another matter....The question as to whether viruses are truly ‘living’ or not has, in its time, been a famous biological contro­versy” (ibid, p. 40).  And on the next page:  “Experiment, how­ever, shows that not only is a virus quite incapable of growing outside a liv­ing cell, but exhaustive tests fail to reveal any gen­uine indige­nous metabolic activity in it, when it is in the ‘free’ form.  The extracellular virus is biochemically an inert particle, devoid of all synthetic or energy-releasing activity.”  That is just a fancy way of saying that, by normal definition, IT IS DEAD.  The “simple cell”, however, is ENORMOUSLY active and complex and very much alive.

The book Viruses, by Arnold J. Levine, Scientific American Li­brary, asks:  “Are Viruses Alive?” on page 22, but then does not answer the question.  It says “Volumes have been written to elucidate the properties of a living thing, but consensus has been rare in these debates.”

This book also says:  “When, in 1935, Wendell Stanley suc­ceeded in obtaining a crystalline form of the tobacco mosaic virus, this form was seen by some scientists as filling the gap between the living world of reproducing viruses and the chemi­cal or nonliving world of molecules and crystals” (p. 8).

You have been so brainwashed that you will probably still find what I am saying hard to follow.  Look at it this way.  If you have a computer, you probably have a piece of plastic called a computer disk.  We say that the computer disk controls the computer.  IT DOES NOT.  It is simply a piece of plastic with a magnetic coating on it, it cannot DO anything, except just BE.  The computer does all the “doing”.  A higher intelligence ar­ranges the magnetic coating on the disk in a certain way, and the computer is designed to do certain things based on how the magnetic coating is arranged.

Or look at it this way:  Saying a disk controls the computer, or saying a virus “forces” the cell to do anything, is like saying this piece of paper is alive, it takes control of you, it forces you to read and act upon it.  NOT SO.

On CNN on TV, I saw a program which showed the “AIDS virus” “injecting itself into a cell”.  Right in front of our eyes, we were told the virus was injecting itself into the cell, and the screen, using a scene from an electron microscope, showed this mean little beastie crawling right into this big white wall (which we were told was the cell).  How, exactly, does a piece of acid do that?

Well, see this pencil on my desk (let’s pretend).  Now watch.  The pencil is forcing my hand to move.  It makes my hand open up and grab it.  It forces my hand to draw skulls and crossbones on a piece of paper.  This must be a very evil pencil.  In fact, this pencil must be a living demon!

Just because I say it, is that what is really going on?

The encyclopedias and textbooks admit that viruses have no life outside the cell.  They have no digestive system, no repro­ductive system.  They can be turned into crystals, and the crys­tals can be turned back into “viruses”.  Some books even say that scientists at first thought they had found the basis of life, because here was something dead that could come alive.  What the medical textbooks teach is that the virus injects itself into a cell (a virus is about one billionth the size of a cell), becomes alive and takes control of the cell, forcing the cell to reproduce viruses until the cell explodes.  That is like saying a flea bites a horse’s rump and takes over control of the horse and forces the horse to manufacture fleas!  Even that is not a good analogy be­cause the flea is at least alive and has some intelligence and has its own reproductive system, while the virus has no life and no intelligence and no reproductive system.  Viruses are not alive, UNLESS THERE IS MORE GOING ON THAN MEETS THE EYE!

Is that possible?  Let me ask you this—are cells alive?  You will probably answer, yes, of course. 

So let me ask it again.  Are the cells in that beefsteak you had for dinner alive?   Well, no, you say, not any more.

What is the difference between a living cell and a dead cell?

There is no difference at all.  Except, we all know, there is a very BIG difference, but the difference is NOT CHEMICAL, NOT PHYSICAL, not something you can measure or weigh.  We might say the difference is electrical, but it is not really electrical, the difference is that mysterious thing we call LIFE.


There are so many places to start and so much to cover, I shall just hit a few highlights to define the track we are on.  For in­stance, in the 1720s a French astronomer (Jean-Jacques Der­tous de Mairan) did some experiments on Mimosa pudica plants.  As soon as the sun disappeared, they folded their leaves.  He placed some in a dark closet at midday, and their leaves stayed open.  But when the sun set, their leaves closed, even though they were still in the dark closet.  So he took some plants down a mine shaft about 650 feet below the surface at mid-day, and they im­mediately closed their leaves.  The leaves stayed closed even when incandescent bulbs were turned on.  There was ap­parently something unseen, something besides light, coming from the sun that was affecting the plants.

One experimenter placed a certain metal plate on the roof, ran a wire to a dark basement and into a pot with seeds in it, further sealed the container with foil wrap, and grew quite healthy and productive plants (Phoenix Journal #96; Heave-Ho (Phase Two), p. 22)!

From the 1700s, scientists such as Jean Antoine Nollet, Peirre Charles Lemonnier, Benjamin Franklin, Gardini, Bertholon, Galvani, Mesmer, and many others were researching electrical and other radiations and how they affected plants and other life.

Baron Karl von Reichenbach, the man who discovered cre­osote, wrote a book in 1854 about a light force he called the OD Force.  Nowadays we would say he was researching sound and light and color and magnetism from the vacuum.  Andrija Puharich, in Beyond Telepathy, 1973, has a whole chapter of extremely detailed information on the OD (Appendix C).  Oth­ers called a similar vacuum force the ether, the orgone, prana, cosmic field, lepton gas, etc., and most recently, scalar waves from the Zero Point.

In 1845, William Ross tested claims by the Marquis of An­glesey that electricity made seeds sprout faster, and wrote an ac­count called “Influence of Electricity on Vegetation”.  In 1902, Selim Lemström published a book showing that plants treated with electricity produced greatly increased yields, tasted sweeter, etc., compared to non-treated plants.  James Lee Scribner, Dr. George Starr White, Bindo Riccioni, and many others were re­porting success at treating plants with electricity.  In 1963, the Soviet Union built a commercial processing plant to treat seeds with electricity at the rate of 2 tons of seeds per hour.

Dr. U. J. Pittman in Canada, L. J. Audus in Britain, and A. V. Krylov and G. A. Tarakanova of Russia published papers showing that plants also responded to magnetism.  In 1968, Avi­ation Week and Space Technology had an article saying that satellites could tell the health of crops based on their “electromagnetic signature”,  and Dr. H. Len Cox, a space sci­entist, after reading the article, started Cox’s Electroculture Corporation in 1970 selling a special metallic culture that greatly increased the yield and flavor of plants by using electricity.  An article in Fusion magazine, March-April 1985, p. 11, called “Let’s Use Our Technology To Wipe Out Drugs”, says that “Every growing plant, when hit by sunlight, reflects back radia­tion in a specific array of frequencies that is different from ev­ery other plant; thus the scanner can identify the signatures of illicit drugs.  For example, cannabis plants can be detected in the 1.55- to 1.75-micron band of the infrared part of the elec­tromagnetic spectrum, its specific, identifiable signature.”  A picture of a multispectral scanner made by Texas Instruments (to be carried under an airplane wing) is included in the article.  They can identify “signatures” from airplanes, from satellites, and of course, from desktop.  They can also tell if the plant is healthy or not, and can tell to some extent what diseases the plant might have.  There is simply too much information for me to cover it here, but Acres USA newspaper sometimes has arti­cles along these lines (Acres USA, PO Box 9547, Kansas City, MO 64133, (816)-737-0064).

Don’t you realize you can do that with animals, too?  Ani­mals such as, say, humans?  Yes, you can use spectroscopy to pre­cisely evaluate the composition and condition of elements, cells, and bodies.  Scientists can analyze the composition and condi­tion of stars billions of light years away, and they most certainly can do the same with cells 6 inches or so in front of their ma­chines.  The only reason they do not do so is because of the drug cartel and medical mafia.  Using a spectrometer and evalu­ating by frequency and light would quickly reveal that their drugs do not work, and in fact, are often the cause of the prob­lem.

Recent Space Shuttle trips to repair the Hubble Space Tele­scope included checkout of the Nicmos Near Infrared Cam­era/Multi-Object Spectrometer installed in the Hubble Space Telescope by a Shuttle crew in February.  I suspect there is a lot more in­volved than they are telling us, like in weapons and se­cret com­munications, but how would I know, I’m just guessing.

In the 1920s, Georges Lakhovsky wrote a book explaining that cells of plants and animals were electromagnetic radiators.  They absorbed and emitted radiation in various waves and fre­quencies.  Normal cells had certain frequencies, diseased cells had different frequencies, and by the application of certain fre­quencies, the diseased cells could be brought back into a condi­tion of health.  He developed a “multi-wave oscillator” to heal cancers, radiation burns, and many other problems normally considered to be difficult to cure.  The American authorities suppressed and banned his machines and writings, while in Rus­sia great strides were made in understanding the frequency-based foundation of life.


In 1978 I received a packet of communist literature from the So­viet distributor, Northern Book House, Box 1000, Graven­hurst, Ontario, Canada.  At the time, I considered the material as worthless nonsense garbage.  Later, as I learned more and re­viewed it, I was shocked.  They talked about getting energy out of the vacuum and talked about humans and animals re­sponding to “electromagnetic waves”.  

To begin to understand the wave is to begin to understand the method of creation.

The wave is the mechanism of transferring zero-point energy from the vacuum (commonly called ether) into matter and force.

All energy is expressed in motion.  All motion is expressed in waves.  The wave is too complicated to describe simply, but let’s start simply and begin to understand.

The waves we are most familiar with are waves caused when we toss a pebble in the water, or sound waves in the air from vibra­tions.

Waves consists of a series of crests and troughs of varying pres­sure.  It can be said that waves divide a medium by concen­trating it and decentrating it at the same time (compression and rarefaction).  For instance, a wave in the atmosphere is called a “front” by the weathermen, which concentrates or compresses air in front of it (a “high pressure” area), and decentrates or ex­pands air behind it (a “low pressure” area).  Since the high pres­sure area moves into the low pressure area, the weathermen look at this oppositely as to the “front” and “back”, but these terms are relative to your viewpoint.

Physicists are learning that what we call empty space, the vacuum, or ether, etc., actually is the source of waves which divide the vacuum into sexed pairs of concentrated and decen­trated waves.  These waves, vibrating at various frequencies and interference patterns and forming holograms (or formed from holograms), are the source of all that we call reality, all that we call existence.



What is wavelength?  Wavelength is the distance between any point of one wave to the corresponding point of the next wave.

The number of waves along a certain distance in a certain pe­riod of time is called the frequency, and is generally measured as cy­cles per second.

The term now used to express “cycles per second” is called “Hertz”.  One Hertz equals one cycle per second, 60 Hertz is 60 cycles per second.

The human ear responds to sounds in the frequency range of ap­proximately 20 Hertz to 15,000 Hertz, so this is called the sound frequency range.

Radio waves are from 15,000 Hertz (abbreviated Hz) to about 1,000,000,000,000 Hz.

Heat waves are from 1,000,000,000,000 Hz to 400,000,000,000,000 Hz.

Light waves are from 400,000,000,000,000 to 750,000,000,000,000 Hz.

The top speed of sound depends on the material through which it travels, but does not exceed about 20,000 feet per sec­ond, or about 6,097.56 meters per second.

Sound travels through copper at 10,800 feet per second; iron at 17,390 fps.; brick at 11,980 fps; glass at 16,410 fps; oak at 12,620 fps; pine at 10,900 fps; water at 4,794 fps; air at 1,129 fps; and does not travel through a vacuum.

The top speed of light is given as about 186,000 miles per sec­ond, or 300,000,000 meters per second.  This is the standard teaching.  In higher understanding, the speed of light is variable and in ultimate truth the limit is not defined correctly (light does not travel), but we shall have more on this later.

The formula for wavelength is wavelength in meters per sec­ond equals speed in meters per second divided by frequency in Hertz.

The textbooks generally do not deal with frequencies below 30 cycles per second.  This information has been purposely re­pressed by “the government”.

Nikola Tesla was the genius who gave us alternating current and who [actually, originally] invented radio, TV, radar, and much more.  He is also the one who decided that the standards for our household alternating current would be 120 volts and 60 cycles per second.  He decided this after much experimentation with voltages and frequencies.

Tesla learned that the natural resonant frequency of the Earth is about 10 cycles per second.

Frequencies of 8 - 20 Hz are considered the ELF range (Extremely Low Frequency).

Frequencies of 20 - 40 Hz are considered VLF (Very Low Fre­quency).

Frequencies of 40 - 100 Hz are considered LF (Low Fre­quency).


Tesla determined that the LF frequency range of 40 - 100 is safe to humans, so he set our standard household current fre­quency at 60 cycles per second.

He determined that the ELF range of 8 - 20 cycles per second is harmful and can be painful to humans.

A frequency of 16 cycles per second produces a visual flicker-fusion that upsets people.

A resonant frequency of 6.66 cycles per second is damaging to humans and to the planet.  In articles about Tesla there is men­tion that he could build a “black box” that could destroy build­ings, cause earthquakes and even split the Earth in two.  The formerly restricted/classified frequency for this is 6.66 Hz!  So­viet scientists began an experiment with this frequency on Octo­ber 14, 1976.  Andrija Puharich said of this experiment:  “What happened had such a disastrous effect on the planetary well-be­ing, that even the Soviet scientists were frightened.  Enormous standing waves of electromagnetic energy formed in the atmo­sphere above the planet extending from the Russo-Finnish re­gion to the reciprocal pole in the Pacific east of New Zealand.  These standing waves, thousand of miles long, refused to damp out, even after the Soviet TMT [Tesla Magnifying Transmitter] was switched off.  The planetary electromagnetic bell just went on ringing with unprecedented resonance.  Nor­mally when the driving oscillator is switched off, the resonant waves damp out and cease shortly.  Thoroughly alarmed, the Soviet scientists tried to break up and dampen the resonance with intense high-powered bursts of ultra-high frequency radia­tion—all to no avail.  The undamped resonance of the planetary waves had all the dangerous potential of a catastrophic event, such as “splitting the planet in two like an apple.”  After a few months, the standing waves did damp out, but not until some unusual never-before-seen events had occurred.

Puharich then explained that one of the events was the cre­ation of the worst winter in the U.S. in over 100 years, drought, for­est fires, etc.  Passengers in airplanes were getting sick (from unusual ozone), etc.  The winter of 1977-1978 was the worst since 1883 in the northeast U.S, and the winter of 1978-1979 was the worst in recorded history in the Midwest U.S.  Jeremy Campbell published an article in the London Evening Standard, April 13, 1977, entitled “Are the Russians Changing our Weather?”

A frequency of 6 Hz produces dizziness, nausea, and a cholin­ergic effect on the parasympathetic nervous system (in plain language, a sudden massive diarrhea).  Margaret Cheney, in Tesla: Man Out Of Time told about how Mark Twain learned this:

“He [Tesla] led his guests to the corner where a strange plat­form was mounted on rubber padding.  When he flipped a switch, it began to vibrate rapidly and silently.

“Twain stepped forward, eager.  ‘Let me try it, Tesla.  Please.’

“‘No, no.  It needs work.’


“Tesla chuckled.  ‘All right, Mark, but don’t stay on too long.  Come off when I give you the word.’  He called to an at­tendant to throw the switch.

“Twain, in his usual white suit and black string tie, found him­self humming and vibrating on the platform like a gigantic bum­blebee.  He was delighted.  He whooped and waved his arms.  The others watched in amusement.

“After a time the inventor said, ‘All right, Mark.  You’ve had enough.  Come down now.’

“‘Not by a jugful,’ said the humorist.  ‘I am enjoying this.’

“‘But seriously, you had better come down,’ insisted Tesla.  ‘Believe me, it is best that you do so.’

“Twain only laughed.  ‘You couldn’t get me off this with a der­rick.’

“The words were scarcely out of his mouth when his expres­sion froze.  He lurched stiffly toward the edge of the platform, fran­tically waving at Tesla to stop it.

“‘Quick, Tesla.  Where is it?’

“The inventor helped him down with a smile and propelled him in the direction of the rest room.  The laxative effect of the vi­brator was well known to him and his assistants.”

The electrical charge of the atmosphere increases about 100 volts for every meter [of height], thus placing the Earth/ionosphere potential difference at hundreds of millions of volts (Earth negative ground, ionosphere positive).  This creates a resonating capacitor (and when scientists fool with it, it also creates “sprites”).  The 7.03 Hz frequency is the resonant cavity frequency of the Earth-air-ionosphere condenser/capacitor.  The frequency of Earth by itself was determined by Tesla to be 6.67 Hz.  This looks to me like it might more precisely be 6.666—a curious number, don’t you think?

The Earth’s natural oscillating magnetic field frequency is 7.83 Hz (usually rounded off to 8 Hz).  Thus, the natural heart­beat of the Earth is considered to be 8 Hz, discovered by Tesla in 1895.  In 1960, Balser and Wagner (Nature, Vol. 188, No. 4751, 1961) published their findings that showed that the Earth-cavity was resonant at 8 Hz.  More precise studies done by M.J. Rycroft showed that the ELF spectrum had its fundamental at 7.8 ± 0.2 Hz (Radio Science, Journal of Research, NBS/USNC - URSI, Vol. 69D, No. 8, Aug. 1965, pp. 1071-1081, article entitled “Resonances of the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity observed at Cambridge, England”).  None of the authors mentioned Tesla.  Tesla was at least 65 years ahead of these authors.  By the way, on September 13, 1898, at the Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association (whatever happened to them?), Buffalo, New York, Tesla presented a paper he wrote called “High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and other Purposes”.  Doctors will tell you frequency-based healing is quackery.  The medical profession is a profession of liars and killers.

The 7.8 Hz resonance has been attributed to a man named Schumann and called the Schumann resonance, and is consid­ered to be a constant in physics.  Global military communica­tions were developed on this frequency.  However, recent re­ports (from Norwegian and Russian researchers) say the Earth is rising in frequency and the Schumann resonance is now 8.6 Hz, and climbing!  At the same time, the Earth’s magnetic field strength is declining.

Tesla noticed that the Earth and the ionosphere formed the two plates of a giant capacitor, with a resonating cavity peak at 8 Hz (7.83 Hz).  He then tuned a secondary coil in resonance with the two resonant cavities of the Earth by creating a 20,700 Hz wave and pulsing (chopping) it so that the pulses hit the Earth 6 times per second.  The Earth began to “ring like a bell”.  The sound would bounce back in 108 minutes.  By keeping this up, he dis­covered the sonic stationary wave of the Earth.  An electromag­netic wave was also created which traveled faster than the speed of light through the Earth (471,240 kilometers per second) and these electromagnetic waves became supralumi­nal and super­conducting!  He said that if he kept this up for two weeks, he could “split the Earth in two like a sliced apple”! (The World Today, Vol. XXI, No. 8, February 1912, pp. 718-722, “Nikola Tesla, Dreamer”, by Allan L. Benson.)

The Soviets recreated this experiment on October 14, 1976.  They started transmitting extremely powerful pulses at 6.66 cy­cles per second (6.66 Hz) and created tremendous standing waves thousands of miles long that became extremely frighten­ing to them as they got out of their control.  They created catas­trophic weather and were afraid they might “split the Earth like an apple”.  They tried for months to shut it down, until it finally dampened down.

Normal brain frequencies are 8.6 Hz to 11.3 Hz.  The brain wave Alpha frequency is 8 Hz (actual peak is 7.81 to 7.83 Hz).  This is a healthful biological frequency and produces feelings of well being.

Magnetic pulse frequencies in the range of 7 to 10 Hz can pro­tect the individual from the harmful ELF magnetic waves.  With training, the human brain can generate frequencies in this range. 

A single frequency in the range of 3 to 5 Hz can produce can­cer. 

Another range of frequencies harmful to humans is 10.8 Hz to 11 Hz, being transmitted on carriers by the Russian “Woodpecker” transmissions.  NASA’s Space Shuttle program has announced “experiments” sending pulse frequencies at 10 Hz or thereabouts.  For instance the 10/3/94 Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine reported that the Discovery mission also involved two Lockheed Electra aircraft which, during the period Sept. 16-17, flew over part of Discovery’s orbit, each firing its own on-board laser at the Earth, “pulsed at 10 Hz, through quartz windows” on the aircraft.  When the Space Shut­tle launches, there is usually at least one other launch some­where, often from Guyana, which is involved with it—does the term “phase conjugate mirrors” fit in here?  They are doing weather control and mind control and other “Star Wars”-type games.


Before we continue, you should become aware that physics and electronics as taught in schools and universities are not cor­rect; we have been purposely lied to by the oil/nuclear energy crowd to prevent us from attaining energy independence.

Albert Einstein is a good example.  We are taught that Ein­stein was a great mathematician, yet in his own biography he says that he had trouble with math and had to ask friends (such as Marcel Grossman) for help.

We are taught that Einstein is the author of the Theory of Rela­tivity, yet evidence has come forth proving that the real au­thor was Mileva Maric, Einstein’s first wife.

Einstein had a reputation at the Swiss Polytechnic Institute in Zurich of being a man with poor work habits and was often rep­rimanded for laziness during all his school years including the University.  He developed a romance with classmate Mileva who helped him with his math.  His autobiography says “In my work participated a Serbian student Mileva Maric who I married later.”  She had an illegitimate daughter in 1902, which they gave up for adoption.  They got married in 1903, separated in 1912 and divorced in 1919.  This is when Einstein married his cousin Elsa.  The original manuscript of the Theory of Relativity submitted for publication had Maric’s name on it as co-author.

For more proof, see the article “Theory of Relativity—Who is its real author?” by Dr. Rastko Maglic and J.W. McGinnis, Presi­dent, International Tesla Society, in the Jul/Aug 1994 issue of Extraordinary Science magazine, which contains references for further documentation.

Einstein was a foreign-born Khazarian Jew with membership in at least 16 Communist front organizations (Friends of the So­viet Union, for example).  Einstein was head of the Jewish Black Book Committee, which was listed as a Communist front in the 1947 House Un-American Activities Committee Report.   He was a Communist cell member with Klaus Fuchs, the famous atomic spy, and was instrumental in bringing Fuchs into the U.S.  Einstein was a hoax and fraud saddled on the scientific community to prevent them from learning too much and to pro­mote Jews as being superior.

Einstein’s famous equation “E=MC2” is WRONG, or at best in­complete.  His definition of energy is wrong, his definition of mass is wrong, C is defined as the top speed possible for any­thing.  Light does not move, our perception of the speed of light is wrong (the perception is what moves).  Even in conventional physics, it is said that no material particle can exceed the veloc­ity of light.  But every motion of a physical particle or wave has with it another wave called a pilot wave.  The velocity of the pilot wave is always greater than the speed of light, and the product of the two wave velocities always equals the speed of light squared.  The velocity of mind is greater than the velocity of light (according to Puharich, Beyond Telepathy, formula on page 191).

Those who REALLY understand, and who can prove it by cre­ating matter out of “nothing” for instance, say that the origi­nal White Light is invisible and still.

The correct science being discovered and revealed by such as Nikola Tesla, Tom Bearden, Andrija Puharich, G. Lakhovsky, Royal Rife,  T. H. Moray, Antoine Priore, Amnon Yariv, William J. Hooper, Louis Kervran, David Bohm, Trevor James Constable, Bruce Cathie, Chiang Kanzhen, etc., was down­played, suppressed, or banned to prevent humanity from achieving energy independence (and thus political and military independence) from the Rockefeller/Rothschild/Royal Family oil/nuclear energy barons.  Understanding the correct technol­ogy leads to understanding of good health and thus independence from the drug/medical crowd, who happen to be the same oil crowd crooks.


What are being called viruses are simply pieces of genetic mate­rial.  Left alone, they are normally no problem to the body.  But “messed up” by drugs, or by radiation, they supply wrong in­formation to the cells and create problems, just as a wrong or doctored computer program messes up what the computer is supposed to do.  Computer “viruses” do not really take control of the computer, we just look at it that way.  Viruses do not re­ally take control of cells, we just look at it that way.  A com­puter disk has no intelligence of its own, except the intelligence of the programmer that is stored on the disk.  The virus has no intelligence of its own, except for the intelligence of the virus creator/programmer.  Dr. Chiang Kanzhen, credited with dis­covering “biomicrowave communications” (the Chiang Scien­tific Foundation and Chiang Institute are named after him), said that DNA is only a “cassette” with recorded information, whose actual material carriers are bioelectromagnetic signals.  “In other words, the electromagnetic field and DNA together make up COMBINED GENETIC MATERIAL, which exists in two forms:  a passive (DNA) and an active (bioelectromagnetic field) form.  The passive form preserves the genetic code, the active (transmitting) form is able to modify it.”  The bioelectro­magnetic field (the material carrier of energy and information) exists in both the microwave and infra-red range of frequencies, and the bio-EM fields act by moving photons.

The government black budget “Starwars” programs and medical programs are reprogramming the genetic codes in the pieces of genetic material and calling them viruses, and, yes, in that case, they do definitely cause disease and genetic mutations.



You should know by now that drugs and radiation create de­fective pieces of genetic codes which we call viruses.  The solu­tion to the problem is to stop the intake of drugs and all harmful elements, and to stop being irradiated.  We cannot always do that, so we need to keep the body in  top condition to allow it to counter the problems.  Since genes are being electromagneti­cally programmed by our enemies, we need to be able to counter that programming, which can also be done electromag­netically (in which I am including light waves and all forms of helpful frequency).

There is no single AIDS virus, ALL viruses (harmful genetic material) are AIDS viruses, all harm the body’s immune system (if they are harmful at all—many are harmless and are scape­goats for the drug dealers).  And, yes, these viruses can and are being programmed/created from a distance by pulse beam sys­tems:  “Yes, the retrovirus can be manipulated by pulsed beam systems” (Hatonn, Phoenix Journal #65, p. 173). 

The MIND is a pulse beam generator and can CREATE, OR HEAL viruses.  However, we generally do not know how, so we can do it by using machines.  You can search the field of ra­dionics for more information.   

In 1977, Louis Kervran won the Nobel Prize for showing that plants and animals (his main experiments were with chickens) use “scalar wave” type technology to transmute elements, for in­stance turning potassium into calcium.  This is impossible ac­cording to the “laws” of physics currently taught in schools.  Lead cannot be turned into gold, we are told, except now by atomic bombardment in nuclear reactors.  In fact, living beings do this “alchemy” routinely.  The ruling Elite do not want you “common folk” to have this type of knowledge, as it will un­dermine their control over you.  So the “laws” they teach are in­complete or WRONG.  Kervran wrote a dissertation (in French, I believe) on “biological transmutations” and a translation was republished in CONTACT (August 29 and September 5, 12, & 19, 1995).


When a virus is taken into a cell, it vanishes by becoming a part of the cell’s genetic code.  The cell does whatever cells do, us­ing the genetic code as a guideline.  When the cell dies, it falls apart and is digested by enzymes and in the process bits of the genetic code are released until they too are dissolved.  These bits of cell garbage are called viruses.  They are “harmless” or “deadly”, depending on how they have been programmed.  They can also be, and are being, generated artificially.  Gene manip­ulation is being used for everything from cloning humans, cre­ating artificial foods (some “foods” that are genetically altered are Coca Cola, Fritos, Green Giant Harvest Burgers, McDon­ald’s French Fries, Nestle’s chocolates, Karo Corn Syrup, Nu­traSweet, Kraft Salad Dressings, Fleishmann’s margarine, Sim­ilac infant formulas, Land O’ Lakes Butter, and Cabot Cream­ery Butter), to creating new strains of old diseases and germ-warfare-type new diseases.  There are billion-dollar industries based on hiding this information from you! 

An article in the April 2, 1994, issue of Science News, p. 213, talks of the discovery of something they are calling a “holoenzyme”.  They explained a holoenzyme as something like a chairman over the committee that controls reading the genetic code.  The article did not state why the name “holoenzyme”, but it sounds like a reference to a hologram.  If that’s the case, they were on the right track.  Since then, they keep changing the definition of the “holoenzyme”.


Quantum physicists are beginning to learn that the universe is in reality a hologram.  It is hard for us to accept that we and all we consider as reality are a giant hologram that contains matter and consciousness in the same “dream”.  This subject is too big for me to try to cover here, so I recommend you start with a book called The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot, Harper­Collins [one word] Publishers, 1991.  It has recently been a non-fiction best seller and is available at the library or from most any book store.  If you read only one book in the near fu­ture, it should be this book.  It will change your whole percep­tion of reality.

Another book you may want is called AIDS, Biological War­fare by T. E. Bearden, available from the Tesla Book Company, P. O. Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA 91912 (their catalog is also on the Internet).  Bearden’s book contains more than you ever wanted to know on how holographic/scalar technology is being used and what it is.  One chapter is called “Developing the EM [electromagnetic] Cure For AIDS”.

An article in the March 30, 1991, issue of Science News be­gins:  “Zapping the AIDS virus with low-voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory, reports a research team at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City” (p. 207).

It is illegal to sell devices that heal AIDS (are you sur­prised?), although there is evidence that some of them work.  However, the laws exempt making devices for your own use or your own research.  See Code of Federal Regulations 21  807.65 Subpart D - Exemptions.  Paragraphs {d} & {f}:


“(d)  Licensed practitioners, including physicians, dentists, and optometrists, who manufacture or otherwise alter devices solely for use in their practice.”

“(f)  persons who manufacture, prepare, propagate, com­pound, or process devices solely for use in research, teaching, or analy­sis, and do not introduce such devices into commercial distribu­tion.”

If you wish to do your own experimenting, you can get a kit of parts for about $50.00 or a partially assembled kit for $89.00 from Action Electronics, 1300 E. Edinger, Santa Ana, CA  92705 (714) 547-5169 or you can buy the parts from your local Radio Shack (contact Dr. Robert Beck for a list).  Another source for parts and instructions is Brownell Electro, 6450 Ca­ballero Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90620 (800) 774-4643.

Dr. Robert Beck has a taped lecture on this subject called “An Electromagnetic Remedy For Many Disorders”, $8.00 for an audio (plus $1.50 s/h) or $20.00 for the video, available from Backcountry Productions, 831 Alpine Street, Longmont, CO.  80501 (303) 772-8358.

A magnetic pulse generator is available from Energetic Trans­formations, 8425 North Foothill Hwy., Boulder, CO. 80302, (303) 939-0090.  Price was $95.00.

A catalog of useful parts is available from MCM Electronics, Centerville, OH  45459 (800) 543-4330, catalog # 50-940.

No claims are made for any health or healing effect of these ma­chines (keep it legal), so they are for your research into how frequencies and waves affect the universe.  They are for infor­mational, instructional, and research purposes only.

A book I have not seen yet, it is supposed to come out in April 1997, is called The Electric Spark of Life: The Millennium Sci­ence by Dr. Reijo Mäkelä.  He says that living cells are elec­tromagnetic units.  Everbody already knows this (that’s why electrocardiograms work).  Mäkelä expands upon this and says “Genetic engineering is electromagnetic in its character.  Envi­ronmental factors—light and other electromagnetic radiation like radiation heat, noise, all kinds of pollution [HAARP?]—will cause electromagnetic changes in DNA....The compounding of adenine to thymine and cytocine to guanine is governed by elec­tromagnetic laws.”  An article by Dr. Reijo Mäkelä is available on the Internet from

Another book that appears to be valuable is  Living Energies: Viktor Schauberger’s Brilliant Work With Natural Energy Ex­plained, by Callum Coats.  There is such a mind-boggling wealth of information available these days—until the government manages to suppress it all—that a lot of researchers are discov­ering how to use this new technology.  Unfortunately, too many of them do not see the big picture of the politics and conspira­cies and deadly control wars going on, so they generally do not get very far.  They copyright their material, run to the patent of­fice and turn over their secrets to their enemy, run to banks for financing (banks that make their money from the very enemies of the new technology, or the enemies who want to keep the new technology to themselves).  And they do not understand or consider where GOD fits in the picture.

One of the best books with key information is The Last Great Plague Upon Man:  Aids And Related Murder Tools from Phoenix Source Publishers, P. O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, Nevada 89126, (800) 800-5565.  Ordering information is on the back page of CONTACT Newspaper (call same phone number for more info).  On page 159 he says, speaking of control sys­tem of cells:  “The master cellular control system is holo­graphic.”  I wonder how he knew? (joke)


SONIC BLOOM—A home and garden plant-growing kit.  Dan Carlson developed a combination of harmonics and nutri­ents to make plants grow better.  He’s in the Guinness Book of Records for having grown the world’s largest house plant, and has pro­duced liter-sized potatoes, 500 tomatoes on single vines, three times more roses on a bush, etc.  His basic kit is $60.00 plus $5.00 shipping, available on the Internet or other sources.

THE NEUROPHONE—Patrick Flanagan has produced a ma­chine that allows the deaf to hear.  He invented it when he was 14 years old, Life magazine did a feature on him in their September 14, 1962 issue.  He demonstrated his machine on the Gary Moore, Bess Meyerson, etc. TV shows.  When he first tried to patent the machine, the National Security Agency con­fiscated the Neurophone (convincing evidence that it works!).

Harry Stine wrote a book called The Silicon Gods (Bantam Books), about using the Neurophone as a brain-to-computer in­terface device.  They developed a Man-Dolphin language trans­lator.  The limit of human hearing is about 16,000 Hz., but dol­phins “speak” and hear up to 250,000 Hz.  The Neurophone was successful in allowing humans to hear and speak at these fre­quencies.  The machine was used during the Vietnam War to lo­cate sounds in the jungle.  Flanagan developed a digital Neuro­phone patent application and sent it to the patent office, and the Defense Intelligence Agency put it under a secrecy order.  They were not allowed to talk about it for 12 years.

The mechanism uses holographic sound, so that they can lo­cate sounds in 3-D space, and also works backwards—they can pro­ject sound in 3-D space.  In other words, they can record an or­chestra, then play it back and it sounds just like you are sitting in a live concert.

The first Neurophone consisted of two copper Brillo pads con­nected to insulated copper wires.  The pads were put in plas­tic bags for insulation.  The copper wires were attached to a re­versed audio output transformer that was attached to a hi-fi am­plifier.  The output voltage of the audio transformer was about 1,500 volts peak-to-peak.  When the pads were placed on the temples next to the eyes and speech or music was played, you could “hear” the sound inside your head.  The transformer would oscillate (“ring”) with a dampened wave at frequencies of 40-50 kHz.

The next Neurophone consisted of a variable frequency vac­uum tube oscillator that was amplitude modulated.  The output signal was then fed into a high frequency transformer that had a flat frequency response in the 20-100 kHz range.  The elec­trodes (this time they were two-inch diameter disks with mylar insula­tion) were placed on the head and the oscillator was tuned so that maximum resonance was obtained using the human body as part of the tank circuit.  It used a 2,000 volt peak-to-peak am­plitude-modulated carrier wave.

Their literature says:  “The Neurophone is really a scalar wave device since the out-of-phase signals from the electrodes mix in the non-linear complexities of the skin dielectric.  The signals from each capacitor electrode are 180 degrees out-of-phase.  Each signal is transmitted into the complex dielectric of the body where phase cancellation takes place.  The net result is a scalar vector.  This fact was not known at the time I invented the de­vice.  This knowledge came later when we learned that the hu­man nervous system is particularly sensitive to scalar sig­nals.... We established quite early that some totally nerve-deaf people could hear with the device.... We were able to stimulate visual phenomena when the electrodes were placed over the oc­cipital region of the brain.  The possibilities of Neurophonic vi­sual stimulation suggests that we may someday be able to use the brain like a computer or television screen.”

They also say:  “The skin is our largest and most complex or­gan.  In addition to being the first line of defense against in­fection, the SKIN IS A GIGANTIC LIQUID CRYSTAL BRAIN” (emphasis mine).

“The skin is piezo-electric.  When it is vibrated or rubbed, it generates electric signals and scalar waves.... Many primitive organisms and animals can see and hear with their skin.....The Neurophone is an electronic telepathy machine.  Several tests prove that it bypasses the eighth cranial nerve, the hearing nerve, and transmits sound directly to the brain.  This means that the Neurophone stimulates perception through a seventh or alternative sense.”

The machine works by means of the skin, not by means of bone conduction.  Although this material may sound extremely tech­nical to some of you, any Ham radio General license oper­ator should have no trouble understanding it, or even someone who is “into” hi-fi and stereo electronics. 

If the “skin is a gigantic liquid crystal brain,” then it would fol­low that, like other crystals,  it receives frequency transmis­sions, radiates information, and is programmable (silica is an example of a crystal, as in Silicon Valley).   

For more information, get the book Towards a New Alchemy: The Millennium Science by Nick Begich (who also wrote Angels Don’t Play This HAARP).  The Neurophone sells for $695.00.

More about Patrick Flanagan is in an article in CONTACT newspaper, July 2, 1996, p. 27, article “Water: The Most Amazing Substance On Earth” (call 1-800-800-5565 for back-is­sue information).


Cymatics sounds good (that’s a pun) in theory.  It is a system of using sound to improve conditions of the body (sort of like that forbidden word “healing”).  Ultra-sound is used, in diag­nosing pregnancy for instance, with no harm.  Since viruses are crys­tals, and crystal responds to sound vibrations (remember the “Is it real or is it Memorex” ad where sound shatters a glass?), there are great possibilities here.  Unfortunately, their machine costs an absurd $5,000.  It comes in a briefcase.  It fills about half the briefcase, and consists of two coils and some electron­ics, about as complicated as a computer board or radio, less complicated than a TV.  I see no reason it should be so expen­sive.   Nevertheless, they have a lot of good information and they recognize the body as a holographic manifestation.  They probably concentrate too much on the purely audible spectrum (there is more than just sound involved).  Their manuals are needlessly complicated and verbose in my opinion.

Example:  They ask the question, “What is disease?”   Their an­swer is :  “It is the oscillatory disequilibrium of cells, origi­nating from external causes.  It is more, especially, the struggle between microbic frequency and cellular frequency.  For the microbe, unicellular organism, acts also by virtue of its fre­quency.  If microbic frequency is predominant, disease is the re­sult, and when vital resistance is completely overcome, death occurs.  If cellular frequency gains the ascendant, restoration of health follows.”  Now you know.  These are exactly the same words Lakhovsky used in The Secret of Life, so I assume Dr. Peter Guy Manners, founder of Cymatics, was quoting him.

They DO have some very good information if you can handle the big words.  Example:  “The etheric body is a holographic energy field or template that carries information for the growth, development and repair of the physical body.  While the genes within the DNA direct the molecular mechanisms which govern the development of individual cells, the etheric body guides the spatial unfoldment of the genetic process.”

The machine works by sound vibrations on acupuncture points.  They say that the heart muscle is affected by a combi­nation of 105, 160 and 214 cycles per second, while 98, 132 and 234 af­fect the speech area of the brain.

You can contact them at Bretforton Hall Clinic, Bretforton, Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 5JH.

Telephone: 01286 830537.  Or you can contact a representative in Houston at (713) 528-0087.  I have an audio cassette tape of Dr. Peter Guy Manners, and he talks like he writes.

There are no “cures” for anything, other than removing the cause of the problem and giving the body what it needs to come back into balance.  But what do you do when you are being ir­radiated against your will?  One way to counter harmful fre­quencies is to counter them with other frequencies (called phase cancellation or creating a “null”).  That removes the cause of your problem.  The medical mafia and their cohorts want you to concentrate on magic potions, pills, and incantations, which they just happen to sell at a very high price, while in the meantime they are destroying you with their pills, potions and FRE­QUENCY POLLUTION. 

How do you go about using frequency in healthful ways?  One of the quickest, simplest ways is to use frequency-enhanced products.  Even plain water can store, and transmit, frequencies (see the above mentioned article on water by Flanagan).  Now where might one go to find frequency-enhanced products? 

I am running out of space and time (which, by the way, ac­cording to The Holographic Universe do not exist—no wonder I have so little), but in the future I hope to write more about the electromagnetic/holographic information that is currently avail­able (if one bothers to dig it out) and how to use it.  If anyone wishes to share information with me, please do so.  To any doctors who might read this, I warn you, Sirs and Madams, many of you have your noses so deep in the bark that you can­not see even the tree, much less the forest.  Remember, this is your life, too, and the lives of your loved ones, as well as your patients.  You need to wake up from your programming.

I hope I have given you something to ponder.  Somebody had better start doing something more than pondering or complain­ing, though, for it is almost too late.

Good day.

Calvin Burgin