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by Calvin Burgin    4/17/97


“DEADLY FLESH-EATING VIRUS ATTACKS.... Dia­bolical viruses emerging.... New virulent strain discovered....  More frightening.... Virus ravages immune system.... vi­cious.... in­vades.... bizarre....  hostile.... conquers.... particu­larly viru­lent.... contaminates.... rampant.... malignant.... ubiquitous.... overruns.... permeates.... penetrates.... intru­sive.... violates.... emerges.... breaches.... spoils.... ram­page.... assaults.... on­slaught.... ingenuity.... acute.... fren­zied.... virulent.... notori­ous for its ability to mutate rapidly.... moving target...”

Mean little monsters, viruses are, aren’t they?

These are a few of the negative, emotionally charged, unsci­entific terms used to describe viruses.

WAKE UP, friends, when the mass media uses words like these to describe something they admit they know little about, THERE IS A SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON!


Good health is one of the most important elements of life, yet very few people are in perfect health, especially as they get older.  It is safe to say that over 90% of older people and even middle-aged people are in less than perfect health, with prob­lems like obesity, heart disease, arthritis, allergy, asthma, skin problems, indigestion and other stomach problems, cancer, lack of energy—the list is almost endless. 

That this state of disease exists is self-evident proof that most people do whatever it is that causes disease and do not do what­ever it is that causes perfect health. 


That this state of disease exists is also self-evident proof that most people simply DO NOT KNOW what causes disease and what causes good health. 

We know that exercise is good for us, yet we know of many star athletes in top condition who die of disease (Babe Ruth of can­cer, Lou Gehrig of Lou Gehrig’s disease, Jim Fixx, the most famous runner of his time, who died of a heart attack while run­ning, etc.).  We know we should eat a good diet, yet if we read diet books we learn all kinds of conflicting information.  The government and nutritionists say we should eat a “balanced diet” with some food from each of 4 different categories every day: meat, dairy products, grains and cereal, and fruits and vegeta­bles.  Therefore, what is more balanced than a cheeseburger?  You have meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bread, oil in the may­onnaise, etc.—the perfect food!  All hospital diets are supervised by nutritionists, yet hospital food is notoriously bad.  I know of a person who had an operation then, afterwards as the first meal, It was at that time that I learned about laetrile.  It is a fact that people taking the laetrile treatment were doing better than can­cer patients who were taking the standard medical treat­ments.  I began learning about how the body works, but as I learned more I got the sneaking suspicion that laetrile did not work—that the improvement came because of the improved diet that always went along with the laetrile treatment.  I spent a Sunday on a picnic with Doctor John Richardson, who at that time was the world authority on laetrile, and he spent the day telling me what he knew about laetrile and how he used it.

When I sold insurance, I sold cancer policies and learned a lot of cancer statistics.  I learned that one out of four people will get cancer (nowadays the figure is more than one out of three).  I also learned that a person who is diagnosed with cancer and who takes the standard treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, will live an average of three years.  But a person who is diagnosed with cancer and who then goes home and takes no treatment at all, will live an average of 12 1/2 years.

I have known of too many people who had prayer for their healing (even ministers, minister’s wives, minister’s children where the whole church was praying for them) and who still died a horrible death.  The explanation that they would be healed at the resurrection seemed like too much of a cop-out to me.  “THE CURSE CAUSELESS SHALL NOT COME.”

Why were these children, ministers, etc., being cursed with cancer, and why didn’t God heal them?  Cancer was certainly a curse that was caused by something, and all we had to do was remove the cause and that would eliminate the effect. 

At first, I remembered that the Bible says God gave us every HERB of the field, so I figured that there must be some miracle herb that would cure cancer.  I started looking for alternative treatments.  I discovered Jason Winters.  He said he had cured his own cancer by herbs and had written a book called Killing Cancer in which he promoted his product called Tribalene, which contained red clover, chaparral, cayenne, and a secret “miracle” herb from Hong Kong.  He also had some products called Perisel and Xian.  One product he recommended was Gerovital.  The main ingredient in Gerovital is procaine hy­drochloride.  Procaine hydrochloride is what the dentist puts on the cotton swab which he rubs on your gums to deaden the gums where he sticks the needle in.  A lot of people take Gerovital—but it can be toxic.

I read The Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt.  The author of that book had cancer and went on a grape diet and her cancer went away!  It worked!  It was encouraging that there were cures out there for cancer; however, living on grapes just did not seem right.  It seemed like too much of an unbalanced, fad diet.  She recommended eating grapes every two hours, seven times a day, for up to two months.  I learned that the “grape cure” started about the time of the Civil War and has been an “underground” cure ever since and that it really works.

I studied Dr. Robert Atkin’s diet books.  On his diet, you can eat as much as you want of meat, fish, poultry and eggs.  Fruit was forbidden.  Among the vegetables he recommended were beet greens, Swiss chard, mushrooms, onions, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and sauerkraut.  He recommended saccharin and cyclamates as sweeteners.  He also recommended high dosages of vitamin and mineral supplements.  It is interesting that cycla­mates have been banned in the U. S. because they have been proven to cause cancer, while saccharin is allowed.  In Canada, saccharin has been proven to cause cancer and is banned, but cyclamates are allowed.

I also read a book by Ann Wigmore called Why Suffer?  It tells how she discovered the value of wheat grass juice (sprout wheat until it is about 4 to 6 inches long, then grind it and squeeze the juice out).  She set up clinics around the country where people with “incurable” diseases would come and drink large quantities of wheat grass juice and eat raw foods, and would be healed.  She also used enemas, enemas of wheat grass juice.  It seems that chlorophyll has a very similar molecular structure to the hemoglobin in blood, except blood has an atom of iron in the middle, while chlorophyll has an atom of magne­sium (and the blue blood of certain sea mollusks has an atom of copper in­stead).  Since chlorophyll is so nearly like blood it must be good for us, is the reasoning.  And I’ve heard that cow’s flesh is more nearly like human flesh than, say, fish, so cow’s flesh is better for us than fish.  But the logical extension of this kind of rea­soning is that human flesh and blood must be the best food of all.  But anyway, Ann Wigmore’s diet is an­other one that really works.  Yet, preparing the juices is ex­tremely time consuming and the stuff tastes awful.  Who wants to live on such a diet?


I studied Adelle Davis’s books.  The book The Complete Food Handbook, Third Edition, by Roger Doyle has this to say about Adelle Davis:  “The patron saint of health foods is, of course, the late Adelle Davis.  With over ten million copies of her books in print, including Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit and Let’s Get Well, she has probably had more influence on the nu­tritional opinions of America than any other individual or, for that mat­ter, any organization.  She has quite correctly deplored the use of sugar and refined white bread and has engendered a healthy skepticism of junk food among millions.  Despite her back­ground in nutrition (she held an M.S. in biochemistry from the University of Southern California Medical School and worked for several years as a professional nutritionist), many of her statements are unsupported by facts.  For example, she claims that drinking a quart of milk a day prevents cancer, a claim which, if true, would have been trumpeted ad nauseam by the American Dairy Association.  Dr. Edward Rynerson, Emer­itus Professor of Medicine at The Mayo Clinic, says that some of the many factual errors in Adelle Davis’s books are poten­tially harmful, such as her advice to take massive doses of vita­min A and the recommendation that a person with nephrosis take potas­sium chloride.  Too much vitamin A can cause loss of ap­petite, extreme irritability, drying of skin, loss of hair, enlarge­ment of the liver and other unpleasant consequences.  Use of potassium chloride by patients with nephrosis is potentially lethal.”

I, too, noticed several mistakes she made.  For instance, on page 45 of Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit (paperback) she says, “eating too LITTLE fat is probably a major CAUSE of OVER­WEIGHT.”  Huh?  On page 34 she says, “Proteins are made of amino acids, all containing nitrogen, which other foods lack.”  She promotes a high-protein diet because protein, for one thing, is the only food with nitrogen.  She forgets that air is 78% ni­trogen and most of the body’s nitrogen comes from breathing air.  When divers go down deep under water, the extra pressure enables more nitrogen to be dissolved into the blood from the lungs.  Then when they go back up, they have to ascend slowly so the blood can release the nitrogen back into the lungs, or else bubbles may form in the blood causing what divers call “the bends” or nitrogen narcosis. 

On page 30 she said, “advantages of an adequate protein in­take are that energy is readily produced” and “all energy is pro­duced by means of enzymes, organic substances whose principal com­ponent is protein.”  Her statements are misleading; energy comes from blood sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates.  The body does NOT directly use protein, it uses amino acids.  The body has to break down the proteins into amino acids.  Digest­ing protein takes considerable energy—that is why you feel lazy and sleepy after a big protein meal. 

She said the body needs sodium and chlorine, true, (p. 187) and “sodium and chlorine are amply supplied by table salt”.  Actu­ally, table salt is a form of sodium and chlorine that is often ex­tremely damaging to the body.  And I was to learn later that very much of what she said in her books was misleading or wrong.

I also studied macrobiotics, a type of Japanese diet intro­duced by Michio Kushi that depends heavily on steamed vegeta­bles, grains, soybeans, and seaweed.  I read several of his books, and a book written by a medical doctor who cured his advanced can­cer by going on the macrobiotic diet (Recalled by Life, by An­thony J. Sattilaro, M.D.).  Macrobiotics recom­mends no fruits for cancer patients.  Kushi recommends taro potato plasters and ginger plasters.  He says that raw foods, fruits, and juices are among the CAUSES of cancer (The Cancer Prevention Diet, p. 210-211).

Finally I found a cancer cure that made sense and really worked in the book by Dr. Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy: Re­sults of Fifty Cases (available from the Gerson Institute, PO Box 430, Bonita, CA 91908).  On page 131, he says “We do know that a healing apparatus is present and functions in a healthy body—and we learned, in addition, by means of this treatment, that it can be reactivated if the body can be sufficiently detoxi­fied (in de­generative diseases and cancer).”  His diet prohibited junk foods, salt, and even pineapples and water (juices were given instead of water), all berries, nuts, avocados, and cucum­bers.  Also forbidden were milk, cheese, butter, fish, meat, and eggs.  The foods to be eaten included raw fruit and a large amount of fruit and vegetable juices,  also fresh calves’ liver juice.  Baked potatoes were allowed.  Peppermint tea was al­lowed, and caf­feine (coffee) enemas were required very fre­quently.  Medicines he used were potassium and Lugol solution (iodine), ox bile, pancreatin tablets, and vitamins.  Remember that this is a diet he used to promote healing of cancer, not nec­essarily a diet for normal living.

I read How I Conquered Cancer Naturally by Eddie Mae Huns­berger, in which she tells how she overcame cancer by follow­ing Ann Wigmore’s wheat grass juice diet.  All these books agree that cancer patients have a problem digesting pro­tein, so meat, milk, cheese, and eggs are the worst foods in the world for people with cancer.  I was living on meat, milk, cheese, and eggs until I learned that.  Another book was How I Purged My­self of Melanoma: Cancer Winner by Jaquie Davison.  She fol­lowed the Dr. Max Gerson diet.  I also learned there is a net­work of hundreds and thousands of people who are working to­gether to share the information that cancer can be overcome by changing your diet (for more information, contact:  The In­ternational Association of Cancer Victors and Friends, Inc., 7740 West Manchester Ave., Suite 110, Playa del Rey, Califor­nia 90293).  The American Cancer Society spends billions of dollars on cancer research and it is all so useless.  It’s worse than useless.  I learned about Dr. William Donald Kelley of Grapevine, Texas.  He had an almost 100% cure rate of cancer patients, using a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, almonds, and a con­siderable number of various vitamins and supplements.  No meat, milk, or eggs were allowed.  The authorities finally ran him out of business and he had to move to Mexico.

Max Gerson was curing people of cancer, but he was a medi­cal doctor.  When he died, his daughter took over his clinic and the authorities ran her out of business, so she also had to move to Mexico.  The United States is one of the sickest nations in the world, ranking #89 (in 1974, probably much worse now) and is the only nation in the world to require a license before you can give health care.

Dr. Carey Reams in Northern Georgia was also having good luck curing cancer patients by diet, including fresh green veg­etable juice and lemon juice.  The state board of medical exam­iners filed suit against him and the court ordered him to either leave the state or go to jail, and specifically forbade him to visit his invalid 96-year-old mother.  If he did, he would go to jail.  Then they changed the law from a misdemeanor to a felony, re-arrested him on felony charges, and let him out on $15,000.00 bail.  He soon died.

Then one day my wife Mary saw an interview with a couple on TV and was impressed enough to buy their book.  She read the book and recommended it to me.  I finally got around to reading it and it was really an eye-opener.  The couple who wrote the book learned what they knew from a man here in Austin, so I contacted him and got a “ton” of his literature and studied it.  It was a real mind-blower!  Here at last was some­thing that really made sense, that was based on fact, that was simple and natural and really worked!  And where did the Austin man get his in­formation?  Originally from Dr. Herbert Shelton and John Tilden!  Above I said that two of the first books I read when I started researching diet were Fasting Can Save Your Life by Herbert Shelton and Toxemia Explained by John Tilden!  I was on the right track in the beginning but didn’t know enough to re­alize it!


Herbert Shelton taught a way of life called Natural Hygiene.  Natural Hygiene was started in 1832 by a Presbyterian preacher named Sylvester Graham.  He taught that people should “clean up their act” literally.  At that time most people did not take baths in winter, and very few took many in the summer.  One young man wrote to Graham and asked, “I have been in the habit  during the past winter of taking a warm bath every three weeks.  Is this too often to follow the year round?”  Graham taught that temperance should not be limited to drink.  It was the habit at the time, when the more well-to-do had a banquet, there would often be thirty or more different meats and fish, and the meal might last seven hours without stopping.  Graham empha­sized exercise, sunlight, fresh air, dress reform, and a vegetar­ian diet.  Graham bread and Graham crackers were named after Sylvester Graham.

Graham’s teachings spread rapidly, as people who followed him were being cured of all kinds of problems.  Graham board­ing houses were established in major cities where people ate Gra­ham bread and took baths at least three times a week.  The Gra­ham Journal and the Health Journal and Advocate were started, and the American Physiological Society was started to print publications and spread the word.  Graham taught how to stay healthy.  There was a great cholera “epidemic” in New York City in 1832.  The doctors told everybody to stay away from fruits and be sure their foods were well cooked, while Graham advocated eating fresh raw fruit and practicing other health habits such as getting more light, fresh air, etc., which were contrary to medical teaching (the doctors taught that fresh air would let disease in and you would get sick). 

Those who followed Graham did not get cholera, while those that followed the doctors died wholesale.  Dr. Isaac Jennings became a convert and taught people how to regain their health.  Then they were joined by Dr. Russell Thacker Trall, Mary Gove, and John Harvey Kellogg, among many others. Other people began teaching Natural Hygiene and set up clinics.  Kel­logg was a surgeon converted to hygienism (and he became a Seventh Day Adventist).  He became superintendent of the Bat­tle Creek Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan.  He experi­mented with improving breakfast cereals.  When he died at age 87 in 1943, his family took over the business and developed the line of breakfast cereals now put out by the Kellogg Company (John Harvey Kellogg would not have approved of what is now sold by Kellogg Co.).   Another Hygienist was Ellen White, who founded the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  That is why the SDA Church teaches vegetarianism.  Another hygienist was the famous nurse, Florence Nightingale (now you know why she was famous).  Nightingale said:  “For diseases, as all experience shows, are adjectives, not noun substantives.”  She also said:  “The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, un­cultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical pro­fession.  There are no specific diseases: there are specific dis­ease-conditions.”   This “just-a-nurse” was  nursing patients to health from “incurable” diseases, while the medical “experts” were losing patients by the thousands (“experts” such as Edward Jenner, considered to be the discoverer of vaccination, who ob­tained his medical degree by buying it for £15). 

The father of Louisa May Alcott (who is famous for writing the book Little Women) was a medical doctor who converted to hy­gienism.  Bernarr McFadden became a convert, and taught Bob Hoffman and Herbert Shelton (Shelton worked for McFad­den for a while).  Bernarr McFadden and Bob Hoffman were re­sponsible for the founding of the modern weightlifting sports.



In 1865 Louis Pasteur discovered bacteria (so we are told—he learned from Antoine Béchamp and took credit for Béchamp’s discoveries) and presented the theory that bacteria was the cause of disease.  Pasteurization of milk was named after him.  The doctors loved this new theory because they could make a lot of money from it by giving vaccinations and selling drugs.  The general public loved the new theory because it suited man’s ego—now man did not have to be responsible for his own health; now he could blame disease on some strange “germ” that sneaked up on him and attacked him.  However, in 1892 a sci­entist named Koch made some logical observations that became known as Koch’s Postulates.  They said that, if a bacteria caused disease, then that bacteria must always be present when the disease occurred.  And they said that, if the particular bacte­ria that causes a certain disease is present, then that disease must be present.  But the truth is, bacteria are often present when the disease they are supposed to cause is not present, and often when a certain disease is present, the bacteria that supposedly cause it are NOT present.  It used to be said that pneumococcus bacteria caused pneumonia, but it was noted that this bacteria was absent in nearly half the cases of pneumonia!  It was thought that syphilis was caused by spirochetes, but they learned that spirochetes were not responsible.  “Strep throat” was sup­posedly caused by streptococcus bacilli, but the strep bacteria are often present in the throat when there is no sign of a sore throat.  Doctors know this, but do not want the public to under­stand the real cause of disease.  If I ask a doctor why is it that streptococcus is often present in my throat but there is no sign of disease, he will say, “that’s because you are not susceptible.”  But what he has just said is: bacteria do not cause disease, what­ever it is that makes me susceptible is what causes disease!  Bacteria do not cause disease any more than flies cause garbage, and for the same reason.

Because of the publicity for the new germ theories and vacci­nations, the Natural Hygiene movement almost died out.  And then along came Herbert Shelton, who almost single handedly revived the Natural Hygiene movement.  He wrote many books, gave hundreds of lectures, and set up a fasting clinic at San An­tonio, Texas.  At his clinic he supervised the fasts of over 60,000 people.  He was responsible for thousands of people with “incurable” diseases becoming healthy again.  The “authorities” harassed him many times and finally forced him out of business just before he died.  He lived from 1895 to 1985.  He also taught Hygienism to many people who later became teachers of Hygienism, and now there are about 25 fasting clinics scattered around the country.  There are several medical doctors and many chiropractors that teach and practice Hygienism, and there is an American Natural Hygiene Society, and one in Britain, an­other in Canada, and there are teachers and practitioners in South Africa, France, Australia and in other parts of the world.

One man who was a disciple of Dr. Herbert Shelton was T. C. Fry.  He was head of a fasting clinic near Burnet, Texas, and was head of Life Science Institute, a college here in Austin that teaches Natural Hygiene.  He taught thousands of people, in­cluding several medical doctors and many chiropractors.  I learned something from him that at first astounded me.  I thought, “This man is crazy! This is impossible!”  He said that viruses do not exist!  He said THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A VIRUS!   Why would he say that?

T. C. Fry said that so called “viruses” are parts of the cell, they are cell “garbage” that results when cells die and are bro­ken down.  There are about 75 trillion cells in a human body.  I re­member in school we used to study “the simple cell”.  I have since found out that each cell has about 40,000 parts to it (depends on the kind of cell it is).  These parts are called or­ganelles.  One kind of organelle in the cell is called a mitochon­dria.  The mitochondria is a blueprint or template, something like a tri-square that a carpenter uses.  The mitochondria is a guide the cell uses to manufacture ATP from glucose, which produces energy.  When the body decides to replace a cell, it first creates another cell by a process called mitosis.  Old dead cells are digested by a hydrolytic enzyme called lysosome.  The mitochondria contain DNA which are generally coated by a double protein sheath and are a little bit harder to digest than the rest of the cell.  These mitochondrion (or more specifically, the DNA) are what doctors are calling viruses.  The virus does not destroy the cell, it’s the other way around.  “...lysosomes, for example, are membrane-enclosed bodies that store enzymes that digest or degrade proteins, DNA, or RNA....The monomers formed as a product of this digestion (amino acids, nucleotides, and so forth) are then reused in the synthesis of new molecules” (p. 16, Viruses, Arnold J. Levine, 1992, Scientific American Library).


The couple that I told you that Mary saw on television were Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.  They took the Life Science course from T. C. Fry and then wrote Fit for Life.  Fit for Life is the number one best-selling diet book in history, and is in the top 25 best selling books that were ever made.  They also wrote Fit for Life II, from which I want to quote (pp. 15, 16):

“In the early 1900s the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations became heavily involved in philanthropic grants to medical schools.  Their goal was to create a ‘respectable’ male, upper class medical profession, which based its philosophy on drug therapy.  (Coincidentally, at that time the Rockefellers were al­ready in the business of selling drugs.)  At that point in history there was a great deal of diversity of health care, with drugs being used mostly by a wealthy elite and more natural ap­proaches to health care being supported by a large segment of the population.  In 1909 the Carnegie Foundation sent Abraham Flexner on a national tour of all schools that offered training in health care, from the largest right down to the most humble.  It was up to Flexner, one man representing only one philosophy, to determine which schools would receive philanthropic funding in order to become more established, and which would not.  Flexner selected as recipients for generous grants only the larger, wealthier schools that were willing to conform to the medical model of drug therapy preferred by the Carnegies and Rockefellers.  For smaller schools and those with more natural approaches, the message was clear:  ‘Conform to the medical model or close’.  As far as Flexner was concerned these schools were not worth saving.  The now infamous Flexner Report of 1910 put the nails in the coffin of health care diversity in this country.  Alternative schools closed by the score, including six of America’s eight Black medical schools and all the medical schools admitting women...Chiropractic was discredited to the point of nearly being outlawed...(Hygienists like Dr. Herbert Shelton, Dr. William Benesh, and Dr. Gian-Cursio were actu­ally imprisoned for extending successful treatment to cancer victims who had previously been treated and given no chance for recovery by the medical establishment.)”

There are thousands of doctors using diet to cure “incurable” diseases in other countries, yet the American Cancer Society for years said diet had absolutely nothing to do with disease.  Lately, however, they have been forced to admit that diet is in­volved.  In 1974 there were over 4,000 doctors in Germany alone who were using diet and natural treatments for diseases; I do not know the current figures.  Mr. Fry’s course on how to be healthy was translated into French and is taught at the leading medical university in Paris.  The U. S. is the victim of a giant conspiracy.

I found an old book that gave all the details of how the Rock­efellers and Carnegies did it—in fact, the book bragged about it.  The book is Rockefeller Medicine Men by E. Richard Brown, University of California Press.  The Washington Post said of the book, “No one can or should ignore this book.  It’s an eloquent, well-documented damning appraisal of the historical marriage between medicine and capitalism and its impact on shaping the kind of health care system we have today.”  The Rocke­feller/New York International bankers group set up the Ameri­can Medical Association, the American Dietetic Association, and the Centers for Disease Control in order to more fully take control of this country’s health.  Other groups such as the American Cancer Society were set up by Rockefeller University in Manhattan, and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

They invented viruses, the first main one being the polio virus.  They were having trouble with people believing the bac­teria theories, so they had to come up with something new.  Then they invented the Salk vaccine which supposedly cured polio.  You older folks probably remember the uproar that oc­curred when it was learned that the Salk vaccine killed people and actu­ally caused polio.  They blamed their goof on a bad batch of vaccine made by a certain lab, and then came out with a sugar cube (Sabine oral vaccine) with a drop of drug on it as the cure.  This drug did not immediately kill people, so it was heralded as a medical miracle.  Even though Salk’s drug killed people and cured nothing, he was made a hero and won the No­bel Prize.


But didn’t they cure polio, you ask?  In 1954, the Mas­sachusetts Department of Health reported 1,015 cases of polio.  The Salk vaccine was introduced in 1955.  After the introduc­tion of the Salk vaccine, the number of cases rose to 3,863.  In nearly ev­ery state, the number of cases of polio increased by about 400% after the introduction of the Salk vaccine.  The problem was blamed on a bad batch of vaccine from Cutter Laboratories.  So the U. S. Public Health Service (now called the Centers for Dis­ease Control) issued new guidelines for the diagnosis of polio.  Now a doctor could not diagnose as polio unless the symptoms had persisted for over 60 days, and could then call it polio only if paralysis had occurred.  Anything else was renamed spinal meningitis, multiple sclerosis, etc.  In 1960 the CDC reported a “new disease—Aseptic Meningitis”.  That year the number of cases of aseptic meningitis shot up to 1,539.  The same year the number of cases of nonparalytic polio dropped off by 1,319 cases and practically disappeared.  The “Morbidity and Mortal­ity Weekly Report” reported 19 cases of nonparalytic polio from 1966 through 1975; for the brand new disease aseptic meningi­tis, the number of cases was 42,014.  Polio was not cured, it was merely renamed out of apparent ex­istence and is now mostly called aseptic meningitis.

U. S. News & World Report, April 24, 1995, p. 16 (and other news media):  “Leading cause of polio in the United States since 1980:  infection from the vaccine.”

Another time the Centers for Disease Control tried to pull a fast one was the swine flu fiasco.  They were all set to make a for­tune when the newspapers let the cat out of the bag and showed that the only people getting swine flu were the ones taking the vaccine.  Dr. J. Anthony Morris, who was a member of the Food and Drug Administration, found out that the swine flu scam was a hoax dreamed up to make doctors and drug com­panies a lot of money, so he went to the newspapers and ex­posed it.  He was fired from the FDA for doing so. 

Another hoax they tried to pull was Legionnaire’s disease, but it fell through.  Dr. Beter said that what was really going on there was a radiation poisoning event.

The latest hoax to come out of the Centers for Disease Con­trol is, believe it or not, AIDS.  I know you’ve heard about this hor­rible epidemic we are having of AIDS.  Ministers have had a ball preaching about this modern curse upon evildoers.  But the fact is, NO ONE IS DYING OF AIDS.  AIDS, as an infectious disease, does not exist.  AIDS is a “syndrome”, not a disease.  A “syndrome” is a group of symptoms.  The people who are dying are dying mostly from drugs!  The homosexuals were dy­ing because they routinely used “poppers”,  mainly isobutyl ni­trite and amyl nitrite (which relax the sphincter muscles in the rectum and give a “rush” or “high”), both manufactured by the Burroughs Wellcome Company, which also is the only company manufacturing AZT, the drug doctors give to AIDS patients to cure their AIDS.  AZT (azidothymidine) is listed in the Merck Manual as being an “immunosuppressive” drug—it suppresses the immune system; in other words, it CAUSES AIDS.  Isobutyl and amyl nitrite were sold as “deodorants” so that homosexuals could have easy access to it.  And people who keep taking drugs—whether illegal or the legal drugs such as AZT—are dying from the drugs.  According to the last information I had, T. C. Fry had admitted 12 AIDS patients to his fasting clinic at Bur­net, Texas, and all 12 later went home, cured of all evidence of AIDS. 

Dr. Roger Cochran, a medical doctor, was diagnosed “terminal with AIDS”.  He had lost 65 pounds, was barely able to walk, and was given but a few months to live by his fellow medical men.  He knew that AIDS treatments did not work, so he turned to another medical doctor, a wartime buddy, and asked him to help him find an alternative cure.  After much searching, they found the book Toxemia Explained by Tilden, and Herbert Shelton’s book Fasting Can Save Your Life.  Roger underwent a 35-day fast, and was cured of AIDS.  He wrote a book called Roger’s Recovery From AIDS, which the “authorities” want to suppress.  There is another book called They Conquered AIDS by Gregory Scott and Bianca Leonardo which tells the true sto­ries of 17 AIDS patients who were cured of AIDS, without drugs or doctors.  And T. C. Fry has a book called The Great AIDS Hoax which gives the details of the AIDS hoax.  Healing AIDS Naturally is a book written by Laurence Badgley, a medi­cal doctor.  He states case after case of AIDS patients who used nonmedical treatments and became well.

AIDS is defined as a “deficiency of the immune system”.  Are deficiencies contagious?  If I had a deficiency of the im­mune system, could you catch something from me which I do not have?  Can you catch my deficiency?  Can you see the non­sense in what they are saying?  And the whole idea of vaccina­tions was that the vaccine supposedly produced an antibody in your bloodstream which made it impossible for you to then catch the disease.  But now the imbecilic medical profession says that the AIDS antibody in your system is proof that you have the dis­ease!  And some of those murderers are even appealing for leg­islation to make it a law that everyone be tested for AIDS and anyone diagnosed as having the HIV virus or AIDS antibodies be forced to take drugs—supposedly to stop the spread of the “epidemic”.

Dr. Peter Duesberg is one of the foremost cancer and viral re­searchers in this country.  He was with the Department of Molecular Biology and Virus Laboratories of the University of California at Berkeley.  The National Cancer Institute issued grant CA39915A-01 to Dr. Duesberg to research the HIV virus.  He did just that, and reported his findings in a report called “Retroviruses as Carcinogens and Pathogens:  Expectations and Reality”.  Guess what he found—he reported that viruses do not and can not cause AIDS!  He showed that, in over 50% of the people diagnosed with AIDS, the patients did not have HIV or any immunosuppressive viruses.  This was definitely not what the CDC and drug industry wanted to hear, so they tried to shut him up and turned the research over to Dr. Robert Gallo.  Dr. Gallo was the one who first suggested that HIV was the virus that caused AIDS.  Dr. Gallo also owns a large block of the stock of Burroughs Wellcome, the company that makes the AIDS drug AZT.  You think there is not a rat in that woodpile?  Dr. Robert Gallo is a paid professional prostitute of the drug dealers and was found in court to have lied about HIV.

“AIDS codiscoverer censured for misconduct.   The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report last week concluding that government AIDS researcher Robert C. Gallo committed scientific misconduct in connection with his codiscovery with French scientists in 1984 of the virus that causes AIDS....The report—produced by HHS’s Office of Re­search Integrity (ORI)—adds fuel to an eight-year-old interna­tional controversy over the lucrative patent rights to blood tests for AIDS....” (Science News, Jan. 9, 1993, p. 20).

Scientist to admit his AIDS virus came from France by John Crewdson, Knight-Ridder Tribune News Service—Dr. Robert Gallo will acknowledge in a letter that the virus he claims to have discovered came from French researchers” (Austin Ameri­can Statesman, May 31, 1991, A7).  The French­man mentioned is Dr. Luc Montagnier.  Montagnier and Gallo later both ad­mitted that HIV does not cause AIDS, and say there must be some “co-factor” involved.  The HIV Connection, 1072 Folsom Street, Suite 321, San Francisco, CA  94102, has an ar­ticle that states:  “It may come as a surprise for some to learn that there is little, if any, evidence that HIV causes AIDS” (NEXUS maga­zine, April-May 1994, p. 35).

“AIDS pioneer Dr. Gallo under investigation again, New York Times News Service.  WASHINGTON—Dr. Robert Gallo, the American co-discoverer of the virus that causes AIDS and the subject of a federal inquiry in connection with that discov­ery, is being investigated again, federal officials say, this time on charges of perjury and patent fraud” (Austin American Statesman, March 2, 1992, A4).  Two of Gallo’s staff were also accused of fraud and stealing (one was convicted).

The only publication at first to carry Dr. Duesberg’s findings was Spin magazine.  The story was in the Volume 3, Number 8 issue in early 1988, published by Camouflage Publishing Inc., 6 West 18th St., New York, NY 10011-4608; (212) 576-1010).  It was an interview with Dr. Duesberg in which he plainly says it is all a scam to make money.  For instance, Williams Haseltine and Max Essex are among the top 5 AIDS researchers in the country, and they own millions in stock of a company they founded called Cambridge Bio-Science, which sells HIV test kits.  By the way, the Journal of the American Medical Associa­tion said that of all the AIDS cases registered in New York and San Francisco after 1985, 93% did not have the HIV virus.

The front-cover featured article in Spin magazine, June 1992, is an article called “The HIV Myth—New Evidence That It Doesn’t Cause AIDS” which gives more proof of the hoax, yet the gen­eral media continue to spout about HIV being the virus that causes AIDS.  AIDS is simply a deficiency in the immune sys­tem.  All diseases cause a deficiency in the immune system, or more correctly stated, a deficiency in the immune system is manifested as disease.  Thus it could be said that all diseases are AIDS.  However, this is overlooking the fact that many diseases such as colds are simply proof that the immune system is still working properly!  If this paragraph does not make sense to you, come back and read it after you finish this document.


You may ask, then how come hemophiliacs die of AIDS, like that boy who President Bush visited and made into a media event.  Simple. When a foreign protein gets into the system, our so-called “immune system” goes after it to destroy it.  The liver tries to detoxify it, and hepatitis often results.  The body’s de­fense system tries to get rid of the foreign blood.  Doctors add what is called “Factor VIII” to the blood to increase the body’s ability to clot the blood in the event of bleeding.  The medical books say Factor VIII is “suspected to depress the immune sys­tem” (of course it does, that is why they add it to the blood)!  In addition, drugs like cyclophosphamide are added to the blood to purposely depress the immune system, so the body will not try to destroy the foreign blood that was injected.  Cyclophos­phamide is an extremely deadly drug; many have died in hospi­tals from accidental overdoses (the barely safe maximum dosage is 7 grams over four days, per Austin American Statesman arti­cle, March 24, 1995, A2, “Overdose at Boston hospital blamed for writer’s death”).  Factor VIII and cyclophosphamide are cumulative; their effects build up.  In other words, hemophiliacs do not die of AIDS; they die of drugs.  On June 29, 1988, a Federal Advisory Panel recommended keeping blood transfu­sions at a minimum because the process “carries documented risks of infection and IMMUNE CHANGES”.

Remember Dr. J. Anthony Morris above who exposed the swine flu hoax?  He has embarrassed modern AIDS researchers by showing that the so-called new epidemic is not new at all; blood frozen 50 years ago has the same “virus” in it that is said to cause AIDS!

Ann Wigmore used diet and wheat grass juice to cure AIDS.  She wrote a book called Overcoming AIDS and Other “Incurable” Diseases the Attunitive Way Through Nature.  The Massachusetts attorney general forbade her to distribute the book, which she appealed all the way to the Massachusetts Supreme Court and won.  Fortunately, we still have some free­dom of the press, but it is a freedom that is fast disappearing.

The New England Journal of Medicine, Wednesday, Febru­ary 5, 1986 issue published a study that proves that AIDS is not contagious.  But that is not the kind of information the drug dealers want you to know.

What about Kimberly Bergalis, who “caught” AIDS from her dentist?  She claimed she “never used IV drugs, never slept with anyone, and never had a blood transfusion.”  An article in Spin called “AIDS, Word From The Front” said: “Some observers believe the rapidity of Bergalis’s decline might have stemmed from her use of AZT.  Bergalis wrote about the ‘torturous acne that infested [her] face and neck, brought on by AZT.’  She re­quired multiple blood transfusions to combat anemia, and suf­fered subsequent weight loss, uncontrollable thrush, and mus­cular atrophy.  Although she had already developed AIDS by the time she began taking the drug, AZT itself can be highly immunosuppressive, especially at doses resulting in anemia” (Aug. 1994, p.80).  She also used antibiotics, steroid creams, tranquilizers, other prescription drugs, and who knows what she ate.  And as I recall, she was also put on another experimental AIDS drug that is as deadly as AZT, called DDI or dideoxyino­sine (or didanosine).

If you want to see for yourself that AZT CAUSES AIDS, go to the library and get a Merck Manual or Physicians’ Desk Ref­erence and look up Burroughs Wellcome products.  Find the reference to Retrovir or zidovudine.  Retrovir is their brand name for azidothymidine (AZT), which used to be called zi­dovudine.  The references will have warnings that state this chemical depresses the immune system (of course they use a lot of fancy words to say it).  In fact, AZT was developed as a can­cer cure but proved to be too deadly so was put on hold until Burroughs Wellcome could dream up another use for it.



The diseases agammaglobulinemia, agranulocytosis, alym­phocytosis, aplastic anemia, Di George syndrome, granulocy­topenia, Kaposi’s sarcoma, leukocytopenia, lymphocytopenia, neutropenia, pancytopenia, splenic deficiency syndrome, throm­bocytopenia, thymic alymphoplasia, toxoplasmosis, late-stage herpes, and others have all been renamed AIDS.  They have to rename these diseases to get the statistics up to where they can declare an epidemic.  Whatever happened to syphilis?  Since it was supposedly caused by bacteria and that fell through, it was renamed herpes and declared to be caused by a virus.  Now herpes is being rediagnosed and renamed AIDS.  The term “immune deficiency” has been in every Merck Manual (the bible of doctors) since 1952, and now all the immune deficiency dis­eases are being renamed AIDS.  When a list of long-known dis­eases are lumped together and called a new disease, in behalf of bureaucratic, research, and drug interests, don’t you think it should be called a hoax?

New AIDS definition might double cases.  New York Times News Service—Bowing to pressures from patients, doctors and others, federal health officials Tuesday proposed a new defini­tion of AIDS that is expected almost to double the number of cases to be reported next year by including many more women and drug abusers.  That, in turn, could lead to increased spend­ing for those groups.....” (Austin American Statesman, October 28, 1992, p. A2).

CDC to rethink AIDS definition, women’s diseases.  AT­LANTA (AP)—The federal Centers for Disease Control said Wednesday it will consider redefining AIDS to include illnesses that specifically affect women....” (Austin American Statesman, September 3, 1992, p. A16).

AIDS definition changing on Friday, by Lauran Neer­gaard, Associated Press.  ATLANTA—Thousands more Ameri­cans will have AIDS—officially—on Friday, when a new defini­tion goes into effect” (Austin American Statesman, December 29, 1992, p. A6).

“AIDS cases surge this year after redefinition of disease.  As­sociated Press.  ATLANTA—The number of Americans with AIDS increased at a surprising rate during the first three months of the year, when more than 35,000 new cases were reported, federal health officials said Thursday” (Austin American States­man, April 30, 1993, p. A5).

So, how do you eliminate polio?  You rename it something else.  And how do you create an AIDS epidemic?  You rename other diseases as AIDS.  Hey, now that you know how to create or cure diseases, you, too, can be a doctor.  I hereby grant you a Ph.D.!

In the July 21st, 1989, issue of Science magazine it was an­nounced that the hiding place of the AIDS virus had been found in the T-4 lymphocyte cells (part of the body’s defense system).  The viruses enter these cells and remain there for the 5 years or so that it takes for them to become active.  However, if you look up these cells in a physiology book, you find that the average life of these cells is only a few weeks at most.



I have done a lot of genealogical research, and I noticed that in the old records, such as around the Civil War period, people died by the thousands from measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, etc.  I wondered why that was.  People do not die of measles, whooping cough, chicken pox—at least, not very often, and I did not die of measles, whooping cough or chicken pox (all of which I had and I did not take any wonder drug that cured them, either—I had measles three times).  Then I discov­ered the truth.  When a person back then “caught” measles or such, everybody “knew” it was a very dangerous disease, so they ran to their doctor for the latest in treatment.  The drug mainly used was called calomel.  Remember calomel?  Know what it is?  The modern name for it is mercury chloride.  It is a deadly poison.  The person would die, the doctor would write on the death certificate, “cause of death:  measles”, when the real cause of death should have been written “cause of death:  murder by doctor from drug poisoning”.  They are still doing it to us.  In Los Angeles, New York, Israel, etc. where doctors have gone on strike, the death rate goes down by almost 60% and the undertakers nearly go broke.  Mercury used to be called quicksilver.  The German word for mercury is “quacksilber”.  German doctors used to use so much quacksilber (it was a major medicine for over 200 years) that the people called them “quacks”.  Medical doctors were the original quacks, and they still are.


I found an interesting quotation probably written around 1870.  In her autobiography, Mary Lyndon—Revelation of Life, Mary Gove Nichols, Hygienic pioneer, tells about an incident with childhood illness.

“The doctor took a lancet from his pocket and turning to my mother he said, ‘We must phlebotomize.’  I knew the hard word meant bleeding.  I was weak and pale as paper, yet he bled me till I was twice faint, once when I first saw the blood and again when he had taken more than I should regain in many weeks.

“He next put a quantity of ‘bitters’ in a bowl and ordered that the material should be steeped in brandy and that I should take a wineglass of the mixture, three times a day to strengthen me.  He said, ‘Under the influence of the potent preparation, your daughter will soon cease to perambulate the periphery of sick­ness and return to the center of health.’

“When he came again he was more incomprehensible than at first.  I was weaker and worse every way than when he had seen me at first.  He sat for some minutes, leaning his forehead in his hand, and then he uttered oracularly, ‘Probatum est’.  He then turned to my mother and said in a measured and, as he evidently thought, most impressive manner:  ‘My dear madam, to arrest the disease in its very inchoation, the cerulean mass is indi­cated.’ 

“As my mother looked her utter inability to understand him, he went on...’vulgarly called “blue pill”, madam.  The cerulean mass is an incomparable, a veritable nonpareil, for preventing an emphysematous state of the hepatic gland to which miss here has a decided proclivity.  I do not doubt that there is a strenuous idiosyncrasy in her case, and from the paucity of the roseate hue on the cheeks and lips, I deduce a decrescenti state of the circu­lation.  Cerulean mass alternating with the sulphate of magnesia, a smart dose of each daily.’ 

“I became very ill, indeed.  My bloodless lips grew even paler, my face was thinner, my eyes sunk, and a black circle sur­rounded them.

“At last, young as I was, I became convinced that the doc­tor’s drugs were killing me.”

When Mary Gove Nichols became a Hygienic educator, she “dealt firmly with the most deadly diseases....the blue blood of cholera was made rose color again by my patient of mine was ever pitted with smallpox.  Pure cold water, pure air, clean linen and all other clothing freshly clean, the juice of fruits, and kindness, have been my only medicines....mothers who obeyed the health laws which I taught them obtained immunity from suffering when the best gift of heaven, a new being, an infant life, was bestowed upon them....birth became painless.

I think it important to notice that the medical industry claims to have wiped out smallpox and the only smallpox left is some kept at the Centers for Disease Control just in case of germ war­fare with Russia.  Yet, even in the late 1800s Mary Gove Nichols had no trouble preventing or curing smallpox or any other dis­ease, including cholera or whatever, with nothing but good health practices and a diet of fruit juices.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, doctors taught that you should not eat raw fruit or vegetables because they might have germs, such as cholera, typhus, or whatever.  It was much bet­ter to eat cooked foods to be safe, they said. 

Most doctors now admit that eating raw fruits and raw veg­etables is good for you.  They no longer say you will get dis­eases from this type of eating.  Pasteurization of milk was begun supposedly to kill the typhus germs, undulant fever germs, etc., so that drinking milk would not make you sick.  Almost all states and counties have laws saying that milk has to be pasteur­ized.  A very few counties allow raw milk to be sold, but only if it is certified by inspectors.  If raw fruit will not make you sick, why should raw milk give you a disease?  Milk in any form for adults contributes to degenerative diseases, those not claimed to be caused by germs, such as heart problems and cancer; the real reason milk is pasteurized is to kill the germs that would rot the milk, so that the milk can be stored longer and shipped farther.  The reason milk is pasteurized is to make money for the dairy, not for any health reason.  They are not concerned about the consumer.  Another reason milk is pasteurized is that the equipment that is required is so expensive that small dairy farm­ers cannot afford it, so it eliminates competition for the big dairies.  Once again, an economic, not a health, reason.


In school, we studied a poet named Percy Bysshe Shelly (best known for writing Prometheus Unbound, I suppose).  Percy Shelly wrote, in 1812, “There is no disease, bodily or mental, which adoption of vegetable diet and pure water has not infalli­bly mitigated wherever the experiment has been fairly tried” (A Vindication of Natural Diet).  In 1881, Thomas L. Nichols, M.D., wrote, “Coarse and fatty animal food disturbs the liver and kidneys....Fruit, and seeds, and nuts, which are but larger seeds, contain all that man requires” (Eating to Live:  The Diet Cure).

Herodotus, known as the “Father of History”, was a Greek his­torian who wrote a history of Greece while living at Athens, Greece, around 450 BC.  He wrote, “The oldest inhabitants of Greece, the Pelasgians, who came before the Dorian, Ionian and Elian migrations, inhabited Arcadia and Thessaly, possessing the islands of Lesbos and Lakemanas, which were full of orange groves.  The people, with their diet of dates and oranges, lived an average of more than 200 years.”

Pythagoras, who is credited as being the father of mathemat­ics, modern astronomy, philosophy and other sciences, lived on fruit.  Another Greek poet, Hesiod, said, “The Pelasgians and the people who came after them in Greece, ate fruits of the vir­gin forest and blackberries from the fields.”  Plutarch, the Greek biographer, wrote:  “The ancient Greeks, before the time of Lycurgus, ate nothing but fruits.”   Even now, we hear of somebody who has the body of a Greek god or goddess, as the Greeks were known to hold in high regard physical exercise and good health.  The name Apollo means apple.


If bacteria or viruses do not cause disease, then what does?  There is only ONE cause of disease—that is overloading the body with something that should not be there.  The body will try to get rid of this excess or poison.  If it can not eliminate it fast enough through the kidneys and intestines, then it will push it out the nose (and we call it a cold) or out the lungs (which we call pneumonia) or out the skin (which we call acne or psoriasis) or out the toes (which we call athlete’s foot) or out the genitals (which we call venereal disease) or it might open up a hole in the skin (which we call an ulcer). 

All acute diseases are instituted by the body, controlled by the body, and will be terminated by the body when the body has accomplished what it intended to do.  That is, of course, as long as the person does not do something to interfere with the healing crisis, which is what almost always happens.  The per­son with the disease takes some kind of poison called a medicine to suppress the symptoms of the disease (instead of removing the causes), and then the body wraps the toxins in cholesterol and calcium and plasters it on the walls of the arter­ies (hardened ar­teries) or it stores it in the joints (arthritis) or it wraps a tumor around it to seal it off (cancer).  Or some system simply breaks down and can’t function anymore (diabetes).

What we call an acute disease, such as colds, flu, or pneu­monia, is simply the body’s natural efforts to heal itself.  Medicines are designed to poison and deaden the body’s ability to heal itself.  Vaccines are designed to subvert and “fool” the body’s immune system.  This results in degenerative diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, etc.

The best thing to do during a disease is often—NOTHING.  Rest, don’t eat, drink pure water and let the body do its thing without your interference.  There is more, as we will see later, but just keep this in mind for now.

There are no cures.  Cures do not exist.  There is not one cure in the whole world—except letting the body cure itself by pro­viding the right conditions for it to do so.  You can not be poi­soned into health by a drug called medicine.  You can not be poisoned into good health by an herb or a medicine (both of which, after all, are usually quite toxic except in very small amounts).  Nothing from outside the body can be used as a cure. 

Consider this: one lady had an ulcer on her leg that kept leaking “pus”.  Finally, she put aloe vera on it—presto, it was healed, the ulcer disappeared!  Aloe vera cured it!  Or did it?  Isn’t is possible that the body opened the ulcer as an emergency way of getting rid of toxins?  When the aloe vera was applied, the body recognized it as a poison (it has poisons in it, such as the alka­loids allantoin or aloin— “Aloin is a purified form of the drug aloes and it is usually combined with other drugs such as bel­ladonna or strychnine to curb its violent action”, p. 23, Aloe Vera Heals by Karen Gottlieb, Royal Publications) and sealed off the ulcer to prevent the entry of more poisons.  Could it be that the body was worse off in the long run for the aloe vera ap­plication and moved one more step downward into degenerative diseases (such as cancer)?

Cures are witchcraft dreamed up by witchdoctors and still be­lieved in by nearly everybody.  The cures keep changing.  George Washington had a cold and the doctors bled him to death; at that time bleeding and leeches were the favorite cure.  Now they give you dead blood with an immune suppressant or two in it.  During the Civil War, mercury (calomel) was a fa­vorite cure.  Then came radiation, penicillin, chemotherapy.  Now it is gene manipulation.  They keep seeking new and “better” remedies, while all this time they have not succeeded in conquering one single disease (although they claim to have con­quered many).

Cancer researchers have discovered that people who have a lot of colds do not get cancer, and people who develop cancer have usually not had a cold for over 10 years before the diagno­sis.  They can not understand why this is so.  The answer is simple: if you eat properly and follow all the rules of good health, you will not have colds or cancer.  But if you eat too much or eat wrong things, your body will try to get rid of the excess or tox­ins by conducting an acute disease such as a cold.  If it is suc­cessful, the body will not degenerate to the point of having can­cer, arthritis, or whatever.  But if you take medicines and sup­press the symptoms of the acute disease, the body loses its abil­ity to conduct acute diseases (colds, flu, measles, etc.), and so allows degenerative diseases (cancer, arthritis, hardening of ar­teries, etc.) to develop.


What about rabies?  Bats and skunks are supposedly infected with rabies.  They are mammals just like dogs, so why do they not die off from rabies?  We say, stay away from bats, they might have rabies.  Why don’t we say, stay away from dogs, they might have rabies?  The owner of a dog kennel in Texas decided to test all 22 of his dogs for rabies and included a sam­ple of the owners’ and vets’ blood.  It came back 11 dogs and the vet had rabies.  He sent in samples again from the same dogs.  It came back 9 dogs and the owner and the vet had ra­bies, but 5 of the dogs were different dogs this time. 

T. C. Fry was bitten by a dog.  It was tested and it had ra­bies.  They killed the dog; then the county health officials pleaded with Fry to take the shots.  He laughed at them and told them he did not accept their voodoo nonsense.  He never devel­oped ra­bies.  What about people who die of rabies?  They prob­ably died from the 21 shots they tried to endure.  What about venereal disease?  Venereal diseases are often not contagious (only one spouse has the disease).  There must be something else involved.  Just because we have been taught these things all our life does not make them so.  At one time nearly everybody in the world knew for a positive fact that the Earth was flat.  Ev­erybody was wrong.  If everybody believes it, it is probably wrong anyway!  Or you might say, if everybody believes the world is flat, then the world is flat.

Two Frenchmen were bitten at the same time by the same “rabid” dog.  One died within a month from the “infection”, but the other had sailed to the United States and was unaware of the death of the first.  FIFTEEN YEARS later he returned to France and learned of his former companion’s death.  He im­mediately developed symptoms and within three weeks was dead of “rabies”!  THERE IS GOOD EVIDENCE THAT RABIES DOES NOT EXIST EXCEPT IN THE IMAGINATION, BUT IF YOU IMAGINE IT, YOU MAKE IT REAL.


What about the Black Plague and other disease epidemics?  Peo­ple under similar conditions react similarly.  I used to jump out of airplanes in the military.  When we were flying on our way to the drop zone, invariably someone would get airsick and vomit.  Soon “everybody” would get airsick and start vomiting.  Vom­iting is a very contagious disease!  I wonder when they will dis­cover the virus that causes vomiting.

All through history, people lived in filth and practiced bad health habits and developed disease.  But often they did not die of the disease!  They died from the cure!  All you have to do is check back and learn what kind of medicines they took for their disease, and you will find the truth.  Mercury was one of the main medicines from 1600 to the early 1900s (and probably ear­lier, as was laudanum (lead), jimpson weed, arsenic, cyanide, etc.).  I have reprints of some medicine and medical books of the 1800s which lists the “cures” they used at that time.  If it is poison, it has been used as medicine at some time or other.

The book called Poisons of the Past by Mary Kilbourne Matossian, Yale University Press, 1989, says on the back cover: “Did food poisoning cause the Black Plague, the Salem witch-hunts and other significant events in human history?  In this pathbreaking book, historian Mary Kilbourne Matossian argues that epidemics, sporadic outbursts of bizarre behavior, and low fertility and high death rates from the fourteenth to the eigh­teenth centuries may have been caused by food poisoning from microfungi in bread, the staple food in Europe and America during this period.”  The book shows that the Black Plague and such were caused by ergotism, a poison caused by fungus in in­fected wheat, that also caused people to act weirdly and become accused of being witches by the “decent folk”.  Bacteria are real, and some bacteria cause poisons such as food poisoning.   But bacteria DO NOT cause disease (unless you THINK they do).

Here are some quotes from within the book:  “Many molds and other fungi produce natural chemicals that are toxic, or poi­sonous, to people.”

“The study of diseases caused by fungal poisoning, or myco­toxicoses, is a relatively new field, not included in the curricu­lum of most medical schools....Most physicians, therefore, are not well prepared to recognize mycotoxins as possible causal agents in disease.”

“Ergotism is a very lethal disease....”

“Graham Twigg has suggested that some epidemics labeled ‘plague’ could not have been bubonic plague....but immune-de­ficient condition....symptoms include shivering, fever, vomit­ing, headache, giddiness, intolerance to light, pain in the ab­domen, back, and limbs, insomnia, apathy, and delirium.  And, indeed, in 1735-1736 in New Hampshire there appeared an epi­demic disease that resembled alimentary toxic aleikia (ATA), which is caused by ingestion of T-2 toxin.  Known as the throat distemper, this disease was characterized by the necrotic and hemorrhagic symptoms associated with immune deficiency.  It was highly lethal.”

Also: “The actual explanation may have been that scarlet fever accompanied this throat condition because an immunosup­pressant triggered an opportunistic infection by streptococcus A, the bacterium that causes scarlet fever, harbored in the mouth and throat” (p . 109).


I have a copy of a book written in 1856 by Dr. A. W. Chase, called Dr. Chase’s Practical Recipes.  It is a collection of reme­dies for whatever ails you.  It was such a hit that he sold enough copies so that 1 out of every 50 people in the whole country could have had one.  That is quite an accomplishment consider­ing the state of the art of advertising and communication, just before the Civil War.

Let’s look at some of his cures.  How about an ointment for sores:  “Good sized live toads, 4 in number; put into boiling water and cook very soft; then take them out and boil the water down to 1/2 pint, and add fresh, churned, unsalted butter, 1 pound, and simmer together; at the last add tincture of arnica, 2 ozs.”

Another ointment he describes is made from stramonium leaves.  Stramonium is what we call jimson weed.

His cure for piles—”Jimson leaves and parsley, a handful of each, stewed in lard, one pound, and used as an ointment, has cured many cases.”

Here’s the cure for rheumatism:  “Kerosene oil, 3 ozs.; skunk’s oil, 1 oz.; mix and shake when applied.  Put it on quite freely, and heat it in by the stove, or by means of a hot shovel.”

How about snakebite?  Simple.  Take a piece of the snake about two inches long, split it and bind it on the snakebite.

Here’s a cure for whooping cough:  “Onions and garlics, sliced, of each, 1 gill; sweet oil, 1 gill; stew them in the oil, in a cov­ered dish, to obtain the juices; then strain and add honey, 1 gill; paregoric and spirits of camphor, of each, 1/2 oz.; bottle and cork tight for use.”  Paregoric is opium.

Ringworm?  No sweat.  “Take the best Cuba cigars, smoke one a sufficient length of time to accumulate one-fourth or one-half inch of ashes upon the end of the cigar; now wet the whole sur­face of the sore with the saliva from the mouth, then rub the ashes from the end of the cigar thoroughly into and all over the sore; do this three times a day, and inside of a week all will be smooth and well.”

His cure for seizures is Peruvian bark, snake root, lady’s slipper and peony, boil them until strong, then add sugar and the best Madeira wine.

Got a black eye?  “Moisten with tepid water, and then with a piece of lint apply pure extract of lead; continue to keep the lint wet with the extract for a couple of hours.  Leeches ought not to be used.” 

We laugh (cry?) at the insanity of the medical treatments of the past, and in the future we will laugh (cry) at the insanity of modern medical treatments.  The theme always remains the same, however:  if it is poison, then it is good medicine.  The American Medical Association should rightly be called the American Murder Association.

Jim Henson, founder of the Muppets, died of “streptoccal pneumonia,” so say the newspapers.  The same bacteria in the throat is said to cause “strep throat,” although, as we saw above, it also is said to cause scarlet fever.  Jim Henson was probably poisoned by the doctors when he went to the hospital.  It was very difficult for me to break off this “medical cures” voodooism kind of thinking, so I understand that others might have a hard time believing what I am saying.  I hope I can help you to at least give some thought to these subjects, so that we can all come to a better understanding.

To be continued... in Part 2