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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton

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REC  #1    HATONN 

TUE., OCTOBER 27, 1992   8:57 A.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 72 

TUESDAY,  OCTOBER 27,  1992 

How much more can hit you?  Whole bunches!  And—WILL!  I must remind you of a “supposedly” insignificant Christian man minding his own business in Idaho who is now em­broiled in a massive intentional assassination plot as target, HIRED AS­SASSINS WHO SLEW HIS WIFE, VICKIE—The Weavers, and all over the nation like things are work­ing.

So now that the dirt and bloody mud has hit the fan on Perot—you all throw up your hands and bail out?  What are you doing?  You FINALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN!  What did you expect, chelas?


Simple—the Republicans set him up in their typical dirty tricks (i.e. Watergate) in the summer.  It backfired and they lost a good man who would have otherwise worked WITH them.  Now, the Democrats are taking the “mess” and using it for all it’s worth (which is obviously enough to make you blind, deaf and dumb).  STOP IT.  SEE WHAT THEY DO!  The press is on to squelch this man and only if you ones support him more strongly can he prevail for he RE­ALLY DOES NOT want this job—but he is getting more enlightened and open to truth every minute of every hour of every day!  He is hard as nails and will not let you down if you do your share.  He knew it would be bad to get into the race again but he had no idea HOW BAD.  Well, it can only give him more vision and more opportunity to SEE NEED!  STAY THE COURSE, CHELAS.  It is so obvious that the whole of the dirty tricks is staged—then and now—that the news networks can hardly speak through the syrup laced with cyanide.  The reporters read this stuff as if it were actually “real”.  This is the greatest game plan the Democrats (remember, Clinton is a Bilderberger/Club of Rome handpick!) have ever garnered.  What happens here on in is up to you-the-people.  This can be the greatest asset for you or your downfall if YOU do not hold your course.  You are into this “window of vulnerability” of which we have spoken and it is going to get so much worse that you will find it hard to be­lieve.

Urge all the youngsters who could register and vote to do so for they FINALLY have some­thing to vote for.  This rat race would not be so DIRTY if both major parties did not fear this third party so dreadfully.  Perot CAN win and after the two-party criminals and evil mouths finish with him he is going to be AN­GRY and he WILL listen to one like Gritz who offers SOLU­TIONS UNDER YOUR CONSTITUTION!  You-the-people could literally turn this election into a total “sweep” if you stop feeding on the LIES.


Yes, you are in another alert—but I assume you are all prepared in the areas mentioned last week?  I am not going to deal with it today.  I am already accused by, supposedly, my own brethren and former speakers, for bringing you fear and misery by telling you to get prepared—they are telling you to have no apprehen­sion and attend only the “peace” and calm of your di­vine con­nection.  Of course, they are also giving this information from “Lord” Ashtar who is also reported to have an illegitimate son on earth who, in 1988, was crowned his “Royal” something or other.  This Ashtar is going to somehow shut down this old bug-a-boo Hatonn who terrorizes you little thoughtless chelas by giving you Truth.  Somehow I have become a “warrior” advo­cating control from the higher realms of the cosmos. (???)  Seems it would do these speakers well to read the material!  One specific one has made a tape which is circulating and here are your clues:  “Ashtar speaks for his own planet as Lord of that Planet.”  Ashtar is a titular label for “the” one who heads a computer system called the Ashtar system Command.  It is a record keeping command and an Evacuation control center.

Secondly: This speaker (now, mind you, as directly speaking as Ashtar) says that valid speak­ers, channels, receivers “...hold some information from you listeners while they discern properness of sharing or withholding.”  Is this a secretary’s responsibility when her boss says to send information to a client?  Come, come, chelas—do YOU want Dharma editing and “discerning” to hold critical information because it “...might up­set and bring fear and discom­fort” to YOU?  Is this not what has happened throughout the ages of MAN.  The “Elite” giv­ing you EXACTLY THAT WHICH THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW AND HEAR SO THAT YOU LIVE LONGER IN THE LIE?

No, just as with Perot, Gritz, etc.  You are going to take me on fact, directly and without projection of my speaker as discerning that which I will and will not say to you.  Do I de­nounce these speakers?  Nope—they are being duped and it brings my com­passion and love for they know not what they do.  They accuse us of bringing fear and being “warriors”.  We bring GOD!  And, we bring Truth and it is through the lack of recognizing TRUTH that you ones flounder in your blindness.  Truth will set you free; refusal to look and see, heed and act, will bring physi­cal death and a further journey in ignorance following that death of body.  If that be “fear” then fear away with all my blessings.

And to you, V.S., who sent the first of the tapes received on the subject—I just say, use rea­son, watch the clues and discern for self.  Is it more fearful to know that God is out “there” ready to pick up his people into security without need to FEAR those other baboons?  Or, is it possibly more fearful to have the false understanding that there are hordes of funny looking aliens waiting to squash you?  If you be of God, of course, it’s nice.  BUT, IF YOU ACTU­ALLY SERVE THE ADVERSARY, KNOWINGLY OR NOT, IT MUST BE VERY DISCON­CERTING TO REALIZE YOU DO HAVE ENEMIES IN THE COSMOS.  THESE “ENEMIES” AREN’T GOING TO HURT ANYBODY, GOOD OR BAD, HOW­EVER, FOR WE ARE NOT HERE AS WARRIORS OR MEANIES—AND WE WILL HARM NO ONE.  BUT, OBVIOUSLY, WE REPRESENT SOMETHING DASTARDLY TO THOSE WHO SERVE EVIL WITHOUT “DISCERNMENT”.

Now, another thing I suggest you look at closely—these ones who are on their kick to discount Hatonn—come from such things as being THE earth outlet for ROYAL LORD ASHTAR (which actually throws Ashtar into fits of laughter).  And beloved, but incorrect, ones who list and consider themselves with gifted titles of Priestess of the Emerald Cross of the Order of Melchizedec.  Good luck, Eartheans!  So be it.

We are simply your elder brothers in Service to God Creator and Source.  We do not have la­bels of grandeur, superior noble labels or anything of the sort.  By the way, “Lord” simply MEANS: Master Teacher which means: teacher of higher level knowledge.  This other non­sense comes directly from EARTH PHYSICAL ORIGIN.

I suggest that you consider this, just as with Perot.  What do you KNOW about the others in point as to tricks, deceit, withholding information, failure to bring truth, etc., etc., etc.  I think you get my point!


By the way, to you who attend Randy and his girls: on the 24th (Oct.-last Sat.) Elisheba Weaver reached her first birthday.  And you think YOU have problems?

Let’s look further into this set-up:


Herein, again, I give you information exactly as given to me.  I can, however, verify that such subterfuge was afoot so, in gen­eral, the information is valid enough!  I quote from a “fax”:

Oct. 19, 1992

Dear Cmdr. Hatonn:

Just an interesting story to pass along—

......  and this man had flown his plane to Idaho to find out what was really happening.  He was NOT a Bo supporter as he told me he hadn’t known who Bo Gritz was.  But he KNOWS NOW!!  While in his plane he picked up a radio transmission between the Boundary County Airport and a Falcon 18 (I think I have the plane I.D. correct) that was over Montana at the time of the incident.  They were discussing the landing as the B.C. Airport was NOT a strip designed to land a F-18.  Too short I think he said.  This man said that this aircraft carried (as stated) the hired, oriental assassin who killed Vicki Weaver (fact or fiction??)  [H: This question is for me and I won’t an­swer it.]  This gentleman said his special interest was weapons and what he saw in Idaho was not the norm...most people wouldn’t have known or ever seen these—it wasn’t a question of hitting Vicki in the head but exactly what spot and it could have been accomplished from two mountain tops away as well as 50 feet.

Also have other input from ones who investigated that confisca­tion of food, etc., in Michigan.  It is reported that the reason given, now, is that the police were playing “war games” and that the food in point was from suspected people who could cause trouble, held guns, and had stored the food because they would be out of work.


Word also has it that FEMA is now telling plans: for instance, they are now “advertising” and, in addition, are telling ones in Washington State that, for instance, you are on a branching fault which is expected to “go” with the San Andreas and warning people to BE PREPARED!


The crowd is getting scared—enough attention has been focused on Bo in spite of the mediablackout to cause the media in that Southern U.S. area to now have entered into a “discredit and blast” Gritz blitz—this time, much as with David Duke.  This means, chelas, you are being heard and the dirty tricks are go­ing to heat up here also

I repeat, citizens, you who believe me or disbelieve me and any “far-out” resource—you had better see CLEARLY what is coming down now on your nation—for it falls DIRECTLY UPON YOU.



Thank you, Pierre.

Oct. 16, 1992

To Whom This May Concern,

This is Pierre C. in Service to God.  I feel it necessary to discuss my “relationship” with one “Dr.” “Coleman” (JC).  I speak in the past tense.  We spoke twice around the month of May over the phone after I had written him a complimentary letter which also included $400.00 for WIR subscription, audio tapes and the remainder as contribution.  During the course of our conversa­tion, I was able to gain insight about his position regarding Command, Hatonn and The Word, explaining to me that he would not venture an opinion about anything without first im­mersing himself in the subject matter at hand.  This I found to­tally unacceptable in light of his presence before the Comman­der at meetings, and his kind remarks at these meetings.  This conversation served to confirm for me where he stood with the Phoenix material, which was important for further contributory considerations (there would be none more).

During our conversation, he reiterated his request for the mail­ing list of Canadian chiroprac­tors, which had already been sent at the date of the phone conversation.  With hindsight of devel­opments described by Hatonn in a recent LIBERATOR, I now see why this clever trick­ster needed to acquire such a resource he told me was for his “friend Dr. Glum.”  In retro­spect, since I had praised myself before him by sharing with him the fact that I planned a mas­sive mailing specifically to the chiropractors, he sought the need to acquire this mailing list for his devious pur­poses.  This is simply an assumption on my part, but one which may be justified in light of recent wrongdoings committed by this man, whose relationship with Dr. Glum I must also question ever since requests by a climate researcher for documents on weather modi­fication had not been forthcoming.

What was most disturbing is the dim picture he painted of his relationship with Mr. E.J. (Ekker) and Doris, whom he claimed displayed less than ethical business conduct in their dealings with him in regard to publication of his book.  He mentioned the annoying removal of one of his charts at book’s end without his consent, and America West’s breach of contractual agreement established over the pricing of his book.  With great conviction, he stated how he had been swindled by clever manipulations on the part of America West, which placed him in a disadvanta­geous financial position as a result of loss of returns on his now “overpriced” book.  He also stated he was working concurrently on five books and that he was bound to his con­tract with Amer­ica West.  In infinite politeness, he thus requested I refer all book inquiries DIRECTLY to WIR, BYPASSING America West, in order to help his dire financial predica­ment.  This was never done.

In addition, he further stated that some of Peter John’s queries were indeed valid and that we should arrange a “face-to-face” meeting in order to discuss further this situation and to supply me with the missing “facts”.  We never met.  I had by now dis­cerned an opinion of this man’s actions.  I accredited his be­havior, however, to a self-gratifying ego and not much more.  In a sense, I had been duped like the most of you.  To put my mind at ease, I briefly spoke to Wally Gentleman [Motion Picture Producer, academy award winning technical recipient with unre­proachable moral integrity—totally respected and almost an out­cast from his “profession” for his unbending dedication to moral decency and high-quality presentations.  He is in charge of SIPAPU ODYSSEY’S production and filming], a friend of E.J., concerning his alleged ques­tionable ethical conduct.  W.G. re­sponded with but one word, that EJ was “irreproachable”.  The subject was dropped even before it had begun, such is the ad­mirable respect I hold for one WG.

Now more disturbing than this conversation, are the recent communications with one Carol Keppler from Scottsdale, AZ.  She states the following:

(1)  Dr. Coleman [alias Joseph Pavlonski] is innocent of all wrongdoing, being “an angel of the Lord” to begin with, and is being unfairly treated by Commander Hatonn’s deliberate put-down of this man’s integrity, which calls into question the reality of Commander him­self.  These are her words, as best I can recall them.

(2)  George Green demonstrates questionable motives for post­poning a speaking engagement she set up, or help set up, in her area.

(3)  THE LIBERATOR (to which she does NOT subscribe, inci­dentally) has been “infiltrated” lately, and the “former” Commander Hatonn, once registering “+ infinity”—the high­est obtainable rating by KINSIOLOGICAL MAPPING, of which she practices with “100% accuracy”—now sadly reg­isters the equivalent mapping of someone dead.”  [H: They should be so lucky!!]  She adds that the noticeable change toward increasing denounce­ments as seen in THE LIBER­ATOR reflects the new “replacement” Hatonn.

(4)  She suggests that most of us “undiscerning” readers, in­cluding myself, have no way of knowing this, and that the unfair treatment given to “Patterson, and now Coleman” are telltale clues that should not go unnoticed in her assertion that “something is not right.”

I pen this to 1) clear my name of any formal association with John Coleman, alias Joseph Pavlonski, which hopefully will nullify lingering doubts ones may have of me after a recent letter I wrote, and 2) to make you aware of the friend John Coleman has in Carol Keppler, who has in the meantime embarked on quite a publicity campaign for your newspaper, if doubts aired with me are any indication.  The burning embers may not have been completely extinguished.

Commander, I do think this time you and yours will indeed find this amusing to an extent, and hope that you see it in the light I am presenting it, as a clarification.

PS: your “double” imitates you well!

For a Common Cause,


* * *

Indeed, Pierre, I do find it amusing—but painful in the fact of burdening unto my friends and brothers by ones set forth to hopefully block the Truth from readers.  This is most typical and yet, the sting is always hurtful.  Release it, and, Son, know that growth is always a bit hard on the joints as, especially, one grows rapidly.  Further, we can enjoy ALL THE ADVERTIS­ING WE CAN GET—BECAUSE THOSE “UNDIS­CERNING” READERS ARE GET­TING VERY SHARP AND MOST DISCERNING.  DO YOU SEE—THE ENEMY WITHIN THE LIES ALWAYS DISCREDITS SELF—IF YOU GIVE THEM THE ROPE—THEY ALWAYS HANG SELF.

I further speculate that one Joseph Pavlonski (alias John Cole­man) will also relieve Carol Kep­pler of Scottsdale, Arizona of as much funding as she can produce—except that the brothers in the game don’t fall so quickly for the con-games.  I’m sure the proper return for service will be forthcoming.  Trouble yourself, P.C., no further about it.  We have so much work to do that we must not allow insignificant perturbations to break us, or even slow us.

Your work and giving to spreading the Word is greatly honored.  The recent changes in bulk mailing are not so much for ones in this area as for you.  The intent is wondrous but the outgo at your expense considered within the context of return for the ser­vice is not worthy of your further decreasing your own stability for such lack of response.  Sometimes you simply cannot “give” lest it be too much and be considered as those proverbial “pearls” before the blind.  If your seeds be planted the crop will grow—if not, then it be not your problem but, rather, it is unto those who refuse to see and hear.  We do that which we can—and then, P.C. (and all), we leave it into the hands of God for after all, it be HIS mission, we but the tools.  Salu.

Take this from the equipment and we shall work briefly on The Mark of the Beast for the “DIVINE PLAN—I I”.  I need you to check with E.J. and see what is the status of page quantity be­fore we write further this day.