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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton

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NOV. 19, 2018



REC  #1    HATONN 

SAT., OCTOBER 24, 1992   9:30 A.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 69 


Since we have a meeting this afternoon and time is short this morning I suggest we move di­rectly into the subject under writ­ing.

I do, however, wish to share a couple of varying ideas with you, regarding Truth—and you de­termine the “man” in point relative to the projection of ideas regarding “Truth”.


Will Rogers: “Nothing makes a man or body of men as mad as the Truth.  If there is NO Truth in it they laugh it off

Nietzsche: “There are many kinds of eyes.  Even the Sphinx has eyes—therefore there must be many kinds of ‘truths’, and con­sequently there can be no truth.”

It appears to me that all save the last three words have VALID­ITY (which is also recognized as “truth”).  So be it.  All your life you live so close to Truth it becomes a most permanent blur somewhere in the corner of your eye and mind, and when something nudges it into outline it is like being ambushed by a grotesque fact one wishes not to see or hear.  It is the time for seeing AND hearing AND CONFRONTATION!  Now, let us move on to some of those nasty confrontations: (By the way, we have only “warmed up” to the subject of Henry A. Kissinger. A = 6, k = 66 = 666; “KISSINGER = 666 also!  Just ponder it a bit.)





There are two types of Masons; one being Stone masons and the other being Freemasons.  Freemasonry is a secret craft which is unknown to the average person.  However, things done in secret ways are to be exposed for God knows ALL. [H: Nothing of GOD is secret—only mystery UNTIL you recog­nize the answers.]  “For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly.  If thou do these things, shew thyself unto the world.” (John 7:4)  “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.” (Eph. 5:12) SECRECY 


Secrecy is the essence of Masonry as a “club”, necessary for its very existence, protected by blood oaths of mayhem and murder.

(1)  “In Masonry, the darkness, which envelops the mind of the uninitiated (non-Mason) is removed by the effulgence of Masonic Light.  Masons are appropriately called the ‘Sons of Light’.”  (Lightfoot’s Manual of the Lodge, p. 175)

(2)  Freemasons are emphatically called ‘Sons of Light’...while the profane or uninitiated (non-Masons) who have not received this knowledge...are said to be in darkness.” (Masonic Dictionary, “Light”, Consolidated Book Pub: 1963)

(3)  Blindfolded (“hoodwinked”) and kneeling, half naked and bound by a rope (“cabletow”) the candidate for initiation into the Blue Degrees is asked, by the Worshipful Master, “In your present, blind condition, what do you most desire?”  His reply, according to the ritual, must be “Light” (First Degree), “Further Light” (2nd Degree) and “More Light” (3rd Degree). (Verbal Masonic Ritual, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degrees)

The Masons are “hoodwinked” [H: Didn’t you sometimes wonder where that “term” (hoodwinked) came from?  Is this not what has happened to all of your civilization?  YOU HAVE BEEN “HOODWINKED”!] into searching for “never-ending” light.  This con­stant search leads (cabletows) them from the lower levels of Masonry to higher degrees.  However, and so sad, they never reach the end of the search!  As we “profane” people know...the Messiah, the Christ, IS the ONLY true Light.

(1)  I am the Light of the World: He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life.” (Jn. 8:12)

(2)  “This then is the message which we have heard of Him (Christ), and declare unto you, that God is Light, and in HIM is no darkness at all.” (1st Jn. 1:5)



The Bible of the Christian is merely one of the “holy books” of man, no better than the Koran, the Hindu scriptures or the books of the Chinese and Greek philosophers.  It is not taken literally, for its true meaning is esoteric (hidden from all but a small number of “enlightened” elite leaders); the literal, obvious meaning is only for the ignorant masses.  It is right to remove references to Jesus in passages used in the ritual.  Masonry, contrary to popu­lar belief, is NOT based upon the Bible.  Ma­sonry is actually based on the KABALA (Cabala), a medieval book of Magic and Mysticism. 

(1)  “Masonry makes no profession of Christianity...but looks forward to the time when the labor of our ancient brethren shall be symbolized by the erection of a spiritual which there shall be one altar and one worship; one common altar of Masonry on which the Veda, Shastra, Sade, Zend-Avesta, Koran and the Holy Bible shall lie...and at whose shrine the Hindu, the Persian, the Assyrian, the Chaldean, the Egyp­tian, the Chinese, theMo­hammedan, the Jew and the Christian MAY KNEEL...” (The Kentucky Monitor, “Fellowcraft De­gree”, p. 95)

(2)  “The Jews, the Chinese, the Turks, each reject either the New Testament, or the Old, or both, and yet we see no good reason why they should not be made Masons.  In fact Blue Lodge Masonry has nothing whatever TO DO WITH THE BIBLE.  It is not founded on the Bible; if it was it would not be Masonry; it would be something else.” (Chase’s Digest of Ma­sonic Law, pp. 207-209)

(3)  “The removal of the name of Jesus and references to Him in Bible verses used in the ritual are slight but necessary modifications.”  (Albert Mackey, Masonic Ritualist, p. 272)


Who is a liar but he that denieth the Christ?  He is ANTI-CHRIST, that denieth the Father AND the Son.  Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father.” (1 John 5:12)

I and my Father are ONE.” (John 14:9)

[H: The author should be a bit careful in projecting his cor­rectly spelled name and iden­tification before the swine of the “world’s Elite” because he is a “former 32nd degree Ma­son...defected”.

I further suggest to you editors, that you include the drawing as given. (See end of chapter.)

There are a whole bunch of you “hoodwinked” servants to evil out there—some have come to “see the Light” but many play in the circles of the blinding games under the deception that it is fun and games.  So be it for by thine “sign” shall ye be taken note—BY GOD!]


Could we now look at further input from Earth interpretation of the mark of the beast?  Let us move a ways into a presentation on The Mark of the Beast which was put to paper by some “thoughtful” person.  I can’t herein give information regarding that person, either, for the re­quest was to not even tell wherein the information arrived “from”.  It is quite well done and the perceptions are good, if not perfect, for you are working with an untangling of prophecy and visions all the way back to Daniel of the Old Testament and the one major player in point, King Neb­uchadnezzar.

This, however, is why I find it difficult to understand how, with Daniel speaking of “space phenomenon” and “craft” that you ones today cannot see that the adversary KEEPS YOU BLINDED AND IGNORANT!  Daniel KNEW; Ezekiel KNEW!  SO YOU ARE AGAIN “HOODWINKED” BY IN­TERPRETERS (MEN) WHO TELL YOU WHAT BENE­FITS “THEM” AND YOU SUCK IT IN LIKE HONEY BY THE BEAR.  WELL, THIS LAT­TER HINT IS ALSO GOOD TO NOTE—FOR YOU, AMERICA, ARE BEING SUCKED IN AS HONEY TO FILL THE BELLY OF THE BEAR TO THE NORTH!

BEGINNING OF QUOTING:  [This presentation is undated so you can know that it is well over two decades past for the sender has held it for longer.] 



....  You remember the reference in Revelation to the fact that there comes a time when everyone must receive the mark of the beast in his right hand or in his forehead; otherwise, he is boycotted, he can’t buy or sell, and so on.  And like most things in the Bible, there has been an awful lot of utter rot preached about it, by clergymen who don’t know anything about the sub­ject, but insist on talking about it just the same. 

The Book of Revelation, as I think all of you know, is en­tirely symbolic and therefore, unless you are sure that you get the right key to the symbols, you can’t possibly get the correct understanding of what it is talking about.  So before we get down to that part of it, it is time that we understand what our symbols are, and then we will know what we are talking about at least a bit better. 

The Bible offers the key and it offers the only key to the symbols it uses.  [H: This is not unlike a personal “dream”—you have to go to the source of the information to find the key.  As with your dreams wherein you make the play, play the parts and write the plot—so too, must you look at the prophet, circumstances and prophecy.  Since this informa­tion (Revelation) is written in the book recognized as the “Bible” then you have to study it for clues and insight even to cast out the invalid and sorting the valid.]

Lots of people undertake to try to decipher the symbolism of the Bible, and they go else­where than to the Bible itself for their information, and they are invariably wrong.  Sometimes they try to do it out of their own cleverness, but they just can’t figure this thing out.  Some­times they take Hindu or Egyptian or other pagan religions as the basis of their starting point, and they are always wrong.  There is only one place where you can get the correct key to the symbolism of the Bible, and that is out of the Bible itself. 

We are going to talk about a beast, and it is a very odd beast, obviously symbolic of something.  The Book of Revelation is at the very end of the Bible, so we are going to have to look earlier into the Bible to find the key.  And the first place we find, where it is obviously talking about a very closely related beast, is in the Book of Daniel.  And that is very appropri­ate, because the Book of Daniel is so deeply symbolic.  It makes its first ap­pearance in Daniel.

So King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, and it impressed him so greatly that it awakened him.  Then, when he was awakened he found he had forgotten his dream, he remembered only that it was a thing of obviously great importance, and it worried him.  This is in the second chapter of the Book of Daniel.

So King Nebuchadnezzar called in the wise men to interpret his dream for him, and they said, “Tell us the dream and we will tell you the significance.”  When he said, “I have forgot­ten it, you tell me what the dream was,” he punctured their bubble right then and there. 

They were pretending of course to be wise men and magi­cians and to have divine power, and all that kind of thing, and they couldn’t make good.  So he had them killed.  But Daniel said, “Don’t be too hasty on this thing now.  Give me a little time and I believe God will give me the understanding of it”—which He did.


So Daniel interpreted the dream.  He told King Nebuchad­nezzar what the dream was, and the interpretation of it.  And that dream, you remember, was first of this great statue or im­age, which had a head of gold, the breast and arms of silver, the belly and thighs of brass, the legs were of iron, and the feet were mixed iron and clay.

Daniel interpreted the dream.  He said, “This shows four successive kingdoms, each of which is going to rule the then known civilized world in its turn.”  The head of gold was Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar.  The breast and arms of silver were another kingdom which would come next and would be somewhat inferior in its degree of civilization to Babylon, and we know of course that it was the Medo-Persian empire.  Then Daniel said the belly and thighs of brass would be yet another kingdom, and we know that was Alexander the Great’s short-lived empire.  And finally, the iron legs represented one more kingdom.  And there is some­thing in particular that you need to know about the last kingdom, the iron one of Rome, be­cause it keeps coming up again. 

In Daniel 2 verse 40, he said, “And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron for as much as iron breaks in pieces and sub­dues all things, as iron that breaks all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise.”  And that language is significant because we keep coming back to that.


[H: Whether or not you like it, you are ALSO GOING TO FIND that the same lineage of the adversary, call them what you like (the Khazarians) will be found finally ruling every one of these empires right into destruction—EVERY TIME!]

When Daniel interpreted this vision, the time was pretty close to 580 B.C., within a few years one way or another of this.  Babylon was at that time under its greatest king, Nebuchad­nezzar, at the very apex of its power and its civilization.  Two kings later it came to its end, about 538 B.C.  The head of gold, no question, that was the Babylonian empire which was then in existence. 

The next one which would come after it, he said, was the breast and arms which were of silver, the Medo-Persian empire: two arms united in one breast; two kingdoms, Media and Persia, united in one empire.  Media was the more northwesterly of the two, it came to great power first; later it was in its turn con­quered and absorbed by Persia; and the united empire, but under a Persian king, was the one which conquered Babylon.

The Medo-Persian power became very great: it extended from northwest India and Afghanistan across the whole Fertile Crescent, the nations that extend in a great arch, north of the Arabian desert; in other words, from the head of the Persian Gulf, on up through Iraq and Iran, as we call them today.  But it also included the Babylonian and Assyrian empires, over into Syria, and down the coast through Palestine.  It took in a good deal of Asia Minor, which today we call Turkey, and they even conquered and ruled Egypt for a time.

So, starting this tremendous rise with the conquest of Babylon about 538 B.C., this empire ruled all the important parts of the known civilized world at that time, until it was conquered by Alexander the Great, between 334 and 331 B.C.The Medo-Persian empire was followed by Alexander the Great.  Alexander had been king of Macedonia, which is on the mainland, just north of the peninsula of Greece, and in 336 B.C. he was merely king of Macedonia.  [H: Chelas, in past JOURNALS (I hope the edi­tors will give you reference) (See COUNTERFEIT BLESSINGS, sub-title The Ant-Christ by any name: Khazars, Introduction, JOURNAL #26, page 2) we have covered this entire history along with the concomi­tant rise and infiltration of the “13th Tribe”, the Khazari­ans, who later stole the religion of the Judaists and pro­nounced themselves first, the “Serpent People” and then, “Jews” and finally “Zionists”.  They were thieves and liars from the beginning and “truth was not in them”!] 

The Greeks had a very high civilization, and one fatal weak­ness: they could never get along among themselves.  They were always fighting among themselves, the various Greek cities, be­cause each one represented an individual nation, as they were then organized, and in their bitter warfare whoever was losing was always ready to call in somebody else as an ally, to keep from losing the war.  And when you called in a powerful nation in those days, to help, it simply meant that not only did they conquer your opponent, but they swallowed you up too.  And of course that is exactly what happened.

In some of their bitter internal warfare, some of the Greeks called in the Macedonians to their aid, and Alexander had a very well trained and brilliantly commanded army.  There are two men in all past history who stand out as generals of ability be­yond any other: one is Alexander the Great and the other is Hannibal of Carthage, and it is perhaps a toss-up, which was the more brilliant from a military point of vie

Under Alexander’s leadership, the Macedonian army was ir­resistible.  Alexander simply conquered and took over the vari­ous Greek cities and incorporated them into his beginning em­pire, and then went on looking for more worlds to conquer.  He conquered Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine by 332 B.C.  He conquered the Tigris-Euphrates valleys, which made up the old Assyrian and Babylonian empires, by 331 B.C.  And he went on to conquer Media-Persia, which was then called Bactria, and to­day is called Afghanistan.  It lies just outside of India, just north of the famous Khyber Pass; it is the gateway to India.

Alexander also went on down into northern India, conquering quite a considerable area in northern India, so that all the then known civilized world, from Greece to India, was incorpo­rated in his one empire.  As you remember, before his death, Alexan­der was mooning around, worrying because there were no more worlds left for him to conquer. [H: Surely now, read­ers, you do remember that don’t you?  Well, why not?  What hap­pened to your history lessons?]  He was a brilliant general, and that is all you can say FOR him.  He was a debauched drunkard also, and he finally died of his dissipation in Babylon in 323 B.C. 

[H: Since you will, if you will study the other JOURNALS in conjunction with this one—in fact, Editors, please integrate these “Beast” writings into the waiting material on the DI­VINE PLAN and let’s get on with allowing people to relate to those wondrous “SUMARIAN TEXTS” which were kept in security until this century—at least from your “inquiring” minds.  Sumar is in the approximate location of Babylon (Baghdad), only further to the South in Iraq.]


Alexander had built nothing.  He conquered and as an indi­vidual he ruled the conquered nations, but when he died there was nothing to hold it together.  His empire broke up exactly as had been prophesied in Daniel, that his kingdom would be di­vided to the four winds of heaven and not to his posterity, be­cause his four leading generals under him, each took over ap­proximately a quarter of the empire where they were; and in those few years, between 334 and 323 B.C., this enormous em­pire was built and fell apart.

So you have Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander’s empire; and now the next in line, and the last in this series of gentile empires that was prophesied by Daniel: Rome.

[H: The speed of ascent and descent of nations and dynasties is often questioned in rela­tionship to God and, say, the United States of America.  Well, let us say this, the nation was NOT founded by particularly GODLY men—even the signers of your Declaration of Independence and writers of your Constitution were mostly MASONS and that is hardly of GOD OF GOODNESS FULL INTENT.  However, and THIS IS IMPORTANT—in this place WAS DESTINED TO FALL THE PLACE WHEREIN GOD WOULD AGAIN BRING FORTH THE WORD UNTO HIS PEOPLE AND WHEREFROM GOD AND HOSTS WOULD TAKE THEIR STAND!  BE THIS KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE LANDS FOR SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS BEFORE THIS GENERATION PASSES AWAY!]

The city itself was founded, according to the Roman tradi­tion, in 753 B.C.  The republic of Rome was organized about 500 B.C., and with organization of the republic began its expan­sion into a tremendous empire.  Macedonia, Greece and Egypt were incorporated into the em­pire in 168 B.C., and from there the Romans moved on into western Asia, north Africa and on, of course, into a great portion of western Europe.  Eventually, the Roman Empire ruled Italy, Spain, what they then called Gaul, which was France and extending very slightly into Ger­many, Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, north Africa, western Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine.

The frontiers of the Roman Empire were the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, the south bor­der of Scotland, the North Sea, the river Rhine, the Danube River, the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, through Armenia to the middle of ancient Babylonia, the Arabian desert, the Red Sea, Nubia, the Sahara Desert, and the Morocco mountains.  Those were its boundaries. 

The image of course had two legs, and so the Roman Empire broke up into two.  It was divided into a western and eastern Roman Empire at about 283 A.D.  The capital of the east­ern portion of the empire was set up in what had been called Byzan­tium, and, being rebuilt, modernized, made into a tremendous city by Constantine, had its name changed to Con­stantinople; and that remained the capital of the eastern half of the Roman Empire. 

Now, while it claimed at all times to be the capital of the Roman Empire, you find it gen­erally spoken of as the Byzantine Empire, from the old and well known name of Byzantium for its capital city. 

The western portion of the empire, which gradually was los­ing its hold on Europe, had its capital part of the time, but not all of it, in Rome.  For example, the city of Ravenna, in Italy, was the capital for a time.  This was broken by the Visigoths who were Israel people on the march, in 410 A.D.

You remember, under the pressure of the invading Visigoths, the Romans pulled the last of their legions of soldiers out of Britain, bringing them home for the defense of Rome in 408 A.D.  That year they succeeded in buying off the Visigoth in­vaders, who had come into north­ern Italy but had not yet taken the city of Rome.  Then the Romans bought them off with a big money bribe.  But, by 410 A.D., the Visigoths had spent the money, so they took the city of Rome, looted it, and smashed everything; and, thereafter, there was merely a theoretical pre­tense of any further Roman Empire existing in the west.

However, the Romans, who were a wily people, suggested to the Visigoths that there was some wonderful lands which had been a part of the old Roman Empire.  They said, “Why don’t you go and move into them?  There is some beautiful fertile country over in Spain.  We will give it to you.  Only don’t stay here.”  That seemed like a good idea to the Visigoths.  Cen­turies of frightful misrule under the Roman emperors had re­duced Italy to such a stage of poverty and general falling apart, there wasn’t much worth staying for, there, anyway.

So the Visigoths moved out across southern France, through the Pyrenees and into Spain.  And from some time before 420 A.D. until the Moorish conquest in 711 A.D., the Visigoths were the dominant people in Spain.  Now they didn’t extermi­nate all the previous inhabitants of Spain, and, in fact, some of the previous inhabitants of Spain were Israel people, for that matter; because the Vandals, a tribe that had moved down there from southern Scandinavia, were already in there, and they were not driven out immediately.  They were not very numer­ous and they later moved into north Africa, where of course they were swept up in the Arab and Moorish empire, later there, and became extinct, that is, they were absorbed into the darker peo­ples there.

In Spain, then, you had a definitely Israel people, the Visig­oths, as the ruling race, and in Portugal also, until they were conquered by the Moors.  Thereafter, there was much pollution of the blood lines.  That never, however, happened in northern Europe, and for that reason the Scandinavian peoples are today considered “pure” stock.  [H: Now for the “shocker”—they are considered “pure Israel stock”.]  You cannot say, of Italy or of Spain, that as a nation they are “Israel”, because they are not; there are too many other people there.  But you can say that among them are many who are definitely of Israel ancestry.  [H: Again, you have a writer and speaker who cannot find proper meaning in terminology because of the cor­ruption of the languages and the thieving of “titles” and “labels” for given definition—so he is doing the best he can with what he has with which to work and present.  I can tell you, chelas, it is a horrendous task to present material to a world in con­fusion and not simply FURTHER CONFUSE.  The term “Israel” is a real problem for all because of its total corrup­tion.] 

The western Roman Empire came to its end, all pretense of being an empire was aban­doned, by 476 A.D.  The eastern or Byzantine half of the Roman Empire was reduced to Asia Minor and the Balkan states by Moslem power, by 650 A.D.  The Turks captured most of Asia Minor by 1074 A.D.


Bween 1204 and 1260, the so-called Latin empire of Con­stantinople, made up of the troops of the Fourth Crusade and the republic of Venice, ruled briefly over the remaining ter­ritory.  But the old Byzantine Empire was restored, at least in theory, actually governing nothing but Constantinople and its suburbs, in the middle 1260’s, and the last trace of it disap­peared with the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453 A.D.

The first of these visions Daniel, of this series of four great world empires, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander of Macedon, and Rome, was given in the vision of the great statue, the image of the four different metals.  This is exceedingly important be­cause the great bulk of recorded history is covered by this series of empires.  But the thing was given to Daniel again, in a differ­ent vision....

To be continued in the next segment.

* * *

Let us close this before we run into too lengthy a discussion and forget our time limits for this writing.  We need to be else­where, Dharma.  Thank you.

Hatonn to stand by.  Salu