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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton

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REC  #2    HATONN 

THU., OCTOBER 22, 1992   1:47 P.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 67 



Boy, am I weary of the attacks against us for the outlaying of in­formation.  I am getting more flak from the nice “Masons” than from the nice “Zionists”.  I do not denounce your work or your godliness.  If you are of God, why hit me?  Why DOES our work and WORD bother so many who in turn claim that “no-one listens to such rubbish and garbage”!  Why is the AD­VERSARY so upset over that which we write?  If it be NOT Truth, WHO WOULD TAKE NOTE?

The following information was compiled by one Irving Stein.  I have no further information sent with the information regarding this person or any publication.  I wish to honor this person for the incredible research but I do not wish to bring any undue at­tacks upon his person.  Therefore, until we hear from him per­sonally, I shall leave identification as is.  I also suggest that if there is a better format than I shall use here with Dharma, that you editors are free to restructure the “diagrams”.

It is not longer a matter of how you readers WISH to interpret things or accept information—it is simply that the time has come to take the best of that which is interpretation and presentation and compile it for your inspection.  It is THE TIME of lifting the veils from the puzzles so that you can function in knowledge and in Truth for ultimately through those routes within the God KNOWING will you make your journey into and within the LIGHTED God Presence—and THAT does become important for HE is returned unto you and THAT FACT must be con­fronted.  I have written on this subject prior to this in JOUR­NALS so I have to suggest that you get that information for I prefer to make little comment as we share this with you—we will be caught with “our proverbial pants down” if we don’t simply move sharply along. (See CRY OF THE PHOENIX, JOUR­NAL #11, page 142-148 & MATTER ANTI-MATTER, re­stricted list JOURNAL #30, pages 118-122.)

It is important that “this” beast of computerized communications and international workings is now under “all stops out” way to have operational THE new international telecommunications system—BY THE END OF JANUARY, 1993.  THAT IS ONLY THREE MONTHS—BROUGHT DOWN FROM OVER A YEAR FROM NOW—REASON?  “TO BE ABLE TO STOP ALL MONEY TRANSFERS FROM AND TO ANY NATION IN THE WORLD AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON!  IN­STANTLY!!  We had not warned you about this prior to today because we wanted several sources of confirmation before springing such a load on you who are in the business of money management, wire transfers and those of you who are in Mutual Funds which will require resolution and/or have off-shore facil­ities and investment in other national currencies.  This indicates that at the very most—you have less than two full months to get those financial arrangements made and finished.  A word to the wise is suffi­cient?  I will write more on this tomorrow morning but I feel this is a place to introduce the network capability and intention because of our subject matter which will greatly in­volve com­puters, etc.



As we have learned from the Bible the number seven signi­fies Yahuweh.  The number six is the number of man and/or represents Satan. (666).  From this we can establish a basis for putting together a system, using the English Alphabet.  Using 6 as the base, each letter gradu­ates by 6 (man’s number-man’s al­phabet).

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M

6  12  18  24  30  36  42  48  54  60  66  72  78

 N    O    P    Q     R     S     T     U     V

84   90    96   102  108   114   120   126   132

 W    X     Y     Z

138  144  150  156

Many people have tried to determine who the man is that his name totals 666.  The “mark of the beast” is a SYSTEM, and one of the marks (“mark” meaning an impression, influence, power over men or things; effect on the mind, to induce) will have a great effect on man and his reasoning.  One such “mark” is the dictionary used by most people.  The scribes of the most commonly used dictionary (Webster’s) tell us what they want us to believe pertaining to words used in the English language.  We accept these definitions and place them in our minds (forehead) and we carry the dictionary in our hand to verify the meaning of given words.  De­pending on this source of information, we have accepted the word (mark) of the scribes as be­ing the FINAL WORD OF AUTHORITY!

If we use this source to get Bible definitions, we are accept­ing FALSE INFORMATION with regards to the Bible.  BY DOING SO, we have accepted the “mark of the beast”.

Let us take the name “Webster’s” and see what the number value is:

W  138

E      30

B      12

S    114

T    120

E      30

R    108

S    114

      666  WEBSTER’S THE MAN WHOSE NAME IS RE­VEALED IN REVELATIONS “THE BEAST”.  [H: At this point Dharma shook her head and said, “Sir, this is not right for I rather think Kissinger would be more likely the culprit.”  That’s right!  SO, YOU GO ADD IT UP.  KISSINGER’S NAME ADDS UP TO 666 IN MORE THAN ONE WAY.  IN OTHER PLACES HE IS BETTER KNOWN BY HIS NAME BEARING THE INITIAL “A” AND “K”ISSINGER—THAT EQUALS: AN “A”=6 AND A “K”=66 or, “666” as well as totalling “Kissinger” by alpha­bet.  It becomes a hand tool—so read on.  I let her stop to add it up and perhaps you would like to get your calculator and do that, too, before moving on.]

Using this system, I have discovered that other things, places, names, either 6-3-or 9.  If we take anything that we know to be evil, and add the number value—then break it down to the smallest number, it will come up 6....i.e.:

MURDER = 474: 4+7+4 = 15.  1+5 = 6

RAPE = 240: 2+4 = 6

SATAN = 330: 3+3 = 6

HATE = 240: 2+4 = 6

Negative things will always come up 6.  Positive things will be just the opposite.  The “flip-side” of 6 is 9.  Therefore, things that are of good as “defined” by Mr. Webster’s, etc., i.e. “Yahuweh” will add up to 9.

LOVE = 324: 3+2+4 = 9

TRUTH = 522: 5+2+2 = 9  and so forth, to get the picture.

Some things will add up to 3.  This is a NEUTRAL number, meaning that it can be both good or evil, depending on how it is used and its designation: 

GOD = 156: 1+5+6 = 12. 1+2 = 3 (WHICH GOD?)

KILL = 264: 2+6+4 = 12. 1+2 = 3 (KILL WHAT? SHEEP-LAMBS-PEOPLE, ETC.)


Webster’s says Zeus is the sky god and is also known as Deus (Latin), Dio (Italian), Dios (Spanish), Dayus (Sanskrit), and Zeus Soter meaning Zeus the Savior.  “Jesus” is not the cor­rect name of the SON of Yahuweh!  [H: Now, take “ATON”, 6+120+90+84 = 300.  3+0+0 = 3 (ATON, BEING ALSO MY OWN LABEL—ALSO MEANS THE “LIGHT”, THE “ONE” OR THE “SUN”, ETC.  You can also add up “Hatonn” and you will come out with only a “7” which means nothing either way for it is only an identification symbol and not my actual name.  I don’t want to belabor the point—just point out what you are doing here in concept.  You also must recognize the identification according to lan­guage and definition so don’t get carried away for we only want a “concept” and not get hung-up on counting and reciting the alphabet.  We are only talking “concept” and “concept as in English presentation”.]  The correct name is more as YAHSHUA (pronounced: ya-who-ah).  Therefore, the name “Jesus” would come up a 3, depending on how you are using it.

[H: Dharma is holding her breath so let’s see how it adds up.  Remember it must be con­sidered “how” a word is being uti­lized:  DHARMA = 24+48+6+108+78+6 = 270.  2+7+0 = 9.  I do not, however, suggest you all rush out there and add up your names and fall into a funk because you cannot be sure of the spelling OR the meaning of your labels in al­most all cases.  Let us take “kali” as example, it could be spelled, Cali, Calee, Kalie, Kali, Kalli, Kallee—etc.  We sim­ply happen to KNOW the accurate spelling of “dharma”.  BE VERY CAREFUL AS YOU PLAY THESE GAMES OR YOU WILL MISS THE POINT.]

The same applies to the word Christ, which comes out to a 3 also. (462 total).  Christ means savior.  Savior of what?  If we join the name of Jesus (444 total) and Christ (462 total) it adds up to 906.  9+6 = 15.  1+5 = 6.  OOPS!

HOWEVER: If you use the Son’s correct name (Yahshua) which totals 498 (=3) and the number value of “Lord” (294) we arrive at the correct name and title.

LORD     294


         792   7+9+2 =  18.  1+8 =  9

To illustrate a bit further how this numerical chart works let’s take the “mark of the beast”  (Webster’s Dictionary) and check it out, then also we will take Strong’s Concordance:

STRONG’S CONCORDANCE = 1242.  1+2+4+2=9


Satan has a counterfeit for everything which is good!  This not only applies to THE BIBLE DEFINITIONS but also to PO­LITICAL SITUATIONS.  Satan has duplicated the Nation of America also.  What we know to be the “United States of America”, which is a 3 Branch Re­public, has been duplicated and it is known as the District of Columbia.  This new (counterfeit) United States was created by a flaw in the Consti­tution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause seventeen, wherein the Congress of the Republic was allowed to fully control Legisla­tive Authority over a body of citizens and a 10 mile area of land known as the District of Columbia, Washington D.C.  Not only does Congress have exclusive Legislation over that District but also over ALL LAND OWNED BY THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA which are subdivisions (enclaves) under exclusive Rule of Congress.  Every citizen who resides in D.C. or any of its enclaves (territories) are subject to direct rule under Congress and/or the Federal United States.  This happened during Nixon’s Administration when he established 10 Federal Regions throughout the Sovereign States; 50 States divided into 10 Fed­eral Regions with clus­ters of 5 States per cluster.  Each cluster was numbered 0-9 for all functions of Government, directly connected to the District of Columbia.  Anyone (subjects/persons) who lives in one of these Federal Regions are considered to be resident/citizens of the District of Columbia, sub­ject to Legislative Rule.  A few years passed and Federal Postal Office introduced the new 2 letter State abbreviation, and the ZIP CODE.  Now (the Courts have determined) if a person does not lawfully claim his residence in one of the Sovereign 50 States, he will then be consid­ered as being a resident of the Dis­trict of Columbia!  If a citizen accepts the 2 letter State ab­breviation and the Zip Code (rather than using his LAWFUL State abbreviation, i.e., Ark., Calif., Wyo., etc...then he has just informed the Federal Government (also known as “United States”) that he is a resident of a Federal Region of the District of Columbia and subject to all of the Statutes of Congress, in­cluding the Internal Revenue (Title 26 USC).

This is just another one of the tricks of Satan.  This “secret” United States is part of the “BEAST” system described in Rev­elation 13.  The District of Columbia owns “States” such as: Puerto Rico, Guam, District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Pacific Islands.  Seven entities termed “States” (HEADS) which make up the system of the Federal Beast (see title 42 United States Code, Chapter 7, Sec. 1301 a, 1.).  The 10 “HORNS” de­scribed in Revelation 13 are the 10 Federal Regions estab­lished in 1972 by Pres. Nixon.  The 10 “Crowns” of the Beast are the 10 Chairmen of each Federal Region.  Who is the man repre­senting this part of the Beast?  It would have to be a man of Sa­tan who has World Wide influence over the Nations being con­trolled, which makes up the complete System of the BEAST.  [H: NOW, chelas, is the time to hold your breath!]  The per­son who has this much influence with World Leaders (could be)....KISSINGER.

KISSINGER  =  666, on the number chart.

For a couple of decades or more, Kissinger has been meeting with MANY World Leaders putting together the ONE WORLD ORDER.  This One World Order is planned to take effect in 1992 or 1993 [H: FULLY OPERATIONAL BY YEAR 2000 WITH DEPOPULATION HAVING ALSO BEEN ACCOM­PLISHED!  We do not state WHEN this document was scribed.]  This explains why the Berlin Wall came down so un­expectedly.  Satan is working on a time-table, BUT SO IS YAHUWEH! Satan knows that he and his angels (agents) are running out of time and they must hurry.

Let’s check these two (2) separate “United States” with the number chart:

United States of America = 1368 = 18 = 9. (The correct “United States”.)

United States” = 942 = 15 = 6. (The counterfeit United States.)

District of Columbia = 1194 =15 = 6.  (Known as the Fed. United States.)

D.C. = 42 = 6.

LAW = 216 = 9.

EQUITY = 582 = 15 = 6.

LEGISLATIVE = 720 = 9.


COURT = 462 = 12 = 3. (What kind of court?)

TRIBUNAL = 582 =15 = 6. (Article 1 Legislative Court un­der the District of C.)


COMMON LAW COURT = 1116 = 9. (Article 3 Court under the United States of Amer­ica.)

[H: You who have followed our work know the concept of “2 nations” and the Judicial terms used above.]  Remember: when using Law terms always use a Law Dictionary.  When using Bible terms use a Bible Dictionary.  When using man’s terms use a standard dictionary.  They will rarely give the same definition, if at all.


Webster’s Dictionary (666 on the Number Chart) tells us that the word “work” means any type of labor, occupation, job, etc...  Since the King James version (as well as others) is writ­ten into English, most people accept the definition given by the Webster’s “fact” book.  Ac­cording to Webster’s: the word “work” and “labour” (labor) means virtually the same thing.  However, according to the Bible Dictionary (Strong’s) they are worlds apart in meaning.  The term “work” in the English Dic­tionary (Webster’s) has taken different words from the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament and assigned them to all mean one single meaning!!  This is true with relation to “work”, “labour” and “servile”.

To show how this can affect the average Christian let’s take the Sabbath Day Command­ment and translate it into its correct meaning.

EX. 20:9,10.

“Shesh (six) yowm (days) shalt thou Abad (labour) and do all thy MeLakal (work), but the SHeBIYiY (seventh) day is the Shabbath (sabbath) of the Lord thy God.  In it thou shalt not do any MeLakal (work),....

Here are the correct definitions for the words (Hebrew) used in the original text:

LABOUR (5647 Strong’s) ABAD—aw-bad’: to work in any sense; serve, till, enslave, bond service, labour.

WORK (4399 Strong’s)  MeLA’kah—MEL-AH-KAW’: deputy­ship, i.e. ministry.  (Also same as 4397—to dispatch a deputy; a messenger; also a prophet priest or teacher);

SERVILE (5656 Strong’s)  Abowdah—ab-o-daw’: work of any kind: act, bondage, labour, ministering, office, service.

Now we can see that Exodus 20:9,10 does not mean what Webster’s Dictionary wants us to believe.

The following is a correct translation of Exodus 20:9,10:

Six days shalt thou work in any sense (labour, work, servile work, service, ministry, etc.) and do thy deputyship of ministry (as a messenger-prophet priest or teacher),  But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God.  In it thou shalt not do any dutyship as a deputy of ministry as a messen­ger-prophet, priest or teacher.”

The Webster’s Dictionary is the final work of definitions used by the general public.  If you ask the average person to give the definition of “work” and explain where they got their definition, they will no doubt refer to the Webster’s Dictionary!  This is the authority.  The book (dictionary) is the WORD of the English speaking people.  It can also be titled: the “Mouth” of the En­glish speaking persons.

REVELATION 13:5  And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blas­phemies;....”

BLASPHEME: To speak irreverently of God; (Webster’s)

IRREVERENT.  Not reverent; disrespectful. (Webster’s)

GOD: A being of more than human powers; a divinity; an Idol; any person honored unduly; any object esteemed as the chief good, false deities, etc...  (Note: Webster’s definition of God...are these definitions not of “great things and Blas­phemies?  Webster’s says that God can be either an “object” of false deities, an Idol, any person honored “unduly”.)

Of course Webster’s doesn’t give the correct name of the Supreme God (recognized here by the simple label of origin as Yahuweh), because this is considered IRREVERENT (meaning disrespectful).  Webster’s merely places God in the same cate­gory as deities, Idols, false deities and persons honored unduly.  If this isn’t BLASPHEMY I’ll kiss your “chamar” or “etham”  (chamar: see 2560——etham: see 386 in Strong’s Concordance).  Both words (chamar and etham) are given the same general word (ass) but these words are different the same way “WORK” takes on different meanings.  To find out what I really said I would Kiss...please locate the correct meanings!

One (1) of the “marks” of the Beast in Revelation is Web­ster’s Dictionary.  If you accept the definitions of this book, for your biblical definitions, you have already accepted the MARK OF THE BEAST! 


* * *

Dharma, allow us to leave this for this afternoon.  I realize this is the most tedious writing you have had to do thus far because of the poor structure of the document in point but I believe as we make it through the maze we will find it most interesting for consideration.  Remember that the riddles all must be solved be­fore we get the tapestry finished!  Every clue is valuable in both concept and in actual application.  This whole deviation from central meaning of “terms” is uppermost in importance for just as with unknowing in that which goes on about you—or more­over in NOT KNOWING TRUTH—you have no basis or foun­dation upon which to build accurate KNOWLEDGE.  So be it.  In love and honor I will now clear the frequency and allow you respite.

Thank you,

Hatonn to clear, Salu.