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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

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REC  #1    HATONN 

FRI., JULY 24, 1992   2:27 P.M.   YEAR 5, DAY 343 

FRIDAY,  JULY 24,  1992


This moment is the last of all having gone before!  It is also the beginning of all which is yet to come!  What will you make of this moment?


Ah, you want to know all the answers?  No, you do not or you would study your lessons so that you can see the sequence un­folding before you.

The adversary is the Prince of confusion—there can be no nega­tive input or fear brought upon you except in confusion for how else can you become helpless victims?  Confusion is the pri­mary tool of choice and it is utilized with a myriad of distractions.  Therefore, let me give you some clues to attend and see if you had noticed and if you can relate each to the others.  It is a wondrous game if you but consider it objectively.


Late yesterday evening we had several reports from ones who had contacts within the NASA community—some at very high levels of management.  The word has gone out to higher ech­elons to secretly spread the word of top-secret activities and the terms utilized are: “Tell the people you contact in your families and close circles to NOT panic but on the 26th or 27th there will be a period of total darkness with no electric power and a shutdown of all electrical equipment.  The noti­fication is not to go outside your immediate family units.”  Well, we are close family units, are we not?

This SHOULD mean to you that the government and NASA are on top of everything coming down.


There is a TOP-SECRET “test” of FEMA tomorrow (25th) and this word is straight out of Vandenberg, among other places.  There will be a period of at least four full hours where FEMA will be placed in TOTAL control of the nation!  Could this have anything to do with “null-time”, “no-power”, “riot control” and “earthquakes”??  Better look very, very closely.  This will be a nationwide sweep of the systems.  This is so top secret that when ones were questioned on the “inside” the reaction was one of total astoundment and “ in hell did you get that infor­mation—no one knows THAT!”  Obviously secrets don’t get kept very well any longer.


Cal-Tech has now issued a formal alert to all participants in the Fire Department, Emergency Preparedness, Rescue Forces, etc., etc., that there must be total alert for the San Andreas is going to “go” at a level of 8 to 12 points within the next 144 days (but expectation is within the next hours or immediate “days”).  This is a little less spooky in accepting because one of our own people was one of the ones notified directly.


Iraq’s ambassador said emphatically that “there will be no war”.  He said this twice on Larry King’s show last evening.  How can he be so sure?  Because word is out that it is a personal thing with Bush to bomb the Agricultural building in Baghdad.  Therefore, Mr. Bush has to get the other nations of the Council (U.N.) to set it up and make the order.  BUT—this won’t be so good because Mr. Bush has been informed that if there is war over this—ALL IN­FORMATION REGARDING ALL BANK DEALS, WEAPONS BUILDUP THROUGH THE AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENTS, ETC., WILL BE MADE KNOWN.  RECORDS ARE CAREFULLY KEPT AND INSPECTORS WILL BE DEMANDED FROM OTHER THAN INSPECTOR TEAM MEMBERS—AND THEY WILL BE TAKEN TO THE EXACT LOCATION OF “DUPLICATES” OF ALL TRANSAC­TIONS!  I would guess, therefore, that it is a bit more awkward than simply ordering up a bombing raid.  I do note, however, that most of the we-the-people questioned on the street are fully in fa­vor of going back to war to “get Saddam”.  (sic, sic)



Please note, States, what is happening in California.  There is still no budget and banking chits (IOU’s) are now going to be refused—starting with Bank of America!  This is far more im­portant than that which seems obvious.  This coming weekend seems to be heading up to be most interesting if some of the plans don’t get botched.


All scientific registers on sensitive equipment—pointed (points) to within these immediate 24 hours—not 144 days, for this big shaker in California.

I’m sorry, chelas, but we aren’t getting much information re­garding quakes, etc., from else­where than California.  We note the rest of the country is being beaten with weather traumas and flooding.  The NASA information, however, came straight from NASA headquarters—not California.

If you must go tromping about and wheeling and dealing in the coastal areas of the Pa­cific and along the coastal areas of the Atlantic—TAKE YOUR EMERGENCY GEAR, FOOD AND CLEAN WATER, WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.  If they pull off major shak­ers on you along with an electric grid shutdown, you are going to be somewhat inconve­nienced, I’m afraid.  Highways are not expected to remain open—ESPE­CIALLY WITH FEMA IN CONTROL—FOR THE FIRST THING WHICH WILL HAPPEN IS A CLOSING OF HIGH­WAY TRAFFIC.

You ones can argue with me about how “....and I HAVE to go”.  So—go.  Just expect to be blasted, battered and torn—and probably hungry if you don’t prepare.  I can see your tendency to “defy God”, but FEMA???  I spread “fear”?  I just suggest you be on your good manners and behaviors as you say goodbye to ones who travel tomorrow—like as if it will be the LAST TIME YOU SEE THEM if you be in one of the stricken areas.  If vacations won’t wait—then priorities are somewhat disor­dered, I would suggest.

NO—I can’t tell you WHEN, then, it would be OK.  You are getting what everyone is getting, and more upon which to make your choices and decisions.

You might well say, “...God will warn me—if—”  My, my, and what makes you think THIS IS NOT THAT WARNING?  I would say that the adversary’s plans are working precisely the way laid forth—confuse, fatigue and when you give up—STRIKE.  I note that ones in my own immediate team have already headed into the coastal area for a confounded semi­nar to push the book, COMMITTEE OF 300.  I would note that Dr. Coleman, the author of that book, cancelled his own participation in the conference!!  He DOES get in­side information and I would take that as a great clue and warning. 


I am informed from America West that the book IMMACU­LATE DECEPTION of which I have recently been writing—should be ready for distribution by the 15th of August.  I do, in­deed, highly urge you to get this volume for it is equal in high-level information to the “Committee of 300” output.  Are there some errors?  Indeed—that is why you have been given so much other information against which to sort and discern.  Sharing and probing is the only way you will ever find the story taking shape in correctly factual presentation.


No, this is not a backwater “hick’s recreational vehicle”.  This is some stupid label indicating that “they” have developed a nice new retro-virus which will ultimately be more deadly than HIV (all of them).  You will find that it will “miraculously and coin­cidentally” match that which the “shuttle crew” was supposedly working on “in space”.  No, you are just being in­troduced to the next form of the “Last Great Plague”.  (Which reminds me to remind you that the PHOENIX JOURNAL, AIDS, THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE is one of the books trying to be banned by the adversary (along with the PLEIADES CONNECTION se­ries) because our colleague Walter Russell wrote a few chapters therein.)  By the way, when the “lifelines” go down to the coastal areas—these diseases will contaminate EVERYTHING.  I suggest you sit quietly down NOW and get things squared away a bit with GOD.  What in the world do you have that is so all-fired important to get done “right now”?  You’ve waited this long—can not your travels and games wait a few more days until at least the official officials give you a bit of an all-clear?


IF your “allies” of the U.N. are stupid enough to bomb that building in Baghdad—watch out.  You will explode some devices which will cause you to rue the day you ever heard of life-forms.  You think I jest?  Forget it, this is beyond anything to jest about.

Let us look at the things of which only lies have been brought back to you, including “surgical bombing” which is now called “carpet bombing (widespread and at random)” to “...we have had to go in and destroy the rest of the Scud missiles.”  Oh?  Then why, yesterday, were the announcements made that this “...need to bomb Iraqbefore they can launch their SCUDS at Israel’ is absolutely mandatory!” hogwash?  Is it just an­other incident of “overlooked” intelligence?  Or, are you-the-people in the frying pan again with no way out save by way of the fire?


I can only offer that which is available.  We do the very best we can to keep you right up but we only print on Tuesdays for the paper and then there is the mail....  I continue to write even if things are moot issues by the time of receiving the material for you can refer to the date-lines and know that we did what we could.  If you are still around to receive this—then might we have a moment of prayer of thanks for being allowed a bit of additional time to serve and restructure?

How many of you could watch Bush as he was booed out of his speech regarding the POW/MIA issue yesterday?  Did you no­tice the response of the audience when he started his old saw and song: “ you think your Commander in Chief would for one minute let even one man ......???”  The group was “older” and “wiser” this time and he finally had to stop his speaking.  But what I hope you noted was this man’s steel-faced determi­nation to “have his way”.  Indeed there will be some hard skir­mishes before this November fiasco.

You even had an officer of the Korean War KNOW about over 300 men who were taken pris­oner and placed in Siberia—from the Korean war.  He says that he even suggested the public not be informed and the facts be kept secret.  Any of those boys belong to any of you?  All of them!


May I share Dharma’s conversation with God as we sit to pen and all seems so dreary and hard.  She ponders and vacillates in her “wants” and “don’t wants” just as do all of you.  Fear is no longer among her reactions, however, as I find is the case with all my workers herein.  Frustrations and limitations of accep­tance are annoying—not earthquakes and null-times.  Dharma longs for a few days where things don’t work—especially com­puters and “radios”.  Also, our people are often desirous of “having a ‘big one’” just to make a point.  Well, that is not the way GOD works and so be the higher intelligence devoid of re­venge as a cause of ac­tion.  All of you have been told over and over again—THE ADVERSARY WILL DESTROY HIMSELF—GOD DOES NOT MAIM, KILL OR DESTROY.  GOD HEALS, LOVES AND CREATES.  May your understanding grow until you find peace in all things


God IS my shepherd and I know that I need “want not”—but I constantly “do”.  I “want” until my very being is filled with it and I cannot sort one “want” from another.  But I think, Father, that I only want to serve when the straws are loaded and I find my back is stronger now than ever beforeand my being is strong now that I have shed the entrapment of ego de­sires as separate from “being” wants.  I wonder, Father, however, if I can serve well enough that Your message is received and Your honor served for I care not what is said of me—but my heart is torn when Your voice is so denied and ridiculed.  Man cannot know that which he does and I anger and wish to strike-out and it does nothing but worsen the circumstance.

You give me water from Your “still waters” and I seem to appre­ciate it not—and yet I know You will be there with more when my cup is empty.

I know that we are now walking in the valley of the shadows—and death and misery shall be all about us and I wonder, Fa­ther, if I will be strong enough to LIVE in this form for I should surely rather go home and let another—any other—take this cup.  There is no bitterness in this cup—only sweet and purely given love but I think I cannot face that which will come upon my brethren and those I perceive to be my own.  They see not, they listen not and I cannot seem to reach them and yet I know that I must release it unto Your care for it is Yours that shall be done—not mine.

Please let that which I do reflect brightly upon Your Own Being that others do not see darkness in YOU by looking upon me.  I ask only to serve well and receive clearly that I NEVER mislead another or bring sorrow or pain deliberately upon another for I have been given the gift of gifts—to knowingly serve as Your Hands—not greater than any other—only it is that “I know” Your Presence and I do so wish that all could touch that moment as has become my corner of the universe.

I don’t understand, Father, but it seems alright that way for I know that at the proper time I will be given all as it comes into its time of unfolding.  Survive?  I don’t wish to “survive”—I only want to get my job done so that I can come home—oh Father, I am so lonely to come home—I don’t like it here very much for I couldn’t remember how it would be and that the hardest things would be of the heart and soul and not of the physical.  I do not understand how WE could take this most perfect and wonderful place and bring such degrading pain and agony upon her being—is YOUR forgiveness big enough for this?  I think that mine is not so I’ll have to work at that I suppose.  I think as I sit here that there is nothing to “forgive” except the asking You to for­give me for not “remembering” and “forgetting” so completely.  Could I walk through this again and again and remember so lit­tle and learn so little?  Must the lessons al­ways be harder and harder and harder?  The tasks are nothing—I know that my task is the least in difficulty—for I have not even to “think” and others must do so much to bring the Word to use.  I am grateful and cherish my place—I must have done something right along the way—I wonder, Father, what it might have been for I don’t re­member earning these stars in my crown.

Please look after the lambs, Father, for I know that I cannot nor have I the “right”, but I will do that which I can to hold the lamp so that others can see the way as it is shown to us who serve here in this garden overgrown with thorns and weeds—perhaps we can sort some good from the chaff.

Gyeorgos, what ever are we doing?  I can’t remember the way and I am weary of the trail—did we actually think we could do this job laid forth?  I must rest on Your KNOWING because I try, but I cannot remember enough.  My mind is stuffed to bursting with it all and, yet, it seems I cannotremember any of it worthy of reflection.  I sit here and stare at symbols fol­lowing each other across a blue background and marvel at the very daring of such a mission.  How came “I” to do this?  I cannot comprehend it and I know that the answer is kept just out of my reach and understanding.  I miss Paul today, Father, and I want him to know that I am trying to do my job as he constantly re­minded me—in my own lack of understanding of pur­pose—will the child always lead the parent?  How I wish to have him back to find what he saw that I could not see.  We write on his grave marker, “He could see too far,” and I can now understand at least that much and I missed the diamond for the moment of dis­content which I felt needed the “doing” more than “hearing” and the opportunity is lost forever.  Please do not let me lose again because of failure to SEE.

I sit here and I can feel the earth quiver and tremble—stretched unto the breaking and I wonder how much more she can take of the pulses before she rends apart.  How much more of the pulses can we take before we rend asunder—I think my head will burst—for I feel the time upon us and there is no place to hide and I want it OVER—just let it be over for the waiting is so hard—it is the waiting which seems endless.  I hear voices from another time, another place and those from the room next door and I cannot separate them.  I’ve seen the places prepared for us and they are wondrous—I wonder why man cannot see?  How came it to be that I can see those things and others cannot?  I am blessed but I know not why or how.  I know that I, too, had choices—but why does it seem that there were no other alterna­tives save this one?

I miss Little Crow today—he has kept the Wisdom and still has been human and strong—why can I not be strong and remember always—Wisdom?  He does not always practice in wisdom, how­ever—perfection is so blasted elusive.  If we are to walk this path—why then, can we not “save” another?  Would it not be rather nice?  And yet, how smug of me, I see nothing to save anyone “from”, for they do that which they will in any event so why would “my” way be better than theirs?  I CAN see THAT one—for I do know the end of my journey and the way to get there—most do not and I am sorry for that ignorance for they only have to look and take.

So much for my prattlings.  It seems there is so much and you ones of Your realms are here so much and, yet, I have no “time” or “space” to thank you for the gifts you give to me.  It is hard for one cannot even “speak” for another but how great that we can “feel” for another—might this be the point?  To truly “feel” with the soul must somehow be the point for I find no other.  I further realize, this moment, that I do all this for myself and not magnificently for “others” and I suddenly know that this is the way it must be for there is only the ONE and I have found it.  I think, sir, that I can go back to our work now for I am again “still”.

Thank You for hearing me, Father, for the days seem short and filled with confusion and I understand why ones write to You through me—for in the writing comes the understanding—the very act of putting thoughts into fabric woven into meaning.  I shall look differently at the many letters which flow—for ones simply seek to touch and pen their thoughts and there needs be a re­ceiver-transmitter to share reality.  The greatest gift which is given to me, after all, is the acceptance of that greater Source for which I represent a contact.  May I always see the writings as the gift and love it is—and never a burden for ones share their hearts with You and I can visit in their quiet places and through that I am blessed.  May I never treat it as a burden for it is in Your Hands—not mine.  I can only apologize that my limitations, of necessity, become Yours as well.  Please just let noone judge You as lacking by that which I cannot do for often I believe it to be that way.

Thank You for Your Patience as we grope our way along and lag with our lessons.  Thank You, too, for letting us grow together so that we are not alone for it is not enough to have YOU “there” and us “here” and, yet, it is hard to break the teachings of the eons of time—thank You, Sir, that the soul KNOWS so much more than the facade of physical for therein is the comfort—within in the KNOWING.

I once watched a man speak and he held such intense drive and knowing what he was seeking and his need to achieve.  I re­member saying to self and others present, that “it would be so wonderful to have such a knowing of direction that NOTHING would be worthy of distraction from that cause nor any price too high to pay in service”—how wonderful to have found it!  How wonderful to understand the thrust and drive of a patriot and Godly man such as James Gritz and others who now come into my knowing who will push forward at ALL costs to the physical being or material gain.  I now can understand it and I am grateful for that under­standing because I see ones seeking, so honestly, purpose and it is so hard to stand by and know they can find no help save God through self in the finding

Is it alright, Father—I don’t like most of the lessons!?  I simply do not like almost all of the lessons—but my soul seems to do so—what a strange contradiction of experience.  I believe that life is a total contradiction and someday I would like to spend time on that subject with You, please.  Ah, yes sir, I do see—the contra­dictions are sorted through the wisdom gleaned from the lessons—salu.  Yes, I think I can handle that bit of insight and would You grant me some­day, somewhere—TIME to think upon these things?  Thank You for hearing my petition for my heart was truly weary this day and I thank ones for allowing me to take “their” time for self.  I know that we all ask the same, Father—to not err and to not miss that which we should be do­ing as our portion.  Please, just always let us see our steps that we miss nothing allotted to our attention and responsibility for that which each of us does—touches so many.

I think back to a time sitting with a friend (a stranger then) in Mt. Shasta—by the name of John—who offered so much and “took responsibility” in a situation because he looked at me and said, “I dare not take the chance that this is not most impor­tant.”  I wonder if he remembers and could he ever know how much those few minutes have touched this journey over and over again.  It was an unlikely meeting and yet over the years and only a couple of meetings since—paths have been changed and guidance and protection given and friendship cemented as if in eternal intent.  I have been blessed with many of these guides and some who served as teachers which seemed to have adverse consequences—I wonder which gave the best lessons?  I know which I prefer—I simply wonder which lessons are greater?

I can discern now, Father, for You have taught me well—I blun­der so much less frequently now and the facades cannot stand in the light if they be ill-intended beings within the shrouds.  I re­member Little Crow sitting and seeing more than I would ever see within myself and he knew me not, only just having met some half hour prior—is it always that others can see that which we cannot see for self?  I do see that we must each do our portion or others cannot complete their own.  I don’t think I like that for it seems the re­sponsibility is great indeed.  Please don’t ever allow me to causeanother to fail in his given task because I did not do mine.  I guess we will know when enough is enough and it is fin­ished—but on the other hand, I think that it shall never be finished.

Yes, I see why the ten commandments are only eight in other places of God—because how can one discern the Sabbath for all days should be kept “Holy” and how can we discern when to rest (goof-off)?  If nothing is ever “finished”, only continuing for­ever—then some of those “man-made” COMMANDMENTS won’t cut it for they place one man superior to another in power and control—ah ha, Father, I am learning quite a bit.  I won’t take more time, though, for I know that we have work to be done but I feel ever so much better and when I do have time to “think”, I believe my thoughts will be more mature for the clearing of these minutes to talk.

I would please take a break to attend the babies needing feeding.  May I always remember that it is to be Your Will and not mine so that I do not become distracted.  Aho.

Dharma, it is fine, balance comes from chaos only by the taking of time to regain that which is found only in the attachment with Your Source.  We all benefit from the one taking the time to re­claim strength and harmony—for we must each remember our responsibility to self as well as to others—for after all, we are but one when the chips are gathered—expressing in our myriad directions and perceptions.  Would it not be wondrous to love each aspect of that ONE?  We shall learn—indeed, we SHALL learn.

I salute each measure of growth in my students, chela, so the time is not lost—only the gold molded more finely.  The cup of knowledge can never be filled—but KNOWING can become ALL—so be it and blessed are the ‘seekers’ for they shall be given to ‘finding’ if intent be in Truth.  Salu.