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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton

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REC  #2    HATONN 

WED., JULY 15, 1992   3:59 P.M.   YEAR 5, DAY 334 

WEDNESDAY,  JULY 15,  1992 


This has been a most interesting day, has it not?  Especially for ones around this area.  There are all sorts of the most absurd tales coming back from all directions from sand in the fuel for planes at Edwards requiring dumping, cleaning and refueling (of course the funny thing is that no-one even knew about the fuel situation at Edwards—other resources were named from the Hayward Fault area to Bakersfield).  Sand in the fuel lines from the “earthquake” we are told!  So be it.

But, the one that has me more greatly puzzled is that we have now had a whole flurry of phone calls from radio stations in­quiring about “Hatonn’s Photon Belt”!  We are told that George Green (who ones thought to be Hatonn at any rate because “George always intimated as much”) to “George Green told us it was an exclusive pronouncement and “Hatonn said it would come off right on time.”

I repeat my constant outlay: It is NOT Hatonn’s Photon any­thing.  All information I have given you regarding any pho­ton happening in July, 1992 was THAT IT WOULD BE MAN-CAUSED.  THE PASSAGE THROUGH THE CY­CLED “PHOTON BELT” IS DUE SOMETIME EARLY IN THE NEW CENTURY AND WILL RESULT IN SOME 2000 YEARS OF LIGHT!

George Green is NOT me and I have one arrangement with Greens and America West—to publish as a publisher, our written JOURNALS.  He can promote the JOURNALS any way in which he promotes any other books, I suppose, for he, too, has free-will and is a knowledge­able business person having experi­enced his own encounters with alien craft and has been in­volved within the higher workings of the “Elite” society, UFOlogists of “every kind”, Intelli­gence Services and thus and so.

I am now somehow being blackmailed in a most subtle way about Sananda’s writings and am told that Greens are heavily pushing them and “...lately they are seeming to be totally self-serving to the writer personally”.  I know the games going on—do you suppose the “players” know??

I am not in competition with “other channels”, “other writers” and/or anyone.  Can you not sort Truth from fiction from the tales of fantasy-land of which I am constantly accused of giv­ing forth?

Now, next question: What does this have to do with Dr. Cole­man who is traveling with George at this very minute?  I sup­pose YOU will have to answer that for I have no right to publish such information.  I have a most tedious letter which states the problem most succinctly: The writer asks, “How can you push something which is so bigoted and obviously from a big­oted fa­natic.”  This is to America West so I have no input other than to say that I am NOT Dr. Coleman.  I pushed the book because it is the best and most current volume on the Committee of 300 (Club of Rome, as most often referred to).  I have told you that ALL of the information has been published but this is the best “central” resource available.  America West published the doc­ument as agreed to with Dr. Coleman and our editors read and corrected typographical errors and structured for printing.  This person objects to Dr. Coleman’s damnation of homo­sexuals “who are respected by political and religious conservatives all across the United States.”  Well, I have nothing but compassion for a person who feels love for another of same sex.  I do, how­ever, insist that you must realize it is “homosexual behavior” and “activities” which cause the trouble and those behaviors are no more sanctioned than is any misuse and abused breaking of God’s Laws as given.  If you confuse the two, you err.  One is a physical act of choice—the other is an emotional response to soul.

The other objections are regarding his negation of Freemasonry.  Well, here you have me, too!  I do not speak of the “John Doe” Masonic club participant but the origin of Freemasonry was as evil as it came and the ones at the TOP know exactly what they are doing.  If you don’t think it is a rather interesting “secret” club—be honest—have your closest member-person re­flect on the wording and secret sayings and projections of the secret rituals and swear­ings.  I care not if you wish to play in that game, but do so with your eyes open and not in dream-land.

Also we are pounded, especially John Coleman, about heavy rock music, etc.  You claim that you “are fine” and you “liked that kind of music”.  Are you?  Are your children?  Is every­thing OK in your nation?  Your world?  So be it.  Most of the writers are now objecting on the basis of a seminar advertise­ment given regarding the COMMITTEE OF 300 book by George Green in Palo Alto also to be attended by Dr. Coleman as speaker.  Also, “—the LIBERATOR copy given out seemed interesting but if it is as bigoted we want nothing to do with the mate­rial.”  Oh?  You would judge some sixty volumes by one advertisement?

There is one item to put your mind at rest, however, as I am as upset over THAT advertise­ment as any I have ever seen re­garding our participation.  In the ad I could find nothing of ref­erence to the JOURNALS.  I agree with the majority of ones re­ceiving those ads—I wish to be no part of same.  Salu!

Trouble in the “ranks”?  No, for there are NO ranks.  Would you give up all research of one thing Dell Books publishes be­cause they also publish someone else’s writings?  Do you dis­count Bill Cooper because you have heard of Wendelle Stevens?  I suggest if you are in a quandary about which way to turn and you can’t adjust in balance to Dr. Coleman’s work ac­cording to George Green and America West—then search a little further through the PHOENIX JOURNALS.  And to you who sent “DESIDERATA”: Thank you for I, too, recited it in our first JOURNALS and if ones would take this counsel of the wisdom of the years there would be no need for this information being brought to your attention.  Blessings rest upon you for the shar­ing.


It has further come to my attention that an investigator got in touch with John Coleman and he denounced both America West and called Hatonn: Satan incarnate.  It seems a bit ungracious to so bite the hand which fed and clothed and provided for the need of self and family for lo, these many, many months.  Evil incar­nate?  Why will these accusers do so in anonymity and refuse, then, to even speak with the targeted one in point?

 I can offer you readers nothing more than the admonition to READ and then discern WHO might be spreading disinforma­tion.  If you find ones who speak kindly and with flattery to your face and then denounce and injure from behind, then it is not of my task to attend them.

If your searching is beyond the physical and into the spiritual—I suggest you have insight into the PLEIADES CONNECTIONS, THE RAINBOW MASTERS, etc.  God will be where you are—and the books are filled to overflow WITH WHAT TO DO and A WAY THROUGH, as so succinctly stated by one searcher.  I can only “offer” but I would petition you to look fur­ther within the writings before you cast them aside for just perchance they are most valuable indeed!

I, too, would like things in perfection without changing any per­ceptions or entrained ideas—a bit of blood to absolve me of all responsibility for errors done—but alas, beloved ones, there is no magic cure and no journey into Truth and Light without ventur­ing into knowledge through open minded consideration of possi­bilities.  Most especially you ones who “lead” others—I do not believe you want a closed-minded negation of information on your conscience when, as you look about you, there is ample “signing” that the time is at hand for great and wondrous changes and evolvement.  What loss have ye if ye look?


Could YOU repeat in total accuracy some 75 to 80 books?  How about 300 newspapers in weekly editions?  Please be a bit more kind to George Green for he is doing that which he can to bring you a bit of insight.  Could it be that he has been badly USED by ones whom he trusted and served in all possible ways to ease physical problems?  Can you not read a book for the VALUE OF THE INFORMATION and put aside personal perceptions??  Truth is Truth is Truth and will stand on its own into infinity—can you not be discerning enough to weed the thistles from the grain?  Do you JUDGE GOD by what Rev. Jesse Jackson says about HIM?  How about Robert Schuller?  How about Ramtha?  How about Henry Kissinger?  Maybe you like Steven King’s version of life on the Lighted side?  GOD IS TRUTH AND LIGHT, STUDENTS OF LIFE—AND WILL STAND THE TEST OF INFINITY FOR THE ONLY FEET OF CLAY ARE THOSE REFLECTED IN YOUR MIRROR PROJECTION!  I am in hopes that you ones will reflect on these thoughts most carefully before tossing them into the garbage for perhaps you throw away THE PEARL OF GREAT WISDOM.

Dharma, let us add herein the “Supplement” sent by our sharing friend on the subject and his­tory of the Sumarians.  I believe that this friend and Nora would form a great bond in common interest and friendship—please share contact information for they both have excellence in re­search ability.  We honor privacy so we shall not print it herein. 





The New Testament, the account of the Life of Christ, His teachings and the foundation of His Ecclesia superseded all that was previously recorded.

The Old Testament was compiled by the leaders of the He­brew tribe and begun a few cen­turies before Christ’s appearance as accepted.  It was gradually added to and built up.  When the Hebrews overcame the Sumarians and discovered the amazing civilization and the religion of the Sumarians they rewrote their Old Testament to conform to the Sumarian religion at­tributing all revelation contained therein to themselves as having been given to them.  Actually they substituted themselves in place of the Sumarians.  However, it was necessary to rearrange the events of their own short history to conform to that of the Sumarians.  In so doing discrep­ancies and vague language ap­pears in the Old Testament.

In the course of time as their history developed more books were added and the order of the books was changed.  The story of Exodus was placed second after Genesis and was a com­plete fabrication.  The purpose of the book was the building up of the Hebrew pride in their own race.  The Hebrews recognized the superiority of the Sumarians and other races.  The way to over­come this difference between themselves and others was to claim direct contact with the Supreme Being. 

The Hebrew history did include their sojourn in Egypt which had been evidence of the charity of the Pharaoh who permitted them a refuge in Egypt.  Their stay in Egypt was marked by a growing discontent of the native Egyptians because of the ob­noxious and arrogant behav­ior of the Hebrew people.  Finally Pharaoh expelled them from his kingdom.  When Moses led the people out of Egypt it was an exodus demanded by the Egyp­tians.  They left Egypt with stolen property—jewels and fine raiment.  In the account they give in their book Exodus they boast of their theft as one recommended by God Himself be­cause they were of mankind His chosen people.  Pharaoh did pursue the Hebrews after they left Egypt in order to recover the jewels and rare raiment they had stolen.  These Pharaoh re­covered and returned to Egypt.

The author, Jacob Elon Connor, of CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW, tells of the discovery of the tomb of this Pharaoh with his mummified body reposing therein.  No publicity was given this event that is not known to the world.

Many books of the Old Testament with their beautiful max­ims were taken in their entirety from the Sumarian religious writings.  The history of the Hebrew religion subsequently in­cluded in the Bible as we know it today was made part of the Christian Bible solely because of the beauty of these Sumarian writings such as the book of Ecclesiasticus and especially the Psalms, all Sumarian, and most of all because of the Prophecies concerning Christ’s coming or, as the Hebrew religion called it, the coming of the Messiah, which they still expect as a future event for them.

The history of Christianity then had its beginning in the lost civilization of the Sumarians and their origin of Christianity is now brought to light by God Himself at this critical point in time to expose the duplicity of the so-called self-styled “Jewish” race (which is not a “race”) who have foisted on the people of the world several major deceptions—hoaxes—to gain their consuming ambition to rule the world and make all nations subject to them.  The hoax of the Old Testament is the major hoax, that Christ was of their own race was another, and now in this century the extraordinarily successful hoax of the Holocaust in the Second World War is another major hoax causing the continuing sup­pression of the truth of their centuries of deceit.

The New Testament has also been tampered with.  The birth of Christ predicted in the Prophecies to take place in Bethlehem was not brought about at the time of census of the fam­ily of David.  David was not the ancestor of Esu Immanuel (Jesus) through His Mother or by adoption through Joseph.  These are untruths introduced into the account of His birth to make His de­scent from David an absolute fact to establish that He was of the “Jewish” race.  His Mother Mary was of Sumarian origin and could not have been “Jewish”.  The Evangelist writ­ers gave a lineage for Mary that is presumed since there was no record to substantiate it.

The Council of Nicea separated the books of the Bible, dis­carding books that were obvi­ously false.  They retained all the books that were considered genuine including all books con­taining the prophecies of Christ’s coming.  The Council of Nicea had accepted the authen­ticity of the “Jewish” Old Testa­ment.  False statements could have been made part of these prophecies.  These prophecies can now be read in their original context in the Sumarian writ­ings. 

Why, we ask, does God permit such a tremendous contradic­tion of the truth to become successful for two thousand years?  We cannot answer this question except to say that God is infinite in His Wisdom and His decisions to allow evident lies and evil conditions to prevail and grow over centuries upon centuries can only be understood if we realize that time is an el­ement confined to planet earth.  God surveys the whole history of earthly time and brings all things together into good over the whole range of human history.

June 30, 1992  M. O’L.

Books by L.A. Waddall, A.B. PhD; for reference:








* * *

In view of these texts I want you to ponder that which you con­tinually thrust upon me for in­terpretation: THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS which reside with the Israelis.  I ask you: What do YOU think about them and the possibilities involved with their not being allowed to be brought into public notice EX­CEPT AS ALREADY TRANSLATED AND WITH NOTH­ING AGAINST WHICH TO EVALUATE AUTHENTICITY OF TRANSLATION.  SEEMS A BIT TOO SUSPICIOUS TO ME—BUT WHO KNOWS?!

Let us now return to the original subject within “The Divine Plan” and at this time I am uti­lizing Sitchin’s projections for they are valid indeed.  Please, readers, get his material for you need this kind of information as given in GENESIS REVIS­ITED.  I have no input at this time on other of his works nor on ALL subject material in the book in point.


In addition to priorly mentioned findings of the Apollo is an­other which also stands in the way of accepting the coaccretion theory.  The Moon’s surface as well as its mineral content sug­gest a “magma ocean” created by partial melting of the Moon’s interior.  For that, a source of heat great enough to melt the magma is called for.  Such heat can result only from cataclysmic or catastrophic event; in the coaccretion scenario no such heat is produced.  How then can one explain the magma ocean and other evidence on the Moon of a cataclysmic heating?

[H: Now for you who proclaim loudly that “Hatonn only uses information already known!”  Indeed, for we write “journals”—then you can go get your confirmation.  I am sent to carry out a mission—not do all your homework when able men with integrity and purpose have done a superb job.  But how many of you would KNOW this wondrous in­formation if I told you not?  I come in competition with no one for I have no interest in your material planet whatso­ever, except as it regards my mission which is of spiritual in­volvement.  But you don’t know your spiritual status now or ever—you have forgotten as a species and civilization what you were and ARE.  The material is being sent forth for God’s people so that they might heed the trumpet call.  What the remainder of you enti­ties do, who wish not my en­croachment upon selves—thank you for not participating.]

The need for a birth of the Moon with the right amount of an­gular momentum and a cata­clysmic, heat-producing event led to a post-Apollo program hypothesis that has been dubbed the Big Whack Theory.  It developed from the suggestion by William Hartmann, a geochemist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, and his colleague Donald R. Davis in 1975 that collisions and impacts played a role in the creation of the Moon (“Satellite-sized Planetesimals and Lunar Origin,” Icaris, vol 24).  According to their calculations, the rate at which plan­ets were bombarded by small and large asteroids during the late stages of the plan­ets’ formation was much higher than at pre­sent; some of the asteroids were big enough to de­liver a blow that could chip off parts of the planet they hit; in Earth’s case, the blown-off chunk became the Moon.

Well, Hatonn simply requests that you get the book in point and read it for selves for I have no interest in collision theories, etc.  I am only interested in the Sumarian projection of truth in the matter and thus you have to go back to Sumarian cosmogony for the answer regarding that “old moon”.

The first help it offers modern science is its assertion that the Moon originated not as a satellite of Earth but of the much larger Tiamat.  Then—millennia before Western civilization had dis­covered the swarms of moons encircling Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune—the Sumarians ascribed to Tiamat beyond Mars, which would qualify her as an outer planet; and the “celestial horde” was acquired by her no differently than by the other outer planets.

When the scientific theories are compared with Sumarian cos­mogony, it is found that not only modern scientists have come around to accepting the same ideas found in the Sumarian body of knowledge but are even using terminology that mimics the Sumarian texts.

Just as the latest modern theories do, the Sumarian cosmogony also describes the scene as that of an early, unstable Solar Sys­tem where planetesimals and emerging gravitational forces dis­turb the planetary balance and, sometimes, cause moons to grow disproportionately.

You have had a scientist, George Wetherill, who updated his calculations of multicollisions, in 1985.  The terms used by this scientist and those of the Sumarian texts are amazingly similar as presented in the Enuma elish.  He speaks of “lots of brothers and sisters” moving about, colliding with each other, affecting each other’s orbits and very existence.  The ancient text speaks of “divine brothers” who “disturbed”, “troubled”, “surged back and forth” in the heav­ens in the very zone where Tiamat was, near her “belly”.  He uses the expression “battle royal” to de­scribe the conflict between these “brothers and sisters”.  The Sumarian narrative uses the very same word—”battle”—to de­scribe what happened, and recorded for all time the events of Genesis as the Celestial Battle.

You can read in the ancient texts that as the celestial distur­bances increased, Tiamat brought forth her own “host” with which “to do battle” with the celestial “brothers” who were en­croaching on her:

She has set up an Assembly

and is furious with rage....

Withal, eleven of this kind she brought forth....


They thronged and marched at the side of Tiamat;

Enraged, they plot ceaselessly day and night.

They are set for combat, fuming and raging;

They have assembled, prepared for conflict.

Just as modern astronomers are troubled by the disproportion­ately large size of the Moon, so were the authors of the Enuma elish.  Putting words in the mouths of the other planets, they point to the expanding size and disturbing mass of “Kingu” as their chief complaint.

According to this ancient cosmogony, one of the eleven moons of Tiamat did grow to an un­usual size because of the ongoing perturbations and chaotic conditions in the newly formed Solar System.  How the creation of this monstrous moon affected these conditions is regret­tably not clear from the ancient text; the enigmatic verses, with some of the original words subject to different readings and translations, seem to say that making Kingu “exalted” resulted in “making the fire subside”, or “quieting the fire-god” and humbling/vanquishing the “Power-weapon which is so potent in its sweep”.  This would have something to do with the perceived “pull” of gravity

It turned out, so the story goes, that it was the “sin” of Tiamat, her giving Kingu his own or­bital “destiny”, that enraged the other planets to the point of “calling in” Nibiru/Marduk to put an end to Tiamat and her out-of-line consort.  In the ensuing Celestial Battle, as described ear­lier, Tiamat was split in two: one half was shattered; the other half, accompanied by Kingu, was thrust into a new orbit to become the Earth and its Moon.

Well, good old Kingu was reduced to the status of a mere satel­lite, deprived of orbital mo­mentum.  The Sumarian observation that Nibiru/Marduk made Kingu “shrink” refers to its re­duction in “rank” and importance—not size.

The Sumarians asserted that Kingu was turned into a DUG.GA.E is intriguing.  It means “pot of lead”.  Apollo dis­coveries suggest that the Sumarian term was not just figurative but was literally and scientifically correct.

Ah, but there remains much unanswered as to your “Moon” such as “why” its crust is so un­usually rich in radioactive ele­ments such as uranium.  There is also evidence of the existence of extinct radon.  These elements decay and become lead at ei­ther final or intermediary stages of the radioactive-decay pro­cess.  This product is also utilized in alchemy of “gold” by ex­traterrestrial travelers.  Gold is the metal of choice for circuitry.  It is now obvious that that “old Man in the Moon” was a witness to creation of your planet—to “Genesis”.

I would like to end this segment by reprinting a presentation called In the Astronauts’ Own Words:

Feeling changes of “almost a spiritual nature” in their views of themselves, of other hu­mans, and of the possibility of intelli­gent life existing beyond Earth have been reported by al­most all the American astronauts.

Gordon Cooper, who piloted Mercury 9 in 1963 and co-pi­loted Gemini 5 in 1965, returned with the belief that “intelligent, extraterrestrial life has visited Earth in ages past” and became interested in archaeology.  Edward G. Gibson, a scientist aboard Skylab 3 (1974), said that or­biting the Earth for days “makes you speculate a little more about life existing elsewhere in the universe.”

Especially moved were the astronauts of the Apollo missions to the Moon.  “Something happens to you out there,” stated Apollo 14 astronaut Ed Mitchell.  Jim Irwin (Apollo 15) was “deeply moved...and felt the presence of God.”  His comrade on the mission, Al Worden, speaking on the twentieth anniver­sary of the first landing on the Moon on a TV program (“The Other Side of the Moon” produced by Michael G. Lemle) com­pared the lunar module that was used to land on and take off vertically from the moon to the spaceship described in Ezekiel’s vision.

“In my mind,” said Al Worden, “the universe has to be cyclic; in one galaxy there is a planet becoming unlivable and in another part or a different galaxy there is a planet that is per­fect for habitation, and I see some intelligent being, like us, skipping around from planet to planet, as South Pacific Indians do on is­lands, to continue the species.  I think that’s what the space pro­gram is all about....  I think we may be a combination of crea­tures that were living here on Earth some time in the past, and had a visitation by beings from somewhere else in the universe; and those two species getting together and having progeny....  In fact, a very small group of explorers could land on a planet and create successors to themselves who would eventually take up the pursuit of inhabiting the rest of the universe.”

And Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) expressed the belief that “one of these days, through tele­scopes that may be in orbit, like the Hubble telescope, or other technical breakthroughs, we may learn that indeed we are not alone in this marvelous universe.”

May I simply leave you now with these thoughts to ponder.  Thank you.    Salu