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Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton

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REC  #1    HATONN 

TUE., JULY 7, 1992   9:12 A.M.   YEAR 5, DAY 326 

TUESDAY,  JULY 7,  1992 


Thank you for your response to the radio stations and hosts for their recent daring interviews.  THIS is the way you “fight” the system—my making SURE the ones who are willing to risk and speak out—remain able to do so.  I salute them for service be­yond that which most are willing to do for brother and nation.


To you who perceive and are now spreading the rumors that George Green moved from Cali­fornia to Nevada because of his “Intelligence Service” affiliations—NO, NO AND NO!  Of course I know that George has attachments to the Intelligence community—if I were so ill-in­formed and stupid, I doubt that even George would serve with me.  He was attached to Naval Intelligence and did, in fact, cross “them”.  How better can a man find the truth of it than ex­periencing the incredible garbage that goes on?  Further, as he has become more involved with our service he has a great badge of courage due him for the ones who claimed friendship and “intelligence” brotherhood—DO NOT LIKE HIM.  He represents some sort of “traitor” to the Elite cause and inner-group of information, disinformation and misinformation feed-lines.

For his protection, however, we bring separation in some areas of our endeavors to allow him to “build” in other areas than locked into our focus of the WORD.  You ones need to become more insightful to another’s needs and offerings.  What may start out, even, as a “lark” or a curiosity—rarely remains one when truth of circumstances comes full-blown.  By the way—once TOUCHED by the brotherhood and visited by same with visible vehicles (craft) the in­credible becomes very, very credi­ble and we have several in a state of consternation—right in our midst.  Over the years we have made sure of visitation to ones who would later serve—or work in our company and the facts are understood before the journey is too far along.

It is a wise man who hears the voice of wisdom and in spite of hardship, makes changes ac­cording to that wisdom rather than simply “wait” hoping the negative aspects will simply “go away”.

Do you not believe that many ones come and go through our company herein with intent to pull us down and destroy?  Most only gain respect for us and realize we harbor no vengeance nor intent to interfere.  They know we have agreements with the Elite to allow for our mission and yet, there are those who over­ride their own Elite masters to effort to destroy our work and our very beings.  Ones are wise and diligent to leave that which is great to move to that which is even greater—and to do so without ability to see the ending of the pathway save for goals and expectation of attaining same.

If it seems you do not hear George as much as you “did”, it is that he is away—in the Islands (Hawaii) along with Dr. Cole­man, giving gatherings, supporting us, the WORD and Col. Gritz.  Dr. Coleman continues his overview of the Committee of 300 so that the line of power is revealed as clearly as possible.  Are their “truths” greater than that of another?  No, for all truth in the matters of actual workings of human and nations—is al­ready “great”.  Moreover, they only speak that which others have uncovered and they be but among the many now, who go forth to share it with you-the-people instead of lying in the lux­ury of security of passage.

Yes, you do ask me about “getting out of the intelligence ser­vices” and I can only tell you that it is very difficult to do so—ALIVE.  If you think it matters to me that ones have served the adversary, I must remind you that the Intelligence Services were those groups most praised and honored for their work—this is WHY it was so desirable for the adversary to gain control over their actions.  If you are to grow up through the ranks and into the Light—you need to know the workings and how better than to have been “one of them”?  Further, if ones demand to know ALL in the instance of “another”, you err for you are simply curious and your curiosity and my lack of discretion can cost another his very life.  I shall not stoop to consideration of such.  You CAN continue to ask—I shall continue to decline response.  Had it not been for George Green and his daring—there WOULD BE ONLY A VERY FEW JOURNALS PUB­LISHED AND NO PAPER FOR OUR ONES COULD NOT DO IT ALONE.  Nothing has changed in the move of separation of people in proximity—there must be work in the state wherein our business functions for IT IS the security of our work and of the people involved.  Ones in the public have brought lawsuits against America West which will probably cause total loss of that publishing company for the impounding of books is but one facet of the loss.  There was never intent to “make money” from THE WORD as presented.  It has all been ex­pense with no re­turn of profit.  I trust that when ones achieve “getting” the com­pany, they also enjoy the debt against it.  When George and De­siree’ relocated they did so without benefit of the JOURNALS under impounding and ban.  They gave the entire lot to others to do with what they chose and regardless of outcome of hearings and court battle—will not reprint the books at America West.  This is to protect all other authors whose magnificently impor­tant works will not be in any kind of jeopardy.  For this we thank, sincerely and gratefully, the ones who press such non­sense upon you-the-public as to so dishonor a man of greatness who gave ALL to serve his fellow-man, to literally bring court action to keep the Truth and Word of God through that Man (long after his passing) from MAN.  THE WORD OF GOD SHALL NOT BE STOPPED—BY THOSE OR ANY OTHER!  Ones have different purposes and our mission is massive that each must go forth and do that which is necessary, without thought to “preference” and so are they among the most blessed for they ask not for self.

No-one in this place expects ease of passage and they certainly have NOT received it—but the challenges are exactly THAT—challenges!  We have been most careful in our structuring of our work—careful indeed!

Don’t concern yourselves too much with who a man IS or what he WAS—for a contract is only that which is between God and individual.  Even a most tiny “little gray” robotoid, when touched by the breath of life, is transformed.  We must work WITHIN this system created and how else can you accomplish gain without working arm in arm with that which IS PRE­SENTED UNTO YOU?  This is a primary lesson—you cannot win THIS battle on a physical battlefield—it shall be won through the hearts and intentions of MAN.


Nay—there is no “new” news.  Only the “old” re-presented.  All ones spend their current days pondering on future days and ex­pected or unexpected things which may or may not happen.  You perceive the earthquakes are all off now?  Ask the ones in the places stricken—they will assure you that, as of this 24-hour period, the aftershocks in damaging magnitude are still CON­STANT.  YOU SIMPLY DO NOT GET ANY “NEWS”.  When a woman is given cov­erage for a full two days because she donates her “eggs” because she is Jewish and is getting “...even with Hitler by producing more and more Jews”—your world is sick!!  Your nation is collapsing and THIS kind of garbage takes hours of time on the broadcasts while “news” is hidden and squelched.  A tidal wave at Daytona Beach and two nuclear power plant accidents (Penn. and Neb.) on the same day (4th of July, yet) don’t even make honorable mention—but a woman’s “eggs” FOR REVENGE in an overpopulated, starving world gets two full days of coverage on the half-hour, every half-hour on two channels and all network news—there is SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR VALUE SYSTEM!


May I answer clearly and succinctly: I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR ELITE PLAN TO DO ABOUT THE PHOTON-NULL TIME.  They cannot produce the “photon belt” after the null-time so if OTHER things in planning cannot be perfected during the “down-time” there is hardly any point in the exercise—until they are better prepared.

As to revelations of a time of “passage” I can only offer you—again—another outlay of that which will inevitably come as surely as the cosmic presence of cycles.

A precious reader of the paper has sent me something she has held closely for over a decade and now sends it for the sharing with ALL.  This is from Grace P. in Oklahoma and I thank her for the confirmation and sharing.  New information?  No, as old as creation itself!




This gifted message has been circulated among various groups and individuals and purports to be directly from The Christ.  It was received by a messenger.  We fully realize it is of a controversial nature and present it because so many have expressed interest in material re­garding “THE END TIMES”, specifically “THE DAYS OF DARKNESS” so many have pre­dicted and which is discussed in the Bible.

This is thy Lord, Jesus Christ.  I have spoken of three phases of cleansing.  The first is the three days of darkness; the second is the Seven Year Famine; and the third is the Battle of Ar­mageddon, at which time the Children of God will not be on the earth, but will have been evacuated.

There have been cleansings in which there were three days of darkness in the time of Noah; and in the time of the flight of the Children of Israel out of Egypt; and in the time of Enoch; and in the time of Abraham.  When Abraham was, the earth had ex­isted twenty-six hundred years, but there was no written history.  The history of earth is written in God’s Book of Life, where those who can go to the Akashic Records can read it.  Atlantis was at the time of Enoch.  Lemuria was at the time of the flight of the Children of Israel out of Egyp

When ye see this writing, the time will be short before the beginning of the first cleansing.  When the three days of dark­ness begin, it is well to think only thoughts of love and kindness to all that cross your mind.  This will alleviate the pressure of unforgiven feelings.  THOSE WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO COPE WITH THE HEARING OF THESE EVENTS ARE NOT YET RIGHT IN THEIR LOVE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.  When a person knows God is in charge of all things at all times, they can cope with anything God plans for them or the earth.  They may be somewhat frightened, but will receive com­fort and guidance by looking to God.


When the first cleansing begins, it will be on a clear day, in the middle of the day.  The sun will fade away and the darkness will begin to come over the land.  There will be several hours before total darkness will be on all sides.  This will be time for all enlightened to bring home their family, put water and food out for their animals and birds and obtain supplies of food which does not need to be prepared and clean drinking water where it can be reached in the dark.  Have warm clothing and bedding to remain wrapped in for the duration of the dark­ness, which will last some three days.  By the third night stars will again be seen in the heav­ens.  The fourth day the sun will shine again.  During these three days of utter darkness, it is necessary that those in the houses do not look outside.  It is necessary that they cover their windows with heavy covers which keep out the cold and keep the warmth inside. 

The light that can be used for a short period of time has to be a battery operated light.  No fires or open flame light is to be used in the first three days.  This will use up oxygen which is al­ready low in the atmosphere of the earth.  Those who have res­piratory problems will have a difficult time surviving.  It is well if the door not be opened to anyone or for any reason.  Af­ter the first three days, candles may still not be used for two more days; then ye can use any light or heat ye wish.  Electricity may be re-established in a matter of time after the sun shines again.  You can use whatever light or heat ye wish after the first three days, but are required to stay inside your homes another eleven days without opening the doors or looking out the windows.  This is to know only that which is within thy house.  The mem­ory of the outside would not be easily removed.

[H: Let me comment at this point that the above cannot be the same as passage through a null-time as presented upon entering the photon band—for the assumption is that batter­ies would work and there must be the consideration that “something” has happened which has consumed free oxygen from the atmosphere.  It further “requires” that there be damaging rays of some kind in the atmosphere from which the being needs protection by remaining inside for protec­tion.  It is not mine to comment further so let us continue in the quoting.]

The commodes should flush the entire time.  The freezers will be off during the time the electricity is off.  Food could be spoiled; test before eating.  Not all those who are outside of God’s care will leave the body.  Some will live through it through sheer perseverance on their part—the will to live.  This terrible thing MUST happen because the people have hardened their hearts.  At the close of each age a cleansing is necessary.  We are in the transitional pe­riod between the Piscean Age and the incoming Aquarian Age (age of LIGHT). 

Those who will keep their animals inside to protect them will suffer the consequence of disobedience.  God is not mocked.  There is reason for what He asks of the people of the earth who have gone far astray from His Laws.  The animals are cared for by My Beings, who are on earth for this reason.  None will die.  The cleansing is not for the animals or for little chil­dren.  The children who are left on earth without their parents are in God’s care.  The Angels will care for and comfort the little ones.  There will very quickly be found loving homes for them.  The parents with little ones need not worry how they will be cared for.  God’s plan is complete.

After the three days of darkness are past, stay inside for an­other eleven days.  This is to re-establish the atmosphere on the earth and give the Space Brothers sufficient time to take the de­bris the destruction has caused and to remove the bodies of those who are no longer living.  When the people come out of their houses on the fourteenth day, they will see no signs of the terri­ble things that happened.  These will have been through a cleansing in their terrible expe­rience and will now accept God into their lives.


When the sun shines on the fourth day, those who are yet alive need thank God.  It is not better to be dead than alive when God is carrying out a cleansing plan on the earth.  When they are yet alive, they have yet an opportunity to establish a closer walk with God which will assure them a safer place in God’s kingdom.  By safer, I mean an area where God’s Laws are yet obeyed.  After the three days of darkness and before the battle of Armageddon, is a time when the people will wish to learn how to obey that which God has said they can do as the Lord Je­sus Christ is able to do.  When the aftermath of this terrible de­struction is past, the world will then be in a famine for seven years.  During these seven years the church and the school will be established with the help of Angelic guidance.  In the time given for this activ­ity, these lessons will be learned sufficiently that those who come back to earth will bring back the knowl­edge and the talents which they took with them.



After that will follow the Battle of Armageddon.  Those who are in God’s care are not on earth during this particular time.  They will have been taken up with me into a beautiful and peaceful area where they will stay until the aftermath of the last battle on earth is cleared away.  Then chosen ones will be re­turned to earth the same way they were taken.  This will be done by our Space Brothers and their spaceships.  One phase will go directly into the next.  The Children of God will not be brought back until the debris of all the cleansing is cleared away and the earth is fresh and clean.  The Children of God will have been in a state of Heaven and will have forgotten happenings on the earth.  They will be taken with their bodies and brought back with their bodies.  Nothing at all will be left on earth as was.  Some things of this civilization will be found hundreds of years from now or even thousands and will be called “artifacts of the lost civilization of Earth.”

When the Children of God are again returned to Earth, they will be beamed back asleep and will awaken on earth in an area close to where they were when they were taken up.  They will not remember it but many will feel comfortable with their atmo­sphere, as if they had been there before.  They will arrive in comfortable weather and will have nothing with them except some tools which the Space Brothers will leave with each adult.  With these tools they will slowly begin to carve out a pattern for life.  They will begin to plant seeds which will be left with them.  They will carve dishes out of wood.  They will build fires to keep warm and to cook food.  They will find vegetables and fruit growing and seeds and nuts and things which grew in the area when they were taken away.  It will be much like the Garden of Eden.

The Children will have Angels and Space Brothers with them on earth to help them build homes; establish the various systems such as government, financial, education and the system in which people are made well, when something affects them ad­versely.  This will not be a medical system in which Doctors use chemicals and other harmful procedures for which they can charge exorbitant prices from the already impoverished patient or the patient’s family.  This healing system is called ‘The Well-Making by Mental Power’.  Each person will learn how to apply his own mental powers to all phases of his life.  When a person is too ill to ac­complish this, there will be practitioners who will help the patient to heal himself by directing the patient’s thought

My thoughts will be picked up by all when I am giving them guidance and comfort.  This they will have learned in the in­terim between the time they were taken and the time they are brought back.  When the Children of God are brought back they are no longer called by the name they had when they were taken.  They will have forgotten.  In time they will think of something to call each other.  They cannot read or write.  The schools must teach this very soon.  The Angels will teach the Teachers and build places to learn in.


There will be animals of other kinds; some were on earth be­fore.  There will be no vicious animals.  All animals will love each other as people do.

The only supplies people will have will be those they can find around them.  They will soon learn to make clothes to cover them up and to keep them warm on cold nights.  They will come back with the clothes they had on when they were taken.  The weather will not be cold for sometime—that is, until the people have learned to make clothes and bedding for them­selves to protect them against the elements.  Their God would not bring bad things upon them without giving them a way to protect themselves.  The Angels will have similar flesh bodies as they did at the time the Sons of God were upon the earth and found the daughters of men very fair and loved them and had children with them.  There will be children born of these attrac­tions, who will be normal children.  The fathers will disappear, one after another, when their work is done.  The mothers of the children will know their husband was a Son of God and would be leaving again.  They will raise the children with love and loving memo­ries of their fathers.  The children will be the same in all ways as are the children on earth.

To get this beautiful Garden of Eden with God and the An­gels, one must NOW give his or her heart to God to be forgiven and guided by God into a life of service to God. 

Those returning will be much wiser and purer in mind and body.  They are then given a piece of ground and tools to make their living and to learn to survive with the help of the An­gels which God is sending with them to guide, guard, protect, com­fort and supply their needs.

The tools and other equipment are not of the earth kind.  This is the Age when God is rul­ing in the hearts and lives of those on earth.  They will live closely with their Angels.  The Angels will be protectors and companions to them.  The people will have learned to communi­cate with God and with the Angels as­signed to them by their Lord, Jesus Christ.  The Angels are an ever present help in all things. 

Those who return to earth will have no recall of their families or homes.  The healing work will have been done in them while they were in the area where they awaited return to earth.  Peo­ple of all ages will return.  Those who have family with them will stay with their kinfolk though they will not know they are kin.  This will keep family love and ties between them.  Those who are without family will be grouped in a way that they can soon become family.  Their Angels will be a great help in this area.  The Angels will express much love to them and create a feeling of togetherness by a bond.


Space Beings are highly evolved beings of great Light who operate Space vehicles to do the work which God requires in all areas of the Universe.  They are involved with this very im­portant work on earth.  They live in their vehicles when they are not based doing clean-up work.  They wear uniforms which re­semble those of an army.  The uniforms are not clothing; they are of a substance which is formed over the wearers.  The Space Brothers do not have names except when they are assigned to a person or a group who can communicate with them.  The name is relinquished when their work with that person or group is finished.  The name is given to them by God and usually denotes a status.  The Spaceships also have names at that time.

The time is now when those who have the Light of under­standing need to heed this mes­sage and prepare the best they can.  Where there is not enough money because of the economy to buy that which they need and their heart is with God, they can count on their Angels pro­viding that which they need.  They will find they need less than they think.  Their Angels have many ways to bring necessary things to them.  In the wilderness the Children of Israel were given quail when the Children were tired of Spiritual food and were complaining loudly to God.  [H: Pretty hard on the quail in exchange for quarreling, com­plaining and “being tired of”.  You must be discerning at ev­ery turn of the thought patterns, chelas.]  Spiri­tual food is fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, honey and grains.  [H: This cannot be factual for “spiritual” indicates “things of spirit” which has no physical substance and therefore cannot be classified as something within only physical definition.]  There was plenty of that for them.  Before they left Egypt they were eating meat and they THOUGHT they needed meat to have strength to travel.  They DID NOT need meat, but God gave it to them because they THOUGHT they needed it.  Meat-eating is against God’s Laws for man.  [H: Who said??]  In the coming age, God will re-establish this battered law.  There will be no eating of the flesh of any of His animal kingdom; neither will their skins be used as clothing for man.  This was never the intent of God’s animal kingdom.  God has permitted it to be un­til this time because man learned to depend on animal flesh when Noah and his family came off the ark and found no food.

Then God said, “Take an animal and kill it and stay alive”.  Since that time, man has en­joyed eating the flesh of God’s ani­mals, but the time is now when God will reclaim His ani­mals as He is reclaiming His souls.  God is staging a final campaign to give the souls who have free will, the choice to come.  If the animals had a choice, they would choose not to be slaughtered and eaten by man.  They also have intelligence and feelings and emotions as does man.  [H: No, “not AS man”.  Points are mixed up herein and, further, if God told Noah to kill of an animal—what would have happened to the species of animal utilized?  If God could produce floods of such magnitude and cause such incredible planning before hand—and supply Quail to the Israelites—could he not also feed these hungry beings?]

With this message which is given by Me, thy Lord, Jesus Christ, THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Those who have given their hearts and lives to God are in God’s care and are surrounded by His Angels.  Only those who are yet outside of God’s care have a great worry. 


* * * 


Ah, the lessons get harder to discern, do they not?  Well, this came through a “channel” call­ing herself “Anna”, the prophet­ess, WHO CONSIDERS HERSELF a messenger of God.

“So, what is different from Dharma?”, you might well ask.  In the first place Dharma neither considers herself to be, nor is she—a prophet(ess) nor a messenger nor anything other than a translator if I speak and a typist if I dictate for writing.  I am the messenger—she but the in­strument.

Next, I would consider the resource who pronounces himself to be the Lord, “Jesus” Christ.  There are all sorts of ways to identify and The Christ would not identify himself by such a secular label which automatically excludes all beings who are Christ-beings but are not affili­ated in a spiritual link with “Jesus”—whose name was not Jesus!

Is the information valid??  This is for your own discernment for I have no right to pronounce my opinion upon your senses.  You must look at each and every statement as to valid merit within that which are the laws of God, the Cycles of Universal “Natural Law” and the intelli­gent reason of the gift of gifts—God’s allowance of choices and intelligence.  You are created with this innate “knowing”—what says your inner guidance about this message?

I do ask that you ponder the portion that says: “The time is now when those who have the Light of understanding need to heed this message and prepare the best they can.  Where there is not enough money because of the economy to buy that which they need and their heart is with God, they can count on their Angels providing that which they need.  I would, further, look very, very carefully at the paragraph preceding this one in point, re­garding Space Beings.  We form “a substance which is formed over the wearers?”???  We do not have names except when as­signed to a person or a group who can communicate with them??  “The name is given to them by God and usually denotes a status”??  I have little comment on the remainder of the docu­ment—but this portion is pure hog-wash and I doubt the Master Teacher of the Ages, The Christ perfection, would establish such nonsense.

Could these presentations be errors in data translation?  Yes!  But are they?  You see, chelas, you must look carefully with discernment for Truth can always be found within the statements and then “judgement” must be made on the facts presented—NOT THE PERSON IN­VOLVED.  How about the part that says: “The Angels will have similar flesh bodies as they did at the time the Sons of God were upon the earth and found the daughters of men very fair and loved them and had children with them.”  Angels?  Bodies?  “....found them fair and loved them.....”  Could that mean what it sounds like it means??  An­gels bedding “fair” daughters?  Where were the men and sons??  What were Angels doing in human form having sex with hu­mans?  The two are absolutely opposite ends of the definition chain.

“Those returning will be much wiser and purer in mind and body”.  Well, not if they hop in bed and procreate in the manner stated above!  Seems to me you would have the same dreary scenario starting all over again in a different time and a different place—and ah ha—there is NO time and NO space!  And what of those dastardly Angels?  They simply take off and leave the mothers to tend the children but, “The fathers will disappear, one after another, when their work is done.”  Where are the human men??  Still missing!!  Does this sound like a logical so­lution to the ills of MAN from a loving ALL-KNOWING IN­FINITE CREATOR?  Well, to each his own, I suppose.

But now for the POINT of sending me the writing in the first place: WILL THERE BE A PE­RIOD OF DARKNESS AND/OR A PERIOD OF BRILLIANT LIGHT??  YES—BOTH!  Moreover, the instructions are not too bad as a plan for prepa­ration.  I would not, however, expect Space Brothers to do all your dirty work FOR you.  I suggest you continue to seek in­ner guidance and knowledge—in reason and balanced logic—for God does not give you “La-la-land” magic fixes.  Portions are cor­rect—the majority of the information is NOT but the lessons are wondrous.

I must leave this at this point for I am called elsewhere and “life goes on” while we are mak­ing “other plans” and matters must be attended when presented.  We are all growing, precious ones, WE ARE ALL GROWING!  In your growth in discern­ment, I am pleased and grateful for, as a teacher, it is important that I give only that which allows the student to thrive and be­come wise and tempered by experience—not led down the path of primrose bowers which block the view of that which IS.  In­deed, I am well-pleased.  May that Light of Infinite Wis­dom and discernment continue to ever shine upon you.

Hatonn to take leave.  I cherish you each and every one as my­self, as I watch you come into recognition of that which you ARE.  Salu.