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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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ople are unaware that nearly all media today is under total control of the Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks (KZB). Very little Truth is being revealed to the masses today through any form of media. This is being done as a very basic form of mind control. Media control is one of the goals for world control by the KZB, as spelled out in their plans known as the Protocols of Zion. The people are told only what the controllers want them to know. Lies and disinformation are repeatedly presented through the media until the people believe them as Truth.

When newspapers such as The Spotlight, The Phoenix Liberator, or CONTACT refuse to present lies but publish Truth to the people, they immediately come under harsh attack by the adversary. Since its inception the Phoenix Liberator, and its successor, the CONTACT, (1991) have been barraged by the darkside. The Phoenix Liberator fell under adversarial attack and its Light was extinguished in the spring of 1991. These papers were established as a source of Truth to our planet from God Aton of Light by some of his daring ground crew.

The receiver for God Aton/Hatonnís articles, which have appeared regularly in the CONTACT Newspaper, was Doris (dharma) Ekker of Tehachapi, California. Her husband, E.J. Ekker, worked as a proofreader for much of her work. From these same transcriptions the Phoenix Journals were compiled, largely through the efforts of Dr. Al Overholt. E.J. Ekker and George Green held authority in the Nevada Corporation for the Phoenix Institute, which was designed to provide funding for the newspaper and the journals along with other survival projects.

George Green was revealed to be a CIA operative, whose sole purpose was to prevent Truth from reaching the masses. He stole money (and gold) from the Phoenix Institute along with the first fifty Phoenix Journals that had been published. Court action was brought against the Ekkers by the University of Science and Philosophy (US&P) claiming that they had published some of Walter Russellís work on Light. US&P falsely claimed sole ownership of all of Walter Russellís scientific work. Final court action banned ten Phoenix Journals from the public forever and caused the demise of the Phoenix Liberator newspaper. Thus, the CONTACT was born. The ten banned Phoenix Journals containing great cosmic and Light Truth can be found on the internet archive site at

Since 1991 the adversary, via George Green and many others, has brought a continuous stream of false charges and legal actions against the Ekkers in an attempt to stop their work, namely the publishing of Truth through the CONTACT Newspaper and the Phoenix Journals. The Ekkersí court costs to defend their work and to save their home have been great. Apparently, E.J. Ekker illegally used Phoenix Institute funds for legal fees and personal expenses over the last many months. It is thought that the Ekkers have now gone to the Philippines in search of money to repay the Phoenix Institute.

This brings us to another strand in this web of darkness and Light, namely the Russell Herman Peruvian Gold Certificate. Russell Herman was another CIA operative when George Bush was Director of the CIA. Russell Herman acquired a $1000 Gold certificate issued by Peru in 1875. Under the Monroe Doctrine, another tale of KZB intrigue, the United States assumed the debt of Peru, along with many other countries, to persuade them to stay out of World War I. Thus, Hermanís Peruvian gold certificate became a debt against the U.S. Treasury. Then in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Bank was established (by the KZB and totally against the U.S. Constitution) the Federal Reserve Bank assumed all debt against the U. S. Treasury including payment of this same Herman Peruvian gold certificate. This certificate is "grandfathered" and with its accrued interest to 1875 would bring down the "Fed", if paid out in full at this time. This certificate was used for George Bushís "Super Fund" when he was U.S. President, and by the way, which he used illegally. George Bush was most helpful in doing so because he proved to the financial world the validity of the Herman Peruvian gold certificate.

Before Russell Herman was killed by George Bushís people, Russell assigned 52% of this gold certificate over to his wife, Katherine Herman/V.K. Durham (Grandma) and 48% to Rick Martin of the CONTACT staff. Russell Herman intended for this money to be used to get Truth out to the world. Rick Martin promptly placed this huge financial asset under the control of the Nevada Corporation known as Global Alliance Investment Association (GAIA). This was later followed by the trek of the Ekkers, Rick Martin, and Charles Neil on August 11, 1998, to the Philippines to assist in establishing a world gold banking system and in the process to provide funds for the CONTACT Newspaper and their other projects. Apparently, in the fall of 1998 some funding was received from property settlement and was followed by the Ekkers manipulating for control, foolish spending, and slippage toward the darkside.

Charles Neil and Rick Martin returned to Tehachapi, California on February 19, 1999. (Rick Martinís account of their Philippine/Malaysia journey is recorded in CONTACT, March 15, 1999 p. 22 ff). Mr. Martin claims that CIA influence and documents were evident in E.J. Ekkerís agenda and financial dealings with various nations. Finally, after months of little communication among their group of four, and the belief that the Ekkers had fallen prey to the dark adversary, Rick and Charles returned to the U.S.

It is my understanding that, during the six months overseas, the communication between the "away" team and the CONTACT ground crew had also deteriorated. Articles/transcriptions from Dharma were less spiritual and more inclined to local and personal concerns. CONTACT readers claim that a gradual downward spiral of frequencies or "slippage" by Dharma over many months was evident in her transcriptions from Hatonn. The original CONTACT staff claim the same. I, too, concurógoing even as far back as the nonsense between "grandmaí and Doris Ekker over the six, ten billion dollar assignments from Grandmaís 52% of the Peruvian gold certificate to CONTACT, which Doris and crew had failed to execute properly in a yearís time.

I am not here to sort this all out for you, but remember that, always there are the contradictions! You must go within and let your God-Spirit tell you what is Truth and what is Lie. Unless we do this, in this and every situation that confronts us, we are destined to remain People of the Lie! Lie and Truth are always contradictory.

--What about the contradiction of Dharma providing spiritual Truth over many years to CONTACT, and then suddenly demanding that Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Ed Young remove the "Spiritual nonsense articles" before publishing the January/February, 1999 issues of CONTACT?

--What about the contradiction that the Lighted Masters, Hatonn, and God Aton have always taught that they have many public receivers on Earth Shan; and the claim that Doris Ekker is Hatonnís sole public receiver?

--What about the contradiction that Hatonn and the Ekkers have adamantly claimed in the U.S. & P federal lawsuit and in various CONTACT articles and Phoenix Journals that the Ekkers have absolutely nothing legally to do with the CONTACT Newspaper and that they are only contributing journalists; and now the Ekkers claim to have both ownership and control over CONTACT, and E.J. Ekker ordered the firing of Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Edwin Young?

--What about the contradiction that America East Publishers, Inc. made a consignment of the Wisdom of the Rays, Vol. I to Phoenix Source Distributors, which is under the authority E.J. Ekker, and now they have taken them back for safe keeping; and E.J. Ekker claiming the corporation officials stole those books from him and has ordered a police investigation, police report, and served legal papers enacting a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Wisdom Books & Press, Inc. (current consigned corporation) for a court hearing on April 19, 1999? That hearing has now been postponed indefinitely which maintains the TRO indefinitely.

--What about the contradiction that God Aton of Light is a God of Love and does not judge, condemn, accuse, call names, use vulgar language, destroy anything including reputation, or speak harshly of anyone, and this goes for his enlightened ground crews (God Aton allows choices for lessons to be learned, and waits); and the lower frequency nonsense being dispensed by the Ekkers from the Philippines of judgment, name calling, vulgar language, accusations, harshness, and generally the trashing of many good and sincere people?

--What about the contradiction of a Lighted CONTACT Newspaper complete with masthead, logo, volume number, date and enlightened writings; and the eight pages of personal ranting nonsense received by CONTACT subscribers the first week of April, 1999 with no masthead, no logo, no volume number, no date and more importantly, little Truth?

Financial authorities in the United States are claiming that fraud charges have been filed against E.J. and Doris Ekker, and that there are some very serious warrants out for their arrest, should they again return to the United States. Apparently, the charges include misuse of Phoenix Institute funds and misuse of the Herman Peruvian gold certificate as collateral for their 1100 overseas assignments.

So, where do we go from here? We go within and discern Truth, and we continue on our lighted pathway of the Red Road of Truth. In Rick Martinís letter (CONTACT, 3/15/99, p. 34) he makes a summary statement concerning Dharmaís "Hatonn". He says, "this entity is not the real Hatonn, nor is the input you are putting forth of Lighted Source". I am saddened to hear this of a dear friend who has spent more than a decade transcribing Truth for the people of Earth Shan, but I believe Mr. Martinís statement to be Truth.

It is heartening to note that the original CONTACT staff has birthed a new source of Truth, THE SPECTRUM newspaper.

God Aton has warned us that we are in "the time of sorting" and that such sorting would begin first with his ground crews. These are times of lessons for all of us. We must never neglect to ask the Lighted Realms for complete and permanent protection against the adversary, God Jehovah Satan and all his dark brotherhood, and to surround ourselves with the White Light of God Aton and all the rainbow colors of Light of the Masters. Only then can we stand fearlessly, and live and speak Truth to our fellow travelers. And we send Love and Light to all of Hatonnís ground crews, including the Ekkers, the "new" CONTACT staff, and the former CONTACT staff who have resigned and are now publishing THE SPECTRUM as another beacon of Light and Truth.

Let us never be content to remain People of the Lie! In these exciting times of change and transition of our planet, may we be known as "wayshowers", as People of the Truth!

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