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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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, became an avid missionary of Esu Immanuelís teachings.

Because Saul/Paul had never been a student of Esu, he had no first-hand knowledge of Esuís teachings. Paul could only depend upon word of mouth and some manuscripts that the Pharisee Judah Iharioth, son of Caphis the high priest, had stolen in exchange for seventy pieces of silver, from Esuís trusted scribe, Judas Iscariot. Therefore, it is no wonder that Paul misunderstood much of the Truth that Esu had originally taught his disciples.

During Esu Immanuelís three years of teaching Truth to his native Judean people, the Pharisees, who were the religious leaders of the day, along with their scribes, spread the idea that Esu was not human. Esu had "power" that they did not understand. As anyone has the potential to do who is a creation of Creator God Aton of Light, Esu Immanuel had "fine-tuned" through study and meditation his connection to his God Spirit within. He had achieved the ability to utilize his creative God Power within to do what less enlightened people considered to be miracles. Thus, it was that the Pharisee, Paul, also interpreted Esuís "power" to be un-human and identified Esu as a Christ or more specifically as a Son of God.

The Pharisees intentionally spread among the people of Esuís day this idea of Esu having deity. According to Pharisaic Law, anyone claiming to be divine was committing blasphemy against God. This was a crime punishable by death. Esuís teachings of integrity, love and peace were a threat to the religious establishment of his day, and his quiet command of the crowds struck fear in the hard hearts of the power-hungry Pharisees. It is no small wonder that the charge of blasphemy was used to stop Esuís mission of bringing Truth to the people of Earth Shan. It is noteworthy that Esu Immanuel never made any claim of deity. By Esuís own words and that of many of his students, Esu was the son of Archangel Gabrielónot the Son of God.

The attempt by the Pharisees and their scribes, aided by the Roman Government and military, to murder Esu Immanuel at his "crucifixion" was unsuccessful. History shows that Esu survived his supposed crucifixion and escaped with friends and family to India. In India Esu continued his work as a Truthbringer. Esu married, had a family, and established his home in the area known today as Kashmir. When he died at the age of 107 years, his son, Joseph, preserved his writings and brought them back to Esuís homeland of Judea. For two thousand years these writings lay hidden in Esuís recovery tomb, the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea in Jerusalem. Early in our twentieth century, Esuís original writings were discovered in Jerusalem. The Roman Catholic Church laid claim to them and secretly carted them off to the Vatican. In the 1960ís a Vatican priest discovered them and attempted to reveal this Truth to the world. That was prevented when this brave priest and his entire family were murdered by the Vatican guards. Today, the Truth recorded in those documents lies hidden deep within the Vatican Library.

Esu taught that he would return in 2000 years, and that he would have a new name. This has happened. Esu Immanuel returned to our Earth, Shan (cosmic name), in 1954, and his new name is Sananda, meaning "one with God". He is currently aboard the command ship of the Pleiadian Star Fleet, the Phoenix, which is orbiting Earth Shan at this time. From the Phoenix, Esu is again transmitting Truth to the people of Earth Shan. Many of these transmissions have been complied into a series of books called The Phoenix Journals. One of the sources for some of the Truth found in this writing is Phoenix Journal number two entitled, And They Called His Name Immanuel: I Am Sananda.

Much of the Truth that Esu taught ran counter to the teachings of the Pharisees of that day and seriously threatened their survival as religious leaders of the people. To prevent the people from becoming enlightened to Truth, the Pharisees fabricated stories of half-truths and untruths which were believed by many people, even down to the present day.

Some of these ideas are: 1) Esu was/is the Son of God, 2) that Esu can forgive your sins, 3) that God sent Esu to die as a ransom for our evil deeds, and 4) that Esu would return to carry off all those who believed this and were "saved from their sins through Esuís shed blood" to a glorious heavenly hereafter forever. All of these ideas are a hoax. These lies, first spread by Esuís enemies, have been continued by religious leaders for over 2000 years. Thus, Earth Shanís people have been kept from enlightenment, the religious cults have become wealthy, and the darkside has maintained great power and control over the people.

The days of the darkside are numbered. The Light of Truth is now breaking over our great planet, and the people are waking up to their true potential.

The lies spread by Satan and his Dark Brotherhood were designed to trick the people into thinking that they were not held responsible for their evil actions, that someone else would "pay" for their misdeeds. Such thinking is nonsense because it runs counter to Cosmic Law.

Cosmic Law is designed by Creator God Aton of Light for all of His creation to maintain harmony and balance. No part of creation is exempt from such law. Cosmic Law is unchanging and irrefutable. No one can change it. It is absolute! No matter how you may want to interpret it or apply it, there is only one interpretation, one applicationóthat of the author, Creator God Aton of Light.

The Darkside has always used words to fool the people. Words and their meanings may be changed to suit the intent of the author. The world-wide legal profession have become masters at the game of word spelling and word meaning manipulation. An example are the words "will" and "shall". The word "will" has the connotation of free-will, choice, desire, intention, wish, tendency, probability, expectation, or willingness. The word "shall" carries the connotation of assertion, command, duty, finality, or absoluteness There is a vast difference in meaning when you say, "I will do this", and "I shall do this".

Cosmic Law cannot be twisted into what we want it to say. It is stated clearly in absolute terms. God did not say, "You will not lie." He said "You shall not lie!" There is no gray area. There is only Truth and Lie. Cosmic Law is absolute and has a universal and uniform application to all of creation.

Let us examine a basic Cosmic Law in the Light of one of Esuís teachings. The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect states that: for every cause there is an effect, and that for every effect there is a cause. Esu Immanuel stated this law most simply in his Parable of the Sower. He said, "you shall reap that which you sow, and that which you reap shall be multiplied unto you ten to a hundred times more than that which you sowed." For example, if you sow love, kindness and peace, you shall have love, kindness and peace returned to you in multiple amounts. If you sow hatred, greed and violence, these shall be returned to you ten to one hundred times more than that which you sowed.

Let us now return to our former discussion of the Darksideís twisted teachings of untruth and ask a very basic question. How do you reconcile the Cosmic Law of "You shall reap that which you sow", with the idea that you can escape responsibility for your actions by dumping such responsibility upon someone else?

To say that someone else (priest or Jesus Christ) will forgive me of my evil deeds is to say that Cosmic Law is a lie or that it does not apply to me. To claim that my misdeeds can be dismissed by another is to say that in special cases Cosmic Law can be set aside, that in certain cases there is no effect to me resulting from the cause, or that for certain people, they are not held accountable for their actions. To deny my responsibility for my actions is to negate the very purpose for me being here in the present lifestream in the first place.

We are here to learn our lessons, to learn and to practice in third dimensional living the Laws of God and of the Creation. We are here to gain soul growth to the point of graduation to a higher dimension. No one else can learn our lessons for us.

If, for example, we think that someone can remove the consequences of our lying with no negative effects to us, what would we have learned in soul growth from such an experience? Why would we stop lying, even though we know that Godís Law states that, "You shall not lie"? Cosmic Law states that there are always consequences for our actions. No one can negate those consequences for us! Why would you think that you are not held responsible for your sins? Is it because someone told you so, or did you read it in the "Holy Bible", whose words have been translated and revised and interpreted by many writers hundreds of times during the past two thousand years? Man thinks what he wants to think and changes word meanings to suit his purposes. Godís Law is absolute and does not change. There can be no lessons learned in soul growth without consequences. You reap what you sow. To think otherwise is nonsense!

Many people believe that Esu Immanuel/Jesus was the divine Son of God, and that he was killed as a ransom to "save" them from their sins. Therefore, they are not held responsible for their sins. Is not this a trick of the adversary? The real problem is oneís ability to discern Truth.

If you believe that you have been "saved" from your misdeeds by the blood of one Esu Immanuel, you have, indeed, blinded yourself from Truth and are living in a fairy tale world of make-believe. You really live in fear, not happiness. You are fearful that you may discover a flaw or some untruth in your belief system. To do so would pop your balloon of make-believe. Then your whole world would come crashing down around you. So you close your mind to anything and anyone that would question or challenge your thinking. You, like many people, are so insecure and unsure within your heart place of the validity of your beliefs, that you are mentally terrified to venture out into the unknown world of thought.

As a created being of Creator God, you have Godís creative spirit within you. Your God Spirit knows all. Your God Spirit knows Truth. Your God Spirit knows Truth from lie. To know Truth you must only go within and ask your God Spirit to show you Truth. To discern Truth from Lie is part of your lessons in soul growth. When you can discern Truth, you will then quickly sort out and discard the Lie. When you "know" Truth, you will truly feel secure and at peace within. Then you will not feel threatened and close off your mind when other ideas and thoughts challenge yours. Then you will allow your God Spirit within to expand your thoughts to stretch your mind to greater levels of enlightenment.

We come to the question: if Jesus Christ does not forgive us of our sins, how do we change, how do we correct our wrongs and find peace within? The answer is very simple. Because we have Godís Spirit within us, we 1) forgive our self and then, 2) ask God to also forgive us of our errors. If it is possible we are to also, 3) ask forgiveness of those we have wronged and endeavor to make things right with them. If that is not possible, we remain with steps one and two, drop the baggage of the past and move forward and upward with our lives, learning from our mistakes.

This baggage that I refer to is known as karma or the consequences of our actions. If we fail to learn from our mistakes, these lessons will be repeated over and over again for us in various ways until we learn them. We can remove past karma by asking our God Spirit within for forgiveness. Any accumulated karma that we have remaining either from past lifestreams or from unlearned lessons in our present lifestream will carry over into our next lifestream. There, we begin in soul growth where we left off here. It is like a school-room, where we do not advance to a higher grade until we have completed the lessons of the grade in which we are at present. We return without memory, lifestream after lifestream on the great wheel of reincarnations learning our lessons in soul growth. Periodically we graduate to a higher dimension. This process continues until we achieve perfection in living the Laws of God and Creation.

Many people are physically ill today because their mind is sick. They have chaos in their mind and hurt in their heart place, because what they think they believe in their mind does not agree with what their God Spirit within knows as Truth. When they truly discern Truth, balance and harmony can be restored to both mind and body.

Many people today have a faulty concept of Creator God. Not only do they believe that Creator God is a just and loving God, but also that he sent His Son to be cruelly tortured and murdered by evil people. Why would a just and loving God do such a cruel thing? He would not. This is nonsense.

Am I saying that most churches today are really cults, spreading lies and nonsense to the people? Yes! Most priests and ministers and rabbis are those referred to by Esu Immanuel as "the blind leaders of the blind, the hypocrites and white-washed sepulchers". They are part of the Darksideís age-old trick to twist and distort and cover up Truth to prevent the people from truly knowing why they are here in this present lifestream. The game of the Darkside is to keep the people constantly fooled with lies so they do not know Truth. This prevents them from becoming enlightened and learning their lessons in soul growth. To become enlightened is to discover oneís power within to defeat evil. That is what the Darkside fears most! To know the Light of Truth is to dispel the lies of darkness. Then Satan loses and Creator God wins!

To have many enlightened people on Earth Shan, who know how to use their creative God Power within, as Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda did, is to have miracles in our time---and the ultimate defeat of Satan and his Dark Brotherhood on our planet.

It is true that most people on Earth Shan today have little knowledge of Truth. The good news is that many people are waking up to the Lie that has kept them in darkness for centuries. Many are discovering their God Power within, that their thoughts are the most powerful thing in the world, and are becoming Truth Seekers.

Paul got one thing right when he said, "We fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness." Indeed, we are engaged in a great spiritual battle in our day between good and evil, between darkness and Light, between Truth and Lie! It is a battle for your soul! The choice is yours, to continue in the Lie or to wake up to Truth!

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