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by Patrick H. Bellringer

Most people like stories, especially if they are true and have a happy ending. This story has both. I do not know who you are: student, teacher, office worker, farmer, rancher, scientist, factory worker, business person or retired, if you are Republican or Democrat, or never voted, if you are Jewish, Catholic, Christian or "nothing", or even if you are old or young or female or male. But does that really matter? What matters is if you have the time and really want to read my story.

We have all heard stories that we thought were untrue but were not sure. If I told you that the Bible contains Truth, but that it also contains misinformation, would you believe me? If I told you that our media today was deliberately telling you untruth as a policy of our government, would you believe that? Or, if I told you that there are good human aliens like us who are here to help us but our government is trying to stop them, would you believe me?

Hopefully, you have not decided that this is all nonsense and have gone on your way! Stay with me, though my story is very strange. It is both true and does have a very happy ending.

My life began on a dairy farm. My family taught me some of the laws of science(of creation) and some of the Laws of God. I learned that nature was very orderly and harmonious, and that all life was sacred. At an early age I had an enlightening experience in which I asked God to help me find my way. I was surrounded and filled with great light and love and my pathway has been such ever since. Later, as I studied science, I learned that facts are things that can be proven through scientific method and logical thought, but there were always those questions that had no answers. Who is God? Where is He? Are there outer-space beings? Does life have a purpose? What was my purpose in life? What is life?

Years later I left my science profession and entered a "Christian" seminary, in my search for Truth. I struggled with the philosophers and the theologians and the "writers" of the Bible. I studied the Bible from cover to cover and found Truth, but I also found what I determined to be untruth. Heresy--you say! One does not talk that way in "religious" circles about the Holy Bible. High degrees and the highest ordinations of the church were placed upon me, and I went out to tell the people the Truth, as I knew it.

The never-ever answered questions remained. Who is God? Where is He? Are there outer-space beings? Does life have a purpose? What is the purpose of my life? What is Life? One thought was constantly with me. If the world we know is orderly and must remain in harmony and balance to continue, and everything to be true must be provable, why is it that those who believe this will walk into a church and suddenly accept the myths of "religion" without even questioning them?

What proof is there that Adam or Eve or the Garden of Eden ever existed? Was there a Moses and a burning bush? Is there a heaven? Where might it be? Can we prove the Ten Commandments? If God is a non-violent loving God, why all the violence and killing in the Bible in the "name of God"? Did Jesus really die? How can his blood save anyone? Does he forgive our sins? Is he coming back? If so, when and why?

I questioned why there were all these translations and revisions of the Bible. Some people claimed that every word of the Bible was absolute truth and believed it literally. Others did not? Who was right?

After several years and churches both rural and urban, and being hard-pressed to bring the "Christian" people around to meeting the needs of today's world, my family and I decided to move on. Following another university degree, I entered the education field. I taught the biological, physical and health sciences for the next eighteen years in a public urban setting. I taught basic concepts based upon fact, the five senses, and the scientific method.

During these years my wife, our children and I, had established and were operating a dairy farm. My wife had continued her teaching in the public music field. We were very busy and happy, and like most Americans, struggling to achieve the "American dream".

Then our family life began to change drastically. Our children one by one went off to college, challenging the family budget with college tuitions. Drought hit our farming operation, forcing the sale of our cattle. Student reductions in the urban schools placed me on unrequested leave from my teaching position. My wife continued to "man" the family financial "fort" while I sought to rehab houses in the inner-city for the poor.

I had always stood for what I believed to be right. I became involved in reading "patriot" information and learned of our fraudulent government, the fraudulent Federal Reserve Banking System, and the fraudulent Internal Revenue Service tax system. As foreign corporations chartered under the Corporation of London, England, these corporations were stealing our nation's assets. I also learned of court cases by the people against the United States government. There were "grassroot" movements to file fraud charges against the illegal government of the United States Corporation of Washington, D.C. Because of our discovery of Truth about government fraud, and our questioning of the corrupt banking and court systems, I believe, the illegal banking system and the illegal court system determined to destroy us economically, as they were doing to thousands of other farmland and property owners across the nation. The power must be taken away from the masses if the One World Order controllers are to win. This can be easily achieved if the common people have no money and own no property and have no knowledge of Truth.

We fought the loss of our property all the way through State District Court, Federal District Court, Federal Bankruptcy Court, and Federal Appeals Court---and lost! By breaking state and federal statutes and twisting courtroom procedures, the bankers, attorneys and judges maneuvered to take our land. The legal battle ended with forced eviction within a sixteen hour period in the middle of a February snowstorm. The farm buildings stood empty for months until through fraud the bankers again destroyed courthouse records and established a "clear title" and resold the property through an unrecorded mortgage and fake title.

Though we became "street people" with no home or income, my family and I are survivors. My wife and I continued in the "patriotic movement" to save our country and its original Constitution and Bill of Rights by holding public informational seminars across the United States. In our travels we met new people and discovered information which has literally changed our lives. Yes, and I found the answers to the questions I had been asking my whole life! Finally, I had found Truth!

I learned of the Contact newspaper and began reading it. This led me to the Phoenix Journals and to the Truth and the "Lie" about our government, our history, the Bible, our future and our fragile existence on Planet Earth. Finally, my questions were being answered.

What I'm about to tell you is going to "blow your mind"! I hope you will stay with me until I have finished. Only when I have finished can you make an honest assessment of the truth of my story.

I am not a rash person. I consider myself to be a serious, educated, thoughtful and caring person. I am not given to fantasy and have come to know the following Truth through my God-Spirit within me.

I have learned that the "Bible" contains Truth but that it also contains much information that has been deliberately twisted by evil controllers over time to confuse and mislead people. The "Bible" was intended to be an instruction book for right-living under God Aton’s Laws and The Laws of Creation. Satan knew this and used it against us so that we could not find our pathway to Truth and Love and Light.

God Aton is a God of Love and does not condone any act of violence or destruction against any living thing, including humans, animals and plants. The conquering of other people by violence was never a part of God Aton’s plan for the people He created. Yet, we are told that the Israelites of the Bible under the leadership of Moses, Joshua, Saul, David, Solomon, and others with God's blessing, went out and conquered, slaughtered, looted and destroyed other nations.

The Truth is that the Israelites of the Bible, with evil intent, conquered the Summarian nation and completely destroyed them. Because of their desire for world domination, they took the Summarian history and incorporated it into their own and into the writings of the Old Testament. The Moses of the Bible was never the Moses we thought him to be. He led a band of thieves and thugs, who were literally thrown out of Egypt for their evil deeds. There was no manna for them from heaven and no burning bush! Moses took the Truth given to the Summarians and distorted it to serve his own purposes. The killing and sacrificing of animals to forgive sins was only a Satanic means of control over the people.

No one has to sacrifice any animal or human to find God Aton. No one need go to any priest, rabbi, or minister to find God Aton---for God Aton dwells within each of us! Every human being created by God Aton has been given a "fragment" of His Spirit. This "fragment" is our soul or our God-Spirit within, and we need nothing and no one--to talk to God Aton. Religion is only a Satanic trick as a part of the "Lie" to cause us to lose our way along the pathway of Truth and Light. Satan has very cleverly re-drawn the original map by which we are to find the Lighted Pathway back to God. He has done this to assure himself of an army of lost souls with which to again challenge God.

The same holds for the New Testament Biblical writings. The Truth taught by Esu(Jesus) Immanuel was altered over time by the Pharisees, the disciples, and many world controllers to serve their own purposes. Judas Iscarioth, the most trusted friend of Jesus, was his scribe and wrote down all of his teachings. For seventy pieces of silver, Juda Iharioth, the High Priest's son, stole these writings, and for 30 pieces of silver he betrayed Jesus and later hung himself in remorse. Yet, for 2000 years, Judas Iscarioth has been blamed for the betrayal of Jesus. The teachings of Jesus were a threat to the religious leaders of the day. His teachings ran counter to the lies perpetrated in the Old Testament. So, to maintain their control and power over the people, they re-wrote these teachings to suit their own evil intent.

Esu(Jesus) Immanuel did not die at his crucifixion and his real name was never "Jesus". His real name was Esu Immanuel. In his writings years later, Saul of Tarsus(Paul) changed the name Esu to "Jesus". Religious leaders also added the name "Christ", meaning "anointed", denoting deity which also was never his name. Esu was not the son of God Aton but the son of Gabriel. Esu(Jesus) Immanuel said that only God Aton was the "anointed one". Joseph of Arimathea and some friends from India assisted Esu(Jesus) Immanuel with healing in the tomb after his attempted murder (crucifixion). Access was by way of the family entrance. Esu escaped along with his brother, his mother and friends to India, where he had traveled and studied during his earlier years. Esu(Jesus) Immanuel traveled and taught extensively in India and finally settled in Cashmere, married, raised a family, died, and was buried there at the age of 107 years. Does this Truth shock you? It is a strange story and has been kept well hidden by our Satanic controllers for 2000 years---but there is more!

Esu(Jesus) Immanuel told his disciples many times that he would return in two thousand years. This would mean around 2000 A.D. Later, these words were removed from the writings compiled into the "Holy Bible. Esu also taught them reincarnation. Esu also said that God Aton had created the three human races of white, red, and brown, and that every one of these humans had been given a fragment of God Aton’s Spirit that lived forever.

This God-Spirit within we call our soul. Esu(Jesus) Immanuel taught that our task is to perfect our soul by living our physical lives according to the Laws of God and The Laws of Creation. He taught that our journey in soul perfection is to bring us back to become one with God and Creation in the celestial Lighted Realms which we call "Heaven". Because we can not achieve soul perfection in a single lifetime, we have each lived many lifestreams, with our God-Spirit reincarnating again and again in another physical body in third dimension. We are to continue on the "wheel of reincarnations" until we have achieved soul perfection. At the Second Council of Constantinople in 525 A.D., all references to reincarnation in Esu's writings were removed. This is Truth! If you doubt my word, I suggest that you check it out!

Let us now move to another part of this strange story. People ask, "Where did Earth people come from?" The answer is---Pleiades! Where do you think those who are "enlightened", who understand Truth(the remnant), will go? You are right! Pleiades! Where is heaven? You guessed it, Pleiades! The Pleiadians are here now to tell us this Truth. So, where is Pleiades? Pleiades is a cluster of seven stars seen in the Northern Hemisphere in winter. Our sun and solar system orbit around Pleiades. Pleiades orbits around its great central sun, and that great central sun orbits around the greatest central sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. The entire Milky Way Galaxy is turning like a giant donut around this greatest central sun. Ponder carefully this next thought. In the Milky Way Galaxy alone there are more than 178 billion planets with the ability to support life! Is that not a mind-expanding and exciting concept?

There are in the cosmos many aliens who are human and look like us. You ask, "Are there really aliens?" Of course! Spaceships and space beings have visited our planet for thousands of years. For many years our government has lied to us about aliens. Pleiadeans came in the 1930's and tried to prevent World War II. For hundreds of years there has been a plan by certain evil people to control the world. The mystery schools for centuries have had information and technology that was 50 to 100 years ahead of the masses. Much of this information was gained from outer-space aliens. Control of the common people is maintained partially by withholding information and by using technology against them. This is being done more than ever today. In today's world those groups involved in controlling the world include such groups as the Committee of 16, the Committee of 300(also known as the Vatican Club of Rome), The Illuminati (worshipers of Satan, or the god of light, and founders of communism), the Khazarian Zionist Jews(lineage to Pharisees), and the twelve top money families of the world who control the world's wealth(Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.).

The struggle is for world control. September 17, 1982(Feast of Trumpets) was the date set for Nuclear World War I by the Rockefeller Cartel. In the late 1970's, the "white" Russians threw out the Russian Bolsheviks(Communists) from Russia. They gained control of the United States government and upset the Rockefeller nuclear war plans. The Bolsheviks have remained in control of the U.S. Government ever since, and they control the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. The Bolsheviks have tried to start their own nuclear war with Russia every September on the Feast of Trumpets since gaining control of our government in the mid-1980's.

Another plan is to use Project Blue Beam in which 30 some satellites will be used to project a holographic image of a fake "rapture" in which Esu(Jesus) Immanuel is to be seen returning to Earth in the clouds. Everyone is to see Esu and hear his voice in their minds in their own language through sound-wave projection. Millions of people are to be tricked into boarding government spaceships and air craft and be transported into never-ever land. All of this will, of course, be blamed on outer-space aliens, so that when our real human, good space brothers and sisters from Pleiades land in mass to help us, most people will panic and attack them as enemies. When all is chaos, then the Bolsheviks plan to do a first nuclear strike on Russia to control the world. They plan to hide in their massive underground bases and underground cities in the United States and other countries, and survive along with the elite Rockefeller Cartel, while the Northern Hemisphere goes up in a nuclear holocaust. Such evil plans--but wait--there is hope!

I had mentioned outer-space brothers and sisters. Yes, Esu(Jesus) Immanuel said he would return with the Hosts of Heaven. That has already happened! Because of the prayers of people asking God Aton for help, God Aton has sent His angels, our celestial space brothers and sisters to help us. Esu(Jesus) Immanuel returned in 1954 and is aboard the starship, Phoenix, orbiting Planet Earth now. You may think that this is total fantasy. You are quite wrong!

I suggest that you look at the stars on a clear night. You will see twinkling stars. Why is that so? You will also see some stars twinkling red, blue, yellow and white. Why? I will tell you why. These stars are strobing the rainbow colors because they are not stars at all. They are starships! We call them spaceships. Many of these starships have come from Pleiades and many of them have been here since the late 1930's.

Our government has cleverly conducted a massive cover-up of any alien presence on Planet Earth. We are people of the "Lie". The Pleiadeans met with the government heads of Germany, Russia, and the United States in the late 1930's to head off World War II. The U.S. failed to cooperate so the Pleiadean efforts failed. The world controllers wanted and got a World War II as part of their plan for world control by year 2000. The U.S. created the National Security Agency and Majestic-12 specifically to cover-up all UFO reports. The CIA, other government agencies, and our military cooperated fully in the alien cover-up. They also developed and carried out plans for protection against outer-space aliens and destruction of them. They have spent trillions of our dollars to build a network of continental underground tunnels and military facilities for one purpose---world control, and of course, their own safety.

You ask, "Why would our government do this? Because they, too, are locked into Satan's master plan to trick us. Satan does not want us to know Truth and find out how to leave Planet Earth. He does not want us to find our pathway to the Lighted Realms of Heaven.

I said that my story had a happy ending. It does! This is the good news. In spite of our government's protests and interference, our Pleiadean brothers and sisters have brought us Truth about the "Lie". They have revealed to us the Satanic OWO plans of our world controllers. They have brought us the Truth taught by Esu(Jesus) Immanuel and revealed the religious lies of Satan's War Book---the "Holy Bible"! This statement may upset you but it is true.

The best way for Satan to trick us was to take the very instructions given to us by God Aton to find Truth and twist them so everyone would follow Satan's "Lie". That is exactly what our world controllers have done. They have followed the "Lie". That is also what our religious leaders have done. That is what our Christian Cult Churches have done---and that is what we have done. Satan has nearly won complete control of Planet Earth and all her people! Now, let us get to our happy ending.

Our very human celestial fourth dimension Pleiades brothers and sisters are here now to bring us again the original instructions of how to leave Planet Earth. Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander of the Pleiadean Star Fleet had for nearly ten years transmitted by radio signal to his scribe, Mrs. Doris Ekker(Dharma) in Tehachapi, California, the original teachings of Esu(Jesus) Immanuel of 2000 years ago. These have now been placed in bound journals known as the Phoenix Journals, and are now available to the public from Phoenix Source Distributors. Truth was also published in the newspaper Contact from March, 1993 to March, 1999. At that time the Spectrum newspaper continued carrying the "Torch of Truth" to the world.

We have been given again The Laws of God and The Laws of Creation. To leave Planet Earth and go to the fourth dimension of the Lighted Realms or "Heaven", we must live these laws in our daily life. To do so we must first learn them as found in Phoenix Journal #27 entitled, The Phoenix Owner-Operator Manual. When we learn that we have disobeyed God's Laws and The Laws of The Creation, by our free-will we must forgive ourselves, forgive those whom we have wronged, and ask our God-Spirit within to forgive us as well. By so doing, we release ourselves from our evil past and move into the Lighted Pathway of God Aton’s Love and protection. At that point, our name is placed in the Book of Life of the Lighted Realms. We are also placed under Commander Hatonn's protection and scheduled for pick-up when lift-off time occurs.

Yes, that is right! We will be picked up by a Pleiadean starship. Esu(Jesus) Immanuel has studied for 2000 years and has earned the new name, Sananda meaning "one with God". Sananda is the King of Truth. As I stated earlier, he has already returned, as he said he would, and is presently orbiting Planet Earth in Commander Hatonn's starship, The Phoenix. Surprise! Esu and Hatonn are E.T.'s! The evil plan to make us believe we would float up into the clouds with "Jesus" into never-ever land was all part of the "Lie". My friends, that is not how it will happen.

We have reached the end of our civilization. On August 17, 1987, Planet Earth began a new cycle and is now moving into fourth dimension. This change carries great consequences for all of us. It cannot be stopped. At some point very soon all human beings must leave Planet Earth. The Earth will never again have evil upon it. Great earth changes have already started and will cleanse the Earth of all toxins, pollution, and evil thoughts. The Earth "Shan", as it is known in the cosmic realms, will again become the "Emerald" Planet, the Garden of Eden! On it will live only "enlightened beings.

So what happens to us who live on Planet Earth? Those who are "enlightened", who have found Truth, will be transported aboard a starship through a beam of light. They will be taken to Pleiades(Heaven) for their next cosmic assignments in soul perfection. After her re-birthing, some may choose to return to the Emerald Earth, "Shan".

Those who choose to follow the "Lie" of Satan will miss lift-off and will return to the "wheel of reincarnations". As they judge themselves before God Aton of Light in their own soul development, they may choose to recycle to another third dimension planet or even to the Void(Hell) with no memory of any past life for their next lessons.. The ultimate question, of course, is, "Where do you plan to go when your lifestream ends on Planet Earth? Will you be lifted off to the Lighted Realms or will you enjoy another caveman experience on another dark planet or return for a time to the Void where there is no Light?

With certainty, I can say that I have found Truth! All that has happened in my life has brought me to this point in time. I have my questions answered; Who is God? Where is He? Are there outer-space beings? Does life have a purpose? What is my purpose in life? What is Life? I have found my pathway to the Lighted Realms, and I follow that pathway in great joy and expectation.

So, how does my story end? I do not know, for I am still "writing" it. I am reading the Spectrum newspaper and studying the Phoenix Journals. I am communicating daily through my God-Spirit with the Pleiadean Star Fleet Command and our space brothers and sisters orbiting Planet Earth. My wife and our children are also "enlightened", and we are a team of Truth-bringers working together under the direction of Commander Hatonn.

Our role as Truth-bringers and members of Hatonn's ground crew is to tell others the Truth coming to us today from the "Hosts of Heaven"---the Pleiadeans whom God Aton has sent to us. God Aton has sent them because Earth people have asked Him for help. This time we had better listen carefully to the Truth---to the correct instructions for Lift-off.

Only as you find Truth will you find your pathway back to the stars. Only then will my story have a happy ending---and in the finding of your pathway of Light, only then will you know that my story is True! I urge you to search for Truth, and let your God-Spirit within determine for you what is Truth.

This may be the strangest story you have ever heard, but hopefully it will help you "save" your life! We hope to see you at lift-off, and remember that Satan loses when God Aton Wins! And God Aton wins---always! Aho!

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