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PEOPLE OF THE LIE: How To Win September 2, 2003

September 2, 2003

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September 2, 2003

By Patrick H. Bellringer

There is a Cosmic Law called the Law of Returns of which I have spoken many times. Esu Immanuel Sananda referred to this law when he said, “You shall reap that which you sow”. Today, we know The Law of Returns also as The Law of Cause and Effect.

Too often we fail to remember that we live in two worlds at the same time. We go about our living and working and playing in a physical 3D world. To do so we must think! We use our brain. We think about our 3D world. We have ideas. We make plans. We make choices and follow that with our actions. To the unexpected happenings we have reactions, and so life goes on.

We also live in the etheric world of the unseen. This is a world of energy. This world has no time, no matter, no space. This is the world of our thoughts that go deeper than our 3D brain. This is the world of thought that originates from our mind. Our mind is connected to the etheric energy grid of our world and of our universe, and to the very mind of our Creator God. Through our thoughts we can connect to anyone anywhere who is also on this energy grid.

The etheric energy grid carries both positive and negative energy. Energy is the “fuel” that drives the etheric realms. The Forces of Light use positive energy and the Forces of Darkness use negative energy. This may be a simplistic explanation but it serves my point. We have the power within to create the “fuel” the angels need to help us. Cosmic Law dictates that the Angels can not interfere with freewill. They cannot do it for us but they can help us if we ask for their help. In fact, they have a mandate to help us when we ask. Our call compels their response.

The Angels of Light are “fueled” by positive energy, but again, by Cosmic Law they can only match with their energy the positive energy that we in 3D create through our thought power. Therein is the key to the success of NESARA. Through our thoughts we must create the positive energy that the Angels of Light need to help us neutralize the negative energy of the Darkside that is stopping NESARA.

We must look at NESARA as much more than a 3D process. Many attributes of NESARA lie in the etheric realm. NESARA is much more than money, the end of illegal taxation, and establishing an honest government. NESARA is about peace, freedom, compassion, truth and justice which are not tangible 3D objects. These are etheric qualities fueled by positive energy created by the thought power of 3D human beings. Therefore, NESARA is manifested in our 3D world through the positive energy that we create.

The Darkside is way ahead of most humans on our planet, because they know well all that I have just said, and they use these principles to their advantage. The Darkside needs negative energy to win. So they constantly create situations which create negative energy. That is, they cause negative things to happen and by our reactions to these situations, we create the negative energy they need to win against us. Think of all the situations that have happened in our 3D world in just the past two weeks, that by our freewill choices, have caused great clouds of negative energy to be released into the ethers. As with positive energy, negative energy is also multiplied many times in the etherical realms, and is returned back to us in multiple amount. The Angels of Darkness love it! They love us for helping them, and they go on their merry way creating more negative situations, and they keep winning.

The problem is not the recent bombing of the Jordanian Embassy in Iraq.

The problem is not all the viruses created on the internet and the destruction of our computers.

The problem is not the Israeli gunship attacks and the deaths of the Palestinians.

The problem is not the earthquakes in California.

The problem is not the unhappy news in the Dove Reports.

The problem is not the bombing of the Iraqi UN Headquarters.

The problem is not the serial killer in West Virginia.

The problem is not the evilness of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The problem is not the storms in Houston, Galveston and Washington, DC.

The problem is not that e-mails are being altered and stopped.

The problem is not the car bombing of a most sacred Islamic mosque in Iraq.

The problem is not that your house is being taken away from you by a very evil system.

The problem is not that there are terrible forest fires burning all over the world.

The problem is not that you have to give $5.00 to some Phillip Savage and cannot do so.

The problem is not that your car has just now been repossessed.

The problem is not that NESARA is supposedly held up due to past money karma.

The problem is not of an unequaled heat wave in Europe in which 12,000 alone in France have died.

The problem is not the ruptured oil line in Phoenix, AZ and the resultant high “fake” gas prices.

The problem is not the illegal IRS tax claims and liens filed against you.

The problem is not that you lost your job and cannot find work.

These are all 3D games being played by the Darkside to trick us into creating the negative energy they need to win! And win they do!

The problem is you! The problem is me! We fall for the Darkside tricks. We so easily become people of the Lie. We have allowed the Darkside to construct 3D situations to which we choose to react negatively. We are “set up” and we fall for all these tricks time and time again.

We have the freewill to choose how we wish to react to any given situation. When we react in fear, we provide the negative energy, the “fuel” the Dark Angels need to defeat us and keep us in fear. Those feelings of anger, disappointment, discouragement, frustration, revenge, hopelessness, doubt and despair are all born out of fear, fear that we will not win. Some even reach the point of despair of the friends of “Job” of many years ago, and say, “Let us curse God and die!” Through fear we create our own demise.

To win we must stop reacting to these 3D situations in a negative way. These happenings are being constantly placed in our pathway for our lessons in soul growth. They keep us off balance and confused and reacting in fear. We must go within and ask through our God Spirit for wisdom, for courage, for fortitude, and for generosity. These are the Four Great Virtues. Through these we can discern the tricks of the Darkside to make us react negatively and avoid them. We must focus on the Promise. We must focus on NESARA. We must focus on the Light and not the Darkness. We must maintain balance and from the negative situations, see the lessons and create positive energy. We do this by not reacting negatively to negative situations.

Stay neutral, call in the Light. Ask for reinforcements and as leader of the troops, take command. The Angels of Light will immediately answer your call and will stand by your side. Tell them what to do and they will assist you. Send the Darkside Love and Light. They cannot stand Love and Light and they will shiver in their boots, and they will flee to their dark corners. They will lose. That is how you win! Create the positive energy which is multiplied in the ethers, and “fuels” the Angels of Light to cause you to win against the darkness. Winning is all about energy. Energy can be negative or positive. Positive energy is Light energy. Positive energy is Love. Positive energy is compassion. Positive energy is Truth.

When do you want NESARA? You say, “NESARA, Now!” Then you doubt and by so doing you say, NESARA, Later.” You say, NESARA, Yes!” Then you get discouraged and by so doing you say, “NESARA, No!” You constantly cancel out your positive energy with your negative energy. The energies in the ethers are chaotic because you cannot make up your mind with confidence as to what you really want. You keep sending the wrong signals, and the Angels of Darkness love it.

What we think about comes about. Let us focus our thoughts on the absolute promise of NESARA. Let us focus on peace by being peaceful. Let us focus on love by being loving. Let us focus on justice by acting justly, for as long as we have evil around us there will be negative situations to challenge us. Let us top “buying into fear.” Let us hold a consistent level of positive energy and stop the energy fluctuations. Let us learn our lessons in soul growth, and with the Four Great Virtues of wisdom, courage, fortitude, and generosity, defeat the darkside---always.

NESARA will arrive in our 3D world when enough enlightened people want it badly enough to focus their positive energies on it. It does not take millions of people. It only takes a few. As the Prophet Isaiah has written, “Let us renew our strength. Let us rise with the energy of the eagle’s wings. Let us run and not be weary. Let us walk and not faint.” NESARA is Creator God’s plan for our time, my friends, and the darkness can not stop it. Stand tall and send the Light into the darkness, and your positive thoughts into the etheric realms. Then the windows of heaven will open and pour out our overflowing blessings upon our blessed planet and all her people. We are at the finish line. Let us create the positive energy of NESARA, YES! NESARA, NOW! That is how we win! Aho!

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