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"Hello, Central!" Could You Please Share Your Views with Us With Respect To The Following Questions/Remarks?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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t it seems that a lot of people who are ignorant and not knowing will be given the gift of 5D? How come?

2. We have been told many many times, including the Phoenix Journals that very few people are ready to ascend into 5D. In the most recent Christ Micheal message through Anne Bellringer we are told that 47% of the people living on Earth Shan have chosen to ascend with it. How can that be when at least over 90% of the people worldwide are completely clueless about almost anything? (all you need to do is look at familiy, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and observing others around you to know that none of them have changed in the past 10-30 years).

3. In addition to that most people spend their whole lifes supporting the system, doing the career nonsense, religion nonsense, money nonsense, obediently pay their income taxes etc. thereby guaranteeing no change whatsoever. The only reason why more truth is coming out is only because Earth Shan has decided to ascend. If it was up to the people nothing would ever change based on their behaviour.

4. We have been told many times that Earth Shan will enter 5D whether one is ready or not. Now in the same Christ Michael message we are told 65% of the people need to want to stay on Earth Shan in order for the planet to ascend. How does one explain this contradiction and what about the overpopulation of 5,5 billion mentioned in the Phoenix Journals. That implies that in the early 90s the planet could only handle about 500 million people. So how come all of a sudden billions are needed in order for the planet to be able to ascend? This doesn't make any sense. Is the 65% of the population taken minus clones and minus those who are not ready to ascend?

5. In the same Christ Michael message the focus is on the corrupt governments of the US, UK and Israel. But aren't all governments corrupt at the moment? European governments are not less corrupt than the US one for example. Take the Netherlands for example where the government approved and/or was behind the killing of former politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002 as well as the killing of Theo van Gogh in 2003. How can all governments all of a sudden be ready for enlightenment and the Golden Age when they are at least almost as corrupt as the US government. Again this doesn't make any sense.

I will look forward to reading your views.




FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Nov. 18, 2005


Dear HVR:

Thank you for your letter. You ask some difficult questions, which I may not be able to answer fully. We are all students in this process of learning Truth.

Q.1: We do not know the soul contract that another may have with Creator God, nor do we have clear perceptions of another's progress in their lessons in soul growth. We are all returned masters and have earned the right to 5D, but unfortunately many people have not yet awakened to claim that right.

With the higher frequencies there are many "stirrings" in the hearts of the people, and many more are awakening than we realize. Only Creator God can see the true intent of the heart, and has great patience to allow time for the sincere ones to awaken. We are not to judge/condemn another but to rejoice when that one enters the Light, for we are all One.

My question to you is "How do you know that others are ignorant and do not know Truth?" That is only your perception. The statement of "there is no excuse for not knowing Truth" comes not only from The Phoenix Journals but, also, from the Bible in Romans. There is no excuse for not knowing the Truth of Creator God and His Laws, because He has already revealed Himself to everyone through His Creation. How would we know the signs of awakening in the heart of another, when we can only observe the outward actions? Know that no one receives the gift of 5D without awakening to Truth. It is like going to school. One does not graduate until having completed the lessons.

Q.2: I have already answered this in question one. Please understand that when the earlier Phoenix Journals were written in the early 1990's our world was very different than it is today. At that time the people were very much asleep and World War III (nuclear) looked imminent. Hatonn and Sananda and the Ascended Masters had almost given up on this planet returning to the Light. Then some brave souls awakened, and gradually the balance of Earth Shan's energies were changed from Darkness to Light. Today the Light is accelerating exponentially.

Q.3: It is true that Earth Shan will go into 5D with or without us. Are you saying that people do not deserve to go into 5D because they have kept on doing 3D stuff? Does it matter now people wake up---by earth changes or some other way? Are you pouting and saying that because others did not wake up when you did and the way you did, that they do not deserve to enter the Golden Age? Know that there are some very brave Lightworkers across our planet who have worked many years to awaken the sleeping people, and that they have succeeded, big time! If you have been awake for so long, why are so many still asleep in your family and your community?

Q.4: There are two basic premises which I need to explain concerning the ascension into 5D of Earth Shan and her people. You have stated the first one. At the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987 Creator God decreed that Earth Shan's request to enter 5D would be granted. The time of twenty-five years was set and the Cosmic agreement made, that whether the people were ready or not, the planet would ascend in frequencies to 5D by December 21, 2012.

The second premise is that all those who have raised their frequencies to 5D will stay with Earth Shan and enter the Golden Age of Peace. The agreement was made that the entire population of Earth Shan could stay on the planet for the coming Golden Age, if everyone raised their frequencies to the 5D level. Now, we have the opportunity to assist Earth Shan to reach 5D prior to the deadline of December 21, 2012 by having a minimum of 65% of our present population of six billion people raising their frequencies to the required level of choosing to stay for the Golden Age. Earth Shan's population was at 8 billion, but due to the rising frequencies, two billion of the low frequency people have already chosen to leave.

Should 65% of Earth Shan's population choose to go with the Light by the time The Second Coming has occurred, then with education and continuing enlightenment of these people, it is projected that in two years these people will have raised their frequencies to the 5D level, making it possible for Earth Shan and this group of 65% to enter 5D in 2008.

Please understand that there is no guarantee that all 65% or more who chose to stay on Earth Shan and participate in the Golden Age of Peace will actually graduate into 5D. This whole process is a time of sorting, and some may choose to leave Earth Shan at any time prior to their graduation into 5D. Hopefully, there will be more than 65% to choose the Golden Age, so if some drop out, we will still have the energy needed to pull Earth Shan into 5D by 2008.

There is a certain amount of positive energy that is needed to raise Earth Shan into the 5D frequencies. This process takes longer when our planet is doing it by herself. If enough people "get with the program" and raise their frequencies, they assist Earth Shan by pulling her along more quickly into the 5D frequencies. There are now about 47% of Earth Shan's people who want peace and a better life.

Q.5: It is true that most of the governments of the countries on Earth are grossly corrupt. The three governments that are the stronghold for the Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks (KZB) and who control the network of evil of greatest power thought our world, are Britain, Israel and the U.S. They, in turn, answer directly to the Illuminati, who hold the power for their One World Order.

What you are not being told is that in many countries Truth has broken out among the common people. Preparations are being made with the assistance of White Knights and Star People for the people to throw off the yoke of bondage to their evil governments. As you are aware, this is happening even in the United States. We are closing out the Age of Darkness and bringing in the Age of Light on our beloved planet. It is time, my friend! It is time!

In Love and Light, Patrick H. Bellringer