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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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of NESARA. We are accused on many quarters of making fraudulent claims and presenting falsehood. Some people sound angry and even bitter and cry, “prove it to me!”

Please understand that I present only Truth as best I can discern it through my God-Spirit within. Seldom have I been in error. I can prove nothing to anyone. You have to find the proof of what is false and what is true through your own God-Spirit within. To discern Truth is part of our lessons in soul growth.

There is much disinformation being presented by the darkside today to mislead people concerning the Truth of NESARA. G.W. Bush disseminates lies to the public concerning NESARA through the Websites and, and many people choose to believe this disinformation. It is a sad commentary on our people today that so many have lost their God-given ability to know Truth from lie.

For various reasons a gag order was placed on all NESARA information by the U.S. Supreme Court until such time as NESARA would be implemented by an official public announcement. For this reason all records and documentation of NESARA have been kept from the people. Many are located in the files of the U.S. Supreme Court. These will be released and made public when the announcement of the true NESARA is made.

As I stated in my UPDATE: November 13, 2002, the U.S. Congress was coerced by G. W. Bush to pass a fake NESARA bill into law on October 29, 2002, and a failed attempt to implement this fake law by public announcement was made on November 9, 2002. These are acts of treason and are punishable by death under the U.S. Constitution of the Republic. This is serious business!

Many times the Dove Reports and the Jennifer Lee reports have warned people about their attitudes and actions concerning NESARA. I have explained on many occasions that NESARA is Creator God’s Plan 2000 to restore Earth Shan to harmony and balance. Those who do not understand this through ignorance, and those who resist this Truth will reap the consequences of their choices. The Jennifer Lee Report for 11-22-02 has put it very plainly, “Support NESARA or get off the planet.” NESARA is Creator-God’s plan to defeat the darkside. Should you not agree, you, too, have chosen to support the darkside.

You say , “that is unfair!” There is no proof of the validity of NESARA, and I am being asked to support something in which I do not believe”. Wrong! The proof lies within you. Your God-Spirit knows all. Therein is the source of your faith. Therein lies the foundation for all of your choices---and choose you must. The time for faithless fence-sitting is past. Only those who choose to walk in faith, in hope, in peace and in love into the future will be allowed to enter the Age of Enlightenment now dawning upon Earth Shan.

This is truly the time of sorting. As the Light shines upon Earth Shan, those of the darkside are being sorted out, whether it be those of our government, our military, our courts, our White Knights, or of the people as a whole. There is no neutral ground. NESARA presents choices and you must choose. I can offer you no absolute proof of NESARA, only my own heartfelt convictions. To choose to believe in NESARA involves a leap off faith. NESARA presents to us yet anther lesson in soul growth. My friends, may you choose wisely.

Question two: How do I answer those of the Christian cult who scoff at Truth?

Answer: These people are essentially asking the question, “Where is the proof that we are wrong?” The basis for their belief system rests totally on their “Holy Bible” as being the all encompassing word of God for all people for all time with no errors---period. Therefore, these persons live in constant defense of “God’s Word” as found in their “Bible” as being the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

To those knowledgeable and open-minded people, this mentality makes no sense at all. Creator God reveals Himself through His creation, (Romans 1:19-20) and that is not limited to some manuscript concocted by some sages centuries ago. The proof of Truth lies ultimately within each of Creator God’s created beings, thus, Truth is presented in many forms. One written presentation of Truth today that I recommend is that of Phoenix Journal number two entitled, And they Called His Name Immanuel: I Am Sananda ( To read this Journal with an open heart and mind is to know both Truth and the error of the “Holy Bible,” for one of the presenters is none other than Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, himself.

I can speak with authority on this question for I was raised and educated to the highest levels in the “Christian Cult.” Ordained with Elder’s Orders in the United Methodist Church I served faithfully for several years in the “Christian” education and parish ministry as a leader of the blind. I never considered myself to be a blind leader, for I struggled with unanswered questions and never aligned myself with many basic church doctrines. The questions that challenged me then are the very same questions that threaten the “Christian Cult” today.

Who is God? Where is He? Are there outer-space beings” Does life have a purpose? What is the purpose of my life? What is life? Was Esu (Jesus) Immanuel a divine being” Can his blood “save” anyone? Did he really die? Does he forgive sins? Is he coming back? If so, when? How? Where is the proof of the Garden of Eden, of Moses, of the Ten Commandments? Is there a heaven? Where is it? What is it? Is God a loving being or a wrathful, vengeful God as portrayed in the Bible? Why all the revisions and translations of the Bible, if the Bible is absolute Truth? Is Truth to be found anywhere else?

We who have left the “Christian cult” or any religion on Shan have had to drop the baggage of misinformation and lies and go within to find Truth. There, through our God-Spirit who knows all, we have found the answers to our questions. There we have found peace and balance. We have forgiven ourselves and others, and have asked Creator God to forgive us for our errors. We have learned that Truth is, and that it cannot be refuted. We have moved on in joy and inner knowing, ever open to knowledge, wisdom and love. We have learned to accept all others as fellow travelers, Truth seekers, on the pathway of life.

We are all fragments of Creator Source, and we are all returning by various pathways and through many lessons in soul growth back to Source. Essentially, we are all one. We are all connected and so we learn to help each other as part of our lessons. What we do in some way affects all of creation. Thus, what someone else does ultimately affects us.

It is said that “Love conquers all.” The violet ray of transmuting Love of Creator Source is of the 100th dimension frequency. It neutralizes all lower dark energy frequencies. Responses of Love toward the darkside removes their power. To send Light sweeps the darkness away. For “Christians” to question the “Holy Bible” is to threaten the very foundation of their belief system. That is why they lash out in fear at those who dare to question.

To send Love and Light to our “Christian Cult” family and neighbors is to open the doorway to Truth---to Love. The Light of Creation, the violet Light of Loves does indeed, conquer all. Try it!

Question Three: Should I stockpile food, clothing and weapons, and find a place to hide my family against the coming One World Order chaos and lockdown and/or terrorist attacks?

Answer: I give you a simple answer. No! The lies of our government and of the controlled media have kept Truth from us. The lies are: 1) That the darkside has won and we will soon be under the complete control of a One World Order. 2) Terrorists will attack the U.S. this month with several severe simultaneous events. 3) The Iraqi regime must be blown to bits to stop world terrorism---war with Iraq is inevitable. 4) Americans must lose their freedoms, including the right to bare arms, to make America secure against terrorism. 5) There are no aliens in outer space. 6) Should there be aliens, they would be evil with the intent to destroy us.

These lies are being spread purposely by the darkside in a frantic effort to cause fear. Fearful people become desperate people and act rashly. Fearful people are more easily controlled because they react to suggestion without thinking clearly. They think that “take my weapons and I’ll be safe,” is a good choice. Others would rather fight than switch. They would rather die than listen to other choices. They would prove to history that they were true American patriots. These cries of “prepare to survive” are being heard among some of our militia, in some quarters of the patriot movement, and even seen in some underground newspapers such as The Investigative Reporter by Karen-lee Bixman. Such nonsense only increases the darkside’s control over the people through fear.

I state again that there shall be no One World Order on Earth Shan, ever! For those of you who are “Christians”, the Battle of Armageddon has been fought and has been won in the higher dimensions by the Forces of Light. The final clean-up of the darkside is now occurring in third dimension. The terrorist attacks and threats of attack have all been planned and carried out by the KZB (Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks) darkside controllers to create fear. The same is true for the planned attack on Iraq.

I state again that there shall be no war with Iraq. Several attempts by G.W. Bush to bomb Baghdad in the past month have all been stopped by the Forces of Light. All weapons to start a major war have been permanently neutralized. There shall be no more war on Earth Shan---ever! Peace shall be declared by NESARA.

There are aliens in outer space, good aliens, who have come to help our planet and our people at this time. Believe it! It is true! Many are human just like us. We are not alone! There are over 178 billion life-supporting planets in our Milky Way Galaxy alone, and there are millions of galaxies. Wake up, people! NESARA is soon to be announced. Peace is to be declared world-wide, our alien friends shall be introduced to us and their starships shall soon land everywhere on our planet. They have millions of starships here at this time, and they come in peace and love., If you do not believe me, get ready for the shock of your life.

Are you planning to run and hide---and survive? Right!

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