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PEOPLE OF THE LIE: “Let There Be Light”

By Patrick H. Bellringer

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helped to raise the frequencies of Earth Shan to fourth dimension by year 2000. The higher frequencies of Shan are causing much stress and physical illness for many people as these frequencies interact with the lower frequencies of anger, hate and violence or in the changing into “light” bodies for others.

For too long evil has had its way on Shan. For too long the KZB (Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks) have played their games of control and deceit on the masses. The door to the Light of Truth has been kept sealed and held tightly shut by the darkside to keep the power of knowledge from the people. Through ignorance, poverty and fear they have controlled to the point of the destruction of Shan and everyone on her. Finally, Creator God Aton of Light has said, “Enough!”

And God said, “Let there be Light;” and there was Light. And God saw that the Light was good; and God separated the Light from the darkness. (Genesis 1:3-4)

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. The true Light that enlightens every man (is) coming into the world. (John 1:5, 9)

You are the Light of the world. Let your Light shine before men, that they may see… (Matthew 5:14, 15)

As in the beginning, the Light comes in every time of darkness. The Light of Truth comes to remove ignorance and poverty and fear. Now, that the cries from Earth Shan and her people have been heard, again in our time Creator God has said, “Let there be Light!” And there is Light! And the darkness can not overcome it.

Today, the Light of Truth is being revealed all over our planet. People are waking up and are joining the ever increasing ranks of truthseekers. The Light of Truth is shining and the lies of darkness cannot overcome it. Some of those who carry the Torch of Truth are those who are bringing NESARA to our world. As part of Creator God’s Plan to usher in the Age of Enlightenment, NESARA sets the stage for abundance and a stable economy, for integrity in government, and for world peace. No longer will we have war. No longer will we have bankers cheating the people out of their wealth. No longer will we have corrupt politicians who lie to the people and make laws of oppression to gain control.

The Door of Truth is being pushed open and the Light of Truth is now streaming into our darkness. I rejoice with my brothers and sisters who are awakening to Truth, who are discovering that they are but actors on a holodeck, and that their home is in the stars. I thrill with them at their discovery of their Galactic friends who have come to assist with Earth Shan’s transition. Yet, I feel pain for those who try to push the Door of Truth shut. The Light is too blinding and their fear is too great.

They say, “NESARA, yes!” They open the door a little bit and let some Light in. They say, “Give me my prosperity money and leave me alone.” They do not want to be responsible for their brother but only to eat, drink and be merry, be comfortable and enjoy life. These shall have no part in the Age of Enlightenment and Peace, for they do not understand the purpose of NESARA and of the funds they demand to receive.

Some are saying, “Talk to me about NESARA but do not tell me about any alien Forces of Light.” These are often “Christian Cult” people who believe that our Earth and her people are the only ones there are. “We are alone! Jesus Christ is our savior, who will forgive our sins and who will rapture us off to our heaven in the clouds where we shall live happily ever after.” Not so! One may deny Truth, put blinders on or hide under a bushel basket so as not to see Truth, but that does not change Truth. These shall not participate in the New Age of Enlightenment/the Kingdom of God on Earth, unless they discover the Lie and the whole Truth and agree to live accordingly.

If you are fearful of the Forces of Light and their starships, what will be your reaction when Creator God Aton of Light aka Father/Mother God aka Source aka Father Alcyone/Mother Sekhmet confront you with the violet colored transmuting ray of unconditional Love? Will you rise to the occasion with corresponding 100th dimension frequencies of Love and pass your lessons, or will your lower frequencies of doubt and fear cause you to self-destruct into an uncreated pile of goo and return to Mother’s womb? Everyone must choose between Truth and lie. The time for decision-making has arrived.

When God said “Let there be Light,” He did not say, “Let there be a little Light.” No! The full Light of Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth is bursting upon us. The darkness of lies and liars are being swept from our planet at this very moment by Father Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet, the King of Swords and the Forces of Light. Last week much darkness was removed from the Vatican, yesterday the U. S. Military Joint Chiefs of Staff fell from power, and tomorrow, house cleaning is planned for the Queen’s Buckingham Palace and The House of Windsor.

Earth Shan is moving rapidly into the Light of the Christ consciousness of the Photon Belt. No Earth human can stop it. Creator God’s Plan 2000 for the Age of Enlightenment is unfolding before our eyes and the darkside are in total panic. Their Plan 2000 for a One World Order is being completely destroyed and they are helpless to stop it. The ranks of the KZB are being thinned swiftly as they are confronted with Mother’s violet transmuting ray of unconditional Love.

The authority of the government of the United States of America and of the other countries of Earth Shan has been transferred to the Galactic Solar Tribunal. The Solar Tribunal is directed by none other than Lord Alcyone and his twin flame Mother Sekhmet, and Lord Admiral Sananda Kumara and his twin flame Lady Master Nada. Never again shall the people of Earth Shan be governed by any darkside evil controllers.

The new government of the United States of America shall be a spiritual government based upon the Laws of God and of Creation. It shall be a government of integrity that serves the people, and once again it shall be a prototype for the countries of our world. Our new government shall be a government dedicated to peace, to freedom and justice for all people, to equality, to prosperity, and to enlightenment. No one with evil intent will be allowed to serve in our new government, for they shall be “screened” by Mother Sekhmet.

Readers, push open the doorway to the Light—to Truth. Stand tall, spread your arms, open your hearts and welcome this new day. No longer can you hide in the darkness of ignorance and fear. No longer can you live in denial of that which is happening around you. Day and night the starships can be seen in the sky. Soon they shall land. Soon you shall see your alien friends, brothers and sisters from the stars. You shall see the Lighted Masters on your T.V. screens. You shall walk aboard their starships and examine their technology. You shall see Lighted Beings who do not look like you, but who love you and who have come to help with our planet’s transition into fifth dimension. The image of God’s people may vary from your accepted image of “human.” Some may appear as a tiger or cat, a walrus, a preying mantis or a bird, but you shall laugh and talk with them---and take their pictures! You shall ride in their starships if you so choose. They, as we, are all part of Creation as a product of Creator’s thought. We are all one! We are all fellow travelers on the Road of Truth, learning our lessons in soul growth.

Some of you may say, “Bellringer’s crazy! He writes science-fiction!” That is exactly what the darkside would want you to believe. You have been lied to about aliens and starships and space travel and life on other planets. I tell you Truth. Some have asked that we at “fourwinds” tone down our message because we are scaring people away. We are asked to “water down” or dilute the Truth to make it more palatable. We are asked to not show pictures of Mother Sekhmet and especially adjacent to the Dove Reports. We are asked not to talk about aliens, about Father Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet and the King of Swords, and especially about what they are doing to clean up our planet at this time. We are to talk about things that are real, that matter, like NESARA.

My friends, how can we talk about NESARA and not talk about the White Knights, aliens and the Forces of Light who are here from the Lighted Realms? If it were not for the protection of the Forces of Light, no Truthbringers or NESARA would be in existence on Shan at this time. If it were not for the protection of the Pleiadean Star Fleet commanded by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, and the Ashtar Command computer system, neither my family nor I would be here at this time! If it were not for Father Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet, Admiral Sananda and Lady Nada, St. Germain and all the Masters, the KZB evil controllers would have won long ago, and we would now be living under Satan’s Plan 2000 as slaves to the One World Order or already deaded!

“Fourwinds” must present the whole Truth as best we know it. The time for half-truths and lies is past. Earth Shan is moving into the Light of the Christ consciousness and we can not stop it. Either we wake up and go with the program or we get off the planet. Even though what I present is threatening or unbelievable to some people, I shall not censor Truth. In the past I have stood before kings and popes and the Emperor of Rome under orders to publicly retract my statements of Truth, and I shall repeat here what I said then, “I shall not recant, so help me God!” Truth is! Truth can not be refuted! Truth may be threatening to our belief system and cause fear, but the whole Truth must be told---now! It is far past time to wake up. It is now a matter of Life or “death”! So be it!

NESARA shall be announced to the world very soon and then you shall see the “changing of the guard” at the U.S. White House. Once again our “White House” shall be truly white and filled with Light. Our present Congress shall be no more. The Federal Reserve bank and the Internal Revenue Service with their unlawful interest, fiat money, loans and taxes shall be no more.

The Light of Truth now shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it. Have you let in the Light of Truth? Have you done your homework and found that Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction, or will you be one of those lying flat on their back on the ground in total shock when our cosmic friends land in their starships? Maybe you will be picked up and greeted by a friendly “walking-stick” alien!

My friends, it is time to wake up! You shall not get “your money” and live happily ever after. If that is your intent, you will probably not get any money at all. Your intent is screened in the ethers and the Forces of Light know your heart. Those of good intent shall receive unimaginable abundance along with great responsibility. This is the meaning of the parable: To those who have, more shall be given and to those who have not, even that which they have shall be taken away.

Now is the time of choosing that which you shall receive. Will you ridicule the Truthbringers and laugh your way into another third dimensional lifestream on another dark planet to learn the lessons you failed to learn here? Will you go to Herculobus and live with the dinosaurs or will you melt into a pile of goo? Pleiadean Star Fleet Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn has said, “He who dies in the Lie is destined to repeat it.” Will you turn to the Light of the Rising Sun of a New Day on Shan, and with a joyous heart welcome both Truth and Truthbringer alike? Will you take your place and carry the torch and fulfill Admiral Sananda’s challenge, “You are the Light of the world. Let your Light shine before men, that they may see . . .”? Do you have the vision in your heart that NESARA brings—of peace and freedom and abundance? Do you truly want to experience the joy of helping to usher in the Age of Enlightenment on Planet Earth? Will your intent be that of Joshua when he stood before the people and said, “Choose you this day whom you shall serve, but as for me and my family, we shall serve the Light.” Now is the time on Earth Shan for choosing. There are no exceptions. Choose, you must!

And God said, “Let there be Light.” And there was Light one more time on Planet Earth, and it was called the Age of Enlightenment. Aho!

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