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Patrick H. Bellringer

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NOTE:  All the articles I post from Patrick are by his suggestion.  His goal is still to present Truth to the world from his writings.  This timely message is no exception, for it has much meaning to those, who seek the Truth.  .....Anne      


          One more time I write to present Truth to the world.  I write not to the human clones, who have no soul.  I write not to those, who have given their soul over to Satan, the King of Evil.  I urgently write to those souled-beings, who are day-dreaming in their world of things, or who are spiritually asleep in their fake world of religion, or those floating in La-La Land with no direction or meaningful purpose in their 3D journey in these closing days of this planet’s third dimensional civilization.           

          Yes, I said “closing days”, and yes, I have a message for all those Earth Shan dwellers , who are in spiritual Zombie-land.  You are going to miss your life boat!  Time has run out!  Creator God is closing the Book of Life for Shan’s people, and has ordered the starships to full alert for evacuation of “Sananda’s flock!  Are you ready?”  Is your name listed in the Book of Life?  Have you truly lived to the best of your ability The Laws of God and Creation?  Indeed, are you one of “Sananda’s Flock”?

          No, you are not, because you have never been taught God’s Laws for Living.  Your parents did not teach you because your grandparents did not teach your parents.  The Laws were gradually forgotten and erased from memory, as man’s laws have replaced them.  So, today you live in spiritual Zombie-land and are heading to the great Wheel of Reincarnation again, and to another 3D lifestream of pain and suffering to learn your lessons.

          What lessons, you ask?  Living The Laws of God and Creation are your lessons, my friend.  You may disagree, but Creator God’s Laws are absolute, and you shall honor them and live them to graduate out of this third dimensional illusion.  Yes, I said “illusion”, for we live in the physical holodeck of 3D to gain soul growth.  The illusions of things, money, social status and power are just that, illusions.  They vanish when you step out of the holodeck at death and into the real world of Spirit.  Would you choose another 3D holodeck experience, again and again?

          Wake up!  Time has run out.  Your God Spirit, your Soul, the real you, that spark of Light from Creator God Aton of Light, that part of Aton’s heart that is you, is crying to be free of this very evil world, forever.  Will you listen to your God Spirit within, to your heart, to your “gut feelings” and discern Truth?

           Will you leave the illusion of things, money, social status and power, yes, even that of sickness and poverty, and enter the real world of Spirit?  The alarm clock is ringing, the one you set to wake you up.  Do you remember?  You have overslept!

          The Starships are ready!  Their Red Alert signs are flashing.  The bells are ringing, and I am ringing my bell to wake you up!  Can you hear?  Will you awaken to Truth before it is too late?

          Choose Light, my friend!  Choose Love!  Choose Life!  Do it now!  The evacuation Starships are waiting, but not for long!



                                                                      By Patrick H. Bellringer


  These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance. --

[NOTE;  This article is now a permanent article listed under "Phoenix Archives" in our main blue menu.  Click on the last one listed.] 

A.  The highest command of The Law of Creation is:

 Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.

B.  The highest command of The Law of God is:

  You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the "King of Wisdom".

            We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation.  We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.


 The Laws are as follows:

 1.  You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all.  Also known as the "Law of One".

 2. You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.

 3.  You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).

 4.  You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.

            5.  Remember God's "day" and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)

            6.  You shall honor your mother and father.

            7.  You shall not murder your fellow man.  (Killing to preserve your life or of your    family is not murder)

            8.  You must not commit adultery.

           9.  You must not steal (materially or emotionally).

10. You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor

11.  You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another.  Also known as "The Law of Non-interference."

12.  You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.

          13.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  Also called "The Law of Cause and Effect."

          14.  You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One          within.

15. You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of

      your species.

16.  You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called "The Golden Rule".

17.  Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness.  (By their fruits you shall know them).

          18.   You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human          being of   Creator God.

            With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

            The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in "harmony and balance" with the rest of "creation"?  The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth.  We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service.  So we must then surrender our "will" (ego) to that which is God's Will.

            "In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)".

            Then in our quiet corner we must meditate.  We must listen.  We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service.  Our will and His Will must become one again.

            For a detailed discussion of these eighteen Laws of God and The Creation, please read Phoenix Journal number 27, entitled Phoenix Operator-Owner Manualfound at





                                                                     By Patrick H. Bellringer

          One more time I feel compelled to write Truth to our most needy world.  This subject has been at the front of many people’s thoughts and discussions these past months, as it has been highlighted by various speakers, writers and so-called spiritual Gurus.

          When asked what they mean by the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, they describe a time soon to come of a thousand years of peace.  There will be abundance for everyone.  There will be no more war, no disease, no poverty, no hunger, no homelessness and no crime.  The new technologies released will be used to remove nuclear radiation, clean up our oceans, our air, our soil, provide food, clothing and health, all to create our Heaven on Earth.

          Of course, money is the central focus, as the means to get this process of change to Goodness started.  With money anything can be done.  So, for years many people have ridden the roller coaster of the money is coming, no it’s been stopped,  yes, no, yes, no---and thirty years have passed!  Many spiritual Guru’s have come and gone, and some continue the story of hope for a new world.

          Where did this idea of a Heaven on Earth begin?  It is found in the doctrine of Judaism hundreds of years past.  The claim was that the Jews were God’s chosen people, who would establish a Kingdom to rule the earth from their promised land of Palestine.  Their Messiah would come and reign for over a thousand years of peace.  At the time of Esu Immanuel 2000 years ago, the early Christian church incorporated this idea of Heaven on Earth into their doctrine, which was included in the Cannon (Bible) produced at the Council of Nicea in 323-325 AD.

          The Jewish Pharisees kept from the Gentles the fact that their God Jehovah was Satan, who would establish his Kingdom on Earth at the “end of the age” for a thousand years.  Truly, the Zionists under the command of Satan, have conquered our planet and have held the Gentle goyim (cattle) captive for the past ten centuries.

          It is important to note that the Pharisees are the Talmudic Jews, whose bible is the Talmud, and who have been here for a very long time.  The Saul/Paul of Esu Immanuel’s day was a Pharisee, whose orders were to destroy Esu Immanuel and his followers, both for the Truth they taught and for their resistance to the  present evil Roman governmental control over them.  Saul hunted down many early Christians and killed them.

          The story goes that on his way to kill the Christians in Damascus, Saul was confronted by Esu Immanuel and had a conversion experience.  Saul changed his name to Paul, became a missionary and traveled widely spreading “Christianity”  everywhere.  The Truth is Saul/Paul did not have the Truth of the teachings of Esu Immanuel, and was used by the Pharisee God Satan to fool the people.  Saul/Paul changed Esu’s name to Jesus, denoting divinity or Son of God.  He taught that Jesus, (God) died, as a propitiation or ransom for the sins of the people.  This lie ran contrary to the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect, which Esu taught---“you shall reap what you sow”.  You are held responsible and accountable for whatever you do.  No one can “save” you!  The lie continued that upon Jesus’ return, all believers in this lie would be swept up to some heaven and live happily ever after.

          Esu Immanuel has said that Saul/Paul was his greatest enemy, because he distorted the Truth, and through his many writings (Pauline Epistles) now recorded in the Bible, has led billons of people astray through a false religion called Christianity.  The point to be made is that the Pharisees from very early times under the direction of their god Satan, the King of Liars, through their lies have led the people of our world down the path of destruction and death.  The Zionist Talmudic Jews (Pharisees) control our world today in every way, and they have led the people, and especially the Christians, to believe in a 3D Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

          If this is to be established here and now, how it it possible?  If it is to be one of Goodness, how do we rid ourselves of evil?  How do we remove selfishness and greed and lies and deceit and Ego thirst for power and control?  How do we change the human heart?  It it probable that we could establish such a Kingdom of Heaven for a year let alone for a thousand years?  Can we do it with money?  Can we build, buy and give with money to the point where everyone has enough of everything and will be satisfied for a thousand years?  Would everyone then be good and happy and peaceful and content, guaranteed?  Could we achieve Utopia, our Nirvana?  Would/could the freewill choices of people be brought into such harmony?

          Esu Immanuel taught his disciples of the Kingdom of Heaven to come on Earth Shan, but it was not to be established until our planet had made her transition into the fifth dimension frequencies, where no evil is allowed.  The problem is that few people today believe this, and few believe the Truth presented by Creator God Aton of Light in the Phoenix Journals.  It is not possible that God would present Truth in some non-descript paper-back publications, much less via Internet electronic format, they think.

          Yes, there shall be a Kingdom of Heaven established once again on Earth Shan, but not in our third dimension, as the spiritual Gurus claim.  It shall be possible only in the fifth dimension frequencies, and only after Shan has graduated to that level.  This does not mean that we should no nothing to make things better here and now.  What we do to help our dying planet and her people is credited to our soul growth.  And, yes, Shan is dying.  Esu Immanuel had said that our planet is presently beyond reclamation by us, and she can only save herself by moving into her Cosmic cycle of cleansing by total and dramatic earth changes.  The salt water of her oceans shall once again cleanse her land and atmosphere for three thousand years.  All of 3D shall be swept away, along with the Pharisees, the Zionists, the Talmudic Jews, the “born again” Christians, the spiritual Gurus with their nonsense, and all others, who have not lived the Laws of God and Creation.  Only then shall Heaven’s Kingdom of Goodness be created anew on Shan.

          Indeed, we are People of the Lie!






PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:    Greetings to all souled beings upon Planet Earth, and especially those who have found the Truth.

This is a most important time upon your planet.  As Commander of all the Heavenly Forces of Light, I am obligated to update all of you, as to the circumstances on Planet Earth at this time.

There have been many messages throughout the Phoenix Journals about the evacuation of Planet Earth.  To us aboard the ships, this has been a procedure that has happened countless times in the past with the 178,000,000 life-supporting planets in the Milky Way Galaxy which name is really the Orvanton Universe, the 7th great wheel circling around the Creator.  We are old hands at evacuation.

Within this vast Orvanton Universe are countless solar systems.  The one in which Mother Earth has resided in called Apsu Solar System.  However, at this time Mother Earth was some time ago moved to a new orbit and a new sun in the Pleiades Star System.  This is written about in Phoenix Journal 4 the fact that Earth shall have a new sun, a new moon and shall graduate into a shining star of higher dimension. 

The night skies look the same, but you must realize that the starships take the place of the constellations so that the people on Earth do not panic.  Of course, your astronomers know this but have been silenced with death threats and some were even assassinated.

During my life upon Earth my family and I gazed at the constellations and saw the constellation “stars” (starships) twinkling colored lights and ships that were in position leaving the constellation and another ship taking it place.  We saw the Big Dipper flashing lights and was up-side down!  Does anyone ever look up?

We of the Lighted Realms have watched Mother Earth closely as to when this great event of her graduation to a higher dimension shall take place.  She tried two other times to awaken enough ones to help her graduate, but these ended in failure.  Now, even though the Lightworkers are like a drop in the oceans compared to the 7.4 billion people on Mother Earth, they have held the Light high to help her.   She now shall graduate to a higher dimension by turning on her axis.  She has done this axis turning 20,000 times, but always back to a 3D planet.  She has endured the suffering and agony by the placement of Satan and his minions upon her surface. This turning on her axis shall be to a higher dimension where no evil can exist.

When is this event to happen?  Sananda has said we are out of time!  As the Heavenly Commander of all the Forces of Light I have ordered  all the Forces of Light—the great Arch Angels of Heaven to be in armor and in position for Lift Off, which we hear from Mother Earth to be at any moment. 

So, who is under my command?  My highest-ranking officer is Arch Angel Gabriel, and under him is Arch Angel Michael and his twin sister.  All are ready for this event.

Why in heavenly armor?  What do you think will happen on Earth?  All 3D life will be wiped clean.  We offer safety to the souled ones.  The clones will be uncreated, as they have no God Spirit.  There are countless demons that have resided within the humans and must leave.  They are raging made at leaving Earth and will fight to stay.  With our great army of Arch Angels, they will not be able to penetrate to harm those in evacuation or any of the starships involved in evacuation.  

The 200 Star Nations are waiting breathlessly for this event, and know it is about to happen.

Mother Earth has held her position and the tipping point for some time to allow the sleeping souled ones to come to the Truth.  Some came, but now there is no one else awakening, and Mother Earth cannot hold any longer. Those souled ones still slumbering shall have to start over in the cave and live 350,000 years in 3D to reach the level they are at this present time.   Remember, the soul that each of you have is eternal.  Even those in the Lighted Realms have had many lifestreams to achieve great soul growth.

Even though I have stated the situation, the exact moment she turns is up to her.  All indications say very, very soon.  Keep on with your daily living and do not sit down and wait like an engine out of fuel.  Each moment that you have spend it living the Laws of God and Creation the best you can.   Remember, the change happens without warning, so do not worry nor fret, you Truthbringers, for we are here to help anytime you request.







For those who are totally serious about knowing the Truth about the return in our time of one, Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, I will speak Truth and give you a very direct and simple answer. You may be quite surprised to learn about three very important concepts which have been kept hidden from us until now by our world controllers.

The first concept is that aliens from outer-space do exist! They are very good aliens and they are very human like us. They have fourth and higher dimensional capabilities and have been "around" for thousands of years. Because of our prayers God has now sent many of them to Planet Earth to help us find Truth and regain our freedom from our world controllers. Our world controllers did not want us to know that these space brothers and sisters had come to help us save ourselves from the planned Satanic One World Order soon to be established.

The second concept hidden from us is that of reincarnation! Reincarnation is the coming again of our God-Spirit or soul to live within another physical body in another human lifetime. Because our God-Spirit within is a fragment of God's Spirit, it is immortal and lives forever. Our work is soul perfection. Through free-will choices in the physical human third-dimension we learn the wisdom of Truth and, thus, soul perfection. We all have lived many lifetimes in our journey of soul perfection to become one with God and The Creation. We will continue on the "wheel of reincarnations" until we have learned our lessons and have achieved soul perfection. Esu (Jesus) Immanuel taught this concept to his disciples but within 500 years the Satanic religious leaders had buried this information. Again, the evil world controllers did not want us to know how we could escape our physical lifestreams under their continuous evil domination.

A third concept was hidden from us by the evil world controllers, that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel would return to Planet Earth the same way he left 2000 years ago---via spaceship! The lies of the twisted records tell us that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel ascended into the clouds. The Truth is he left by spaceship. He will return aboard a spaceship as Commander of the Hosts of Heaven, and he will lift-off his "enlightened" ones and take them to Pleiades (Heaven) when God gives the orders to do so.

I do not argue with anyone about the twisted record of Satan's War Book, commonly called the "Holy Bible". I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I simply present the Truth given to us in our day. This Truth is from the original text recorded 2000 years ago by Esu (Jesus) Immanuel's scribe and most trusted friend, Judas Iscarioth. This record has been preserved by our celestial brothers and sisters, the Pleiadeans, who are here now and whom you may recognize as the "Hosts of Heaven".

At our request the Pleiadeans have been sent by God to bring us Truth. They can not save us. We must save ourselves but they will tell us how. There is a divine law of the cosmos called The Law of Non-intervention. This law states that no one of the Lighted Realms can usurp our free-will. We must make our own free-will choices without any divine intervention. To do so would cause us to be nothing more than robots. Thus, the Pleiadeans can only present to us the Truth of God's Laws and of The Creation again in our time.

This Truth has been transmitted via radio signal from Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander of the Pleiades Star Fleet presently orbiting Planet Earth, to his scribe, Doris Ekker (Dharma) of Tehachapi, California. These transmissions have been put into print and placed into some 115 bound volumes called The Phoenix Journals. These journals are known as the "Holy Books of the Lighted Realms" and bound copies are available through Phoenix Source Distributors (1-800-800-5565). Six journals are recommended as a place to begin reading Truth. They are:

Journal #2 And They Called His Name Immanuel/I Am Sananda

Journal #3 Space-Gate, The Veil Removed

Journal #5 From Here to Armageddon

Journal #7 Rainbow Masters

Journal #27 Phoenix Owner-Operator Manual

Journal #47 Pre-Flight Instructions For The Phoenix

Let us answer the question, "How do I leave Planet Earth when Esu (Jesus) Immanuel returns?

First, only those who are "enlightened" will be allowed to go with Esu (Jesus) Immanuel to "Heaven" or the Lighted Realms. To be "enlightened" means to understand the Truth of God's Laws and The Laws of Creation, and to live that Truth in your personal life. The present-day record of God's Laws and The Laws of Creation, also known as The Laws of Balance, is found in the Phoenix Journals, especially volume 27, entitled The Phoenix Owner-Operator Manual.

Once you have understood these laws and your errors, you are to forgive yourself, forgive those whom you have wronged, and then ask your God-Spirit within to forgive you as well. By doing this you release yourself from your evil past and move into God's Light, Love, and protection. You then proceed through the wisdom of Truth to live the Laws of Balance in all your daily affairs. At that point, when by your own free-will you decide to follow The Laws of Balance and have forgiven yourself of your errors, your name will be placed in The Book of Life of the Lighted Realms. You will then be under Commander Hatonn's protection and scheduled for pick-up when lift-off time occurs.

Esu (Jesus) Immanuel has returned, as he said he would, in 2000 years at the end of the age. He returned in 1954 and is on Commander Hatonn's starship, "The Phoenix", which is presently orbiting Planet Earth. After 2000 years of learning, "Jesus" has earned the name, Sananda. This celestial name means "all power of the Central Sun", and Sananda is now the King of Truth. He is awaiting God's orders to lift off the remnant, those who are "enlightened", and take them to Pleiades (Heaven) of The Lighted Realms. This may happen at any moment! The remaining time to lift-off "One" is very short..

Many people who associate with Satan's Christian Cult Churches today believe in a "rapture" in which Jesus is to return in the clouds and sweep them up into the clouds---up, up and away to "Heaven"! This is part of Satan's "Lie!" The Hosts of Heaven, our celestial brothers and sisters, have always used starships to travel from star to star or from planet to planet. Sananda (Jesus), after his baptism by John the Baptist at the Jordan River, left in a spaceship for his 40 days of "wilderness" experience. At his ascension, Sananda (Jesus) again left his disciples via a spaceship., He told them that he would return the same way he left them. That, he will do! Satan's trick is to have you believe otherwise and miss lift-off.

Those who are "enlightened" and are walking their Lighted pathway will know when lift-off "One" occurs. They are under Commander Hatonn's protection, and the Pleiadean's computer, Ashtar Command, has "locked" onto them and constantly monitors their location. When a starship approaches one may ask, "Are you of the Lighted Realms"? Divine Law requires that the ship commander must give a reply of "yes" or "no". Of course, those who are "enlightened" know to only board a starship of the "Lighted Realms". Without fear they simply step into the beam of light and are transported aboard the starship. From there they will decide where they will go for their next assignments in soul growth in Heaven's Realms.

By free-will choice many people will choose to follow the "Lie" of Satan and the world controllers. They will miss lift-off "One"! To choose to stay on Planet Earth means to choose to endure the tribulation of great earth changes as the Earth cleanses herself of man's toxins and evil thoughts.

Sananda (Jesus) told his disciples that he would return at the "end of the age". We are now at that point. This is the end of our civilization. Planet Earth has already entered her new cycle as of August 17, 1987, and is moving into fourth dimension.

As a "living being", our Earth has now earned the right to cleanse herself of all pollution, evil thought, negative energies, and to move into celestial fourth dimension. Sananda (Jesus) will face his evil brother, Satan, and in the ensuing spiritual battle, Satan will be defeated and all evil will be removed from Planet Earth forever. After her cycle of rebirth, only "enlightened" celestial humans will be allowed to live again on Planet Earth. Therefore, everyone of third dimension must soon leave this Earth. The "enlightened" ones will go on to fourth and higher dimensions in the Lighted Realms (Heaven). Many people will recycle to other third dimension planets and continue their pathway of soul perfection on the "wheel of reincarnations". Some will go to the void (Hell) where they will still have a free-will to choose their destiny. The ultimate question, of course, is "where will you go?

In summary, then, the first task before you is to allow your God-Spirit within to determine for you what is Truth. Next, you must understand The Laws of God and Creation and forgive yourself and others for your errors. You must then ask your God-Spirit to forgive you as well. You must then live The Laws of God and Creation in all of your daily experience as you await the glorious time when you will be physically transported through beams of Light to a starship. There you will meet Sananda (Jesus), Commander Hatonn, the disciples, the Ascended Masters and all our space brothers and sisters---and those other "enlightened" ones who have come from Planet Earth. In joyous celebration we will leave Satan and his evil spirits to be swept into the Void as we soar through the cosmos of the Lighted Realms to our next assignments.

Herein I have presented you Truth. Now you must choose! May all your choices be made with wisdom, and may you in Truth find your pathway of Light back to the stars. Two precepts stand for all time. They are: TRUTH IS----and GOD WINS!

--The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site is at--

--The Bellringer Writings are at--





Today we stand at the threshold of a new world.  The frequencies of our Mother Gaia Earth have been steadily rising and are now at nearly fifth dimension.  The same is true for those who have awakened to Truth.  This is decision time for all who live on planet Earth.  This is the last call to those many who are yet asleep in the Lie of God Jehovah Satan.  Read the signs of the times, my friends, and know in your heart that the coming of Esu Immanuel Sananda, the one who was called Jesus the Christ, is very near.

The signs are everywhere.  The Darkside is in its death struggle, and is using every means possible to win against the Light.  The third dimensional pathway is a spiral upon which one never stands still.  To move at all is to go either upward toward the Light or downward into the increasing darkness.  Life is dynamic.  Life is constantly changing and pushing us to keep moving

The decisions we make move us upward or downward on the spiraled pathway.  The challenges are ever greater, as the Darkside strengthens its death throes attack.  Thus, those who withstand the Darkside attacks by calling in the Light of Creator God are becoming stronger and their Light shines with greater intensity as “rising stars”.   Those who succumb to the evil, move ever downward into greater darkness on their spiraled pathway, and the light fades for these “falling stars”.  Thus, we know with certainty, today, that all around us a great paradox is happening, where evil is becoming worse and goodness is becoming better.  In fact, evil has become so bad on Earth Shan that it has exceeded any past time.  Even Satan has said that evil has far surpassed his own powerful imagination.

We do not dwell on this negativity, as we see many signs of hope and renewal everywhere.  Miracles are happening, frequencies are rising, people are awakening to Truth, and the mass consciousness of Earth Shan’s people demand peace, now!

For those, who have not yet chosen, this is decision time.  This is the final time of sorting on Earth Shan.  Do you want to leave this planet and go on to another third dimensional lifestream of challenges by the Darkside, or do you want to enter 5th Dimension along with our planet?  This is now the final call to return to the Light of Creator God Aton of Light.  I am totally serious when I say that this is the final decision time for all people on planet Earth.  Esu Immanuel Sananda shall return at any moment to remove his flock to safety, as Earth Shan begins her serious self-cleansing. Your decision shall be rendered absolute, and it shall be granted, as you have chosen.  You shall leave this planet and return to the great wheel of reincarnation, or you shall board evacuation ships and enter Heaven’s Gate  of 5th Dimension.  I have written this in the words and the energy of Creator God of Light.  So be it!

The ominous question that is ever present is “Do you believe what I say is Truth?”  Always the Darkside uses doubt to win the day.  Freewill always allows you to choose Truth over Lie, but how do you know Truth from Lie?  Go within and ask your God Spirit.  Your God Spirit, the Spirit of Creator God within you does not lie!  You must learn to listen to the voice within and not to the voices all around you.  Do you believe this is possible?  How can you hear Creator God speaking to you when you believe that this is not possible?  How will you enter the Golden Age of Heaven, when you believe that Heaven is somewhere off in the pink clouds of 3D?

My friends, it is all about belief, faith and knowing Truth.  Would you choose to return to another 3D lifestream?  Quite sad!  Is that what you truly want?  Would you not rather have paradise of the highest order than another 3D trip of pain and suffering, disease, evil, violence, chaos, lies, hatred, tiredness, discouragement and death?  I repeat, this is decision time.  This is the time of choosing your next pathway that you shall surely walk.  Joshua of old stood before the people and urged them to choose wisely whom they would serve.  He said, “Choose you this day whom you will serve, but for me and my family, we shall serve Creator God”.  It is all about choosing, and your choices rest upon your belief system.

Do you even believe there is a Creator God?   Do you believe that there is no one Creator God, because we are all gods?  If this be so, what nonsense you have allowed into your belief system!

For an answer to your dilemma I quote from Phoenix Journal number 27, Phoenix Operator-Owner Manuel, page 19.

I.                    The highest command of the Law of the Creation is:  Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.

II.                The highest command of the Law of God is:  You shall honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for He is the ‘King of Wisdom’.

1.      You shall have no other gods than God Creator before you.  Abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all.  Also known as ‘THE LAW OF ONE’.

There is only one Creator Source of all that is, who resides in the Isle of Light or Paradise, the hub of the “Cosmic Wheel” of the seven Super Universes.  Creator God Aton of Light is the Creator of our Nebadon Universe.    We are to honor Creator Source, and Aton, our Creator and Creator of our Nebadon Universe.  He is the Ruler of the human races and we are to follow His Laws, for He is the “King of Wisdom”.  He desires to speak to all of His created beings, and when He speaks to you, you had better listen.  What you believe to be true about Creator God Aton determines your choices each day of your life.  All of your choices and all that happens to you rests upon your belief system.  It is through belief/faith that you create your way.   

Let me give you a personal example.  In the mid 1990’s over a period of several months my wife and I and our children one by one were called to a small town in South Dakota.  By faith we severed ties with employees, friends and family and made the move to a vacant house of a relative.  There we determined what our work was to be and where we were to do it.  We had no doubt about the “knowing” that we were to be in Rapid City, South Dakota, but we knew virtually nothing about the city and the conditions there

One day in late winter we decided that it was urgent that we make the move.   So we packed our old van and our car with as much as was possible, and leaving our grown children behind, my wife and I set off into the darkness for our destination three hundred and fifty miles away.  We had no place waiting for us and knew no one in Rapid City.  We went in faith, knowing that we would find what was needed for our family and our work.  We told our children that we would return for them and the rest of our possessions within two days.  An hour into our trip we were engulfed in a sudden snowstorm that left eight inches of snow in the Black Hills.  Doubt crossed our minds, as we questioned the wisdom of continuing our journey, but we continued on.  Arriving in Rapid City in early morning after a long and difficult journey, we went from tourist information to realtor to realtor looking for a “four-bedroom house to rent on 40 acres of land with beautiful trees and a stream running through it.”   People told us that we were insane, that we could not even find a two-bedroom house in winter in town in the middle of the month to rent, let alone a four bedroom house in the country.  We found a realtor, who that very morning decided to rent his daughter’s vacant house, because three months previously they had moved to Japan for a five-year tour of military duty.  For three months the Angels had been keeping that house for us!  By the way, that house was a spacious nearly new four bedroom house on 120 acres of alfalfa land with a windbreak, a beautiful view of the Black Hills, and painted a beautiful yellow color, Sananda’s color.  Within two hours of arrival at Rapid City, we had rented the house, and we returned that same day to our children.  I assure you, my friends, that it is through belief in the impossible that we create our way.

This is decision time, not tonight or tomorrow or next week.  Now!  At any moment Creator God shall give the order and Esu Immanuel Sananda shall return for his flock, and all shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye.  There shall be such fun, such happiness and such peace for those, who are ready.  My friends, be ready!  Put your belief systems in order.  Follow your heart and choose wisely.   Be ready for the greatest moment ever to occur on our beautiful planet.  Cross your name off the “stay” list and write it on the “lift-off” list, and do it now!  It is all in knowing  Truth that you believe and decide wisely.  It is truly a matter of the heart!






It is difficult for many to believe that all the weather anomalies, earth changes, and radiation pollution problems are not being caused by deliberate  human intervention and technology produced to that end.  Human ego wants us to believe that evil man has power over nature.  That is not true and is not allowed, even in a 3D freewill world.

          Yes, man is attempting to control the weather, but with no results today.  He is trying to cause earthquakes, tsunamis, violent storms and flooding, release of radiation, lack of food and starvation, but to no avail.  These things and more are happening due to the actions and reactions of our changing planet, Mother Earth.  She has begun her cleansing process with rain and flooding to remove pollution and negativity from her.

          Man has foolishly built his homes and businesses and nuclear power plants along major rivers at river level, expecting to be exempt from the Laws of Nature.  Floods come and people curse God for their plight.  Nuclear radiation is released and the people blame their government for its harmful effects.  It is all about Karma.  Negativity created by unbalanced living according to The Law of God and of Creation begins the chain of events.  Eventually, Karma in the cleansing rains, the flooding, loss of homes, crop land and food, starvation, and poisoning from nuclear radiation bring great lessons in soul growth, even when life is lost.

          Earthquakes and volcanic action are part of our planet’s cleansing, re-shaping and submergence to begin a new cycle.  An earthquake-caused tsunamis that destroys a nuclear power plant foolishly built on the ocean shore, that releases poisonous radiation destroying all life is Karma.  Defying the Laws of Nature always brings Karma and the opportunity for many lessons.  Nuclear was never to have been used for energy, and as a decaying/death mineral was to have been left in the ground for the formation of soil from rocks.  That is a Law of Nature.

          Dick Eastman in his recent article “The Plan”, claims that these events happening today across our planet are all part of  “The enemy’s plan to attack us--making it look like a series of accidents or acts of mother nature”.

          Not so!  Mother Earth is in charge now, and she is very serious about cleansing herself of the toxins and negativity to save her life.  It is all about Karma!

REF:  “The Plan” by Dick Eastman







When the first human being was given a freewill by Creator Source, the battle for the human mind began.  Freewill allowed humans to learn to live in Creation by choosing between good and evil.  To live in harmony and balance with all things they had to choose to follow the Laws of God and Creation.  To choose otherwise would lead to imbalance and disharmony.

Over the past 206 million years that we humans have lived on our planet Earth Shan, we have had many lifestreams and many choices.  Myriads of things and innumerable people have influenced our thinking.  By freewill we have chosen to walk the dark path to explore all aspects of the Darkside.  We have also chosen to walk the pathway of Light to discover the many facets and colors of the Light side.  In so doing we have gained great wisdom.  We have all been the victim and the victimizer, the hero and the villain.  We have been and done everything to learn our lessons in soul growth in order to learn to follow correctly the Laws of God and Creation.  The battle for our mind has raged on over eons of time, and has reached its greatest intensity in our present day.  The Darkside is determined to win! 

It is inconceivable that so many means could be deployed against us today in the battle for our mind.  The age-old use of nutrition for mind control has been expanded to its maximum today.  Historically the fall of the Babylonian civilization is attributed to poor nutrition.  The Babylonian Royalty used slaves to provide for their domestic needs.  The slaves who prepared the food for the Royal Palace used knowledge and wisdom to defeat their captors.  They ground the wheat into flour separating the starch from the hull and wheat germ.  The starch they made into bread, as is done today, and given to the Royalty, while the hull and wheat germ containing vitamins and minerals the slaves kept for their own food.  Over time the Royal Family suffered dementia and finally insanity from lack of Vitamin B complex, and the kingdom fell.  The same is being done to our food today with Alzheimer’s disease as one of the consequences.

There are more than ten thousand chemicals being used as food additives in our processed foods today.  Added to that are the herbicides, insecticides and farm fertilizers used in the growing of our foods, and the hormones, anti-biotics and other chemicals that enter the food chain during the production of our dairy, egg, and meat products.  Many of these chemicals have adverse effects on our brain functioning.  The caffeine and sugar in our coffee, tea and carbonated drinks alter how we think.  The same holds true for the chlorination and fluoridation of our drinking water.  Even the air we breathe is polluted with chemicals that affect our thinking processes.

Many pharmaceutical drugs used so widely today affect the way we think.  The use of stimulants, depressants and sleeping pills are at an all-time high, because people crave them to control their thinking.  There seems to be no end to the new types of social drugs formulated to enhance the fun and excitement of our social life today.  The age-old standby, of course, is alcohol, where 90% of the people of the good old U.S. of A. are users, even though it has been proven for decades that alcohol alters immediate brain functioning and ultimately causes permanent serious loss of mental ability.  Other social drugs such as cocaine, tobacco, marijuana and methamphetamine also alter the functioning of the human brain.  By freewill we choose to use them to alter our freewill!

 I have indicated some of those things that basically enter the human body through the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems to distort our brain functioning.  Let us now consider mind control techniques that generally use the senses of hearing, seeing and feeling or a combination of all of our five senses to control our minds.

The oldest form of mind control on our planet is religion.  Religion has tricked mankind into believing many false gods, morals and values.  How many of you have made the pilgrimage to Mecca on the promise of eternal life?  How many of you have made animal sacrifices to the gods on the promise of sins forgiven?  How many of you have worshipped idols, sung chants, fingered beads or smoked incense in the hope of finding true peace within?  How many of you have knelt at an altar for someone to forgive your sins and call you “saved”?  How many of you have performed baptism by proxy to “save” someone else?  How many of you have poured out your soul to a priest and paid money for him to forgive your sins?  How many of you know that religion is a powerful form of mind control used widely by the Darkside because it is so effective?

Most people do not know who they are or their purpose for being here, much less Creator God and the power within that He has given them---all because of the mind controlling lies of religion.  Is planet Earth the center of Creation?  Are we the only humans in the universe?  Does Creator God judge the world and strike dead those He so chooses?  I think not!

Today, mass media is being used extensively as a means of mind control of the people.  A socially acceptable technique is advertising.  Advertising on T.V., for example, is done to influence how you think to get you to respond in a certain way.  You are mind controlled to buy a certain product, accept a certain service or react in a certain way.  Advertising sells!  Through the controlling of our thinking, advertising sells junk food, junk clothes, junk drugs, junk sex, junk sports and junk anything to make the rich, richer and poor, poorer.  Amid the flurry of advertising is often the coded subliminal message that programs the subconscious mind.  This is a common practice during T.V. and radio advertising as well as regular programming.

The controlled news media is another means to influence thinking and cause the necessary reactions acceptable to the Darkside’s plans.  Disinformation and outright lies are commonly used today to hide Truth and to confuse the people.  This is true in the United States more so than in any other country of the world.  The people are being told only what the government wants them to know, and when people are told the same lies long enough, they believe them as Truth.  There is little “live” news anymore but news “stories” or programmed news censored by the government and presented as “news programs” to program the people into the desired way of thinking and reacting.

Various types of music are being widely used today to control the thinking  people.  Young people are the target area for pop music.  The rhythm, lyric and frequency range are combined to generate a desired effect in the brain.  Thus, music can and does control the way people think and act.

The deliberate propagation of sports, and especially of professional sports, is another tool for mind controlling millions of people, who either attend the “live” events or participate by watching the events on T.V.  Through sports people are programmed to be competitive and violent.  The evil world controllers joke about professional sports being the “little people’s wars”, which prepare them for the “big people’s real wars”.

Movies, videos, and especially video games for children shape and program the thinking to desired values, morals, and outcomes such as acceptance of violence, killing and lurid sex as norms.  The military builds on this mind programming to make great killers and sex fanatics out of their soldiers.  It is well known that anything goes in war.

A subtle yet very effective means of mind control is done through education.  Often students are taught to think a certain way to be accepted by their teachers and peers, and to “pass” the course.  It is rare today when students are actually taught and allowed to think for themselves.  We are producing many robotic students, who only answer to commands.  They make good industrial slaves and good soldiers and good “Enron, yes, people” but very poor teachers, administrators, statesmen and parents.

For many years more sophisticated techniques of mind control have been developed and used deliberately by the Darkside to control the people.  The GWEN and the HAARP are two such systems that have been used to mind control large sections of the population by electronic means.  The low frequency (LF waves), the very low frequency (VLF) and the extremely low frequency (ELF) waves are used to match and/or distort the human brain waves.  In the 1970’s the U.S. Military developed a mind control program called MK-Ultra using a combination of chemical and electrical means.  One off-shoot of MK-Ultra was Project Monarch Butterfly, which produced female sex slaves, drug mules, and presidential prostitutes for the U.S. Government. The human brain can be conditioned and programmed, and then later activated by trigger words, or it can be controlled by electronic means by using the same frequencies as the human brain waves.  Thoughts and images can be put into the human brain to produce pre-determined responses.

Cloning also uses mind control to produce the desired responses from the clone.  The clone’s brain is down-loaded with the necessary information to provide the memory needed for the clone to act in an acceptable manner.  Please understand that human cloning is very real and has been widely used since the 1970’s by the Darkside to replace thousands of government leaders and people worldwide for their purposes.  The brains of these “human robots” are easily controlled by electronic means.

A mind control project developed many years ago to control the thinking of the people of our entire planet is called Project Blue Beam.  Using a network of some thirty satellites around our planet, holographic images would be portrayed in the clouds.  At the same time messages would be projected electronically to the brains of the people to correspond to the holograms they were seeing in the sky.  This plan was developed by the U.S. Government in cooperation with Billy Graham and other world religious leaders.  Project Blue Beam would “create” a fake second coming of “Jesus Christ”.  Christians would see and hear “Jesus” returning in the clouds.  Muslims would see and hear Allah.  Buddhists would see and hear Buddha, etc.

The purpose of Project Blue Beam was to cause many people through mind control to board government space craft for “heaven”, and then be carried off and dumped into never-never land.  Each time that Project Blue Beam has been attempted the satellites have been mysteriously turned off course by Hatonn, Commander of the Phoenix Star Fleet.  The result has been images of Satan and other fearful beings appearing in the sky, and strange messages heard by some of the people. 

The ultimate technology for mind control of the people of Earth Shan is now being tested.  The extremely new system of ultimate mind control (UMC) is not yet operating in perfection.  This system is invisible to the naked eye.  It operates separately from chem trails technology.  It is beyond GWEN and HAARP and all other mind controlling technology ever used on Earth Shan.  UMC is beyond the technology of our earth’s magnetic grid system, but uses “energy” to alter human freewill.  UMC has been established throughout our entire planet and is now being tested by the Darkside.  Their plan is to control the whole planet.  This is their last effort to install complete world take-over.  My friends, I have good news for you and bad news for them.  It won’t work, because we have the creative thought power to stop it!  Our prayer power can vaporize all of the Darkside’s evil technology in an instant!

There are many signs today of the testing of Project UMC, if we but notice them.  Families are fighting among themselves, when they have never done so before this time.  Later they are ashamed and ask themselves “What were we thinking?”  Other people do very strange things, and appear to be really “messed up”.  There are many more accidents of all kinds.  There are many more unruly children.  There are many more “crazy” drivers, and much more “road rage” is occurring.  As Project UMC is tested, people in various parts of our world show wild reactions and do strange and even harmful things, as their freewill is being altered.  This is the ultimate attempt by the Darkside to win the battle for our minds.

Considering all the forces being used against us today in the battle for our mind, it is a marvel that any of us have any freewill left.  It is true that most of us have been dumbed down to a two strand DNA system since the time of Atlantis, and with all that has been put upon us by the Darkside our two strand system is now in jeopardy.  Yet, the Light prevails!

Truthbringers have kept Truth alive, and writings have been provided to us by the Realms of Light for our discernment.  We now know, that through the power of our God Spirit within, we have the power to overcome all the forms of mind control being put against us.  Even though peoples are experiencing mind control on a grand scale today and there is great confusion, we now know how to stop it and determine our future for ourselves.  The answer lies in the power of thought, aka the power of prayer.

How many of you have not given a thought to pray for your freewill to be untouched by anyone?  Many think they have freewill but do not realize they have given themselves over to mind control.  The robotic, unhealthy and often immoral lives they live is evidence that this is so.  Even the “religious” people are so lax in demanding peace.  So many have been unable to break their religious programming.  They pray only for their small group and not for the good of the whole world.

Because so many people today are discouraged and do not know that their prayers are important, I shall again speak of prayer and how to use it to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.  Prayer power releases the hold the Darkside has over our thought processes.  Prayer power can correct our nutritional imbalance, our chemical imbalance, our energy imbalance and make us whole.  All we need to do is ask through our thoughts for such to happen, believe that it is possible, and it will be so.  Such is the power of Creation.

Everyone must be awakened to the fact that they may have wrong thinking, that their thought processes may be controlled.  They must ask Creator God/Aton to clear their thoughts of any manipulation by the Darkside, and take back their power to control their lives.  I offer here a simple prayer for that purpose.

Dear Creator God.  I ask that all mind control and all power manipulation over my freewill by the Darkside be immediately stopped, and be removed from me totally and permanently.  I ask for clear thinking, and for discernment to understand all Truth.  I take back my thought power, and I ask you for guidance to use my thought power to direct my life for good.  Thank you.  It is done.

All sincere prayers are important to Creator God.  Many people do not believe that their prayers are important or that they are even heard by the Angels or Creator God.  They are so wrong!  The energy of your prayer carries your thoughts immediately to Heaven’s Gate.  The Angels of Light instantly present your prayer to Creator God, who is constantly and lovingly watching over all of Creation.  He sees, hears and knows all.  The energy of your prayer is multiplied and instantly added to the great sea of prayer energy to accomplish your request.  Your prayer is answered in Creator God’s wisdom and timing for your best good and the good of all.

Please understand that Creator God is not up in the sky somewhere.  He is everywhere.  He is within you and only a thought away.  He reminds us that there is nothing without a belief system of right and good.  We must all pray for the betterment of mankind, for this stimulates the energy in others to awaken to right and goodness.

It is most important at this time that we pray for peace for our whole world, and for the betterment of all mankind.  Too often we pray only for ourselves and our little circle of family and friends, and neglect to include everyone.  I offer here a simple prayer for peace.

Dear Creator God, through my God Spirit within and my Mighty I AM Presence I ask for peace to be brought immediately to our entire planet, Earth Shan, and to all her people.  I ask that all war on our planet be now permanently stopped, that all violence and destruction cease, and that compassion and love reign supreme in the hearts of all the people on Earth Shan.  I give permission for the Angels of Light to assist to make this so.  So be it! 

For those who truly desire to pray for themselves or for others, but do not know how to do so or what to say to Creator God, I suggest a simple solution.  All living beings in all dimensions of Creation are at various levels of soul growth.  All need to pray, and all need to pray for each other.  We in third dimension pray for ourselves, and also ask others in 3D to pray for us.  Why do we not also ask the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters to pray to Creator God for us?  Esu Immanuel told his disciples that he would pray to Creator God for them to have the Spirit of Truth.  Is it not possible that Archangel Gabriel might have better understanding of my situation than I do at the moment, and know better how to pray to Creator God for me, and have greater prayer power to get the “Big Boss’s” attention?  Do not many people ask Mother Mary and others of higher dimensions to pray for them?  This is not to suggest that I set aside my responsibility to pray, but to ask others of other dimensions to assist.  Team work always creates greater results.

Let us take this concept of prayer one step further.  You may have asked the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters to pray for you, but have you ever asked Creator God to pray for you or for your planet?  You are probably thinking that Bellringer is now under mind control and needs help. I ask you, “What is prayer??  I asked Creator God, “What is prayer?”  His answer was, “Prayer is a petition (request), and a thought process to make it so.”

Here is a second question.  “What is the meaning of “a thought process to make it so?”

a. believing that your request is possible.

b. believing that your request will be answered.

c. using your thought power to create the answer to your request.

d. none of the above.

e. a, b, and c.

The answer, my friends, is “e”, a, b, and c.  To ask Creator God to pray for you and for your request is most wise.  It is all quite simple.  We ask Creator God to pray for peace for our world.  Creator God states our request for peace and then uses His “thought process to make it so”.  That is the power of Creation.  In the beginning Creator Source thought, and Creation began.  Our thoughts also hqve the power of Creation.  Together we can create miraculous changes for good, but Creator does not ever usurp our freewill.  He does not act in our behalf on our freewill planet without our request to do so.

I remind you that the simplest prayer is only two words, “God, help!”  Our call to the Lighted Realms always compels an answer.  Instantly the Angels respond.  Instantly our situation is known, our needs are assessed and help is given as needed.  I am reminded of the lady driving along a country road in Missouri one beautiful day.  As she approached the crest of a hill, a farmer with a tractor and wagon loaded with hay suddenly drove onto the road ahead of her.  She could not avoid hitting the wagon.  She hit the brakes and cried, “God, help!”  The next thing she knew was that she was still driving along the road.  When she looked into her rear view mirror, the tractor and wagonload of hay were behind her.  The Angels had instantly raised her frequencies to a higher dimension, and her car had passed right through the load of hay and tractor, leaving her completely unharmed.

To recap what I have just discussed, there are three levels of prayer power.  In general we operate on level one when we pray through our prayer power to Creator God for peace for our world.  We move to level two when we request the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters and other higher Light Beings to prayer to Creator God for peace for our world.  The third level of prayer power is activated when we request Creator God to pray for peace for our world.

Have you ever thought of prayer for Creator God?  You say that sounds silly.  No, it is not.  Think about this.  In each higher dimension there is greater perfection until we reach the Isle of Paradise and Creator Source, where all is in perfection.  Creator God Aton of Light is not perfection, but He is far more perfect than Sananda, and Sananda is far more perfect than are we.  God Aton has created our Nebadon Universe and we are connected to Him through our God Spirit within.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows our thoughts and feelings.   He feels our joy and our pain.  He laughs when we laugh, and weeps when we weep.  He feels loneliness when we do not talk to Him.  As a parent watches a child grow and learn, Creator God watches our progress in our development and our achievement in our lessons in soul growth.  The prime goal of all Creation is for all Creation to return back to Source, to Creator Source in perfection according to the Laws of God and Creation.  Then Creation will have complete harmony and balance.  This is the meaning of the Law of Oneness.  To pray “for” Creator God Aton is to understand that we are all connected, that we are all participating in the journey back to wholeness, that we are all One!

It is high time that we unite our power of prayer to change our world for good.  Let us make a most powerful prayer for peace now on our planet, Earth Shan.

Through our God Spirit within and our Mighty I AM Presence, we petition Creator God for peace at this time on Earth Shan.  We request an immediate end to all war, violence, destruction and death forever on our planet.  We request that all darkness be removed now,

We request all of the “Hosts of Heaven” to pray with us to Creator God for peace now on our planet, Earth Shan.  We also request of Creator God that He would pray for peace now on our planet.  We ask that all our prayer power be now combined to restore balance to our planet for her transition to the fifth dimension.  We give permission to the “Hosts of Heaven” and to Creator God to assist us to make this so.  So be it!  It is done!  

What is happening on our planet is a once in a life-time; no, once in an earth-time; no, once in a universe experience to bring paradise to a planet.  The One World Order is pulling out all the “stops” to win, therefore, we must counter their attack with the greatest power we have---the prayers of Creator God.  Many people do not know that there are Masters who have the power to even move Creation around.  Let us ask them and all the Realms of Light for their help.    



Having won the “Battle for your Mind”, may you ever walk humbly, yet proudly in the power of your own God Spirit, the path of Truth, wisdom and peace.   Let us have peace, now!.  AHO!

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  Patrick H. Bellringer





Many of Fourwinds readers are asking various questions about "Lift-off", should an evacuation of our planet become necessary in the near future. Herein I shall attempt to provide some answers.

1. How does one get on the "Light List"?

I assume by "Light List" you are asking to be included among those people whose names are recorded in the Ashtar computer for automatic pick-up during the first fifteen minutes of the Lift-off process. These include all children up to the age of "accountability" or knowing right from wrong, and Truthbringers and any enlightened ones, who have made such a request.

It is a matter of desire and intent of the heart. Simply ask Creator God Aton, Esu Immanuel Sananda, any of the Ascended Masters or your Guardian Angels to place your name on the "automatic pick-up list", and believe that it is so. Should the need arise, you will be instantly beamed aboard a starship to safety without having to step into the blue-white tractor beam/levitation beam.

2. How will we know that we are being transported to a friendly Starship and not to a Darkside imposter Starship?

Starships from more than two hundred Star Nations are here at this time. They have brought the "Hosts of Heaven", our Star Friends, who have come from the fifth and higher dimensions, where no evil is allowed. None of these Starships are imposters. The only evil to be found in our solar system at this time is on Earth Shan. More than a year ago all Darkside aliens and their ships were removed permanently from our solar system, and all 3D Starships of the governments of Earth Shan being used for evil intent were permanently dismantled. Had evacuation of our planet occurred in the early 1990's due to a world-wide nuclear war, imposter ships would have been a problem. That is no longer the case.

3. If we have mass evacuation of our planet soon, what happens to First Contact and the Second Coming of Esu Immanuel Sananda---and the "rapture"?

These events are all combined into one great exciting event in the evacuation process. You will meet our Star Friends, the Ascended Masters, Sananda and Hatonn/Aton and other great Beings of Light aboard the Starships. This will be First Contact and the Second Coming all in one.

The "rapture" will not have the outcome that the Christian cult has taught for many years. It is true that you will be picked up by Starship, if you so choose, and be taken off Earth Shan. Your destination will be fifth dimension or Heaven, only if you have graduated to that level in your soul growth. You will go to the dimension that matches your frequencies. The same is true for those, who choose not to go aboard and perish in the massive earth changes on Earth Shan. Their soul will go to the dimension that matches their frequencies.

Some of those, who go through Lift-off will die, because their physical body frequencies are so much lower than the frequencies of the beam of Light. Their soul (the real you) will be given another body and that person will be taken to his proper frequency placement to continue on with soul growth lessons. That placement has already been agreed upon at a soul level by that one and Creator God. This is also true for every souled being presently on Earth Shan.

4. What if some of those, who remain behind at evacuation time, survive the earth changes? What will be their roles when everyone returns to Earth Shan?

One must understand that Earth Shan is entering the fifth dimension and no one of lower frequencies will be allowed to enter the "New Earth". Those who return will be of 5D and higher. Only those of low frequencies would refuse Lift-off. Should they survive the earth changes, they would die a physical death prior to the end of the 3000 year period of rejuvenation required to return Earth Shan to her original pristine condition.

It is possible for some people, who are highly enlightened to have a soul contract with Creator God Aton to remain on Earth Shan during her transition into 5D. They would be protected and assisted by the Angels to do such a mission. Of course, there will be many living inside our planet during this transition, who will be totally safe.

5. One half of our planet will be in darkness during evacuation. Can the Star People awaken everyone and get the job done in fifteen minutes?

The millions of Starships that are here will turn the night into day with their higher frequencies and their levitation beams. Everyone will instantly "know" through telepathy what to do.

6. Do we take time to dress, take pictures, money, insurance policies, house deeds, clothes, jewelry, etc. with us to the Starships?

The answer is a big "No!" You will need none of your 3D junk! All that you need shall be provided for you. If you are in the shower, you will not arrive aboard ship naked. You will be fully clothed, instantly. Creator God Created you. Do you not think He can get you off this planet in good shape?

7. Might a levitation beam appear inside a person's home or work location, so that it will not be necessary for one to run outside?

Yes, of course! The blue-white beam of Light will appear very near, if you are not on automatic Lift-off. It shall move over you, if you are unable to move, such as an invalid. Then you will be told to decide to go or stay. It is all very simple. It is important to remain calm, because fear or anxiety will lower your frequencies. Happiness and joy will raise your frequencies to more closely match the frequencies of the levitation beam and reduce the possibility of physical damage.

8. Once we board the Starships, what will happen after that? Where will we end up?

Medical teams will be standing by to assist anyone, who may have suffered physical problems from moving through the beam of Light with low frequencies. You will be re-united with your children, other family members and friends, who were picked up by other Starships. Those, who you requested Creator God Aton to have picked up without their knowledge, will decide to either stay aboard ship or be put back on the surface of Planet Earth. Yes, you can request Creator God to have your family members and friends picked up without their knowledge. They can then decide aboard ship what they will do.

Everyone will need to choose to go on to a Mother Ship or go to the Inner Earth of Earth Shan. At some point everyone will proceed on to the frequency and dimension level that matches their vibrations to continue with their lessons in soul growth. Those, who go to 5D, will have the opportunity to return to Earth Shan, when she has been restored to her original pristine condition.

The period of restoration will be three thousand years long in 3D years. There is no time in 5D, so one day can be a thousand years of 3D time or vice versa. You may spend three days meeting family and friends, taking a trip through the Cosmos and having a bit of rest and relaxation with a glass of Liquid Light, when an Angel will tap you on your shoulder and ask, if you are ready to return to a pristine Mother Earth. In 5D it can be that fast!

There must be a minimum of 144,000 Lighted Beings of at least 5D level and higher, who return to Earth Shan as the "seed people" to start a new civilization again. They will have full memory and be able to create by thought. They will create crystal cities and homes and gardens in complete balance and harmony with Mother Earth, and they will fully obey the Laws of God and Creation in the new "Heaven on Earth".

9. Will there be any interference of Lift-off by the Darkside with their laser and particle beam technology or missiles or nuclear weapons or troops on the ground?

No interference will be allowed and all weapons will be instantly and permanently neutralized by the Forces of Light. The Warrior Angels lead by Archangel Michael with their Starships will be standing by on full alert to prevent any interruption whatsoever by the Darkside. The Starships will not be close to the Earth's surface to avoid harm from volcanic and tsunami activity. They may be as far away as Mars and still beam people aboard.

10. What happens to our pets? Should I have my kitty in a pet carrier?

Your pets along with all animals and all plants will be removed from our planet when the physical polar shift occurs. They will be transported to other planets for safe-keeping until such time that they are returned to Earth Shan. You pets will be instantly removed along with the children, and they will be re-united with you aboard the Ships, as the children are re-united with their families. Be not concerned for your children or your pets. They are on automatic Lift-off and the Star People are well trained in the procedure, for they have done it many times. You have, too, in past lifestreams, but you do not remember.

11. What about those, who are sleeping and will be confused by the sudden event, or those, who are in doubt and will need more than fifteen minutes to decide what to do?

Everyone has already decided at a soul level whether they will stay or go at evacuation time. The Forces of Light will awaken them and everyone will instantly know what they have decided to do, and will instantly respond without any hesitation. There may be some anxiety or even fear, but that is to be expected. Just know that you are going on a very enjoyable trip to safety to a very pleasant place. Remain calm and at peace, knowing all is well.

Again Creator God Aton has told us that Mother Earth is at her birthing time. When she rolls over, instant evacuation will be necessary for our safety. Our task is to be ready, to be calm and to be at peace. "Beam me up, Scotty"! Aho!



PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I have looked forward to giving all of you a message this beautiful day upon Mother Earth.  I keep the vision of Mother Earth in my mind, as the most beautiful of planets in the galaxy and how she should look.  At the present time, darkness swirls about her creating suffering and anguish, as she still hangs in the balance of tipping over on her axis.

 Why has she not done this sooner?  We of the Lighted Realms can only say this.  Mother Earth is the most loving Mother created, for as a sentient being  she deeply loves everything upon her surface with a great love.  By this I mean even the tiny insects that live in the grass and fields of her surface, the animals that have found rest and beauty by the clear waters and above all, the souled humans, who have been given the responsibility of caring for all.

 Why humans?  Do not the animals care for themselves? Yes, but God created the human with a higher intelligence much like a father or mother, who cares for their young child.  The responsibility of caring for all life with lesser intelligence is upon the humans who reside on Mother Earth.

You say to me, how can I take care of the ocean, the wild animals, etc.  The answer is simple, if you but think about it. You start with yourself to take care of that portion of land upon which you reside.

This includes the home in which you live.  Have you kept the land neat and clean of rubbish, cared for the grass, shrubs, flowers and birds?  Oh, yes, you care for the birds, as well to at least give them water to drink.  If you can afford a bird feeder that would, also, be helpful.

Have you kept your home neat and clean?  You do not have to have the finest furniture or expensive rugs.  The point is, you care for what you have.  If each person would do that, would that not make a difference?

I realize that the hundreds of corporations pollute the air and water, and one person feels helpless to change their detrimental process, a group can help the changes.  This has been done, but these huge corporations care less about the environment and do cause great damage to Mother Earth’s air, water and soil.   Are you one of those. who use poisonous chemicals on your yard and garden? 

Mother Earth has reached her ultimate agony with 30 some wars happening at this present time.   Now there is talk of war again with Russia and the use of nuclear.  Your false government has allowed thousands of illegal aliens into your country to make America  a third world nation.  These satanic minions are ripping your nation apart.  Have you prayed for your country?

Yes, goodness is working behind the scenes, and it is hoped that the final move happens soon because Mother Earth cannot stand much more damage.  The reason she has not turned on her axis is that she is waiting for even one more souled one to awaken.   How much  longer is not known, but we know she is in agony and can not put up with more ravaging of her surface let alone any nuclear explosions to kill people and their soul.

My advice to Sananda’s Flock is to keep yourself and your soul in shape.  Ask for our help, take care of your body and feed your soul, as well, which includes more reading and meditation.  You all can make it home with our help.

Take care of what you have, and pray for goodness to happen soon with your government to take out the Communist/Socialists of Satan.

Use your Great God Spirit within to help yourself and Mother Earth.  We are here to help but if you ask.

I bless all those souled ones, and pray more of you returned Masters still slumbering to awaken to Truth.   I, too, along with Sananda and the Lighted Realms bless all Lightworkers, especially at this ending time when the pathway is more difficult than ever.   You are not alone.  Ask for the help of the Lighted Realms.








***THE POWER OF SPIRIT by Patrick H. Bellringer

Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda has said, “The Spirit of man can perform miracles through the knowledge of the Truth, for when you pray to your Spirit, whatever you request will be given to you, if it truly is a desire, for believe with knowledge, and you will receive.”

            My friends of the Light, Truthbringers, Truthseekers, co-workers, travelers all on the Red Road of Truth, I speak to you from the deepest level of my heart tonight.  Do you truly believe these words of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, recorded in the Phoenix Journals?  Do you truly believe that through the Power of your spirit within you, you can perform miracles?  Have you tried it?  Have you ever performed any miracle at all?

            To perform miracles you first must have the knowledge of the Truth.  The Truth is that in all of our planet’s history, never before have we had such a crisis, as we have at this very moment.  The Adversary has never been stronger.  The Darkness has never been blacker, and evil has never been greater, than it is right now.  Negative energy has so increased on all fronts, as to totally over-whelm our planet and her people, rendering us helpless, hopeless, defeated!  Is that our end?  Is that what we want?  After all these years of struggle, of suffering and of fighting

evil, are we willing to allow evil to win in our lifetime, and for us to go quietly into the night?

            Knowledge is power!  I bring you knowledge, my friends.  Look around you!  What do you see?  I see a world lying in ruins with smoking, burning battlefields strewn with corpses.  I see sickness and suffering and wanton neglect on street corners and in back alleys, in V.A. hospitals and dying rural towns.  In our suburbs rise tent cities and along the railroad tracks.

            Once noble and kind and honest people huddle with their children in their cars, begging for food, a blanket, a drink of water with not even an outdoor toilet for privacy.  I weep for our people, and my tears wet this page!  What has happened to us?  What have we become?  America, the beautiful and a world of peace and prosperity is only a dream turned into a total nightmare of hopelessness, corruption, greed and despair. 

            The few have gathered the wealth and claimed it for themselves.  They thrive on power and control.  Negativity is the fuel that feeds their drive for world domination.  They care not for the denuded forests, now turned into rock and sand or the oceans chocking on plastic and reeking of rotting fish----the sewers of the world.  Their goal is gold, piles and piles of gold, and pleasure and power and absolute control.

            It is all a lie, my friends, the biggest lie ever told!  Do you understand that?  It is a lie!  Too long you have believed the lie!  Too long you have forgotten the Truth.  You have forgotten your power, the power within to create miracles.  I have given you knowledge in the Phoenix Journals.  Now, it is time to use it to create miracles.  It is time the Light of Truth wins!

           We see our physical world lying in ruins and her people dying, but we do not understand, why.  We do not see beyond into the realm of Spirit.  There is a great battle raging between Darkness and Light, between negative energy and positive energy, between evil and Goodness.  For eons the Darkness has been winning.  That is why our world lies in ruins.  Negativity has reigned supreme!

            The few Lightbearers and Truthbringers have struggled on against great odds.  They have held the line, but they need more help, our help to win.  They need our positive energy, our prayer power to win.  The present struggle going on world-wide to bring down the Khazarian Zionist Serpent People alnd stop their drive for world control is moving forward slowly.  

            Representatives of Global Family, nations such as Russia, Iran and North Korea, China, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Australia, France and England, brave constitutional lawyers, and people around the world of many talents are quietly working to thwart the efforts of the Serpent People.  The Military Flag Officers, who hold the authority to act to save the U:.S. of A., have generally proven themselves to be cowards, compromised by bribes and threats, thus committing high crimes and treason.  The U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Congress and the Federal Courts all stand compromised by bribery and threats, unwilling to act to save this nation, thus also having committed high crimes and treason.

            The U.S. unlawful Corporate Government is drunken with greed and power, fraught with deceit and corruption and so Satanic and Zionist, as to care nothing whatsoever for the needs of the people of this nation, let alone those of the world.  World Empire is their goal.  Make no mistake about it.

            Such foolishness of man can be brought down by the Truth, by the Light of Creator God, by positive energy created by People of the Light by their Power within.  The Spirit of Power of Creator God Aton of Light is within us.  Will you use it?  Will you help defeat the Adversary?

            I am asking for Lightworkers and Truthbringers and Truthseekers and Enlightened people of all nations to answer the call to prayer.  It matters not your religion, your beliefs, your doubts, but only that you care about the future of our world and her people, your people, your family, yourself.  We must stand against the Darkness.   We must assist those few holding the battle line for the Light.

            Pray, as you have never prayed before!  Pray, even if you have never prayed before!  Creator God hears the sincere prayer from a humble heart.  He hears the whisper of “God help!”  He hears the unspoken words of your heart’s desire!  He hears and responds to the pleas of a little child.  He hears, and He understands and He responds, always!

            Will you help us win this battle for the Light, for our world---to defeat evil?  Take even a few minutes from your busy schedule to stop and think, to think good things, to meditate, to say, “God, Help!”

            We can do it!  We can win this Battle for the Light, for Goodness for our world.  We can create so much positive energy that the Dark Cabal shall be swept off this planet and into the Void, never to return to Shan.  It is time, my friends, it is time!

            “For when you pray to your Spirit, whatever you request will be given to you”.

            “For believe with knowledge, and you will receive”.

            “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts”.( Zechariah 4:6)




PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:   Greetings again to all Lightworkers and souled ones upon Planet Earth. It has been a few days since I have asked Anne to write a message from me.   I trust that what I shall say to you will be of help to not only the Lightworkers  but to all of you, who are yet sleeping.  

By “sleeping” I do not mean that word, as a person resting in the night-time.  I mean that word in the sense that those ones have not realized the real Truth rather than the lies and disinformation that has been pounded into their head through all the religious cults that abound on Earth at this time.  Nor do you sleepy ones know anything of who you really are in the Lighted Realms from which you came.

In some instances, sleepy ones have come to blame God for all their troubles.  There are ones addicted to drugs liquor and indecent sexual experiences.  They may even hate God for what he has done to them.

Let me tell you this.  You have a freewill and it is YOU who determine all the experiences you are having.  Your worst enemy is not Satan, but yourself.  You have been taught that you are nothing in God’s sight.  You are a lowly sinner and awful things have happened to you.  Maybe you have spent time in prison or you are on the street begging for food.

If you drink alcohol, for instance, you allow the demons to enter your body through the back of your head, as then they can again experience the feeling of alcohol that the cannot enjoy as a human.  Everything that happens to you, you have caused. 

On the other hand, I have some more positive words to say to all of you Lightworkers and souled beings, who have not realized your greatness.

Creation/ Creator Source/ Creator God Aton/Hatonn chose the best of the best ones in the Lighted Realms for a mission.  However, whether or not they would participate was entirely up to each individual.

You each sat there listening and knowing the stakes at hand if you chose to reincarnate on Earth, the most evil planet in the Heavens. 

This one little, dirty little, beautiful little planet was disturbing the entire Cosmos!  The evil frequencies from the evil spewed into the ethers to disturb the entire Universe.  What!?  Yes!  The sound of evil through the bombs and words of anger and every sound that is made upon Earth reverberates into the ethers and s NEVER ENDING!  Got that?  Never ending.  That is why it was imperative for great, great souled Masters from the Lighted Realms were asked to reincarnate to help Mother Earth graduate and to, also, gain great soul growth.

So, who are you sleepy ones and enlightened ones?  You have no idea! Your lineage is great!  Some of you are great King, Princes, Arch Angels and great Etherical Beings.  Satan knows who you really are and is adamant to keep you asleep to your fantastic lineage.  If you are sleeping he wants to keep you that way.  He, also, wants to make sure that you enlightened ones stray from the Red Road. 

The greatest weapon you have is that God is within each of you, not some great king on a throne somewhere out there.  He is within!  You have your great God Spirit WITHIN to thwart the evil against you.  How do you do that? 

You feed your great God Spirit like you feed your physical body.  You take time out of your busy schedule to read the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms, as a guide for living as you did in the Lighted Realms.  You spend some time meditating with the Lighted Realms, and you ASK for help, as you do not have to climb that mountain alone.  You can help each other as needed, but most of all it takes time and study and work, not just sometime, but constant.

We of the Lighted Realms can help but you must ask, for we cannot cross freewill. 

The Lighted Realms are here to help…so just ask for that help and the road to Heaven will be much easier.

My Love to all.








There is a cure and a prevention for every disease present today on Planet Earth Shan.  The darkside has kept this Truth well hidden for centuries, but today, a few brave Truthbringers are revealing the medical lies and presenting the cures and preventative means for many common diseases.  One such Truthbringer is Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, who holds the Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in biology from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a Doctorate degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota.  Her research has resulted in the writing of four books as follows:

1)      The Cure For All Cancers

2)      The Cure For All Diseases

3)      The Cure For HIV And AIDS

4)      The Cure For All Advanced Cancers

          I present only a brief introduction to Dr. Clark’s work, and her two treatments for fluke disease.

            The flatworm or fluke (Fasciolopsis buskii) has a natural life cycle of six stages.  The adult stage is the only stage that “normally” lives in the human, and then only in the intestine.  This fluke usually depends on a snail as a secondary host for part of its life cycle.

            In the last 100 years the human diet and lifestyle has changed substantially, so that the solvents now present in the human diet or absorbed through the skin or lungs, etc. allow the fluke to develop the other five stages within the human body.  It is now rare for a human not to provide the complete environment for all six stages of the life cycle of the fluke.  The adult stage exists in the human intestine, and depending upon the solvents present in the human body, the secondary (snail) host is provided by any one of several human organs.  The resultant breakdown by flukes of various human organs is the primary cause of various diseases prevalent in humans today.  Such diseases include cancers, HIV, Hodgkin’s disease, M.S., Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.  When any of the first five stages of the fluke life cycle (the adult fluke is stage six) are able to develop in a human, Dr. Clark refers to this problem as Fluke disease.

            If the solvent propyl alcohol is present in the human body, the intestinal fluke is invited to use another organ as a secondary host.  This organ then becomes cancerous.  If the solvent benzene is present, the intestinal fluke uses the thymus gland as a secondary host, setting the stage for AIDS.  If the solvent wood alcohol is present, the intestinal fluke uses the pancreas as a secondary host.  This leads to the pancreatic dysfunction known as diabetes.  If the solvents xylene/toluene are present, the human brain becomes the secondary host.  The result of fluke disease in the brain produces deterioration of the nervous system and disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis (M.S.).

            Fluke disease in the kidneys produces lupus or Hodgkin’s disease.  If methylethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl butylketone (MBK) are the solvents present, the uterus becomes a secondary host and the likely result will be endometriosis.  Fluke disease of the muscles causes dystrophies (muscular dystrophy).  Other health problems such as HIV infection, Crohn’s disease and Kaposi’s are also caused by Fluke disease.

            To rid the body of the fluke parasite is the first step in curing Fluke disease and all its life-threatening side-effects.  Dr. Clark presents two methods of fluke removal from the human body.

            The first method uses electrical current from a five to ten volt frequency generator.  Simple instructions for the building and use of an inexpensive ($25-$50.) frequency generator are found in both of Dr. Clark’s books, The Cure for All Cancers and TheCure For All Diseases.  One may also purchase a frequency generator (zapper) through the Internet at or   Using this device for three-seven minute sessions separated by 20 minute intervals will kill nearly all parasites, bacteria, viruses, and mites, etc. found within the human body.  Zapping three times a day for a week can often deplete these populations within the body to zero.  Dr. Clark’s intent is to enable one to diagnose and treat oneself for any disease.

            The second method of fluke removal from the body is also discussed in both books noted above.  This method uses four herbs in a 7-14 day parasitic cleanse.  The herbs are black walnut, cloves and wormwood, and psyllium for an intestinal sweep.  These can be purchased at any herb or health food store.  The following chart is included as a simple guide in using this parasite cleanse.



Using tincture rather than capsules.

By Patrick H. Bellringer


Take cleanse on an empty stomach,   Mix in ½ to ¾ cup of water, apple juice, cider or other juice as desired. Take cleanse daily for two weeks and follow exactly according to the following chart.




   Black    Walnut



















1 drop


1 drop


2 drops



½ tsp.


½ tsp.


½ tsp.


½ tsp.


1 tbls.





2 drops


3 drops


3 drops


1 tsp.


1 tsp.


1 tsp.


1 tsp.


1 tbls..





4 drops


4 drops


4  drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1 tbls.





5 drops


5 drops


6 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


2 tsp.


1 tbls.





6 drops


7 drops


7 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


2½ tsp.


1 tbls.






8 drops


8 drops


8 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1 tbls.


1 tbls.





9 drops


9 drops


10 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1  tbls. +

½ tsp.



1 tbls.





10 drops


11 drops


11 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1 tbls.  +

1 tsp.



1 tbls.




12 drops


12 drops


12 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.



1½ tsp.

1 tbls.  +

1½ tsp.


1 tbls.





13 drops


13 drops


14 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1 tbls.  +

2 tsp.


1 tbls.





14 drops


15 drops


15 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1 tbls.   +

2½ tsp.


1 tbls.





16 drops


16 drops


16 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


2 tbls.


1 tbls.





17 drops


17 drops


18 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

2 tbls. +

½ tsp.


1 tbls.





18 drops


19 drops


19 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

2 tbls.   +

1 tsp.


1 tbls.


          The following information maybe helpful in obtaining and preparing the four products needed for this parasite cleanse, if you prefer not to purchase these products in capsule form.

1.      Black walnut tincture—2 ounce bottle with dropper can be purchased and used with no alteration ($20.00), a 2-ounce bottle of extra strength can be obtained from Dr. Clark’s store for $20.00, or one ounce of regular for $7.88.

2.      Psyllium(ground psyllium seed husk or hull) –1 pound.  Can be purchased and used without alteration ($10.00)

3.      Cloves tincture -2 cups.  Purchase 2 ounces of ground cloves ($2.00) and make the tincture (water solution) by boiling/steeping the 2 ounces of cloves in four cups of water for fifteen minutes.  Drain off the liquid after cooling and settling for 24 hours.

4.      Wormwood tincture –one cup.  Purchase two ounce bottle of wormwood tincture ($20.00).  Dilute with one and one-half cups of water.  Wormwood tincture can be made cheaply by steeping one ounce of ground wormwood in 4 cups of water for 20 minutes.  Drain off liquid after cooling and settling for 24 hours.

            The removal of body parasites, harmful bacteria, viruses, mites, etc. from the body is not the total answer to good health.  One must make a change in life-style by changing eating habits and other behaviors to reduce or even prevent re-infestation of these organisms.  One must also take steps to assist the body to repair the organ damage already caused by these organisms.

            Cancer victims today face a formidable foe, the American Medical Association (AMA) and their trained “professionals”.  The cancer patient is subjected to “the knife” to remove the problem, to radiation and chemotherapy to zap and/or chemicalize the problem with the end result in most cases of poorer health, poverty, and often death.  When people choose to allow doctors to treat the effects of cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc. rather than the cause, there can be no return to good health.  In Phoenix Journal #42 entitled Unholy Alliance, Hatonn refers to our modern day hospitals as “Temples of doom”.  We are dying from bacterial, viral and parasitic infestation, intentional malnutrition and a host of harmful medical practices.

            May you awaken to your own potential of healing yourself.  Learn to treat the sources of your problems rather than searching for a “cure” for their side effects.  Using those things in creation that our Creator provided for you, combined with proven holistic health practices, may you create your own good health!

Parasite-Free Maintenance Program:Against Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

         The 14-day parasite cleanse program must be completed before going on a maintenance program.  The black walnut and wormwood combination have killed more than 100 various types of parasites in all stages in all organs of your body, and then eggs have been destroyed by the cloves.  These herbs are highly effective against most parasites but are much less effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, that exist in your body or that are released from the bodies of dead parasites.  These must be destroyed electrically by using a “zapper”.

            This electrical device, produced from the research of Dr. Hulda Clark, emits a very low intermittent frequency which has been proven to be lethal to bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Exposure to this “zapping” for seven minutes causes them immediate death.  A commercial zapper is programmed for three – seven-minute zapping sessions separated by twenty-minutes non-zapping intervals.  Organisms killed during the first seven-minute zapping session will release the bacteria, viruses and fungi which reside within their dead bodies.  If left unchecked these newly released organisms will multiply quickly and cause further health problems.  Thus, the second seven-minute zapping session is used to destroy them.  The third seven-minute zapping session is done to clean up any remaining organisms that may have been released.  Please note that should you do only one seven-minute zapping session and then stop, the next day you may develop the common cold.

            You may build your own zapper quite cheaply as per the instructions found in Dr. Clark’s book, The Cure For All Diseases, but I recommend that you purchase the “Zapper Deluxe” sale price of $149.95 from  (1-866-372-5275 toll free).  This model is pre-programmed and is very easy to understand and use.

            Zapping may cause tiredness and rashes which is due to the body’s work of removing dead organisms and their debris, and their released toxins.  This is a major reason for drinking plenty (8 cups) of clean water each day.  The body’s circulatory and waste removal systems are water systems and operate effectively only with adequate available water.  Other beverages such as soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, tea and juices are no substitute for clean water.  They usually serve to complicate the body’s cleansing and healing processes.

            The electrical zapper is highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, but much less effective against larger parasites.  The electrical current of the zapper follows the walls of organs, tissues, and vessels.  The current does not fully penetrate such things as abscesses, the eye balls, testes, kidney stones, gallstones, or contents of the stomach or intestines.  Thus, harmful organisms in those areas may not be destroyed by zapping.  When used together, the herbal parasite cleanse and the zapper are totally effective in destroying all harmful body organisms with no harmful side effects.

            The zapper may be used during the 14-day herbal parasite cleanse program to destroy released bacteria, viruses and fungi, or it may be used after the parasite cleanse program has been completed.  If this is the case, use the zapper daily with the three – seven-minute zapping sessions for a period of seven days.  This will destroy nearly all bacteria, viruses and fungi present in the body.

            For those who have had cancer, the 14-day parasite cleanse program should be followed every seventh day thereafter with the herbal maintenance program.  For others this herbal maintenance should be done once every two weeks.   After taking orally the maintenance herbal treatment on an empty stomach, wait thirty minutes and then use the zapper for three – seven-minute sessions to clean up any released organisms from the parasites that the herbal treatment may have killed.  Remember that one does not remain free of harmful organisms for very long, because we are constantly being re-infected with harmful organisms from various sources such as food, air, water, animals and our own unsanitary living conditions and personal habits.

            The maintenance program herbal dosage to be taken on an empty stomach every seventh day for cancer patients or every 14th day for non-cancer patients is as follows:

1.      Black Walnut HullTincture Extra Strength – 2 teaspoons, or Regular Strength (4 times) or 8 teaspoons.

2.      Wormwood – Capsule (200-300 mg) – seven capsules,

or tincture of 7 teaspoons.

3.      Cloves  (size 0 or 00 capsule) – seven capsules, or tincture  (4 ½


            These may be taken all at once at one time in water or apple juice, etc., or separately and at different times throughout the day, all on an empty stomach.



            Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s websites: ;

            Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s books:


1.      The Cure For All Cancers, ISBN 1-890035-00-9

2.      The Cure For All Diseases, ISBN 1-890035-01-7

3.      The Cure For HIV And AIDS, ISBN 1-890035-02-5

4.      The Cure For Advanced Cancers, ISBN 1-890035-16-5

Can be obtained from:

New Century Press

1055 Bay Blvd., Suite C

Chula Vista, CA 91911

(619)476-7400, (800) 519-2465


or from

Phoenix Journal #42, Unholy Alliance:  Priests, Rabbis and Conspirators Within the Templesof Doom can be obtained from Phoenix Source Distributors, Inc., P.O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, NV 89126, (800) 800-5565

            This is also located at the website,


--The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site and

--The Bellringer Writings are at--

--For bound copies of the Phoenix Journals, most can be obtained from--

Phoenix Source Distributors: toll free (800) 800-5565



by Patrick H.Bellringer

Easter is known the world over as the most significant of all Christian "holy days". 

       Christians or the followers of Christ believe that Esu "Jesus Christ" Immanuel, as the Son of God, rose from the dead on Easter morning.  He had been crucified in Jerusalem two days before on Good Friday afternoon by his arch enemies, the Pharisees, who were the Jewish religious leaders of the day.  At the insistence of the Pharisees the occupying Roman Government had cooperated in carrying out the crucifixion.

       Christians believe that his resurrection from the dead is proof that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel is, indeed, the Son of God.  They believe that God Jehovah became angry over the evil doings of His created beings, and that to set things right, a payment had to be made.  Yet, no payment that man could offer was great enough to appease such an angry God Jehovah.  Realizing this, God Jehovah, in His great love for His creation sent His Son, Esu "Jesus" Immanuel, to die as the sacrifice, the ransom for the sins of all mankind.  By so doing Christians believe that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel died in their place and provided them forgiveness for sins.  By rising from the dead he conquered death and, thus, gave them the promise of eternal life in "heaven", when they leave their present lifestream. 

       In honor of this historic resurrection event Easter is celebrated worldwide by Christians each year during the time of the Jewish Passover.  It was during the annual Jewish Passover in Jerusalem in the spring of the year that "Jesus" was arrested, tried and killed for defying the religious leaders of the day, and it was on Sunday, the day following the Jewish Sabbath and the end of the week-long Passover celebration, that Christians believe "Jesus" rose from the dead.  Thus, Easter is claimed by Christians to be their most holy and happy of all days in celebration of their "risen Lord."

            Many times throughout the year Christians remember the "suffering, death, and resurrection of "Jesus" with the observance of the Eucharist or Lord's Supper.  On such occasions Christians are encouraged to repent of their sins and ask "Jesus" to forgive them.  They drink wine or grape juice and eat bread as "Jesus" did with his disciples in his "last supper" together with his disciples.  In the Eucharist the wine is symbolic of the blood of "Jesus" which was shed for their sins.  The bread is symbolic of the body of "Jesus" which was broken for their wrong doing.  By eating and drinking these elements Christians believe they are receiving the "life of Christ" which freely gives them forgiveness for their sins and a life everlasting.

            There are many people who wonder if this is the whole story of Easter.  Many question the validity of the "resurrection."  Is this myth or mystery?  Each year the traditional Easter celebration appears to become more fiction and less fact as people are encouraged to buy candy Easter bunnies and children hunt real colored Easter eggs.  What do rabbits and eggs have to do with Easter---or with each other, for that matter?  Rabbits do not lay eggs and eggs do not produce rabbits!  Eggs produce chickens sometimes, and birds and alligators and frogs and fish and---but they have nothing to do with Easter and the Eucharist---or do they?  Maybe that's part  of the myth!

            What if the whole premise underlying the concept of Easter were really a lie?  Then Humpty Dumpty would probably fall off his wall and break into a million egg-shell pieces and probably kill the Easter bunny in the process.  Not only would the commercial makers and sellers of Easter eggs be frantic, but also the Christian community worldwide would be panicked, and many would probably commit suicide for lack of hope of forgiveness for their very evil deeds.  And the priests, popes, and preachers would probably be out of a job, out of money, and running for their very lives from some very angry little old ladies and very rich evil controllers.  Would I be a party to such havoc?  Of course, because Truth always wins!

            Let me tell you the rest of the story.  Let me tell you the secrets hidden for 2000 years and more---the Truth of the matter!        

            Those who understand religious history know of Arch Angel Lucifer, who was removed from the Lighted Realms for his free-will choices.  Lucifer chose our earth (Earth Shan) for the establishment of his evil kingdom.  Earth Shan became his jail planet from which he could not leave.  He became known as Lucifer/Satan, and his plan as the Antichrist is to again challenge Creator God.  To do so he needs a great army of evil beings.  These he is recruiting from the inhabitants of Earth Shan, those who freely choose to follow his evil plan.

            Those who understand world history, also understand the Plan 2000 for total world control by the Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks (KZB).  The ancestry of the KZB can not be traced by race because they are not a race of people.  They are a political group and can be easily traced through history by their creed as a political movement.  In so doing one finds that the Pharisees of 2000 years ago were "KZB" (in thought) and had plans for total control of the people of their day.  They could not allow a Truthbringer such as Esu "Jesus" Immanuel to upset their plans by giving Truth to the masses.  He had to be destroyed immediately along with all of his teachings.  As part of Lucifer/Satan's Antichrist army, they laid their plans well.  These Pharisee KZB elite buried the Truth of their day.  Their students became the KZB leaders of the Antichrist army of today, who are still working to complete Lucifer's Plan 2000!

            Our world today, and its nearly 8 billion people, is almost entirely under the complete control of Lucifer/Satan.  His plans are nearly accomplished for total world control under a one world Antichrist religion, a one world financial system, a one world military, and a one world government.  He has nearly won!  "Is there no hope?", you ask.  Please do not despair.  I remind my readers that, as a modern Truthbringer, I bring you hope for I bring you Truth!  Here is the rest of the story.       

          God, too, had a Plan 2000, and His plan is also nearly complete.  I speak of God Aton, Creator, God of Light and not the God Jehovah Satan of the "Bible".  When you allow your God Spirit within to teach you wisdom, you will know that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel's teachings could not be published as Truth.  Lucifer could not allow that to happen and still win.  So, Plan 2000 was born.  Esu's writings were twisted to cover up Truth, and Pharisee Saul/Paul was used to spread these lies.

            Esu Immanuel was never known by his family and friends by the name "Jesus Christ".  Many years after Esu Immanuel left Galilee, the name Jesus Christ was given to him by Saul/Paul as part of the Lie.  At his trial in Jerusalem, the Pharisees accused Esu of being the Son of God.  Esu denied that, for he was the son of Arch Angel Gabriel.  Saul/Paul continued these lies and placed them into his writings. By evil design these Pauline writings became a major portion of the canonized "New Testament Bible" produced by the Council of Nicaea in 323 A.D.

            The Pharisees attempted to murder Esu by crucifixtion, but Esu survived his crucifixion, was tended by family and friends for two days and two nights by entering the tomb via the private family entrance, and then escaped and fled for his life.  Esu "Jesus" Immanuel traveled widely in India, settled in Kashmir, married, had a family, and finally died at the age of 107.  After Esu Immanuel's death, his son, Joseph, brought Esu's writings back to Jerusalem and placed them in Esu's tomb.  There they remained hidden until the present day.  What I write here is Truth taken from those very documents!

            So, where do we go from here?  We are all people of the Lie!  If you are a Christian and celebrate Easter--and believe the Truth that I have written herein, you are probably overwhelmed with great mental confusion and distress because you have been lied to and tricked in the most deceitful way.  I know!  I have been there!  The good news is that Esu Immanuel said he would return within 2000 years to take "home" those who understood and were living the principles of Truth that he had taught.  Esu Immanuel returned to Earth Shan in 1954!  How?--the way all celestial Truthbringers have always traveled, by starship!  He waits for the command from Creator God Aton of Light;

            Do not be fooled by God Jehovah Lucifer/Satan's plan of a rapture into the clouds.  The Christian hoax has fooled millions of people over time.  The basic Law of the Cosmos is that of Cause and Effect, which states that for every cause there is an effect, and for every effect there is a cause.  Farmers know this law when they reap what they have sown.  This holds true in all of creation.  Why then would we not be held accountable for our own free-will choices?  How could we expect the blood of a dead man, God's son or otherwise, to magically remove our responsibility for our evil deeds?  Why would we not be held accountable under the cosmic law of cause and effect for our own wrongful choices?  Why/how could we be "raptured" home?

            Christians claim that "God" is a loving God.  Why, then, would a loving God allow His own son to be killed, as a "ransom," for a bunch of very evil Earth Shan dwellers?  This is all part of the Easter myth.

           Let me speak further of Truth.  All souled beings are here on Shan in third dimension to learn their lessons in soul growth.   All must learn to live the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation in total balance and harmony.  Many return lifestream after lifestream, as they progress in their soul perfection back to Creator Source.  Only after the basic lessons have been learned of giving and regiving, wisdom, bravery, fortitude, generosity, honesty, respect, love, no altered ego, etc., will one graduate from the schoolroom of Earth Shan and go on to a higher dimension.

            Those who die in the Lie go to the Astral Plane to judge themselves before Creator God, to make another contract of lessons for soul growth, and to return again to some third dimensional planet.  By cosmic Law one reaps what he sows by free-will choices, and one is always held accountable for one's choices/actions.  That accountability includes the error of believing in the Lie of Easter.

          Of all the "Christian Cult" holidays/holy days, Easter is the most evil of them all.  On that day people celebrate the attempted murder of who came to bring them Truth, and they still do not even have his name correct.  That is part of the myth.  Today, Christians everywhere murder Esu Immanuel Sananda again in their minds when they celebrate Easter, for they honor a Satanic Lucifer ritual of sacrificial blood worship of the “Lamb” of God!  Each observance of the Eucharist or Lord’s Supper and the eating and drinking of the sacraments is the evil celebration of an attempted murder of a very honorable Truthbringer.  The word “church” has become a clever substitute for the word “cult”.

            From the very beginning the teachings of Esu Immanuel Sananda were corrupted and the Truth altered--with only enough Truth for good men to follow the piper and be led right into the rat-trap at the proper time--at the end of the millennium.  Why then?  Because that is when Esu Immanuel Sananda promised that he would return to defeat his greatest adversary, Lucifer/Satan.  Remember that God, too, has a Plan 2000.  That is very much in effect, and in the ending play, God wins!

            If you hold ignorance as your shield in the Battle of Truth, expect to get killed.  People of the Easter Lie are especially at risk.  Ponder that carefully.  Maybe the real meanings of Easter are in the chocolate rabbits and the Easter-egg hunts and the joy of families being together again.




            --Phoenix Journal #2  And They Called His Name Immanuel, I Am Sananda,

                The  true  account of the life and teachings of Esu (Jesus) Immanual