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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Dear Christians of the world, the very core of your belief system rests upon a Lie!  To know the Truth would destroy the foundation upon which the whole of Christianity rests.   For two thousand years Satan and his minions have kept the Truth from you, so that when you made your transition from this lifestream, you would not be allowed to enter Heaven's Gates!

    This great lie is about Esu Immanuel (Jesus Christ).  This is the Truth and the Lie!  Esu Immanuel did not die on the cross at Calvary!  Saul/Paul lied to you. Because this is true, Esu, along with Creator God and the Ascended Masters has come again purposely to give you the Truth of Esu's life through Phoenix Journal number two,  "And They Called His Name Immanuel, I Am Sananda"

    Here is the Truth about Esu Immanuel's last days in Jerusalem.  Saul was a Pharisee and a Roman soldier under orders to destroy the cult of Esu, his disciples and followers.  To learn what Esu was teaching  Saul paid seventy pieces of silver to Simon the Pharisee's son, Judah Iherioth, to steal the writings from Esu's scribe and best friend, Judas Iscariot.

    Because of the many disciples and followers of Esu, Saul planned to capture Esu at night.  The darkness would make it difficult to identify individuals wearing similar clothing, so Saul paid Judah again thirty pieces of silver to identify Esu Immanuel with a kiss.  This happened in the Garden of Gethsemane.

    Due to the darkness, the many soldiers and confusion, even some of Esu's disciples did not know what truly happened. In the Gospel according to Barnabas, the disciple Barnabas writes that Esu and the disciple, Peter, looked very much alike.  So, he thought that it was Peter, who was taken to trial and crucified, for he and others had fled the scene in fear of their own welfare.

   Saul knew the Truth, for he was directly involved in Esu arrest, his trial, his torture and his crucifixion.  His soldiers stood guard at the tomb and were witnesses to the empty tomb on Sunday morning.  Under orders they had removed Esu from the cross and had given him to his Mother ,Mary, his wife, Mary Magdalene, his brother Joseph and friends of the family, who placed him in the tomb of Arirmathea, which they had guarded since Friday afternoon.

    Saul's informants told him Esu Immanuel and his family had escaped and were fleeing to Damascus, Syria.  Saul and his soldiers immediately followed them and over-took them en-route.  There is was that Esu confronted Saul and blinded him with a chemically created very bright light.

    You need to know the rest of the story of Saul.  He claimed conversion, changed his name to Paul, and using the stolen writings of Esu, began spreading disinformation and lies concerning Esu's teachings.  Paul changed Esu's name to Jesus, and later called him "Christ" to denote divinity to support his claim that Esu was the divine Son of God.  From this came the falsehood that Esu died, that his blood magically, divinely removed sin, and that actually Esu had not come as a Truthbringer, but to become the ransom for the sins of anyone, who believed this to be true.  This all part of the Lie.

    Esu Immanuel survived this attempted murder, stayed in Damascus for two years, then traveled north to the Caspian and Black Seas areas and finally to India, teaching the Laws of God and Creation to all, who would listen.   His mother, brother Joseph, and Judas Iscariot traveled with him.  His wife, Mary Magdalene, had fled with their two children to France, thus he never saw them again. Many years later Esu married again, had several children and finally died in Syngar, Kashmir at the age of 107 years.  As a great Truthbringer he had come earlier as Buddha, then as Esu Immanuel, and later to the American Indian as the Pale Prophet, among other incarnations. 


    The Lie that the Pharisee Saul/Paul started has continued for over two thousand years to fool Christians everywhere. Under Creator God's Law everyone is held accountable for what they do.  You reap what you sow!  Esu Immanuel did not die on the cross, and he cannot remove your sins.  That is the big lie!  Because this is true, Easter is also a part of the Lie!  Easter celebrates the rising of Esu Immanuel from the dead.  Easter is a big joke played on the Christians, because Esu never died at his attempted murder in Jerusalem.  Pharisee Saul started this Lie, and Satan's workers have repeated it ever since, allowing Christianity to fool the world by using it as its very foundation.

    Ego said, "Let's play the evil games and enjoy the pleasures of third dimension, because we can believe the Lie and be forgiven of our wrong doing!"  And Satan laughs!  He laughs because the joke is upon us.

    The Laws of God are absolute!  We live these Laws, as best we can, to graduate and gain Heaven.  Soul growth is our goal. If we fail to learn our spiritual lessons, we lose---and Satan wins, again!--until next time, when we try it again.  Indeed, Christians truly are People of the Lie!