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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Patrick directed me to  post this most important timeless article for today, MAY 15,2021.  He thanks you for reading it.


                                                                     By Patrick H. Bellringer

          One more time I feel compelled to write Truth to our most needy world.  This subject has been at the front of many people’s thoughts and discussions these past months, as it has been highlighted by various speakers, writers and so-called spiritual Gurus.

          When asked what they mean by the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, they describe a time soon to come of a thousand years of peace.  There will be abundance for everyone.  There will be no more war, no disease, no poverty, no hunger, no homelessness and no crime.  The new technologies released will be used to remove nuclear radiation, clean up our oceans, our air, our soil, provide food, clothing and health, all to create our Heaven on Earth.

          Of course, money is the central focus, as the means to get this process of change to Goodness started.  With money anything can be done.  So, for years many people have ridden the roller coaster of the money is coming, no it’s been stopped,  yes, no, yes, no---and thirty years have passed!  Many spiritual Guru’s have come and gone, and some continue the story of hope for a new world.

          Where did this idea of a Heaven on Earth begin?  It is found in the doctrine of Judaism hundreds of years past.  The claim was that the Jews were God’s chosen people, who would establish a Kingdom to rule the earth from their promised land of Palestine.  Their Messiah would come and reign for over a thousand years of peace.  At the time of Esu Immanuel 2000 years ago, the early Christian church incorporated this idea of Heaven on Earth into their doctrine, which was included in the Cannon (Bible) produced at the Council of Nicea in 323-325 AD.

          The Jewish Pharisees kept from the Gentles the fact that their God Jehovah was Satan, who would establish his Kingdom on Earth at the “end of the age” for a thousand years.  Truly, the Zionists under the command of Satan, have conquered our planet and have held the Gentle goyim (cattle) captive for the past ten centuries.

          It is important to note that the Pharisees are the Talmudic Jews, whose bible is the Talmud, and who have been here for a very long time.  The Saul/Paul of Esu Immanuel’s day was a Pharisee, whose orders were to destroy Esu Immanuel and his followers, both for the Truth they taught and for their resistance to the  present evil Roman governmental control over them.  Saul hunted down many early Christians and killed them.

          The story goes that on his way to kill the Christians in Damascus, Saul was confronted by Esu Immanuel and had a conversion experience.  Saul changed his name to Paul, became a missionary and traveled widely spreading “Christianity”  everywhere.  The Truth is Saul/Paul did not have the Truth of the teachings of Esu Immanuel, and was used by the Pharisee God Satan to fool the people.  Saul/Paul changed Esu’s name to Jesus, denoting divinity or Son of God.  He taught that Jesus, (God) died, as a propitiation or ransom for the sins of the people.  This lie ran contrary to the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect, which Esu taught---“you shall reap what you sow”.  You are held responsible and accountable for whatever you do.  No one can “save” you!  The lie continued that upon Jesus’ return, all believers in this lie would be swept up to some heaven and live happily ever after.

          Esu Immanuel has said that Saul/Paul was his greatest enemy, because he distorted the Truth, and through his many writings (Pauline Epistles) now recorded in the Bible, has led billons of people astray through a false religion called Christianity.  The point to be made is that the Pharisees from very early times under the direction of their god Satan, the King of Liars, through their lies have led the people of our world down the path of destruction and death.  The Zionist Talmudic Jews (Pharisees) control our world today in every way, and they have led the people, and especially the Christians, to believe in a 3D Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

          If this is to be established here and now, how it it possible?  If it is to be one of Goodness, how do we rid ourselves of evil?  How do we remove selfishness and greed and lies and deceit and Ego thirst for power and control?  How do we change the human heart?  It it probable that we could establish such a Kingdom of Heaven for a year let alone for a thousand years?  Can we do it with money?  Can we build, buy and give with money to the point where everyone has enough of everything and will be satisfied for a thousand years?  Would everyone then be good and happy and peaceful and content, guaranteed?  Could we achieve Utopia, our Nirvana?  Would/could the freewill choices of people be brought into such harmony?

          Esu Immanuel taught his disciples of the Kingdom of Heaven to come on Earth Shan, but it was not to be established until our planet had made her transition into the fifth dimension frequencies, where no evil is allowed.  The problem is that few people today believe this, and few believe the Truth presented by Creator God Aton of Light in the Phoenix Journals.  It is not possible that God would present Truth in some non-descript paper-back publications, much less via Internet electronic format, they think.

          Yes, there shall be a Kingdom of Heaven established once again on Earth Shan, but not in our third dimension, as the spiritual Gurus claim.  It shall be possible only in the fifth dimension frequencies, and only after Shan has graduated to that level.  This does not mean that we should no nothing to make things better here and now.  What we do to help our dying planet and her people is credited to our soul growth.  And, yes, Shan is dying.  Esu Immanuel had said that our planet is presently beyond reclamation by us, and she can only save herself by moving into her Cosmic cycle of cleansing by total and dramatic earth changes.  The salt water of her oceans shall once again cleanse her land and atmosphere for three thousand years.  All of 3D shall be swept away, along with the Pharisees, the Zionists, the Talmudic Jews, the “born again” Christians, the spiritual Gurus with their nonsense, and all others, who have not lived the Laws of God and Creation.  Only then shall Heaven’s Kingdom of Goodness be created anew on Shan.

          Indeed, we are People of the Lie!