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PEOPLE OF THE LIE by Patrick H. Bellirnger [with Comment by Anne Bellringer]

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NOTE:  Patrick told me to repost this article which was written several years ago.  The question and answer is timeless and fits today as it did when the letter was written .  It was Patrick's desire to get the Truth out as presented in the Phoenix Journals.  He never diverted from that Mission.  Both of us hope his message will awaken someone, for God is very pleased when even ONE person finds the Truth.  ......Anne


I have receiveda hand written letter from a gentleman, which I now quote.        


Dear Patrick Bellringer,

                 What is the LIE?  Many times I see that in the Journals .   Hatonn says that we are people of the LIE.  Can you state in clear terms what is the LIE, that he is talking about?

                 Maybe you could say something on Bellringer’s Corner.    Sorry about the messy letter.  I had a stroke January 20, 2014, and   it took most of my numbers and spelling and reading.  It is coming back, but not too soon for me.

                 Love you and Anne.  Thanks for being so faithful. 



         [End quoting]

         To answer the question, “What is the Lie” is a very big order.  Where do I start?  Many writers have written about the Lie, and many prophets have spoken of the Lie.  More than 247 Phoenix Journals were originally written to explain the Lie.

         The statement, “People of the Lie” is an all encompassing statement.  “People” refers to the people of this last 3D civilization on our planet, Earth Shan, and “the Lie” includes millions of lies told to the “people” over many centuries.  It all began with Lucifer, the highest Archangel in the Realms of Light.  He was not content to be like Creator God Aton of Light, he wanted to be him.

         Lucifer’s ego and freewill choices were his downfall.  His negative energy he created clashed with the positive energy of Heaven, causing him such tension and pain he chose to leave and return to the third dimension, taking a third of his angel followers with him.

         Lucifer and his negative followers roamed the Cosmos, destroying the happiness on planet after planet, until Creator God Aton said, “Enough!”  Lucifer was ordered to choose one planet for his placement, which would become his “jail planet”.  So, Lucifer and his angels of Darkness chose our planet, the beautiful blue water planet, the supply planet for this section of the Cosmos, for their home.  Thus, Lucifer was re-named Satan, and our planet became known as Shan, the planet of tears.

         Lucifer/Satan and his followers brought chaos and destruction and Dark Energies to Shan.  Creator God Aton called them “The Serpent People”, and from them “The Lie” was born.  From then on nearly everything told the people was a lie.  Aton sent prophet after prophet, and Truthbringer after Truthbringer to bring the Truth to the people of Shan, but in their ignorance and deception, the people scorned the Truth and killed the messengers.

         One of these Truthbringers came to Shan as Buddha, and returned later as Esu Immanuel, and again as the Pale Prophet to the American Indians.  Esu Immanuel had great impact on this civilization.  This enraged Lucifer/Satan, who worked hard with his minions to destroy both Esu Immanuel and his message of Truth.

         The Truth was distorted and filled with lies by Satan’s followers to fool the people.  Saul/Paul changed Esu’s name to Jesus Christ and wrote fiction of Esu’s life and message of Truth.  The Serpent People compiled writings into a cannon or Bible of their “Truth”.  The stories of the Old Testament were of the Israelites or Serpent People and their God Jehovah Satan, all done to fool the people.

         The followers of the fake Jesus Christ called themselves, “Christians”, and Christianity was born.  These Christians believe the Bible to be Truth, and became “People of the Lie!”  Two thousand years passed on Shan, and lies and Darkness (Dark Energies) covered the Earth.  Esu Immanuel returned to Shan in 1954 aboard the command ship for the Pleiadian Star Fleet, The Phoenix, as he said he would, to bring Truth one last time to set the record straight.

         A few Lightworkers were called to Tehachapi, California to the Valley of Radiance, a short wave radio system was provided to receive messages from Esu Immanuel Sananda and Hatonn and the Ascended Masters aboard The Phoenix, and the Phoenix Journals were created.  Through the truth of these Journals has gone out to the four corners of Shan in these “Last Days”, just as Esu Immanuel said would happen. 

         The Serpent People have had many names, but they have never detoured from the evil agenda set forth by their master, Lucifer/Satan for world control of their jail planet.  They were the Pharisee’s of Esu Immanuel’s day.  They were the Israelites of Bible Times, the Khazars of Russia, the Bolsheviks, the Communists, and finally today, the Zionist Jews.  All Jews, who believe and practice The Talmud, are the Serpent People.  They have called themselves God Jehovah Satan’s “chosen people” as stated by Lucifer/Satan in the Bible, and have been promised by him a “promised land”, namely that of Palestine, now called Israel today. Their twenty-four guidelines for world domination given to them by Satan have been compiled into “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.  The Jew Serpent People have faithfully followed these instructions and have nearly achieved their goal.

         These Serpent People over time have covertly taken control of nearly all aspects of life on Shan.  Shan was to be their jail planet, but they have made it our jail planet, as well.  Most everything we know and have been taught is a lie.  Everything, from our history and religion to science, medicine, education and government is filled with lies and disinformation.   That is why Creator God Aton of Light calls us the “People of the Lie!”  For this reason the Phoenix Journals were penned, to show us the way to the Red Road of Truth.

         The four volumes of the Phoenix Journals we have been presenting on Fourwinds called “The Rise of Antichrist” (Phoenix Journals 227-230) trace the more recent history and take-over of Shan by these Jew Serpent People.

         Today, they control the banking industry, the media and movie industries, music, art, science and education, the military-industrial complex, the medical profession, the law profession and the government corporation of nations.  Their corporations rule with greed and power for control of everything.  Their goal is to control the world, as the chosen, the Jew Serpent People, with the goyim, the cattle, the non-Jew (us) as their subjects.

         We have fallen under their evil spell. We have believed their lies.  Therefore, we are called, “People of the Lie!”  Whether we wake up from this evil spell and reject the Lie, Aton has said He shall prevail, and ultimately the Light of Truth shall win.  To be on the winning side we must reject the Lie and choose the enlightenment of Truth.  There are no gradations or shades of Truth.  Truth is!  Truth stands absolute and refutes the Lie---every time!

         To escape being People of the Lie, we must learn the Truth, and live The Laws of God and Creation.  These eighteen laws are absolute and are presented to us in Phoenix Journal 27.  I hope this answers your question in your letter of “What is the Lie?”

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer


REF:  Phoenix Journal 27 - “The Phoenix Operator Owner Manuel”

“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”