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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Dec. 10, 2014

The present U.S. Corporate CEO represents the epitome of lies and liars.  Nothing about his past, present or future reveals Truth.  He has lied about his family.  He has lied about his education.  He has lied about his citizenship.  He has lied about his patriotism.  He has lied about his religion and beliefs.  He has lied about his goals.  He has lied about his friends.  He has lied about his plans of evil, and he has even lied about his name.

          How is it possible that the American people could be so foolish, so blind, as to worship this imposter, this King of Liars, and honor him by placing him in the most noble of positions of the “Republic”, and call him “President”?  The absolute height of stupidity is to elect him for a second term to this high office.

          He represents nothing of Goodness!  True to his Master Satan, he has a clever tongue and has deceived nearly everyone by his charade of evil.  He is supported in his mission to complete the destruction of America and control the world by his entourage of evil doers and his supposed wife, who matches him as Queen of Liars.

          Foolish, stupid and misguided people say that the King of Liars is a White Knight working undercover, that he is doing God’s work and will soon be exposed as such.  Others are saying the same things because they are working for the Darkside, are deceivers and liars disguised, as Spiritual Gurus and heavenly messengers, to purposely fool the people.  Thus, they support the King and Queen of Liars by causing great confusion among the Truthseekers, and advance the cause of evil.

          If this King of Liars is a souled being, he has given his soul completely over to Satan to be manipulated as Satan desires.  If he is a human clone, he has no soul and no God-connection or conscience.  Thus, he has no basis to know right and wrong, good or evil, which would explain why he has no morals, ethics or values.

          Those, who believe this King of Lies and Liars is a White Knight in disguise, who will win the Battle of Armageddon for the Light, lack total discernment and have allowed the negative energies to invade their space.  They has been deceived by his clever tongue and handsome style that says “he could do no wrong”.  They have been duped by the Spiritual Gurus and the heavenly messenger’s lies, as intended.

          Wake up, America!  Your Karma is catching up with you!  What is happening to this once great Godly nation is what we have created, what we have allowed.  At every turn in our history, we have allowed the Light to go out.  We have allowed the Darkness to invade ever so quietly, unnoticed by most, until we are now in nearly total darkness.  The people wander without direction, without Light to guide them.

          Who will bring the Light?  Will our young people rise up to lead the way?  Will our comfortable “middle class”, who have been thrown out of their homes, finally get the message?  Will our mis-guided military, who have fought for all the wrong things, use their constitutional authority and finally do the right thing, and save this nation?

          Creator God Aton of Light and the Forces of Light have promised to help us save America, but only if we take action first and request their help.  Who will stop the King and Queen of Liars?  Who will bring the Light?  How long will we continue to be People of the Lie?