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PEOPLE OF THE LIE: TRICKED AGAIN ! (Updated Dec. 19, 2012)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Dec. 17, 2012

 NOTE:  Now, we have another school shooting in Newtown, CT on Dec. 14, 2012, where 28 people died!  Question:  According to God's Law, how many of these people committed suicice?  Answer:  All of them! ---PHB


          How many times must we be tricked, and how many more must die before we wake up to the fact that we are being tricked by the Darkside?  The Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting has Hillary Clinton, the CIA and their MK-Ultra mind control program written all over it.

          Clinton is pushing hard the U.N. Small Arms Control Treaty implementation in America, and what better timing to pull another trick, right before the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and the Olympic Games in London?    The media is pushing the hype of terrorism deliberately, as part of the agenda to prepare the people for the next “trick”, to finally take away your guns.

          Does anyone care to ask what Creator God Aton of Light has to say about “Gun Control” and killing?  Most people quote the altered Bible for their reasoning, which says, “You shall not kill!”  Creator God Aton says, “You shall not murder your fellow man!”  Please note the difference.

          The Truth is that under God’s Laws you are obligated to protect your own life and that of your family against someone trying to kill you.  If necessary, you are allowed to kill in self-defense, but never to murder, to deliberately and intentionally take another’s life.  Should you not defend yourself and that of your family, and you are killed, God Aton calls that suicide or “self-murder”, which is also against the Laws of God.

          The goal of the Darkside is to take your guns away, so you have no means to protect yourself and that of your family, when they decide to murder you.  These “killing tricks” are designed to create fear and confusion to fool the people into submission to gun control, until we cry, “please, take our guns, and we will be safer!”.

          Creator God says, “No Way!”  What do you say?   Under God's Laws, how many people do you suppose committed suicide in that theatre that night in Aurora, Colorado?  Reports are that apparently no one attempted to stop the shooter!

[QUOTING:  Phoenix Journal #27, pp. 29-30- The Seventh Law of God]




In the Bible of the “so-called” Christians, this law is written simply as “Thou Shalt Not Kill” which leaves room for misun­derstanding of interpreta­tion.  What this law means is you shall not WISH death upon another human being of God in YOUR THOUGHTS as well as you shall not commit physical murder of another human.


This rule does not mean you cannot defend yourself and your family if your lives are threatened, because that is SUICIDE which is SELF-MURDER and so also against God’s laws.  You must not ever choose suicide of your body be­cause you feel worthless and “can’t” go on, be­cause you dishonor the life-force of God within you.  Only God within you must de­cide the end of a physical life-stream.  That time will only come when your purpose and mis­sion is accom­plished so that the process and Di­vine Plan of God for your spiritual growth will not be inter­rupted.  The remorse of the soul is oftentimes much greater AFTER the suicide of the body is accomplished than in the per­ceived “altered” ego illu­sion of suffering BEFORE the life-stream is termi­nated.


Just remember that when you honor God within yourself and ALL THAT IS and you truly understand the laws of balance given by our Divine HOLY ONE, you would never consider the self-punishment of suicide.  You will sim­ply CHERISH every living breath you take in the Gift of LIFE of God and The Cre­ation!


Oh yes, and for those of you who label yourselves “Feminists” and “Pro-Choice” which usually means PRO-MURDER of one of GOD’s children, re­member this: THERE ARE NO ACCI­DENTAL PREGNANCIES.  If you be­come pregnant, which is being the vehicle for one of God’s new creations, CHOOSING an abortion because of YOUR selfish and irre­sponsible sexual be­havior IS STILL MURDER any way you look at it.  Remem­ber you each are given, along with your “Free Will”, PER­SONAL RESPONSIBILITY for all of your thoughts, words, deeds and actions.  There are definitely many possibly undesir­able “effects” to illicit and wanton, lustful sexual activity.  Pregnancy and Disease are two obvious results which do and have occurred more often than not.


Now, IF a woman is forcefully and violently RAPED against her will and becomes preg­nant, then SHE must commune with God within her as to whether or not HE will terminate the pregnancy.  So it will not be HER “altered” ego choice or will but THE FATHER’S WILL WITHIN HER WILL BE DONE.  This is usually what a miscarriage is, THE FA­THER’S WILL.  No ONE else will make this decision for HER, ONLY THE FATHER WITHIN HER!

[End of Quoting]


In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer


Ref:  Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual  Phoenix Journal #27


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From: AM

To: Bellringer

Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 10:09 AM



Dear Patrick ;

at the beginning of your article PEOPLE OF THE LIE: TRICKED AGAIN , you say that all these people, according to God’s Law, have committed suicide.

I failed to follow your reasoning as we know that all these persons and especially the children, were killed by the murderer.(or murderers)

Why do you say that they committed suicide?


Moreover you write


Quote : Most people quote the altered Bible for their reasoning, which says, “You shall not kill!”  Creator God Aton says, “You shall not murder your fellow man!”  Please note the difference.


Can you please explain the difference to me as English is not my mother tongue and I can’t see the difference.

Many thanks.

In Love and Light.




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
    TO:  AM
DATE:  Dec. 19, 2012
Dear AM:
    In Phoenix Journal #27 God says we are not to murder anyone, meaning to intentionally kill them, but when our life is threatened and we do nothing to stop the killer, to prevent our death, according to Cosmic Law we have committed suicide, or taken our own life.  That is, we have both the right and the obligation to defend ourselves.  We are not to allow another person to kill us and take the life that God has given to us.
    So, in a sense even the little children committed suicide in Newtown, CT. by doing nothing, but the greater burden is upon the school adults, who were responsible for the welfare of the children in their care.
    Murder is killing someone else.  Suicide is killing yourself.  I hope this helps.  Certainly the children could be taught to take action against the killer.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer