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Patrick H. Bellringer

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April 1, 2012

          This year the Christian’s special day of Palm Sunday happens to fall on the first day of April, which by all fools is known as April Fool’s Day, the day when more lies are told than any other day of the year.  It’s a joke day, when people tell lies to see who is the fool to believe them.

          Well, guess what?  The greatest lie ever told that has fooled the whole world for over two thousand years and is celebrated, no less, on Easter is the supposed death and resurrection of Esu Immanuel (Jesus  Christ) Sananda.  Oh, on Palm Sunday the people were duped into thinking that Esu Immanuel would ride into Jerusalem, as they waved their palm branches and threw their coats into the street, and go triumphantly to the Palace, depose the Roman appointed King and become their new righteous ruler.  Didn’t happen!

          Esu Immanuel turned down a side street and went to, of all places, the Temple, where he proceeded to throw out the cheating, thieving bankers.  What a let-down!

          Nope!  Esu did not come to be King of anything, and he did not come to die, as a martyr and supposed sacrifice for the sins of anyone, much less for the whole lying and cheating world.  Traitor Saul/Paul started the lie that became the greatest lie of all time, that Esu Immanuel died on the Cross and three days later rose from being a dead man, and by this act Esu supposedly became the sacrifice to appease an angry God, who then forgave everyone’s evil deeds, no matter how bad they were.

          What a joke!  What an April Fool’s Day!  Saul/Paul became the first April “fool”, and all the duped Christians have followed faithfully in his footsteps to make Easter the real April Fool’s Day.

          So,  you are angry with me!  Sure, deny the Truth, the message, and avoid any responsibility for your evil actions, and attack the messenger, just as the Jews did to Esu Immanuel to shut him up!  Fine!  Be a fool, but do not say I did not warn you!

          Read Phoenix Journal #2, And They Called His Name Immanuel:  I Am Sananda”, read “People of the Lie:  Easter”—read something that speaks of the Truth to save your soul before it is too late!  Do not become another April “fool!”


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