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Patrick H. Bellringer

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November 17, 2009


A key question that so many have asked over these many years, and that is more urgent today than ever before is, “What will it take to remove this evil Corporate U.S. Government?”  Secondly, “Why cannot it be done now?”


Certainly, this process to remove our evil leadership in government can be expedited very quickly---by a bullet in the head of two or three key people, but is that what we want?  Divine Law says, "You shall not murder your fellowman".


    From the beginning of this plan in the 1950's to stop the One World Order and restore our nation to its original Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America by abolishing the Corporate U.S., our people have insisted on a quiet non-violent revolution, a military coupe, so to speak without bloodshed.  Throughout history revolutions and the changing of governments have been violent, with much chaos and civil war.  From the ashes and destruction and suffering and death would rise the new government of the people.


    This was never the plan for our nation.  If a Quiet Revolution could be done, this would be the first time the people would bring down an evil empire, and transfer the power of the elite back to the people, for in a Constitutional Republic the people are the government.  Thus, this Quiet Revolution to prevent riots, chaos and a bloody revolution by the people in the streets, must be done lawfully and with Divine help and guidance.


    Though most people are unaware of such, this is precisely the process that has been proceeding these many years behind the scenes.  Because such has never been done before, it has been a slow process of trial and error by some very brave and talented patriots, the names of whom you may never know.  Some have given their lives in this mission, and some have simply given up, but the mission to restore this nation to Goodness has continued and is being carried forward to completion, in spite of great hardship and a very determined adversary.


    You ask, "Who are these brave patriots that are carrying this mission forward?"  They are both civilians and military.  They are people within our nation's corporate government, within business and banking, and within our courts and in the private sector.  Some are in other nations, and some are very religious and some not at all.  Little people you least suspect are creating a mighty force for Good by being Prayer Warriors.


    These people are being "their brother's keeper!"  With Divine assistance this restoration project is moving finally to completion.  Our Constitutional lawyers have done a magnificent job of lawfully containing the most evil foe, and bringing these most ruthless elite would-be One World Order Controllers to task.   They have nowhere left to run, they have no money, and they have nowhere to hide.  They are being exposed for who they are, deceitful and treasonous puppets of Satan.  Power and greed have brought their demise.


    Few people really understand this Divine Plan, as well as the NESARA Mission.  So many demand proof of their existence.  So-called spiritual people debunk them, and people, claiming to be patriots, trash them, all from ignorance and lack of discernment.  So many people only see their rewards and demand their money, now.  So many have no knowledge or understanding of this Quiet Revolution, yet they order Casper to make it happen, or they call him a liar and a fraud.  Through ignorance, these people trash the very people, who are bringing the Goodness they desire.


            Other people offer physical help without any knowledge of the task or with the ability to perform it.  Just to deliver the NESARA bank packets, we need a “David” to stand against “Goliath”, utilizing Divine Power, not a gnat whistling against the wind, though all good intentions are duly recorded in the Lighted Realms.


    I repeat again that Casper is a reporter of only a fraction of the activity of this Quiet Revolution.  He, through his contact network, work totally on a voluntary basis to report the "news" to you.  Without his reports, what would you know?  Yet, you discount his efforts and are critical of his reports, with no basis for such claims.


    It is not about "the money", or even about this nation.  It is about the restoration of our entire world to Goodness.  This Quiet Revolution involves all nations standing as One, against this evil Corporate Empire set on domination of our world.  Even now, the nations of our world are being called to commitment, to move against this evil Corporate Empire to set the people free.  Will they do it?  Will they do it, now?  How long must the people suffer?  We shall see. 


    This Quiet Revolution has evolved from an idea by a small group of people to a plan and to a movement that now spans our planet.  Goodness is breaking out all over, as the little people awaken to Truth and add their positive energy and actions to this mission.


    The key patriots today mostly did not know their future, but over time were drawn into this mission, this Quiet Revolution.  The same has happened to Fourwinds.  We had no idea that our website would become a major communications link to the world.  My point is that Creator God Aton of Light "works in strange ways, His wonders to perform".  In spite of the Darkside's great control over our planet for so long, the Light of Truth and Goodness is breaking those evil bands, and the little people are doing it.  Through the power of their Spirit, they are doing it.


    Victory over evil is assured, and that victory is now.  Know it.  In wisdom may you properly focus your energies and your actions to assist this Quiet Revolution!  It is through our united efforts and energies of Goodness that we are victorious!  As People of the Lie, it is high time that we realize our plight and become People of the Light!


                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer