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Patrick H. Bellringer

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In "Christian" circles the "Bible" is known as the source of truth and the instruction book for right-living, as it is proclaimed to be the "inspired Word of God." In Satan’s circles the "Bible" is referred to by his troops as "Satan's War Book" or his "Take the World" book, and that is precisely what Satan has done---and the "Mark of the Beast" is no exception.

For centuries people have had great apprehension and even fear concerning the mystical number "666" which, according to Biblical record, is the "Mark of the Beast."

 Quoting from Revelation: (13:16-18)

Also, it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom; let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six.

At some point this "mark" was to become the controlling factor in one's ability to survive economically or even physically on Earth Shan. Also, the "mark" was thought to carry the curse of God to the point of one even being cast into "Hell", itself.

Quoting from Revelation: (14:9)

If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also shall drink the wine of God's wrath, poured unmixed into the cup of his anger, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

The "Mark of the Beast" is another example of the "Lie". Most people quite readily believe whatever is written without any mental effort made to "check it out". What is the historical meaning behind the number "666"? Long ago a numbering system was established called the Roman Numeral System. In that system 666 is deciphered as VI VI VI. In the Latin language this refers directly to : Vini, Vidi, Vinci. These words have the distinct meaning of: "I came, I saw, I conquered". The Latin word "Vini", has been since re-spelled as "Veni". Thus, the abbreviation of Vini(Veni), Vidi, Vinci, is VI VI VI or 666. This number also appears on the front or forehead of the Pope's Babylonian hat band as testimony that he, indeed, is the present Emperor of Rome. This places the Pope into the direct line from Julius Caesar, who by the way, was a Pope prior to the birth of "Jesus"---from 100 B.C. to 44 B.C.

In spite of the resistance in the "Christian" arena to the "Mark of the Beast" being placed on a person, most people have already accepted such a "mark". United States law presently requires that everyone be assigned a social security number at birth. That number is used widely for tracking and identification purposes by the "system". The problem of social security cards and even numbers being lost or stolen has given rise to using invisible tattoos as a more convenient way of numbering people. It is interesting to note that now each I.D. includes the number 666 along with the social security number, just like the "good book" said.

We are also being told that the One World Order plans a World Bank and a "cashless" society. The world would operate totally on an electronic money system. To accommodate this system pilot projects have already been done in several states in which a microchip of stored data about the person was placed in the back of the hand or in the forehead. This microchip can be read by a scanner as you enter or leave a building. By passing your hand over a scanner at a check-out counter you may charge your purchases to either your bank account or credit system very efficiently with no muss or fuss. At some point the plan is to have "absolute" control so that people can not buy or sell without an implanted I.D. microchip.

The "Christian Cult Churches" teach the Satanic Revelation prophecy, that by taking the "Mark of the Beast" you are condemning yourself to Hell and eternal destruction. This is nonsense! Satan's "Mark of the Beast" number is just another way for Satan to panic the people. No Satan or Cult or any number or any beast can condemn anyone to "Hell". Based upon our own deeds we judge and condemn ourselves to our next pathway of soul perfection, be it another earth experience or "Heaven" or "Hell". To become paranoid over having a number attached in some fashion to your physical body is just another Satanic "trick"---as part of the "Lie". Satan has done a very good job through the "churches" of mind-control teachings so that "Christian" people fear the "Mark of the Beast". The "trick" is that those who refuse to take the "Mark of the Beast", immediately identify themselves as trouble-makers opposed to the system. This is a deliberate plan for people to sort themselves out and be numbered among the rebellious ones.

We must not fall into this trap! A ridiculous number is not going to hurt our soul. No one can condemn our soul to hell except ourselves. A silly mark on our body has nothing to do with the destiny of our soul. This is the "Lie"---and therein lies the "trick".

To win, there are times when we must not stand out in the crowd. We must learn to work quietly with Truth within the system to rebuild on solid rock. Through wisdom we must learn when to "take a stand" and when to “play low key". The "numbers game" is not worth the risk of physical death.

As human beings created by God, we already have been marked by God long before we came to Earth. We have a fragment of God's Spirit within us which we call our soul. God has already given to us a divine number as His creation, and those who are now pilgrims of the "Lighted Pathway", also, have their names entered in God's "Book of Life". So, Satan's "Mark of the Beast" numbers of 666 or whatever, are really "no big deal"!

The "Mark of the Beast" connotes also a system of numbers in which the assigned values carry meanings which influence the way people think. The word "mark" when used in the expression of "leaving one's mark" means leaving an impression as an effect on another's mind or in his way of thinking. Mark may also mean influence or power over men or things.

The "Bible" indicates that 6 is the number of man and/or Satan(666). Using the English Alphabet and the Babylonian numbering system (system numbering by six) and assigning "man's" number "6" to the first letter "A"" of man's alphabet, a system has been constructed by giving each succeeding letter an increasing value of six. For example:























































In this "system" certain numbers carry a certain meaning. The number "3" is a neutral number, so that, depending upon how it is used, it may have either a good or an evil connotation. The number "6" is the number of man(Satan) and is a negative or evil number. The "flip-side" of "6" is "9" thus, "9" is a positive number of things that are good.

We said earlier that a "mark" may influence the way we think. One such "mark" in our society is the dictionary. The dictionary tells us the meaning of words, and the author tells us what he wants us to believe concerning the meaning of the words in our language. The most commonly used English dictionary today is Webster's Dictionary. Let us tally the value of the letters in the

name "Webster's". (W-138, E-30, B-12, S-114, S-114, T-120, E-30, R-108, S-114). We arrive at "666" the "Mark of the Beast"! We accept "Webster's" word definitions and place them in our minds in the frontal lobe of our brain or forehead and we carry our "Webster's" dictionary in our hand as a constant reference to verify the meaning of given words. And so we have the "Mark of the Beast" in our forehead and in our hand. How clever! This would appear to be a part of the "beast" system. Is Webster's the person who is revealed as "The Beast" in the "Bible" in Revelation?

Maybe there is another person in today's prophecies that is more evil than Webster's! Let us try one, Kissinger (Henry). (K-66, I-54, S-114, S-114, I-54, N-84, G-42, E-30, R-108) Surprise! Our total again is "666"! Does Kissinger have such world-wide influence over world leaders that he is the "Beast" of Revelation? Judging by his actions with the One World Order controllers, Kissinger, too, appears to be a part of the "Beast" system.

In this number system described above some negative words are:

Hate 240 = 6

Rape 240 = 6

Satan 330 = 6

Murder 474 = 15 = 6

Pope 312 = 6

Lord 294 = 15 = 6

Vatican 420 = 6

Catholic 870 = 15 = 6

Jesus Christ 906 = 15 = 6

Yahuweh 546 = 15 = 6

Equity Law 582 = 15 = 6

United States 942 = 15 = 6

District of Columbia 1194 = 15 = 6

D.C. 42 = = 6

Webster's Dictionary 1374 = 15 = 6

Baptist Church 888 = 24 = 6

Lutheran Church 960 = 15 = 6

United Methodist Church 1482 = 15 = 6

United Presbyterian Church 1716 = 15 = 6

The Church of Rome 996 = 24 = 6

The Vicar of Christ (Pope) 1104 = 6

Church 336 = 15 = 6


Some positive words are:

Love 324 = 9

Peace 180 = 9

Kindness 720 = 9

Truth 522 = 9

Law 216 = 9

Holy 360 = 9

Holy Law 576 = 18 = 9

Common Law Court 1116 = 9

Strong's Concordance 1242 = 9

God-Spirit 702 = 9

United States of America 1368 = 18 = 9


Some neutral terms which vary according to their usage are:

Joy 300 = 3 (What?)

Hope 264 = 12 = 3 (What?)

Kill 264 = 12 = 3 (Kill what?)

God 156 = 12 = 3 (Which God?)

Jesus 444 = 12 = 3 (Who?)

Christ 462 = 12 = 3 (Who?)

Lucifer 444 = 12 = 3 (Who?)

Yahshua(God) 498 = 21 = 3 (Who?)

It should be noted that some words do not "fit" the pattern of this system. This is true because definitions, usage, and even spellings may vary greatly. Also, this is man's system and does not have perfection.

Satan always has a counterfeit for everything that is good. For instance to find the definition of "Bible" words in Webster's Dictionary will render a very different meaning than that of Strong's "Bible" Concordance. Note that the words, Webster's Dictionary rate a "6" (negative) while Strong's Concordance rates a "9" (positive). Jesus and Christ separately each rate a "3" but put together to denote a specific entity which is not his name at all---Jesus Christ---they rate a "6" (negative). "God" is a neutral "3". Webster's words for "God"(Yahuweh) rates a "6" as does "Lord", but the Strong's Concordance definition for God(Yahshua) rates a "3". The name is wrong. The proper name is Lord God(Yahshua) which then rates a "9". If you accept Webster's definition for Biblical words, then you accept the "Mark of the Beast"!

Let us take another example. Why is it that D.C., the District of Columbia and the United States all rate a "6"? Looking further we find that the United States of America rates a "9". Why should one name, the United States, have a negative connotation while the name, The United States of America has a positive connotation? This is quite simple.

Most people are unaware that the District of Columbia(D.C.) from its inception has been a foreign corporation, which is chartered in London, England under the Crown of England. The term United States is another name for the same foreign corporation of the District of Columbia. This entity is a Satanic counterfeit government which has very skillfully set aside our original national Constitution and Bill of Rights and the legal government of the United States of America. One government is negative while the other government is positive. One is evil while the other is good. This secret United States is part of the "Beast" system described in Revelation 13. The U.S. is another "Mark of the Beast"!

Before we leave this "numbers game", I would suggest that in the Babylonian number system by turning the three six's (666) up-side-down, they become three nines (999). Remember, that in this same system, a nine is a very good number, indeed! Marks of the Beast are everywhere. Satan, as the Anti-Christ, has placed his "mark" on all that is evil and against God. The "Beast" is the personification of Satan in those who have given their "will" over to Satan. They have become a part of the "Beast" system and carry his "mark".

Those who walk the Lighted Pathway of the Lighted Realms of Creator/God need not fear any "Marks of the Beast". They have already been "stamped" with the victory stamp of Creator/God---which no one can erase!


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