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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Reposted Dec. 29, 2012


From its inception the Constitution of the United States of America has set forth the requirement for this "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all" to have, without question, a monetary system of value and not worthless fiat paper money based on nothing. This same Constitution demands that the monetary system of the U.S. of A. be backed completely by gold and/or silver of fine minted purity, the value of which is to be held securely stable against fluctuations and market manipulations. Such a standard gives real value to all financial transactions, to paper currency and to all wages, goods and services, and holds them stable against inflation or deflation in value. Such a monetary system allows for steady economic growth because the money value does not fluctuate. The money supply changes only as rapidly as the gold and silver backing this system is increased or decreased.

The banker can loan only the amount of money equal to the gold/silver he holds in his depositories, minus that which he needs for daily public operations. The banker's profits are based mainly on a small percentage (not more than 10%) of the profits generated by the business operation of the borrower. Such loans are made for the purpose of creating a profit to be shared by both borrower and lender. Should such a loan not generate a profit but only a loss for any given year, the banker would receive no profit return but only the repayment of the original loan as scheduled.

Such an arrangement, as just described, quickly convinces the banker of the need for him to become the businessman's friend and advisor rather than his adversary, if he wishes any return on his business loans. Because no interest/usury is allowed under a "gold" monetary system, for other loans such as on houses or cars, a banker may charge a money-use fee (not more than 10%), which is paid by the borrower at the beginning of a loan repayment schedule. All later loan payments are solely on the loan principal itself.

This is the monetary system envisioned and implemented by the founders of this nation and the signers of the Constitution of the U.S. of A. When England lost the War of Independence with "her" American colonies in 1783, King George III of England was quoted as saying, "We may have lost the colony, but we will get her back." Plans were immediately made to that end.


The struggling American union of united states never was able to create the monetary system as completely as they had envisioned. Initially, they had to merge the separate currencies and monetary values of individual states into a single currency with a set value. England's interference in the American financial and political systems did not end with the Revolutionary War. By the early 1800's England's incursion into American politics had become so threatening as to cause the Union of American States to ratify Amendment 13 of the Constitution of the U. S. of A.

This Amendment stated that no person holding any title of nobility (esquire-attorney, doctor, clergyman, etc.) could hold any public office in any part of the government of the U. S. of A. These titles of nobility were authorized under the Crown of England for citizens of England and, therefore, the holders of such were foreign agents in America. Angered by such action by "her colony" of America against her, England in the War of 1812 burned the American White House and the Library of Congress to destroy the records of the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the U. S. of A. From this point forward the original 13th Amendment lay buried in history.

The struggle with England and the influence of her "foreign agents" of nobility continued and increased in America in the succeeding years. The master plan to "take back the colony" was gradually being implemented. The prime thesis of this plan had been proven many times before in the expansion of the British Empire. That thesis simply stated is, "Divide and Conquer". The conquering of America militarily had been tried and had failed. Americans were a very determined people to free themselves of England's physical/military control over them. They were not to be conquered. Henceforth England changed her strategy to "divide and control", and England was just as determined as ever to control American politics and finance. In fact, the English bankers did not really care about American politics, for if they controlled the American financial arena, they then controlled the destiny of the nation.

Contrary to the historical record of the American scene during the mid-1800's, slavery was not a critical national issue. In all states slavery was being resolved gradually through education and a changing of attitudes. England saw the slavery issue in America as its greatest opportunity yet to "divide and control the colony." The English bankers funded General Albert Pike, the founder of the Ku Klux Klan in America and an initiator of the Scottish Right Templar Masonic Order in the southern states. These racist hate organizations literally created the slavery issue in the U. S. of A. and brought on the "Civil War" which followed. To divide the "Union" would allow the English banks to conquer all. When the war between the states was lost to their cause, the bankers funded the "carpet-baggers" to rape the southern states in order to re-supply the banking war coffers.

Two bits of historical Truth should be added at this point in our discussion. First the Union nearly lost the war to the bankers. The tide was turned only when President Abraham Lincoln called upon his friend, the Czar of Russia, for help. The Czar ordered a fleet of ships to be placed in the harbors of San Francisco and New York City, and then gave orders for both England and France to "back off" or they would have serious consequences. Secondly, Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves was followed by a second 13th Amendment to that effect. The English historians and other American foreign agents make no mention of the original 13th Amendment to remove themselves from power and control in America. The English bankers under the authority of the Crown of England simply marched forward to their next phase in the plan of "taking back the American Colony".

America was struggling with war debt. Lincoln printed the "Lincoln green backs" in his plan to move back to a gold-backed currency to place the banking system back under the U.S. Constitution and the control of the Congress and to bring both value and stability to the chaotic financial system. The bankers, now nearly completely controlled by England, were furious. They ordered Lincoln assassinated, and that he was, by their own paid henchman, John Wilkes Booth. Booth was well paid for his assassination act and lived a long life in England while a local vagrant found in a hay-barn was innocently charged, sentenced and hung for the evil deed.

The world controllers, who are money controllers, who are bankers, love war because they hold the power to manipulate the outcome, and they always gain great wealth from both sides of the fray. The first world banker's war is referred to by historians as World War I. This war was fought during the years 1914-1918. The bankers of the British Empire, who controlled this war used it as a decoy to finally take back the "American colony". They had laid their plans well by putting foreign agents in place in America's banks, Congress, and Justice System.

Their plan was three-fold. First, in 1913 the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by the Congress but was never ratified by the States. This Amendment, though totally illegal under the U.S. Constitution, gave the Congress the power to collect income tax from the citizens of the states. To do so a foreign corporation chartered under the Crown of England was established. It was called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and its agents under the authority of the "Crown" began collecting illegal taxes from the American citizens

Under the Constitution of the Republic of the U. S. of A., the federal government can collect no direct tax from any citizen, yet the 16th Amendment was passed to allow such tax. The Federal Government can only tax the various states by excise tax to fund the federal government, or if needed by an apportionment tax based upon a state's population. The apportionment tax has never been used because the rich would be taxed as well as the poor. The taxes collected by the IRS flow to the Crown of England and are not used to fund the Federal Government or to pay off the national debt.

Secondly, in 1913 a foreign corporation chartered under the Crown of England called the American Bar Association (ABA) was established in the U.S. The ABA is a foreign private club for the purpose of training and controlling all members of the legal profession, and its members are endowed with the title of nobility, Esquire. Members of the "Bar" become British foreign agents with allegiance to England.

The third phase of the 1913 plan was carried out two days before Christmas. On December 23, 1913 while the American Congress was in recess for the Christmas holidays, a few selected congressional traitors by voice vote to avoid any record, illegally passed the Federal Reserve Act. This put in place a private foreign banking system in America which replaced the Treasury banking system required by the Constitution of the Republic of the U. S. of A. This was a credit money system of paper currency with no collateral backing. The new Federal Reserve Banking System (FRB) was a twin to the IRS and was also a foreign corporation chartered under the Crown of England.

Under the U.S. Constitution the Congress is to have complete control over the nation's monetary system and money supply. The Federal Reserve Act did away with that concept and the FRB now controls the money supply by printing more money or withdrawing money at will. The national debt is nothing more than the interest charged by the FRB to the Federal Government (U.S. tax payers) on the paper money they have printed and loaned to the Federal Government for use by the people/taxpayers. The FRB does this under the authority of the Crown and Queen of England.

The FRB could now print money and control the money supply. The bankers could control or cause inflation and deflation. They could charge interest/usury and extend credit to any desired limit. They could now take the gold and silver away from the people. They could now manipulate the stock market and steal vast sums from the people. The First World War provided both a distraction to the Americans concerning the "British cancer in their land, and a trial run for the English foreign agent attorneys, bankers, politicians, and tax collectors in their "American colony".

As the stage was now set they crashed the stock market in 1929 in preparation for total control of the American financial system and the confiscation of the people's gold. In 1933 under the banker's puppet, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, bankruptcy of the government of the noble Republic of the U. S. of A. was declared. At the same time Roosevelt changed one sentence of the War Power's Act of 1917 to place all citizens as enemies of the government of Washington, D.C. National bankruptcy removes the American citizen from the protection of the U. S. Constitution, as does the now amended War Power's Act of 1917. As an American citizen you may believe today that you have no rights under the Constitution of the U. S. of A. You are quite correct! To assure that this is so, each U. S. president has declared the nation under a "national emergency". Under "national emergency" the War Power's Act places the nation under military rule and sets aside the Bill of Rights and the U. S. Constitution. Each succeeding U. S. President uses various conflicts, Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo and now Afghanistan and Iraq  as rational to support a "national emergency". Therefore, conflicts are needed and encouraged to maintain military control, where the people, if it should be needed, have no rights at all.

The gold-fringed flag which flies in every courtroom today, public places and nearly every church is evidence that America is under military rule. This flag is the flag of the military, of admiralty law of the high seas. The people have no rights today when they go into court because they as civilians are seeking justice in a military court where the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution are not recognized.

In 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the confiscation of gold in America.  Only numismatic coins could still be owned legally.  When all the gold had been turned in, the Federal government arbitrarily raised the price of gold from $20.67 per ounce to $35.00, giving itself a 69% bonus.  Transactions in gold were thus made illegal in America but remained legal internationally.  Even that ended as the value of gold continually increased.  So, in 1971 President Richard M. Nixon ordered the U.S. to stop selling its gold to foreigners.  Silver coinage was not affected by the 1933 old confiscation.  Silver certificates were still legal for use in trade, and they could still be redeemed in U.S. silver coin at the local banks.  As the many industrial uses for silver increased its value, however, silver coins gradually became worth more than their face value.  Consequently, in 1963 President Lyndon B. Johnson removed the silver content of the coins, turning them into fiat currency.

The Federal Reserve now had full control over America's monetary system using their fiat paper notes of credit. The international bankers had created the banker's second global conflict (1941-1945) right on schedule, also known as World War II, and had implemented their final phase for world control by establishing the United Nations organization in 1945. The United Nations headquarters were located in New York City, in the financial "heart" of the British American colony. England and her international bankers had not only gotten their American colony back, but also had gained nearly full control over the world's financial system. The FRB and its thirteen controlling families over the course of the last fifty years have controlled the price of gold and silver on the world market, have controlled the world's economy, and have orchestrated the rise and fall of many nations.

Only a few people have spoken out against Britain's world domination, and fewer still have risked their lives to attempt to thwart such awesome power. One such person was U. S. President, John F. Kennedy. In an attempt to bring back the gold standard in America, Kennedy had printed new gold/silver certificates. At the return from his Dallas, Texas trip Kennedy planned to order the change back to the gold standard banking system and the demise of the CIA. The CIA had become traitorous to the Republic. Knowing this, the CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy during his motorcade trip through Dallas. The CIA agent and driver of Kennedy's car shot him in the head and killed him. A second person who planned to put the U. S. back on the gold system of banking was U. S. President Ronald Reagan. Again, the CIA shot and killed Ronald Reagan and wounded Brady, a body guard. Reagan was cloned and continued in office as a controlled clone without the public's knowledge.


There were those who knew of the darkside's plans but most felt helpless to challenge such adversaries. There were a few who laid plans in wisdom in the 1950's and acted covertly to de-rail the evil "steamroller" of British control over her "American colony."

Due to the risk of exposure to the darkside, few names will be used in the following partial revelation of the "Plan of Light." The Plan was formulated in the late 1950's by a small group of civilians and top ranking active and retired military personnel. A few politicians and business people assisted. At some point a four-star U.S. Army general (General A) was able to gain the title and responsibility as "receiver" for the United States bankruptcy. As part of the Plan, General A approached the U.S. Supreme Court for their promise to honor his class action suit against the U.S. Federal Government, should he be successful in bringing such a suit into their jurisdiction. The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to do so. Gen. A began at state district court and by the repeating process of losing the case and appeal, over time he reached the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld Gen. A's suit and the legal action was moved to the Senate Finance Committee (Senator Sam Nunn). As a result of covert congressional action and political pressure, President George H.W. Bush issued an Executive Order in 1991. This E.O. was never challenged and, therefore, became law under USC 18. 519 & 520. Buried in the footnotes the record stands that any meritorious claim against the government under the established guidelines and original claim format of the case, must be paid by the Federal Government to the claimant.

It should be noted here that under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, all present and succeeding debt and claims against the Treasury of the U.S. would be assumed by the FRB. Thus, the obligation was to the FRB to pay any claims generated by Gen. A's Plan. Under the Plan, should enough claims be filed, such action could "break" the FRB. This could allow the U.S. Treasury to move back to a U.S. Constitutional mandated gold banking standard. The real key to "breaking" the FRB was that these claims had to be paid out in gold! Therefore, the banking system would have to be under a gold standard in order to pay out such claims, and this would force the FRB to bring back the gold they had stolen from the people.

Gen. A and his people set about quietly educating the public through public seminars concerning the illegal FRB and its fiat credit money system. Reconstruction claims could be made on the basis of loans and any credit extended by a bank or other financial institution and all interest paid, loss of property through foreclosure and resulting loss of income, any attorney or court fees, loss of reputation, IRS taxes or liens, real estate and property taxes, and mental and emotional stress caused by loss of property and income from such foreclosure. Stress related illness, death, suicide, loss of companionship, divorce, loss of education, miscarriage, and medical and hospital expenses could be claimed. In many cases, warrants, incarceration and probation could also be claimed.

In the 1980's and early 1990's several groups of economically disadvantaged people were targeted and claim filings were made against the U.S. Treasury. The last group of claims to be honored by the U.S. Treasury were from the agriculture sector of the U.S. Thousands of farmers and business people had lost their farms and businesses through the unconstitutional FRB use of credit money and usury. Needless to say, the foreign agents of the CIA, FBI, SEC, BATF, SS, and IRS worked hard to stop Gen. A and his people. Raids were made, claims and property were confiscated and destroyed, and many program educators were imprisoned. Gen. A was harassed and, though highly protected by military personnel, was finally arrested, imprisoned, killed by injection and cloned. His clone was used by the darkside as a decoy to stop any further filing of claims. Yet, thousands of claims had been filed with the U.S. Treasury amounting to trillions of dollars. These claims are to be paid in gold under a gold standard system and are to provide the collateral (gold) needed to support the new gold banking system.

On June 3, 1993 U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, gave the order for a gold standard banking system to be established in the U.S. to replace the Federal Reserve System. Soon, thereafter, Janet Reno was killed and cloned by the darkside and continued with her duties as U.S. Attorney General as a puppet of the darkside. Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Robert Rubin was also cloned and Reno and Rubin received their salaries from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as foreign agents and not from the U.S. Treasury.

Behind the scenes the Plan continued to be carried out. Bloodshed and any major revolution within the U.S. was to be avoided at all costs. Some Delta Force and Navy Seals personnel were utilized to covertly recover gold from Switzerland, England, Israel, the Far East, NYC, etc. that had been stolen from the people of the U.S. and the U.S. Treasury. Much of the recovered gold was placed under military guard inside the NORAD Complex at Colorado Springs, CO. During the last decade of the 20th Century, the English bankers of Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, and many others located around the globe have fought hard to maintain their economic strangle hold on the world's economy and especially upon their "American colony". Their strong arms of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IMF and World Bank have used every trick known to maintain economic control. In spite of their efforts, they are losing the war.


The world community is awakening to such deceit. Third world countries such as Malaysia are figuring out the darkside's game-plan and have stopped the IMF from raping their assets. The Islamic community has always had a gold standard monetary system and over time has withstood many harsh attacks from the fiat money bankers and their "banker-wars". African and South American countries have been devastated by the IMF-World Bank Cartel and are now banding together to help defeat the International Banking Cartel. The Queen of England has carried her "crown-power" too far and has exploited too many countries. The balance of power has reached the end of its evil stroke, and the pendulum is now swinging back. More than 180 countries now stand ready on this planet to move together into a world-wide gold-based monetary system. A very long sequence of darkside events has brought this about. The greatest obstacle to such change since 1993 has been the English bankers, their FRB which spans the world, and their 13 controlling families.

The FRB's "nightmare" is the concept of "Jubilee", a biblical term involving the forgiveness of debt. Under the Constitution of the Republic of the U. S. of A., it is illegal to have credit money and to loan credit because the bankers provide no collateral of real value to back their worthless system. To change back to a value-based money system, all debt owed to the FRB would be dismissed. Thus, all car loans, credit card debt, house mortgages, business loans and other credit extended by the FRB would be declared forgiven and uncollectable. This is the concept of Jubilee which the bankers have fought furiously for seven long years. The English Bankers lose all, should their system be changed. And they have lost! And the Queen of England now knows that she has lost---all!

There has been divine intervention in the recovery of this great nation, the only nation in this present civilization to be established as a Republic (not a democracy) with its Constitution based upon the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation. For many years the bankers had raped the people of the world by stealing their wealth. This wealth the bankers would invest in their money-games. One such game was called the "Roll Program", wherein the money was used to give a 30% return in a single month by stealing the wealth of under-developed countries. These money-games were closely guarded by the rich and none of the masses, the (goyim-cattle) were to ever be allowed into them. In the 1980's a strange phenomenon occurred. In many countries and especially the U.S. multi-level marketing (MLM) by telephone became very popular. For the first time a "little" person could create a legitimate MLM program and reap large financial rewards in a very short time. Some MLM persons became wealthy, and someone somewhere allowed a rich MLM person to play in the banker's money-games. Big mistake! Any successful MLM person will immediately share a new venture with his friends. Consequently, the "Roll Program" money-game got out to the goyim and spread to many countries before it was stopped by the banker-controllers. The problem the bankers now have is that, if they are to be paid their money from these "Roll-Programs", the goyim must be paid as well. These "Roll-Program" funds are also legitimate claims due and owing against the "system" and are to be paid in gold when the new gold standard is again established. This will allow the "little" people to recover from the poverty and illness perpetrated upon them, and in turn to assist in the economic and social recovery of nations. Some of these 70+ "roll programs" by name are Bergevene, Savage, SBC-Warchest, SBC-Charcoal, ITI, Alpha, Omega, Treasurygate, and Morgan. Let us hope that the people will be guided by wisdom in their use of such funds. The darkside stands ready to take it all away again.

Will a world-wide banking change really occur? Yes! The darkside cannot stop it! This is the time of re-balancing, of higher energies and frequencies on our planet and its transition into a higher dimension. Evil shall not win! God Aton of Light always wins, and the evil controllers now know that they have lost their power and control over the people.

When will this anticipated banking change happen? This depends on the freewill choices of the players. The sequence of events are now in place for that change to occur. People everywhere are waking up to the tricks and lies played upon them by the darkside. Truth can no longer be hidden.

The People of the Lie are waking up to Truth and are becoming Truth-seekers. The darkside fears those who understand the dark games played upon them, for then they have the power to change things for good. Are you waking up to the tricks played upon you as well? Are you, too, a Truth seeker and change-agent, or are you content to remain one of the People of the Lie?

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