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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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by Patrick H. Bellringer


For centuries man has debated the concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation is the coming again of your God-Spirit or soul within another physical body in another lifetime. To incarnate is to manifest in physical form. We are spiritual beings, who have taken on a physical body to experience in third dimension at this time.

There is no debate over reincarnation, if one believes what Esu (Jesus) Immanuel taught his disciples 2000 years ago. He taught that every human being created by God received a portion or fragment of God's Spirit, which is known as the "soul". To be truly "free" individuals, we were also given a free-will to choose between right and wrong. Without a free-will we would be nothing more than robots or puppets on a string.

Our task as human beings is to learn the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation, and then by free-will choice choose to live them to perfection to become one with God and the Creation.

Every human being has been given the ability to determine right from wrong. This means we, through our conscience, can determine good and evil. With our free-will we can then choose between good and evil. Our goal is to always choose good in order to perfect our God-Spirit(soul) to the point of again becoming one with the Spirit of God and The Creation in perfection and harmony.

To do this we must learn Truth. Truth involves the Laws of God and The Creation. These laws are also known as The Laws of Balance. As we learn to choose wisely good over evil, we learn wisdom. Our goal is to always choose wisely so that we grow in "soul" perfection. Gradually, we learn the Truth of The Laws of Balance and grow in knowledge. As we learn to choose good over evil and follow those laws in daily living, we grow in wisdom, and thus, in soul perfection.

It is impossible for one to gain the knowledge of Truth, to grow in the wisdom of right choices, and to complete all of one’s lessons to the point of soul perfection in a single physical lifestream. Therefore, our God-Spirit must return again and again over many lifestreams within human physical form to continue the task of soul perfection. This repeating incarnation of one's soul is one's reincarnation. So, we see that reincarnation is necessary for one to complete the task of our God-Spirit becoming "one" again with God and The Creation.

We have all lived many lifestreams either on Planet Earth or on some other planet. Each time we reincarnate, our soul perfection starts where we left off in the previous lifestream. This point is always determined by our previous lifestream choices. The one major problem we face each time we reincarnate is that we have no memory of our past lifestreams. The physical plane, as we experience it, is a third dimensional plane. At the end of any given lifestream, our soul goes to the astral plane where our memory is restored to us. There we judge ourselves according to the Laws of God and Creation and decide the lessons we have yet to learn. If we have not learned all our lessons in soul perfection, we then return again to the schoolroom of third dimension without memory to learn them.

Our common enemy, Satan, knows about and fully understands the meaning of reincarnation. He knows that this life is but a passing experience and that there is life experience after this one. He, too, has a free-will. He was known as Lucifer of the Lighted Realms, The Bright and Morning Star", and he chose unwisely to attempt to "become God." This caused great imbalance and disharmony within the Lighted Realms, which lowered the frequencies of Lucifer and his dark brotherhood to the point of great discomfort. Thus, he chose to leave the Lighted Realms. After causing much destruction in the cosmos on other planets, he was finally banned by God Aton of Light to live on Planet Earth as his- "jail" planet. Lucifer was then given the name "Satan" by God Aton.

Satan knows, that through the knowledge of the Truth of reincarnation, we will want to perfect our souls in order to move to fifth dimension and leave Planet Earth. Satan does not want that to happen because his goal is to "trick" us into believing his "Lie". He wants us to choose to join his forces of evil, so that one day he can again challenge God! Satan's goal is not only to take control of our world but also of the entire universe. Therefore, Satan has planned carefully to bury Truth and especially the Truth of reincarnation. He can not afford to let us have the knowledge of how to escape his clutches. He needs troops for his army of evil intent.

Most of the people of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel’s day chose not to accept his teachings. Esu (Jesus) Immanuel clearly taught reincarnation. From the very beginning Satan's troops, starting with the Pharisees and even the early "Christian" disciples, altered Esu's teachings to suit their own needs. The accepted writings of "Christianity" were collected and canonized at the Council of Nicea in 323 A.D. Esu's teachings on reincarnation remained intact for nearly 500 years. Finally, at the Second Council of Constantinople in 525 A.D., the "canonized" writings of Christianity were sanitized of most references to reincarnation. Thus, Satan skillfully buried the Truth of reincarnation, and the "Christian" church has faithfully perpetrated that "Lie" ever since. Other people have not been so ignorant concerning reincarnation, as is evidenced by the knowledge of the Natives of both India and of North America.

Satan has used Christianity as one of the master plans to deceive us. Christianity has "tricked" us into believing that we do not have to work at soul perfection, but that the blood of their Messiah, one renamed "Jesus Christ", magically removes our "sins". The Satanic myth continues in that those who have been "saved" will at the magic moment be whisked away from this evil place by the "Christ", who comes floating back to Earth in the clouds. Thinking that someone else "does it for you", one makes no progress in soul perfection. The result is for one's soul to stay lifetime after lifetime on the "wheel of reincarnations."

Satan also uses self-punishment to "trick" us. Satan encourages self-punishment for our errors and past sins. The cause of our problem is believing this "Lie". The effect is that we allow our "ego" to be altered. We believe the Anti-Christ (Satan), that we are either inferior or superior to other people. This results in a rejection of our true being; for God has created all human beings equal. This gives us a sense of unworthiness to really be our true self to live freely without such feelings of inferiority or superiority.

Our altered ego feelings of inferiority/superiority may then be expressed in such ways as shame, resentment, helplessness, depression, envy and self-doubt. They may be lust, greed, hatred and jealousy. They may be expressed in impatience which leads to frustration or even in illness and disease which leads to the death-wish of the body. Because we believe in the "Lie" of self-punishment and do not accomplish "soul growth," our immortal God-Spirit again becomes locked into the "wheel of reincarnations", and lifetime after lifetime our soul cycles through human forms with little perfection of the soul.

Reincarnation and soul growth are inseparable. Our rate of soul perfection determines the number of lifestreams necessary to reach perfection and become one with God and Creation. Of all dimensions the third dimension of physical human experience grants us the best lessons for challenge and perfection of our Creative Spirit within. Now is the most fantastic time for soul growth in all the history of Planet Earth. The potential for soul growth is greatest when a celestial planet moves into its fifth dimension. Planet Earth is now at that point in its evolution. Third dimensional human beings must now leave this Earth. We are at the culmination of all of our previous lifestreams on this planet, and we have the greatest potential for soul growth at this time. In the Lighted Realms this opportunity for such potential soul growth occurs only when a planet graduates out of the third dimension.

Soul growth never remains constant, that is, it never stands still. In soul perfection we are constantly moving either forward or backward. If in a given lifestream we choose Truth, in the next lifestream it will be far easier for us to find and choose Truth again. Should we choose the "Lie" of Satan, in the next lifestream it will be far harder for us to find and choose Truth again. It is possible for one to continually regress in soul perfection so that the flickering Light of the soul is all but extinguished. One may be required by his God-Spirit to go back and start over as a "cave man" to work on soul perfection. Should that occur, one could continue as a cave man without memory for thousands of years on the "wheel of reincarnations!"

Reincarnation is Truth. The Earth is nothing more than a schoolroom where we learn our lessons and prepare for our next place and experience. Our destiny is perfection of our God-Spirit--of our Soul within. We must strive for perfect Love that is pure and without conditions, and its fire will burn and cleanse all that is unclean and evil in its path. We must work and grow spiritually or we will "repeat our grades" in another place in another schoolroom until such time that we have learned our lessons.

Reincarnation is probably the most basic tenant of Truth for us to learn at this time, for it answers our questions about our past, our present, and our future. This is why Satan very quickly removed any teaching about reincarnation from Master Teacher, Esu (Jesus) Immanuel’s teachings. Reincarnation is an elementary lesson, and unless we fully understand its meaning, we shall have great difficulty with our future lessons in soul growth.

Whether we accept reincarnation as a fact of "Life" or not, most certainly, will determine both our soul progression and our destiny. We are but fragments of the "Whole"". By our free-will we decide how quickly we will learn our future lessons in soul perfection and find complete harmony and balance, and again re-join the "One" Creator/God Aton of Light and The Creation and live in complete love and harmony and peace with all of Creation.  Ponder this most carefully.

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