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Pro-Russians CONFIRM Donetsk 'Chemical Factory Explosion' was TACTICAL NUKE! (Press Conf. Video proof)

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Pro-Russians CONFIRM Donetsk “Chemical Factory Explosion” was TACTICAL NUKE! (Press Conf. Video proof)

This seals it: This Pro-Russian Separatist Spokesman just provided testimony evidence that the missile which blew up in Donestsk yesterday evening was, in fact NUCLEAR TIPPED.

He specifically states in this RT News Conference video that the warhead from the missile fragments being displayed is the equivalent of “five hundred TONS of TNT.” The English sub-titles also clearly confirm him saying “500 tons of TNT.”

There is no conventional warhead that exists ANYWHERE which can deliver that kind of destructive blast. NONE.

The only way a missile warhead can generate a blast equal to 500 Tons of TNT is if it is a tactical nuke.

I hope the man giving the briefing and the reporters there all realize they are standing in the presence of Gamma and Neutron radiation at levels that are likely fatal in such close proximity.

1/2 Kiloton Tactical Nuke; just as I speculated. All you nay-sayers are now PROVED wrong.