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Fox News Host Bill Hemmer Professionally Dismantles DNC Spokesperson's False Claims

Fox News host Bill Hemmer professionally took apart the false claims made by DNC spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa during a recent segment.

According to  The Daily Wire:

“Why would Joe Biden want to know about Michael Flynn back then?” Hemmer asked Hinojosa.

“First of all, this is a distraction. All you are having Republicans do right now is distract from the fact that they continue to politicize the Justice Department,” Hinojosa replied. “Also, unmasking, and something like unmasking is just something that you are looking to see more intelligence. It is nothing that is scandalous in any way.”

“Frankly, this is going to backfire on Republicans because it just showed how serious Flynn was and his conversations with the Russians,” Hinojosa continued. “So Republicans can try to use this to play political football. But in reality, this will backfire with them.”

“Is that a crime to talk to other countries during that period?” Hemmer pressed. “Is that against the law?”

Hinojosa stated:

 “Whenever you are trying to interfere in an election, or in any way, um, trying to go against the United States, I think that is something that is,” ... “And so I think that right now when it comes to Flynn and the Department of Justice politicizing things, this is just time and time again you continue to see this Justice Department politicize issues in order to help Donald Trump.”

This is of course patently false. Flynn's contacts with the Russian ambassador were AFTER the election and Attorney General Barr has noted that there was nothing improper with the contact between Flynn and the ambassador.



DNC spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa defends unmasking by crying collusion, offers no evidence when repeatedly asked