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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          It has been shown that the Bible has much disinformation and even outright lies that have led Christianity down the wrong path these many years. 

          Creator God Aton of Light has said that the Phoenix Journals have been brought to the people of planet earth to set the record straight one last time before this civilization ends.

          The Phoenix Journals are not channeled material by some spiritual guru.  The are not opinion or interpretation or translation of any kind.  They were given to us by direct communication with Creator God Aton of Light, Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, and the Masters of the Realms of Light.  These Masters of the seven rainbow colors are revealed in Phoenix Journal 7.

          Creator God Aton “called” several people to come to Tehachapi, California, to help with the Phoenix Project.  The key people were Dr. Edwin Young, an engineer, E.J. Ekker, and engineer, his wife, Doris Ekker, a nursing supervisor, Rick Martin and Al Overholt.  Others came later.

          The star people from Pleiades or the Seven Sisters are our ancestors and look like us.  They had come to our planet in the early 1930’s to help us.  They had been watching us and realized our planet and her people were in serious trouble.  The starship, The Phoenix, is the command ship of the Pleiadian Star Fleet, and Creator God Aton is the Commander.  The Phoenix was positioned over Tehachapi, and a short-wave radio communication system was set up.  This allowed those aboard the Phoenix to communicate directly with those in Tehachapi.

          Doris Ekker became the typist and put to print what she heard from the short-wave receiver.   The star people would observe and check her work for accuracy.  The first publication in the form of a news paper was The Phoenix Express, January 1990. Due to government problems The Express was stopped, and the Phoenix Liberator began October 1991.  Again, after government lawsuit, the Liberator was stopped and the Contact Newspaper began publishing in March 1993.

          In the United States of America under copyright law a journal format needs no copyright.  For this reason, the Phoenix Journals are in journal format.  Anyone may copy them with no restrictions.  Only the first Journal, Sipapu Odyssey, is copyrighted.  It was done for a movie script, but the movie was never produced.  This journal is fiction.  There are 241 journals, 115 of which were published, and 126 were unpublished due to cost restraints.  All 241 Phoenix Journals can be found on

          Creator God Aton is the commander of the starship, Phoenix, the command ship of the Pleiadian Star Fleet.  To do so Aton has “squeezed’ himself down into a denser fourth dimension to communicate more directly with us in third dimension via short wave radio.  As commander he calls himself Hatonn throughout the Phoenix Journals.  In the English language the word, Hatonn, the first and last letters are silent.  So Hatonn is pronounced h-ATON-n (Aton).

          Researcher and writer, Nora Boyles has published a book entitled, The Garden of Aton, in which she reveals that in every langrage on planet earth can be found the word, ATON.  It is used in reference to God, the Sun and The Central Sun.


          It is my belief that the Phoenix Journals take precedent over all religious writings anywhere in the world today.  Creator God Aton has spoken directly to His people to set the record straight, and we had better listen!  ---PHB