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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          You are not your body.  The real you is your soul that lives forever.  Your body is only the “clothes” you wear in this third- dimension physical life.   Esu (Jesus) Immanuel taught reincarnation and talked about his own past lifestreams.  Very early Esu came as Buddha to the people of China.  After his experience as Esu Immanuel, he returned to our planet in other lifestreams.  One was the Pale Prophet to the American Indians.

          At the Council of Nicea from 323 to 325 A.D. the church fathers met to canonize (make a book) of original writings they considered truthful.  They removed all references to starships, reincarnation and other concepts they thought the people would not understand. Thus,  they created the Bible, which contained almost none of these truths.

          The Truth is you have been here in past lifes-treams many times.  You have returned to this third dimension (3D) to continue your lessons in soul growth.  At the end of your present life-stream when your physical body dies, your soul (the real you) goes to the fourth dimension (4D) called the Astral Plane.  This plane has no time, space or matter.

          There you stand before Creator God Aton of Light and judge yourself against The Laws of God and Creation.  Aton does not judge you.  You determine what lessons you have yet to learn.

          If you have a passing grade, you graduate into the fifth dimension (5D), which is Heaven!  If you do not have a passing grade because you have spiritual lessons yet to learn, in your next life-stream you return again on the Great Wheel of Reincarnation to continue your lessons in soul growth, right where you left off.  You return without memory of your past.  Aton says that if you had memory, you would not want to be here and continue your lessons.

          So, by living The Laws of God and Creation you save yourself.  No one is perfect, not even the Masters or Aton.  You live The Laws as best you can.  That is all that can be expected of you.