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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          Saul/Paul believed that Esu had been murdered in Jerusalem, just as the Pharisees and the Roman Government had planned.  Saul/Paul thought the Easter incident of Esu rising from the dead was true, because if Esu was the Divine Son of God, he could do this.  The confrontation on the Damascus road, Saul/Paul thought, was done by an angel.

          With Saul/Paul’s so-called “conversion”, he resigned from being a Roman soldier, and decided to teach and preach Esu’s new teachings.  His only source of such Truth were the writings he had paid Juda Iharioth seventy pieces of silver to steal from Juda Iscarioth, and the teachings he received from Esu’s disciple in Damascus.

          He had never sat and listened to Esu’s teachings and explanation of the Truth.  His confused thinking led to much misunderstanding, as he tried to interpret the stolen writings.  Saul/Paul created the biggest lie ever for Christianity, that Esu, being Divine, died to save everyone from their sins.  Supposedly, Esu’s shed blood was a ransom for your sins, and if you believed this your sins were automatically forgiven.  Your Karma was removed and you were not held accountable or responsible for wrongs you had done.   You were “saved!”

          For 2000 years this lie has been the very foundation of Christianity.  Saul/Paul became a so-called missionary and traveled widely, teaching and preaching his distorted version of Truth.  In the Pauline Epistles recorded in the New Testament of the Bible we find much of this confused thinking.

          Saul/Paul had a low concept of women.  For instance, he taught that men were superior to women, and a wife should obey her husband at all times.  A woman should not teach, should not wear men’s clothes, should not cut  her hair, and should keep her head covered at all times in public.

          For two centuries Saul/Paul’s distorted writings of the Truth Esu brought have been a curse on the Christian Church.  It is sad that the purpose of Saul/Paul’s life was to destroy the Truth.  Truly, Saul/Paul was Esu’s worst enemy.