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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          This one Truth will shock Christianity to its very core!  The entire foundation and belief system of Christianity rests on the Lie that Esu died on the cross at his crucifixion, and that he rose from the dead three days later.  Supposedly, this was proof that Esu was the Divine Son of God and had power over death itself.

          From this lie came the next lie that Esu died to save people from their sins.  He died as a ransom.  He shed his blood to forgive their sins.  So, if you believed this your sins are forgiven.  You are “saved”.  Anything you have done wrong against the Laws of God, any evil is suddenly forgiven.  There are no consequences or karma for your actions.  You are not held responsible for your wrong-doing.  What a fairy tale!  And Christians believe this!

          During his years of working for his uncle, Esu had learned the martial arts.  He had developed a strong body.  He could slow his heart beat rate and his breathing when needed to conserve his energy.  At Esu’s crucifixion his father, Archangel Gabriel, was present.  Gabriel said, “I took his pain and I breathed for him”.  While on the cross, Esu went into a deep comatose state of reduced heart beat rate and reduced breathing.  That is why he appeared dead to the Roman soldiers.  He did not respond when they cut his side with a spear.

          So, at the request of the family and permission of Pilote, Esu was taken down from the cross and placed in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, one of Esu’s followers, for Pilote had ordered his body to be turned over to Joseph.  This tomb had a large public entrance and a small private entrance in the back.  The front entrance was closed by a huge rock and guarded by Saul and his Roman solders.

          Thinking that her husband was dead and fearing that Saul and his Roman soldiers were searching for her, it was at this point that Mary Magdalene left Jerusalem and fled with her children to France.  Esu did not know where they went, and he never saw or heard from them again.

          Esu’s mother, Mary, family members and friends, and some of Esu’s friends from India, who knew the herbal healing arts, quickly entered the tomb by the private entrance.  For three days they nursed Esu back to health,  so that by the third day he could stand and walk.  They immediately left the tomb and fled to Damascus, Syria, 136 miles away, to escape from Saul and his Roman soldiers.