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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          Satan has used the Bible for his own purposes.  How else to fool the people then to alter their Holy Book with lies and disinformation.  God Jehovah of the Old Testament purposely left off his last name, Satan, to mislead the people.

          God Jehovah Satan told the Israelites to fight their neighbors, kill them, plunder their homes, rape their women, kill everyone, even the children, and “leave not one alive”.  Would a kind and loving God do that?  Of course not!

          God Jehovah Satan demanded the Israelites to make burnt offerings to him.  They were to kill their sheep and goats and cattle and burn them on an alter so the aroma of burning flesh would rise up to him as a sweet-smelling fragrance, which pleased him.  What kind and loving God would demand the killing of an animal and have it burned so he could enjoy the horrible stench of burning flesh?

          The Israelites obeyed Satan’s orders, as many of them had come with Satan as fallen angels, when he came to our earth from the Lighted Realms of Heaven.  These Israelites or Jews, (this term was first coined in 1776, so “Jew” is not found in the earlier texts), today are called Kharzas, Zionists, Bolsheviks, or the Serpent People.  They go by other names such as Nazis, Communists, Socialists, Democrats of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Democrats controlling the state government of Virginia.

          These Serpent People have wandered the earth creating havoc and sufferings everywhere.  They have been expelled from country after country until in 1948 they stole the land of Palestine, drove out the people and called it their country, Israel!

          Indeed, Israel is their “Promised Land”, promised to them by God Jehovah Satan, and they are his “Chosen People”, the Serpent People of the Great Snake, Satan!  It is astounding how the people for centuries have believed the lies of the Bible.  Is it any wonder that Creator God Aton of Light calls the “Holy Bible”, Satan’s War-Book!