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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          The Bible is silent about Esu’s early years.  It only mentions his encounter at age twelve with the Temple religious leaders, whom he left stunned with his wisdom.  The Bible is again silent about Esu’s life from age twelve to age thirty, when he again appeared in his home country.

          Various authentic early writings reveal much of these missing years of Esu’s life.  From his birth Esu proved to be an unusual child with spiritual powers.  Women would bring their sick children to Mary, Esu’s mother, for healing.  When they washed their baby in Esu’s bath water or wore one of his garments, the child was healed.

          When playing ball with other children Esu never missed hitting or catching the ball, as the ball would curve right to him.  When playing in the sand along the river bank, Esu would make sand models of little birds.  At his command these models would turn into real birds and fly away.

          One day the children were playing stick ball.  A boy meanly shoved Esu and knocked him down.  Esu said to the boy, “you were wrong to do that”, and the boy fell over and died.  This is when Esu’s father Joseph, decided to have his son help him in his work.

          Joseph, was a well-known and very good carpenter.  He liked having Esu help him, because Esu corrected all of his mistakes.  If a board was too short, Esu made it longer, or if too long, he made it shorter.  At one time Joseph made a contract with King Herod to build him a new and larger throne for his palace.  Joseph worked two years with Esu to build it.  When it was finished, King Herod examined the beautiful work and was happy, but when he measured it, the throne was eighteen inches narrower than the master plan.  King Herod became angry and told Joseph he would not pay Joseph for his two year’s work.

          Very sad, Joseph went home and thought about his hard work and lost wages.  In the morning Joseph asked Esu to go with him back to the palace.  He told Esu to stand on one side of the throne, while he stood on the opposite side.  Together they pulled the throne out eighteen inches.  They requested the King, who reluctantly returned to check their work again.  To King Herod’s amazement, the throne was perfect in every detail.  He clamed he had used a wrong measuring tape!