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Patrick H. Bellringer

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FROM:   D. Fi.

     TO:  Anne and Patrick Bellringer

DATE:   July 7, 2017

SUBJECT:  The Laws of the Creation

Dear Anne and Patrick:

    Thank you for 4 winds.

    I am trying to read all about the Laws of the Creation.  I found the article under Bellringer's Corner > More from Vital Articles > UK Australia Canada Government > And They Called His Name Immanuel > Journal 2 > Chapter 18 > The Creation.


    Do you have any suggestions for me to read about the Laws of Creation.

    Thanks for all your help.





FROM  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  D. F.

DATE:  July 7, 2017


Dear D. F.:

    We are thankful for your support of Fourwinds, and you appreciation of our work. 


    You ask a most difficult question, as the Laws of Creation are not identified as clearly as are The Laws of God in Phoenix Journal 27.  They are also called the Laws of Balance, which I interpret to included the Laws of Nature.  Sananda says they are spiritual laws.

    Creation is spiritual, and to create is spiritual, so it follows that the Laws of Nature are spiritual.  It also makes sense that the Laws of Creation are to maintain balance of all things created, thus, they are called the Laws of Balance.  Creator God Aton gave man authority to be caretakers of His creations, for example Earth Shan, to maintain balance of everything (Phoenix Journal 21, p 1)  That would seem to be the second highest law of Creation, the first being to have wisdom by gaining knowledge (Phoenix Journal 27, p., 19)

    The Laws of Creation would include all true scientific laws from force, motion, mass, time and space to gravity/electromagnetic forces and plasma energy.  Water runs downhill, the earth is "round", and plants grow toward the sun are facts of nature. So is cause and effect, you reap what you sow a fact of nature.  These laws compound to the point, where we finally learn how creation happens and how we, too, can create through our own God Spirit within.  These laws and the learning is endless, but that is part of the excitement of 'the trip!'

    The Laws of Creation are everywhere, and are evidenced in everything around us and in us.  The Laws of God for right and  balanced living within the Creation are very specific and absolute (Phoenix Journal 27, p.19 ff). Living them is our boarding pass to the ships to leave 3D.  The Laws of Creation are revealed to us, as we seek knowledge and gain wisdom.  Such learning never ends until we gain perfection and return to Creator Source.  Keep reading the Phoenix Journals and anything else that catches your spiritual attention.

                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer