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"Hello, Central!" I've Got Problems With My Family. I Just Can't Forgive My Mother Nor My Dad Nor My SAisters. Can You Give Me Some Kind Of Guide?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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r people, and i'm really open to all of this, to my mind is easy to see what this messages are about, but my problem is in my heart, im sure ive got lots of my chakras blocked or not functionating well, ive got problems with my family i just cant forgive my mother, i cant love her,, and it just feels terrible, nor my dad nor my sisters.

When i like a girl or when i start to get close to someone, i just start thinking, denying things i feel, i just block myself and feel terrible, and i have that pain hurting my whole body, i have pain in a lot of parts of my body, and my sleep is awful, i always wake up with almost no energy and with pain, its hard to me to wake up, i just sleep with a lot of tension.

Ive been really wanting to feel and ive felt things i have inside of me sometimes but for short times, i just think im feeling. I just feel bad, i see the other pple of my age much better than me with themselves, and they dont know much about this spiritual matters,, i just complicate my life and when i want to make it simplier i just cant, i just think more and more.

Sorry if it ended up too long. id just like it if you gave me some kind of guide in this way, because at the time, all this love messages ive read have no sense to me, i just cant feel them, and the changes that are coming just freak me out, because i feel so far away of being in a high vivration, my energy is too low, but i still feel i belong to this dimensional changes but my lack of feeling takes me really down.Im really sad about it, i can feel that at least lol

Thanks for reading me


FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Dec. 3, 2006


Dear MP:

Thank you for your letter. I understand what you are experiencing, for I was once a teenager, too.

You cannot love someone else until you have first learned to love yourself. You cannot forgive another person until you have forgiven yourself. You have little to offer anyone until you have created your own strength, security and confidence within.

You do this by first connecting to your own God Spirit within, which is your source of Truth, wisdom and power. Through your thoughts you can connect to your Higher Self---your Mighty I AM Presence---and to Creator God Aton of Light and to all the Beings of the Realms of Light.

I suggest that you start by meditation. Find a quiet place where you can sit and think without being disturbed. In your thoughts ask for your Guardian Angels to help you to communicate with them, with your Higher Self and with Creator God. First you must forgive yourself. Say, "I forgive myself for everything I have done against God's Laws and the Laws of Creation", and mean it! Ask the Angels to help you with this next step.

The next step is to forgive your mother, your father, your sisters and anyone else who may have hurt you. Go to them and tell them you forgive them. If you have hurt them, tell them you are sorry for hurting them. You will never be happy inside until you have done this. This is hard to do, but you can do it. These are your lessons in soul growth.

The next step to forgiveness is to ask Creator God Aton of Light to forgive you for your errors. In doing each of these steps you will feel a little "lighter" inside and a little happier. The final step is to dump all this old baggage from your thoughts, forget it and move on. Leave it behind, and know in your heart that you have forgiven and are forgiven. Then act like it and treat yourself and others kindly. A smile goes a long way to building positive relationships.

When you like yourself, others will like you, too. When you like yourself you create positive energy, which makes your aura positive. Others will feel your positive aura and will be drawn to you. You know that is true, because when you see someone, who is happy and treats others nice and talks to them with respect and kindness, you are drawn to that person, too.

That is why we say "you are what you think". Your thoughts are energy, and if you have positive thoughts, these thoughts create positive energy, which goes out into the ethers and is returned to you in like kind but in greater amount. This is the Cosmic Law of Returns. Creator God returns to you the same energy you send out, but always in increased amounts.

Show kindness, think good things, show love and all these things will come back to you. If you think and act badly, you will have negative energy and negative actions returned to you. Remember to talk to your God Spirit within through your thoughts, ask your questions and listen for the answers which will come back to you through your thoughts.

My friend, let your heart guide you. Do not fear the future or anything in the present. Know that you have the power and the wisdom from Creator God within you to guide you. Your life can be as happy and as simple as you want it to be, for "you are what you think". Good luck!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer

P.S. Please change the "darkblack" in your e-mail address to "BrightLight" or something with positive energy! Even your e-mail is sending out negative energy.