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Phoenix Journal #259

Phoenix Journal #259 The News Desk: Gold Becomes Russia's Latest Live Currency; Poisoning Civilians is Legal! USGS Earthquake Report; Implants Allow Humans to Control Computers; Goggle Box Drives Ape Family Apart; Ice Over Alabama. News Desk Special Report: Canada's Lethal "Paper Recycling" program; Art Bell Says Everyone is Sick-Watch Those Contrails in Sky! The News Desk: The State of the Nation; Lockheed Wins Spy Deal; Building Smart Organs from Scratch; Aliens Among Us? China Crossing, and much more. A History Lesson About Value-Based National Banking; The Sky is Falling and It's NOt Good, Silver and Gold; Removal ofyour Bill of Rights; Hatonn Message; The Soviets; Bugs, Lies: Ebola & HIV; Colloids, Silver and Gold. Global Alliance Investment Assocaition by E.J. E kker. The News Desk: Apollo Astronaut was Murdered, Son Charges; A Web of Deceit; Hand Me Down My Aspartame; The Struggle over SS. A Wrench From Space; UN Standing Army. What To Do About We Uppity People: Scary Appraisal of Possibilities.

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