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BOMBSHELL: Connecticut Govt. Secretly Tells Health Care Workers Covid Vaccines Are DEADLY, But Withholds the Same Information From the Public

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Florida schools barred from mandating Covid-19 vaccines

BOMBSHELL: Gates Foundation, DARPA funding self-replicating, weaponized vaccine technology that began under Apartheid, to exterminate Blacks… and now it’s powering the covid vax

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Experimental Covid-19 “vaccines” could cause mad cow disease, experts warn

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Company that helps Johnson & Johnson produce coronavirus vaccines has a string of citations for quality control problems

UK Reports 7 Blood Clot Deaths After AstraZeneca Vaccine

Shipments of Johnson & Johnson vaccine halted

Pfizer already targeting American pre-teen and young teenage girls ages 12 to 15 for population reduction and sterilization experiment known as mRNA

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