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SOTN: Texas Abortion Law Upheld by SCOTUS In 5-4 Vote

Germany bans killing chick embryos – but still allows abortion of HUMAN babies

Irish couple aborts son with ‘fatal foetal abnormality,’ then finds out he was perfectly healthy

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns that Fauci, Gates are committing mass genocide against humanity

Agent provocateurs for the unborn

Biden’s Proposed Budget Lifts Ban on Federal Funding of Abortions

Alberta’s COVID restrictions are quietly protecting and promoting abortion, as unborn deaths are considered less important than COVID deaths

Iowa passes constitutional amendment declaring no right to abortion

Texas governor signs law letting anyone sue abortionists for killing babies with heartbeats

Biden administration has opened the way for ‘abortion by mail on a massive scale’

These States’ Pro-Life Reforms Could Force Supreme Court’s Hand

Oklahoma Bans Nearly All Abortions

Biden Admin OK’s Experimentation on Aborted Babies

Texas Senate passes 7 pro-life bills, including Heartbeat Act

Arkansas Legislature Sends Bill to Ban Nearly All Abortions to the Governor

SORCHA FAAL: “Baby Killer” Biden Ignores “Catastrophic Emergency” Warning About Children Issued By United Nations

The Abortion Industry Targets Minorities

Airplane banner will show Georgia voters what abortion does to a human baby

Trump admin threatens ‘possible sanctions’ for orgs that promote abortion overseas

Petition urges Poland to ‘remain steadfastly pro-life’ as violent leftist attacks increase