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Government War Us - China

We are in the midst of a world war with China, and most people haven’t figured it out yet

China Orders Troops To “Prepare For War”—America Gives “StormBreaker Is Ready” Reply

Singaporean Who Spied for China in US Jailed for 14 Months

Trump Says Nukes Are “Tippy Top”—Then He Sends Hated Dead Foe John McCain Into Dragons Lair

Time to Take a ‘Tougher Approach’ Toward CCP, Experts Say

Now Is the Time for the US to Take a Stronger Position Against the CCPP [Chinese Communist Party]Y]

Stealth War: The China War Continues – Dr. Robert Spalding

State Of War Now Exists After Trump Declares “We Will Never Submit To Tyranny”

U.S. researchers found working with military-tied Chinese universities: Report

Beijing Continues to Lavish Funds to Lure Western Talents, Leaked Documents Show

Trump Again Raises Prospect of ‘Decoupling’ US Economy From China

Taiwan Says China Behind Cyberattacks on Government Agencies, Emails

Trump Deploys “Reapers Of Death” While Preparing To Slam China With Financial Iron Curtain

China On Guard Against “Black Swan” While Fending Off “Gray Rhino” Watches Trump Smash “Red Line”

“Beware The Guns Of August” Final Warning Issued—United States-Communist China War Unstoppable

Trump Election Delay Question Warned Soon To Meet American Invasion Of Communist China

China Prepares 500,000 Strong American Invasion Force In Preparation For Biden Election Win

Trump admin orders Chinese embassy closed immediately amid charges of privacy violations and theft of intellectual property

Trump Throws China Out Of America After Beijing Practices Airstrikes On US Warships

United States Issues “Dire Warning” As Fierce America Eagle Sails Into Chinese Dragon Lair