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Government War Syria - Libya

US ‘Freezes Funding’ For White Helmets As Group’s Douma Chem Attack Claim Falls Apart

Former UN Weapons Inspector: Syrian Gas Attack Story Raises Serious Questions

Pink Floyd Frontman Leaks Email Exposing How White Helmets Recruit Celebs With Saudi Money

Russian TV Shreds Syria Gassing Fraud - Finds Kid Who Took Part in Hoax Video

The Mainstream Media Fueled Military Action in Syria, Reprisals Against Russia over the Skripal Affair

Is Trump’s Broader War against Syria on Hold? A Member State of NATO is “Sleeping with the Enemy”: America is at War with both Syria and Turkey


WHAT YOU SEE AND HEAR IS NOT WHATS HAPPENING , Troop Withdrawal On Track - Episode 1545

"WHY Would He Do That??" Tucker is NOT Buying the Syria Narrative

WHAT YOU SEE & HEAR What You See & Hear Is Not What Is Happening, Troop Withdrawal On Track - Episode 1545

Scientist Debunks US Claims—Releases Video Evidence US Bombed Syrian Cancer Research Facility

I AM A SYRIAN LIVING IN SYRIA: “It was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists are sent by your Government”

WESTERN POWERS WON'T JOIN RUSSIA To Strike Saudi Arabia For Using Chemical Weapons, But Send Massive Fleet After US Troops Seize Syrian Oil Fields

CHIEF OF THE MAIN OPERATIONAL DIRECTORATE of the Russian General Staff Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy holds briefing for mass media

US Bombs Syria To Cover Up Lack Of Evidence On Chem Attacks, Discredits Own Claims By Doing So

TRUE JOURNALIST SLAMS MEDIA & Exposes TRUE Political Agenda in Syria

Russia Has "Irrefutable Evidence" UK Staged Syrian Chemical Attack

Russia: Douma Medics Receive No Patients with Signs of Chemical Poisoning

Assad says Syria chemical attack was fabricated

GERMANY OPS OUT OF WW III After US Nuclear War “Doomsday Plane” Goes Airborne In Aftermath Of Believed To Be Spetsnaz Takedown Of NATO Warplane