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Government War Afghan War

Daniel Bobinski says Afghanistan issue ”fiasco beyond compare” – Brighteon.TV

Joe Biden Traps Americans, Allies He Left Behind

Congressman: At Least 500 Americans Stranded in Afghanistan, Contradicting White House Estimates

Biden regime blamed for delaying private groups trying to evacuate U.S. citizens from Afghanistan: “This is zero place to be negotiating with American lives”

Growing number of retired Flag Officers call for top military resignations in light of ‘tragic’ Afghanistan withdrawal

SORCHA FAAL: War Is Far From Over—Now It Gets Really Scary

SORCHA FAAL: American Women In Buses Taken By Taliban “All Likely Dead” After Biden Drone Strike Kills 6 Children

Dozens of U.S. military personnel, dead, wounded after coordinated attacks at Kabul airport; calls ring out for Biden, Harris to resign

Pompeo Hits Back After Biden Tries to Blame Trump for Afghanistan Disaster

SORCHA FAAL: Biden Bet On Americans “Notoriously Short-Term Memory” In US Marine Slaughter

At Least 12 US Marines, Soldiers Killed in Kabul Airport Terror Attack

Afghanistan Evacuation Flights Resume After Deadly Bombings

SORCHA FAAL: Biden “Backup Plan” For Afghanistan Warned Would Be “A Whole Other Level Of Bad”

Videos: Biden And Harris LAUGH At Reporters Asking About Afghanistan Mess

Afghanistan - The New 'Northern Alliance’ Resistance Has Already Fallen Apart

Taliban Warns of ‘Consequences’ If US Troops Stay in Afghanistan Past Deadline

Biden on American Evacuees: “F** Them. If they die, we’ll blame Trump.”

Taliban going door-to-door hunting down anyone who worked for the US, its allies and the former Afghan government

Top Stories From Afghanistan

Pelosi Reveals Top Biden Officials Will be Called to Testify

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