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SOTN: EXCLUSIVE LEAK: Trudeau installing weapons armouries, interrogation rooms for Ministry of Climate Change

Rishi Sunak heads race to become UK PM after latest vote

SORCHA FAAL: Terror Stricken Canada Quickly Surrenders After Vicious Russian Bear Strike

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Australia is rapidly becoming “cashless society” shunning all physical currency

Conservatives Introduce Motion to End All Federal Vaccine Mandates [CA]

Canadian parliament signs off on Trudeau’s emergency powers, proving again that tyranny comes from the Left

Scott Kesterson: America needs to support Canada’s fight for freedom – Brighteon.T

Canadian lawmaker: Single mom's bank account frozen for giving $50 to truckers

When Boring People Turn Dangerous: Canada's Insane Power Grab

Ottawa Mayor Proposes to Sell Confiscated ‘Freedom Convoy’ Trucks

Ottawa mayor wants to sell confiscated Freedom Convoy trucks\

Police Harass, Arrest & Beat Canadian Freedom Convoy Protesters in Ottawa Sunday Night Live

Trudeau cracks down on “Freedom Convoy” truckers while ignoring actual terrorism on oil site involving group wielding axes, flare guns

Tyranny spreads in Canada as police now cover names, badge numbers on uniforms to evade identification as they brutally assault peaceful protesters

SOTN: The End Is Near For Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Bank Run? Canada's Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline

Trudeau's 'extreme' move to claim national emergency gets hammered

Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship. Canadians Should Have Believed Him

Canadian Thought Police on Patrol