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Government Elections

Kari Lake, AZ candidate for governor, has the right idea

Trump Celebrates Success of 33 Texas Primary Candidates He Endorsed

Nearly Two Thirds of Americans Against Biden Running For Second Term, Poll Shows

Texans Pass 8 Amendments to State Constitution, Including One That Strengthens Religious Freedom

Republicans Take Back Control of Virginia House in Statewide Upset

CPAC Straw Poll Reveals Odds On Favorite for 2024

Kristi Noem Sparks 2024 Speculation with New PAC


Flag atop West Virginia State Capitol Flying UPSIDE DOWN - Nation in Distress!

Where Does the Election Really Stand? What the Media Won’t Tell You

US Federal Election Commission Chairman Says 2020 US Election Is Illegitimate Due To Widespread Fraud

REPORT: Chris Wallace was Furious With the Trump Family

Why Trump must win the election

Retired U.S. Rear Admiral Asks Fellow Retired Flag and General Officers To Endorse Trump

The 2020 Tide May Have Just Turned – New Post-Debate Poll Shows Trump Just Pulled Into The Lead

Orwellian Nightmare Called America Starts Election Night War Drills

Over 1 Million Americans Have Already Voted in 2020 Election

Hillary Clinton and AOC Reverse Course of In-Person Voting

GOP Megadonor to Back Trump with Millions of Dollars

Archbishop Viganò hints he believes God will deliver the election to President Trump

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