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Environment Exploration

Major change: Saudi Arabia opens tourism to Bible sites!

Earth Magnetic Shield From Radiation Discovered to Have Had Extreme Flipping Period

Mysterious “sonar anomaly” turns out to be 500-year-old shipwreck with massive copper payload

Man Discovered A Tunnel In His House Leading To An Ancient Underground City

THOUSANDS EVACUATED near Mount Agung volcano on Bali, Indonesia, amid fears of first eruption in 50 years

8.0 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE strikes off the coast of Chiapas, Mexico - 9/08/2017 --Tsunami Threat to Hawai‘i Under Evaluation After 8.0 Chiapas, Mexico Quake

Joseph Farrell: Antarctica Atlantis! Edgar Cayce Poseidon Fire Crystal

Easter Island ancient people didn’t die off from destroying their ecosystem, new study confirms

Dutchsinse: 7/16/2017 -- New Yellowstone earthquake swarm as expected -- Seismic unrest + Solar storm

Archaeologists discover ancient tombs filled with actual GIANTS… “unusually tall and strong” people once roamed the planet

The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed

Hidden in Antartica a Naval Officer tells us Exactly What He Saw

Will President Trump Disclose Antarctica Discovery to Start Economic Boom?

Mystery grows over 100-ton granite boxes in Egypt

500 Methane Vents Found In US West Coast

What Scientists Just Found Deep in the Ocean Is Seriously Unbelievable (Photos)

The Mystery of Malta’s Long-headed Skulls

In 1850, A Farmer Found A Secret Door In The Sand. What He Saw On The Other Side? Fascinating!

What Scientists Just Found Deep in the Ocean Is Seriously Unbelievable (Photos)

Huge subglacial lake discovered underneath Antarctica's ice

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