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Environment Earth Changes

M6.0 earthquake hits off Japan parallel to the Fukushima prefecture

DUTCHSINSE: 10/08/2017 -- 3 large earthquakes strike Pacific in 1 days time -- New unrest spreads - Be prepared

DUTCHSINSE: 10/07/2017 -- New Earthquake activity brewing -- West Coast USA + New deep EQ event coming?

DUTCHSINSE: 10/05/2017 -- West Coast USA plate "slow slipping" -- Southern California + midwest on watch

The Ring of Fire is exploding right now: 32 volcanoes erupting, 33 showing minor activity, and several strong earthquakes

3 strong eruptions rattle Popocatepetl volcano – Crater closed due to danger of flying ballistic fragments.

DUTCHSINSE: 10/03/2017 -- Mid-Atlantic M5.8 , South Sandwich M5.0 + Movement in New Zealand

Volcanic unrest: Eruptions at Fuego volcano (Guatemala), Turrialba (Costa Rica) and Agung volcano (Bali), Ambae and Lopevi volcanoes in Vanuatu on high alert

DUTCHSINSE: 10/02/2017 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Watching for West Pacific to move

Four Pacific Rim volcanoes rumble to life

DUTCHSINSE 9/29/2017 -- New Eruptions and Seismic activity Builting in West Pacific -- Be prepared

The Big One at San Andreas Fault: A Huge Earthquake Will Hit California—It's Just a Matter of When

Earthquake ‘thermometer’ shows LA region is boiling to Northridge level

Entire Island is now evacuated as state of emergency has been declared on a Vanuatu island from threat of a major volcanic eruption

9/26/2017 -- Japan Earthquake M5.9 (M6.0) near Hokkaido / Northern Coast as expected

Roads in Mexico City have begun OUT-GASSING . . . They appear to be breathing

DUTCHSINSE: 9/25/2017 -- Earthquake Update -- Pressure transferring across Pacific -- Large EQ's possible


Ambae volcano erupts in Vanuatu: Red colored clouds reported around the summit, huge lava fountains, high thermal anomalies

DUTCHSINSE: 9/24/2017 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Pacific , USA, Europe, Asia be on watch -- New large EQs