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Mysterious blasts are being reported across the globe… what’s going on?

Monsanto has gone to great lengths to keep documents secret during litigation; judge threatened sanctions

Bitcoin on track to consume the ENTIRE global electricity supply by the year 2020

Day 13- Update on Bundy CAse

The Other Shoe Just Dropped On The Swamp Monsters - 'Remember Me, Congress, I Am Coming For You'

US Downs Russian Satellite Searching For “Outer Space Bacteria-Madagascar Plague” Clues

New fears of World War III as North Korea tests ICBM that can “hit anywhere in the world” — regime will field nukes by next year

Prepare for sudden, radical transformation at every level of society… “You may not recognize tomorrow”

Revenge Of The Deplorables - Trump Haters Blacklisted, Accused, Fired And Under Investigation

Scientists identify “superaccumulator” plants that mop up heavy metals like crazy

After Thirty years of fear mongering, global warming still hasn’t destroyed the planet

Rise of the Terminators: Killer robots with facial recognition now pose dire threat to humanity

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman: Likelihood of Nuclear War is Rising

Because we can

Terror Threat Has Law Enforcement On High Alert Across Country

Trump Makes IMPORTANT Decision Regarding Roy Moore

Trump Responds To Terror Attack In Egypt

Amish farmer facing 68 years in federal prison for making homemade products [with Comment by PHB]

Money Center Banks and Stricter Financial Oversight

President Trump Has A Request For All Of Us Todaym--Nov. 28

JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ--JFK: Bethesda Autopsy Photos not JFK / Oswald Framed, Warren Report a Sham

Obamacare’s Revenge: The IRS Will Not Process Your Tax Return Unless You Tell Them Whether You Have Health Insurance Or Not

Stormageddon: Powerful Bering Sea storm undergoes BOMBOGENESIS after pressure drops an incredible 55 millibars in 24 hours

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 25, 2017

The Duty to Disobey a Nuclear Launch Order

Can’t You See War On The Horizon?

Russia: U.S. Wants to Provoke North Korea Into Starting a War

Is North Korea Really a 'State Sponsor of Terrorism'?

Meet The World's Most Powerful Bitcoin Backers

Slow Down': Moscow Calls to Stop Further Penalties Against North Korea

Is This Part Of The Reason For Millions Of Rapes & Gang Rapes In Europe By Black African & Arab Muslims?

Pervert Politicians Represent a Sick Society

Mother Nature’s amazing tech: Researchers studied dandelions to develop new parachutes, drones

Food companies hiding harmful high fructose corn syrup under new name

US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World’s Dictatorships

Why Saudi Public Relations Are So Disastrous

ISIS Calls For The Assassination Of Barron Trump

Pentagon’s super-secret research agency DARPA now wants to genetically engineer PLANTS to use as battlefield spying technology

Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) was just found in 75% of drinking water... the mass chemical suicide of America is under way

Trump Silenced One Traitorous Anthem Protester With This Tweet

Russia Issues High Alert For Space Launch After US Warship Not Under Trump Command Nears Border

2100 Indictments, FBI-CIA Stormed Marine - AFB Still on Lock down

Marines Stopped CIA Attempted Coup Against President Trump Failed

2200 Marines Storm CIA Headquarters

JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ: Here Are the Rats Responsible for the Foreclosures:Dinner-Time!

JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ--The Logic of the Thing

Kaminski: Shadow of the future

Sex Slaveryu in Israel

Shock News: Female IDF Soldiers Work As Weekend Prostitutes In Tel Aviv Brothels

The Myth Of The 'Clean War'

OPEC Will Extend The Cut

Borneo – Island Dying, People Oblivious

Child Prodigy Astounds Music World With Full-Length Opera Composition

Routed in Syria, the US Should Admit Its Crime, Face Punishment

Texas to build its own massive gold repository in Leander, Texas… first step toward secession?

The only source of CBD oil I personally test and trust

Dutchsinse: 11/26/2017 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Massive deep earthquake event underway -- Unrest coming

Judge Roy Moore Is Right: God Is Above The Constitution

As New “God” Arises, World's Best Minds Warn “End Is Ne

10 highly intelligent questions to ask your relatives this Thanksgiving… (or not)


Special Report from Sister Ciara


FULFORD: Khazarian cabal purge accelerates: Marines storm CIA HQ; Over 2000 indicted in U.S.; Collapse of control grid in Europe [FULL Report]

Harvard Immunologist: unvaccinated children pose zero risk to anyone and here's why

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