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Today, February 19, 2019


By Anna Von Reitz



I woke up feeling very discouraged. I have come to free people from bondage and daily, I must contest with people who are clinging to their chains in the false belief that their chains keep them safe.

So many have been so thoroughly confused. They don't know the difference between the American Government and the Federal Government. They don't know the difference between an American State Citizen and a US Citizen.


They don't know who they are, or what law applies to them or why, much less what to do or who to believe anymore.


I have never seen so many people who, as my Mother used to say, can't tell if they are afoot or a-horseback.


I opened my faithful Bible to Second Corinthians, Chapter 12 by chance and there staring at me were the words from verse 9: "My grace is sufficient for Thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness."

I have plenty of weakness to supply at the moment.


"Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience....." And still, there are those who won't listen, who stray into their own indoctrination, their belief in assumptions that simply are not true and never were and never will be. "For I fear..... lest there be debates, envying, wraths, strifes, backbitings, whisperings, swelling, tumults....." Plenty of that.


Whether the Gospel, or the simple truth about American History and Government, the experience and the pathway described is eerily echoing back to me.


The snow is very deep this morning. A single discouraged bird is hopping around on the driveway and two rabbits are nosing around out there, too. The snow isn't as deep there, but that's only a relative measure. It's still deep enough to wait for a plow truck and that may take a day or two. It has snowed so hard, so long, that the road services, including the Mom and Pop company that plows my driveway--- are overwhelmed.


Our Team is suffering and several of my old friends are dying. The passage of a generation is part of Nature, I suppose, and so, we make room for new generations ---but not without sadness and not without regrets for all the knowledge and kindness that is lost with each new funeral.


The current infighting in the Patriot Camp is being equally caused by Federal Agents and ignorance. And maybe by ignorance on all parts. The simple facts continue to be disputed beyond all sense and reason.

This causes more delays and impedes progress. It also needlessly endangers innocent people.


Certainly, it was not without reason that the Pilgrim Fathers called these same characters "Masters of Doubt and Deceit". That's all they are peddling now.


If you find it in your heart, please remember our Living Law Firm and our Researchers in your prayers.


There are several sad and desperate situations here and afar. Families needing help with medical and funeral costs. Cars breaking down. Transportation delayed and extra travel costs caused by bad weather. People cinching in their belts -- literally.


If you appreciate the work we do and the information we are bringing forward day by day, please consider making a donation at this time. "Grandma" is apparently stuck being Paymaster for the duration. My Paypal is: Other donations can be sent to:


Anna Maria Riezinger

c/o Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


Sorry that this is an overall depressing report, but it is what it is, and grace is sufficient. We shall overcome.