Page 57 The SPECTRUM       (Toll Free) 877-280-2866        (Outside The U.S.) 661-823-9696 MAY 8, 2001 suspect there is something else, but the doctors disagree with me when we talk at conferences. I  suspect  there  is  another  way  by  which  AIDS spreads  through  people.    Is  it  an  insect,  as  I suspect, or is it a what?  I don’t know. Please,  let  wise  people  out  there  help  me, because  these  conspirators  and  their  running dogs,  these  people  who  work  in  shadows,  are, literally,  destroying  Africa.    And  if  Africa  is destroyed,  other  races  of  humankind  will follow—one   of   them   being   the   Black Americans  in  America.    They  won’t  survive the destruction of Africa. What    is    the    idea    behind    Africa’s depopulation?    I  read  a  chilling  book  not  so long ago, a book written about the “great” [The word  should  definitely  be  contained  within quote  marks,  to  depict  the  actual,  opposite meaning of “respect” for this very prolific, now deceased  member  of  a  very  major  family among the so-called “elite” controllers.  Credo knows very well that about which he speaks so humbly!] White man, Bertrand Russell.  Russell stated that, one day, the Western nations would have  to  decimate  Black  people,  using  war, famine, and disease.  And this has happened. I say, please, you Russell followers, please, you  racists  and  Malthusians,  you  have  done enough harm!  Stop now!  Stop! In  the  name  of  our  common  humanity,  and in  the  name  of  the  Intelligence  that  obviously exists  behind  the  Cosmos,  the  Intelligence which  human  beings  call  by  the  cheap  name, God,  please stop now!  Stop, please!  Stop! Thank you very much, sir. *  *  * Editor’s  note:    While  the  following  News Release  from  Dr.  Len  Horowitz’s  office  could have  been  placed  in  our  News  Desk,  its “coincidental”  timeliness  to  the  above  topic argues  strongly  for  placement  here,  to  help underscore the accuracy and seriousness of the humble  plea  you  just  read  above.    Longtime readers of  The  SPECTRUM  are  well  aware  of Dr. Len Horowitz’s ongoing, thorough crusade of  exposing  the  layers  upon  layers  of  official lies—and  digging  out  sometimes  astonishing documentation  telling  The  Truth—about  how AIDS came to be. Apparently  enough  ones  in  the  scientific and   medical   communities   have   a   guilty conscience  about  all  the  suppressed  truthful information  concerning  AIDS  that  there  is being  made  the  allowance,  in  a  credible scientific  journal,  for  a  larger  broadcasting  of Dr.  Horowitz’s  research  results.    Maybe  this kind  of  “conscience-cleansing  action”  will continue,  and  thereby  help  lend  enormous support to Credo Mutwa’a plea.  The last thing the  crooks  in  high  places  want  is  any  kind  of Light  shining  on  and  brightly  exposing  their diabolical  shenanigans  for  world  control  that include massive depopulation schemes. NEWS  RELEASE April 16, 2001 New Theory On AIDS Origin Explains Chimpanzee Connection A new twist on the theory that vaccines may have triggered the AIDS pandemic is advanced in the  May  2001  issue  of  the  scientific  journal  of Medical    Hypotheses    by    an    independent investigator  and  author  of  a  bestselling  book  on the  subject,  Dr.  Leonard  Horowitz.    The  report explains  for  the  first  time  the  link  beween  the human  AIDS  virus,  HIV,  and  the  chimpanzee immunodeficiency virus. Scientists  who  previously  advanced  the possibility that polio vaccines may have contributed to the initial African outbreak must take heed.  This new theory proposes that HIV/AIDS was triggered by Hepatitis-B (HB) vaccines, partly developed in chimpanzees, given to gay men in New York City, and Blacks in central Africa during the mid-1970s, among  persons  who  received  suspected  polio vaccines a decade earlier. Dr.  Horowitz,  who  holds  a  post-doctoral degree  in  public  health  from  Harvard,  presented his  preliminary  findings  at  the  XI  International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver in 1996.  Last November,  his  controversial  thesis  attracted  a standing-room-only  audience  in  Boston  at  the annual  American  Public  Health  Association conference.    The  subject  of  a  forthcoming  BBC documentary,   his   publication   in   Medical Hypotheses  underlies  widespread  suspicions, especially among minority populations, that HIV/ AIDS was vaccine induced. Based on a three-year study of the pandemic’s origin,  Dr.  Horowitz  determined  that  risky  pilot HB  vaccine  trials  involved  growing  Hepatitis viruses  in  chimpanzees  commonly  known  to  be contaminated  with  retroviruses  related  to  HIV. These  findings  scientifically  explain  for  the  first time  how  the  chimpanzee  AIDS  virus  (SIVcpz), closely related to HIV’s gene sequence, suddenly jumped species to humans simultaneously on two far removed continents. Four  lots  of  HB  vaccine  containing  200,000 human  doses,  believed  to  be  contaminated  with This is the first in-depth exploration into the origins of HIV and Ebola. Claims that these “emerging viruses” naturally evolved and then jumped species from ape to man seem grossly unfounded in light of the compelling evidence assembled in this extraordinary text. Alternatively, the possibility that these bizarre germs were laboratory creations, accidentally or intentionally transmitted via  tainted  hepatitis  and  smallpox  vaccines  in  the  U.S.  and  Africa—as numerous authorities have alleged—is investigated herein. This book reviews the numerous viral vaccine studies conducted simultaneously in New York City and Central West Africa by a narrow network of virologists working for major military-medical contractors under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Included is Dr. Robert Gallo, the notorious discoverer of the AIDS virus. The text presents bizarre and horrifying facts about the biological weapons race of the 1960s and early 1970s when these researchers developed countless immune-system-ravaging viruses, and experimented with an assortment of antidote vaccines allegedly for “defense” and cancer prevention. Emerging  Viruses  -  AIDS  &  Ebola Over  590  pages $29.95  (+S/H) Audio Tapes 3 hours: $19.95(+S/H) Please see next-to-last page for ordering information or call toll-free: 1-877-280-2866. gene  sequences  common  to  HIV/SIVcpz,  were prepared  by  passing  live  HB  viruses,  grown  in chimpanzees, to polio vaccine recipients previously exposed  to  monkey  cancer  viruses  already suspected of playing a role in initiating AIDS. The  final  preparations  were  injected  into  gay men  in  New  York  City,  and  Blacks  in  central Africa  between  1974  and  1975.    According  to several  investigators,  this  may  best  explain  how and  why  there  was  a  sudden  simultaneous outbreak  of  at  least  four  major  HIV  strains,  on two far-removed continents, in two demographically  distinct  populations,  in  the  late 1970s,  corresponding  to  the  only  complete  virus discoveries. These   disclosures   come   at   a   time   of heightened  concern  regarding  the  risks  posed  by HIV/AIDS  to  minority  groups  and  U.S.  national security.    In  recent  months,  the  leader  of  the African  National  Congress,  South  African President Thabo Mbeki, and Kenya’s Minister of State,  Major  Madoka,  reported  to  the  press  that AIDS “did not originate in Africa”. “HIV  certainly  has  links  to  sub-human African  primates,”  Dr.  Horowitz  explained. “What   was   done   to   these   monkeys   and chimpanzees  during  viral  vaccine  experiments should  come  under  closer  scientific  scrutiny.” The doctor’s documentation strongly supports the iatrogenic  theory  of  AIDS  versus  the  commonly accepted belief that the virus evolved naturally. Dr.  Horowitz’s  full  thesis,  published  in Emerging  Viruses:  AIDS  &  Ebola—Nature, Accident,  Or  Intentional?  gained  him  the  1999 “Author  of  the  Year  Award”  from  the  World Natural  Health  Organization.    His  work  has gained  increasing  respect  from  members  in Congress and the medical scientific communities, some  of  whom  are  calling  for  a  re-evaluation  of AIDS’s origin with respect to vaccines. NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: For an interview with  Dr.  Horowitz,  or  for  review  copies  of  his publications  mentioned  above,  please  call  Elaine Zacky  at  either:  208-265-2575  or  1-888-508- 4787.    Dr.  Horowitz’s  publication  in  Medical Hypotheses  is  confirmed  for  the  May  2001  issue (volume  56,  issue  5,  pp.  677-686),  and  will  be available at the end of April.